Posted on November 5, 2012

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The looming GOP civil war - whether Mitt wins or not 20:49:44
Doug Wead: A Mitt Romney Win? 14:21:02
CNN: Tracking Ohio Ballots 13:59:05
The Fed is so sorry, but the gold is wet. You can't see it. 18:09:26
Awesome Cartoon From Gerald Celente Regarding Tuesday's Vote 09:24:41
Happy Moneybomb Anniversary! 09:11:09
Daily Paul interview with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson 07:59:16
Remember Remember the 5th of November 05:46:32 "Living Beyond Limits" by Amy Purdy 09:29:51
Video Update: Third Party Presidential Debate - Gary Johnson vs Jill Stein 10:29:59
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Lou Dobbs 23:58:26
CNN Mini-Debate: Johnson & Stein (video) 23:49:26
US Sanctions on Iran Promoting Peace or War? 23:44:06
ANONYMOUS and Jesse Benton: This was a surprise to find... 23:38:27
Will California Prop 37 backfire on the free market? 23:33:05
A response to "your responsible for Obama being reelected" 22:50:35
For All Who Will be Writing-In Ron Paul! 22:46:40
If you were going to legalize drugs, how would you do it? 22:46:16
Who will help me? 22:21:55
America Loses Tomorrow With Romney or Obama 22:04:58
New CTRAFFIK Rap Vid: What if Nobody Showed Up to Vote? 21:51:30
Ron Paul on FEMA's Response to Sandy w/ Neil Cavuto | Nov 5, 2012 21:50:48
Cops Kill Man Armed With Pool Cue 21:46:41
My plea to people voting for Obama. Can't progressives do better? 21:42:37
Obama Will Play Pickup Basketball Tomorrow 21:35:49
Ron Paul write-in moment: Who looks more presidential? That's who will win election 2012 21:12:03
The Political Puppets have one Last Debate Before the Election: Ron Paul Responds 21:09:30
"We only heard about the debt when Ron Paul was running for President and even then 21:06:19
Who Should I Vote For In The Non-Presidential Races In NY? 21:01:51
Goode for America:the final push! 20:56:14
This Made My Day 20:52:36
Business fined over $4000 for missing trash can lid 20:47:21
Navy Vet Claims She was Repeatedly Punched in Face by NC Officer (video) 20:44:11
The Forces Of Evil Prepare To Strike Down Prop 37 20:43:40
U.S. Justice Department Could Sue If Marijuana Legalization Amendment 64 Passes in CO 20:35:20
Live feed opVendetta, bonfire nite, Guy Fawkes day from Parliament 20:34:50
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura : Reptilian All New Episode Wednesday @10pm Est On Tru Tv 20:33:15
Liberty Don't Play! 20:29:53
Who will get more votes on Tuesday - Ron Paul or Gary Johnson? 20:27:08
Wash Times Poll: Last day of early voting: Who will lead at the end of the day? 20:19:03
Real Id Act Will Be Implemented In Two Months In 2013! 20:03:10
Revolution's Eve - 11/5/2012 19:57:34
Great Video About Obama's Failures, and How Government Just Grows and Grows and Grows... 19:48:54
Mitt Romney Will lose Tomorrow - Karma - RNC Epic Fail - Should've embraced Dr. Paul Shame on YOU 19:43:17
On Nov 6th - Mitt Romney is 19:37:57
Good Luck Tomorrow Dr Paul 19:35:43
Write-In Satan Campaign 19:07:33
Need Help on who to vote for in L.A., County; CA. Any Suggestions? 19:03:04
Who CONTROLS Presidential Debates? 18:42:41
Yes on Prop 37 No to Monsanto 18:38:47
HELP: Last Chance for Ron Paul's Delaware Pick 18:28:32
Rand Paul on FEMA Response to Sandy and Tomorrow's Election 18:20:48
Powerful (Video) exposing Rampant INjustice 18:03:08
RT: 'Two-party system an illusion, both funded from same source' 17:55:30
Drones Don't Kill People 17:49:56
Daily Caller: Gary Johnson hopes media experiences ‘pants-down phenomenon’ on Election Day 17:37:54
OOPS! Pretend you didn't see that. We will show it to you tomorrow 17:37:17
Virginia and its Proposed Constitutional Amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot. 17:36:18
Obama Voters Say They Voted Last Week - Too Funny 17:33:33
Forbes: Gary Johnson's Post-Election Day Plan Includes a Big Role For Social Media 17:26:37
Cannabis Cowboy Campaigns For Pot Legalization 17:16:50
I understand that ineligible write-ins are "not counted" 17:04:42
Peter Schiff: Is A College Degree Worth It? (video) 16:51:31
Ron Paul's Official California Write-In Campaign on Front Page of Progressive 16:44:32
Solid states vs. Swing states. Landslides vs. Close calls. 16:43:36
Alexander Higgins' Home and Blog Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy 16:42:16
Poll: Who Are You Voting For? ( 16:40:55
Tisha Casida: Why You Should Not Elect Sal Pace (D) to Congress 16:40:06
8 Election Myths You Probably Believe 16:37:50
Cops to be Prosecuted for Illegal Rectal Searches 16:35:58
NYT Op-Ed: Excellent article on the wisdom of Eisenhower. 16:30:26
Peter Schiff educates MSNBC Keynesians from June, 2012: "Ron Paul is not the typical Republican" 16:24:19
Rand Paul: One-Day Grassroots Leadership School 16:21:25
Ralph Nader's Advice To Gary Johnson 16:09:57
Writing in Ron Paul is a waste of a vote?!? 16:04:19
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11-5-12: Federal Flood Insurance; A Moral Hazard We Can't Afford 16:04:11
Christian voting for a mormon? Message for Christians only 16:01:49
Politico: Gary Johnson: Obama will win 16:01:12
Quotes I've yet to hear from Ron Paul 15:49:08
7 Easy Ways To Endorse Liberty Without Voting 15:44:02
. 15:38:58
Texas AG Greg Abbott Calls Out United Nations! 15:24:11
Mondays With Murray: Rothbard on Voting And Gas Rationing 15:15:39
Why The Mises Institute is Important- Ron Paul, Tom Woods Weigh in & More 14:38:07
911 Widow is One Step Closer to a Supreme Court Case For 911 Truth 14:37:47
Fantastic Documentary about a Skeptic of the Anthropogenic Climate Change 14:27:10
Ron Paul 2012: Why I Will Write In Ron Paul For President 14:21:25
Hacking a electronic voting machine done easy... 14:16:03
Spread the truth: Obamney 2012 14:13:38
4X More people would Pay to See Bruce Springsteen 14:04:02
Jeff And Cindy This Is Not To Be Taken Serious Just Comedy! 14:00:53
Video - Protesters in Cincinnati 13:58:32
$Trillions in Stock Certificates Feared Ruined by Superstorm Sandy 13:55:00
Exposed: Obama's Real Father was a Communist Marxist 13:51:51
Son of a Gun...Non-Governmental Help 13:42:46
Judge may issue court ordered abortion question Does the family have the right to defend the child? 13:36:27
Voting For Obama To Help Clear The Way For Ron Paul 2016 13:32:58
Jury Duty today... 13:25:17
Harry Browne on voting for the lesser of 2 evils 13:08:17
Max Keiser is about to become the most widely watched newscaster on the planet 13:06:09
New Hampshire Liberty Voting Guide: County by County Recommendations 12:26:27
Election Day: The Ron Paul Factor 12:20:54
Montana Legislative Referendum 120 12:16:07
Palestinians furious with Abbas for giving up refugees’ right to return 12:15:42
Just heard there was a small quake just 30 miles off the coast 12:06:19
Libya mission was CIA operation: report 11:52:29
The UK Guardian: It's time for sanctions on Israel 11:49:31
GMO Pot plants - say goodbye to growing your own 11:48:21
Michigan Daily Telegram: Our View: Write-in candidate Gary Johnson best choice for president 11:41:14
Baltimore announces city-wide surveillance roll out that records passenger conversations on city buses 11:35:38
Wasted my vote ! 11:34:13
Remember, Remember the 5th of November 11:26:19
Video: Glenn Beck: Uses Vicks VapoRub to Cry 11:20:19
Did Hurricane Sandy Cause $36.5 Trillion In Damage? 11:15:17
Secretive Forms Kept On Those Who Opt Out At TSA Checkpoints 11:12:17
Same-Sex Marriage Amendment, Minnesota's Hoax Referendum 11:07:33
Obama a Likely Win, but Will He Get the Popular Vote? 11:06:36
Obama and Civil Liberties: The Prospect of Four More Years 11:06:28
Washington Times Blog: Gary Johnson: Give peace a chance 11:01:53
Principles, Voting, and LIBERTY- Election Day 2012 10:58:54
Silver Dimes & Silver Quarters with Eyes with Open 10:53:44
Wikinews interviews Gary Johnson 10:52:30
David Morgan Takes on the Toughest Arguments Against Gold and Silver! 10:48:37
State of New Jersey Awards Radiant RFID 5-Year Emergency Management Solution Contract 10:45:20
Obama Is Crushing Mitt Romney In A Key Polling Indicator 10:20:27
Reuters Poll: The Race Is Dead Even, But Obama Is Crushing Mitt Romney In The Electoral College 10:08:19
Results for 2012 Election Are Likely To Be Delayed For Weeks. 10:06:47
That Markie Guy is crazy 10:06:24
2012 President: From an Iowa State Senate Candidate 10:05:55
After Tuesday the DP will be a better place 10:00:47
Michelle Obama Asks: "Imagine what Barack can do in 4 more years? 09:54:58
A Handout for Statists 09:46:57
Protesters tear gassed in Kuwait 09:28:33
Could Romney win if he supported cannabis legalization? 09:14:36
Say goodbye, Mitt Romney! Admits he could lose against Obama! 09:04:31
Just think... 08:26:23
why i'm writing in David Friedman 07:48:31
My View of Politics 06:53:42
Ron Paul Comparison Tool 06:40:04
Why Florida libertarians should vote for Connie Mack 06:38:01
Gary Johnson's Biggest Fault? He's Not Ron Paul. No One Is. No One Ever Will Be. 06:12:08
Closing the Ring The Most Lied About Election in American History 06:10:01
i am no one puppet no one controls or owns my thoughts 06:02:15
Sam Koepnick running in Nevada against both parties 05:08:32
Ralph Nader on How to Improve the Debate Process 11/4/12 04:56:49
Election Day: The Ron Paul Factor! 04:46:16
4 Simple questions you should ask yourself, about Prop 37 04:44:03
A Misadjusted Calculator or Incompetence 04:28:22
Vaccine Bombshell: Baby monkeys develope autism symptoms after obtaining doses of popular vaccines 04:17:36
Could Ted Cruz be in trouble? 03:32:24
2012 Presidential Election Winner Already Determined 03:18:02
Libertarian Longhorns vs. University Democrats Debate 10/24/2012 03:16:57
I don't think Ron or Hank would do it this way 02:35:12
May the wind take your troubles away 02:17:49
TO those who are at War On This Site- You Know Who You Are 02:17:15
Government to Ban White Snowsuits for Children 6 Years And Under 01:52:08
Drown 01:50:13
Ronald Reagan - "We the People" (Video) 01:46:24
If we were to focus on accomplishing one liberty legislation target via Congress... War power or NDAA/Patriot Act or...? 01:44:12
Michigan Proposals: What will you vote & why? 01:19:01
Amazing what a kid can do playing guitar 00:56:03
How to get on the front page of DP: 00:54:19
Tom Donahue interviews Jim Gray Libertarian VP Candidate 00:48:41
Vote for Gary Johnson 00:45:39
Gary Johnson Campaign Ad 00:42:37
A Word About The Elections -Chuck Baldwin 00:16:53