Posted on November 3, 2012

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Tom Mullen: Support for Kill List and NDAA Make Both Romney and Obama Unfit for Office 23:30:32
Attention Californians: David vs. Monsanto Documentary 16:38:21
Judge Rules in Favor of Troops in KBR Lawsuit: Defense Contractor Guilty of Negligence 11:20:26
Americans Aged 18-29 Have a More Favorable View Towards Socialism Than Capitalism 10:49:43
Teacher tells student - "You only have 2 choices" UPDATE 09:24:17
Vote however you want to vote 02:01:10
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lol Guy Trying to Justify Not Voting for Gary Johnson 23:52:47
Welfare under Obama White House hits $1 trillion, claims report 23:47:11
Why does 5% of the vote end the two party system? 23:25:54
Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations 23:20:28
The Write-In Effort is Now Simplified: Just Back Up Your Vote with an Affidavit 23:18:42
STOP All Your Damned Quarreling. 23:57:26
Romney's Delphi scandal involves his undisclosed 2009 taxes & Bain Capital 23:07:40
E Ching: Prototype "Alternative Search Engine" 22:56:48
SodaHead: Congrats to supporters of Ron Paul. Your efforts have forced 30 states to agree to count write-in votes. 22:54:33
Given that one of two war mongers will be president, shouldn't we be working to take usurped war power away from that office? 22:42:17
Maine’s Ron Paul Supporters Focus on Legislative Races 22:40:53
Don't Vote 4 Them Vote 4 U 22:27:20
If this poll is any indication, Romney is in REAL trouble. 22:24:15
Did Mitt Romney Profit From Corruption, Fraud and Racketeering at Bain Capital? 22:19:35
Martial Law Declared on the East Coast 22:19:32
Voters Interviewed at Gun Point, Realize the Shocking Facts of Their Political Views VIDEO 22:15:59
Public Records Reveal Romney Profited From Corruption, Fraud, and Racketeering at Bain 22:07:38
Message From Free And Equal... Spread The Word! 22:01:13
Pelosi holds secret fundraiser with Islamists, Hamas-linked groups 21:46:07
Moving to West Palm Beach in a Week for 6-9 months. Any suggestions or good relocation websites? 20:10:25
NEverMind 20:09:22
I can't lose! 20:04:32
Grand Jury Witch Hunt Expands While Two Activists Remain in Jail Without Trial 20:00:03
Good News - Rove is blaming SANDY for Romney's imminent loss. 19:40:36
Dr.Paul Talking to the North Dakota Policy Counsel 19:33:05
Oops! FEMA Out Of Water Until Monday: Taps Private Vendors To Meet Sandy Victim's Needs (Video) 19:13:00
Wonder what Romney, Bachmann, Gingrich and Santorum think of their "beloved" Israel now? 19:05:45
Why do they accuse us Ron Paul people of being cult followers? 18:56:15
Daylight Savings Time, What is the Logic Behind it? 18:32:21
If you are still contributing to a 401k or an IRA, listen to this podcast. 18:31:54
Voting for either Obama or Romney you are complicit in the unlawful actions 18:27:32
Gun Control Laws Do More Harm After Hurricane Sandy 18:26:11
Greater San Jose (1951) Words Cannot Express How Much I Miss Those Years Gone Bye 18:08:07
I ended up not voting 18:07:00
CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit 17:59:37
Gary Johnson shares vision for country in Streetsboro 17:52:07
Site Registration! 17:50:24
1925 Stalin Quote 17:29:27
In 2008, DHS Spent $64 Million on research to learn about steering & controlling Hurricanes 17:23:36
Election Prediction Thread: The Giant Douche or the Turd Sandwich? 20:53:43
Ron Paul: FEMA Is the Real Disaster 17:00:42
Practical Advice for Voting from a Sane Man 16:40:49
How Does Writing In A Vote Work? 16:34:34
Mitt Romney Thinks His Campaign is a "Movement" 16:23:14
FEMA Out of Water, No Delivery Until Monday 16:21:08
Trailer: "Red Dawn" - PG-13: Opens November 21, 2012 16:16:45
Your Links Don't Work 16:16:21
Thank you Gary Johnson supporters! It's working, these numbers are incredible! 16:16:20
Is Gary Johnson a Zionist Asset? 16:09:19
Judge Jim Gray: "End The Two Party Control" 16:05:36
Gary Johnson Talks with Doc Thompson 16:01:46
Rand Paul: Pay for FEMA by ending Foreign Aid - CNN 11/2/12 16:01:13
Help My Grandson in His Debate Anyone? 15:59:23
Video On Why I Won't Vote For Romney/Obama 15:59:14
Gary Johnson Speech - Bowling Green, OH 11/2/2012 15:55:38
U.S. Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines be Hacked? 15:48:46
KBR verdict $85m in damages to 12 soldiers for toxic exposure in Iraq 15:48:23
The Future of Learning, Networked Society 15:46:55
10 Filthy-Rich, Tax-Dodging Hypocrites Pushing Disastrous Austerity on America 15:41:54
Medical Marijuana Industry in Israel Grows With Government Support 15:41:18
Superstorm Sandy puts NJ's Oyster Creek nuclear power plant on alert; NY's Indian Point plant shut down 15:39:33
Tom Woods in Chicago @ Jak's Tap - 11-3-12 15:36:03
Obama seems to have early voter lead in key states 15:18:30
The Onion's Issue-By-Issue Candidate Guide 15:07:53
Ron Paul's Halloween Message - Must See! 15:07:14
Election predictions: The candidate in favor of GMOs, bankster bailouts and corporate domination will win! 15:05:34
Feds Lie! Government Can't Help You: Survivalists, Preparers, Vindicated By Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy (Video) 15:01:31
A summary of GOP election fraud / voter disenfranchisement efforts in recent times 14:52:29
Gary King For Congress - District 1 In Louisiana 14:51:36
Best outcome of your income? 14:46:39
New Mr. Feshamon song: "Obamney" 14:45:12
Jersey Shore Declares Martial Law (Video) 14:44:20
1moment inspirational video series 14:32:07
Mississippi Constitutional Congress 14:16:03
Food Freedom, Let's Fight Back 14:07:55
37 Facts About How Cruel This Economy Has Been To Millions Of Desperate American Families 14:07:18
None Of The Above :D 13:41:33
A Reminder in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy -The Broken Window Fallacy 13:40:07
Write-in Ron Paul – California - Hits Talk Radio 13:38:55
PPSimmons compares Romney to Thomas Jefferson...spews hate and contempt in the name of Christianity 13:26:10
Headlines for postings, emails and ...Twitter. 13:23:31
"Everyone should own a little." Can they ? Will they ? 13:20:46
This guy says we should get hashtags for Ron trending Tuesday, I vote for: #WriteInRonPaul 13:19:05
California Write-in Ron Paul Has A Problem...Too Much Excitement; using Too Much Bandwidth 13:16:56
It's Working! Keep Calling The Media And Sending Emails! Televise The Revolution! 12:45:21
Youtube Channel?¿ 12:36:11
Question for military - "hostile fire" pay? 12:28:10
Syrian Tanks Enter Golan Heights 12:26:19
Single Purpose Peace / Declaration Party to be dissolved with success? 12:25:24
Will Colorado vote to make marijuana legal (Open Thread) 12:15:58
Ron Paul: Let the Markets Clear! 12:15:01
Mailbag: Write in Ron Paul 12:10:28
Election Over What Next? 11:59:08
British Royal Mint launches new Britannia 99.99% pure Gold coins for the bullion market 11:35:55
(ignore this post - I accidentally made a duplicate posting) 11:32:45
WhoWhatWhy: The Post-Election Project 11:27:26
You Should Probably Vote for Gary Johnson If... 11:25:26
Running for City Council NEXT year- One Year No Money- Can it be Done 11:19:15
Gary Johnson on The Federal Reserve 11:17:30
Live Stream - Music City Liberty Fest - 4:00pm CST 11:16:52
InfoWars Election Coverage 2012: Nov. 6 & 7 10:30:53
Gary Johnson drinks the Global Warming Kool-Aid 10:28:21
"Nobody For President" Signs Turning Heads 10:19:31
Tisha Casida in Top five political superstars to watch this Election 2012 | Washington Times 10:16:59
Are "Progressives" Finally Waking up to the Folly of US Intervention in Syria? 10:15:11
When The Rothschilds Dial 911 10:13:17
Write-in Ron Paul! 09:50:14
A Rush Limbaugh Movie? 09:31:34
NY Residents Begs for Help 09:27:22
Download Billionaires & Ballot Bandits For Free 09:18:47
Colorado: If you are not going to write Ron Paul in... 09:06:17
Ron Paul Revolution: Your Strategists Need Your Assistance Now! Please Help Us 08:47:52
3rd Parties Pulling 21% in early voting in Pinellas County, Florida! 07:57:49
Well this is just downright creepy 06:51:26
USAID paid $410 million to improve Palestinian infrastructure 05:18:40
The Libertarian Party is a great party! 04:45:46
Hope is indiscriminate, resolved, lucrative and innate! 03:29:03
The Ugly Truth About the Libertarian Party 03:24:15
Frail - Humanity - War - and Our Choices 01:46:29
What might Romney do? 01:14:24
Obama or Romney? Pick Your Booger 00:40:24
China Test Flight of new stealth fighter 00:37:06
Movie: Battleship 00:10:42
Kid Rock Born Free 00:05:40
Ab-Soul - Nibiru (Prod By JMSN) 00:01:47
Remember, Remember the 5th of November! 5th of November Debate Promo Video Contest! 00:00:19