Posted on November 6, 2012

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The born again, reuniting, welcome back, election is over, time to get back to business thread. 19:52:54
Ron Paul foresees 2012 outcome 16:49:42
Ron Paul on the Lack of a Difference Between Obama And Romney | Fox Business | Nov 6 15:02:15
MSNBC's Chris Matthews Goes On Obnoxious Rant Against ‘Idiots’ Who Vote 3rd Party Candidates Like 'Numbskull' Gary Johnson 14:03:41
Are any of you reconsidering the Free State Project? *Updated* 13:05:27
Attention Daily Paul: Don't say I didn't do my part. 12:30:32
Voting machine fraud on tape from TODAY - Looks like we get Mittens. 13:18:21
. 09:49:40
Post - Election Day Open Thread - Obama Wins; The Ron Paul Factor; Nullification in WA + CO; 02:08:06
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Roll Call! 23:58:29
Looks Like Romney has a severe case of Electile Dysfunction 23:53:50
Mitt Romney 2012: The Most Magical Campaign in American History? 23:43:22
Pastor to Earth - Live 23:36:33
George Carlin: The Illusion of Choice 23:34:40
A call to unite and not spite the Romney supporters 23:34:14
This Just In: Obama Wins - Sets Stage For Ron/Rand Paul 2016 After The Riots! 23:31:56
When Obama Wins Again, You Are Going To Need This! 23:28:33
My Ron Paul sign... (update) 23:25:28
: Masses of Mexican voting machines spotted sneaking across AZ border 23:12:30
The Door Is Open For Rand Paul 2016! 23:06:18
Transitioning To Rand Paul 2016 Now... Who Is With Me? 23:00:08
Ballot Workers Mislead & Insult Write-In Voter 22:55:39
Election Prediction - 110% accurate outcome 22:55:16
Buffett’s Plea to Presidential Candidates 22:54:08
Max Keiser: 'Barack Obama is clueless. Mitt Romney will bankrupt the country' 22:51:40
Pathetic. Bright people already know Obama won. 22:47:59
When Johnson polls less than 5% 22:24:14
Essay on Prop 64, Recreational Marijuana Legalization 22:24:01
Thomas Massie wins Congressional election 22:23:02
Ohio Senate Liberty Candidate Scott Rupert Results 22:15:43
Post Election Daily Paul: The importance of the individual; what do you think? 22:06:08
Last Day to help with this! 21:47:06
DHS Sec. Janet Nap gets DRILLED by congressman on hill. (Wild Video) 21:46:07
It Was An Empty And Depressing Feeling Walking Out Of The Voting Booth For Me But... 21:36:54
I voted for Rand Paul! 21:30:22
Alan Grayson Winning Florida Congressional District 9... Watch Out Ben Bernanke, He's Coming To Get You! 21:11:00
Infographic: Federal Reserve Money Printing Failure 20:54:37
Mom Gets $2,500 Ticket After Son, 3, Urinates In Front Yard 20:45:14
I Have Never Been More Disinterested In An Election Before In My Life! 19:58:45
Third Party votes 19:57:32
Elected President Will Preside Over A Collapse Of An American Empire 19:46:00
The first step in fixing a problem is admitting there is one! 19:44:57
TimeMag: "How Wall Street Is Still Rigging the Game" by Greg Smith 19:38:04
Commissioners have physical altercation at polling place. You will not believe this! 19:21:51
Dark money group has ties to Ron Paul 19:13:18
NYC Resident Casts his Vote for President at Brighton Town Hall-Voter Fraud through out NYS 19:07:09
Too Old In 2016? Ha! 19:06:28
I did not vote today! 19:04:08
Some May Suffer From Post-Election Depression 19:00:48
Ron Paul on Fox Business: No Difference between Obama and Romney 18:58:13
Amazing optical illusion says it all about today's election 18:57:18
Ron Paul on CNN: The Status Quo will win the election 18:57:13
Senior Citizen Poll Worker expects lawsuits 18:46:54
Ron Paul: The Victor Today Will Be The Status Quo - CNN 11/06/2012 18:14:38
How to Explain Romney’s Loss to Shocked Conservatives 18:10:09
Mr. Feshamon Hawaiian Reggae music video "Obamney" 17:50:41
Thank you for watching the debate - Statement from Christina Tobin 17:47:08
NEWS: Diebold Accidentally leaks 2012 Election Results Early 17:31:19
Anyone know the rules in NY? 17:23:57
Romney 'Wins' in Tough Illinois Republican Precinct Exit Poll, 58% to 40% 17:23:52
Obama Begs Voters Not To Make His Daughters Switch Schools 17:11:46
Rep. Ron Paul: Supporters ‘Frustrated and Aggravated’ That They Have No Choice to Change the Direction of the Country 17:10:32
In Texas, are we allowed to bring a filled out sample ballot into the voting booth? 17:07:46
4409 - Vote For The Dead Guy 2012 17:01:04
I Pledge Blind Alliegence (Video) 16:57:09
WA State CD 7 Liberty Candidate Ron Bemis: Imagine Jim McDermott Retired 16:57:02
Ok. I'm calling it. Obama by a landslide. 16:49:54
I would have voted for Ron Paul, but... 16:27:35
Judge Napolitano: Potential Legal Issues Over Voting In Some States 16:27:23
Election 2012: How the Winner Will Destroy America 16:26:01
Election 2012: How The Winner Will Destroy America 16:21:28
Now I can Sleep. 16:19:58
Screwtape receives a ballot 16:17:55
Ron Paul slams Mitt Romney on TV just moments ago 16:16:48
. 15:56:31
Has anyone else seen this Romney campaign poster? 15:56:15
. 15:46:12
Political Delusion in the Church 15:41:57
Ron Paul on the Lack of a Difference Between Obama And Romney 15:41:04
Ben Swann Explains Gary Johnson and the 5% Rule 17:31:53
Just Say No November 6th 15:20:38
I Want to See Obama's Rioters Gassed and Tazed. So I Caved For Romney Today 15:13:07
If the LP gets 5%... 15:07:08
Gary Johnson Currently Has 4.5 Percent of the Popular Vote! 14:58:50
Baron Benjamin deRothschild objects to the police state 14:32:53
Virginia Liberty Candidates 14:27:32
What Gary Johnson Supporters Don't Understand... 14:25:47
Because I don't care about their "no camera" signs 14:25:46
The Ron Paul Write-In Movement is alive and well in Vermont! 14:17:21
Fraud Reported At West Hollywood Location - Poll Workers Said Couldn't Write In Ron Paul Tho He Is Certified Candidate For Ca 14:15:03
Election Day. What Am I To Do? 13:59:40
Ron Paul Revolution: This Is The Day Of Wrath. Spiritual Warfare From Shamanism 13:52:54
"To see the farm, is to leave it." 13:50:44
A senior Secret Service agent on President Obama's detail kills himself 13:50:27
Unethical but legal? Romney accused of using his Mormon church as a 'tax shelter' for 15 years 13:47:13
A friend was going to vote for the lesser of two evils and was undecided 13:38:05
Unintentionally creating Voter Bias in Orange County FL Precinct 101 13:31:09
Voted today but.. 13:28:47
Sound Money liberty audit the federal reserve 13:24:00
If Romney wins, the Liberty Movement is basically finished. 13:13:17
Rothschilds Central banking 12:58:59
Regardless who wins, we are the future of American politics 12:58:05
Who here has the balls to admit voting for Romney or Obama? 12:42:38
Paddy Power has already called the election and covered its Obama bets 12:32:54
The Why Behind the Benghazi Attack 12:31:40
I Didn't Vote For A Single Democrat Or Republican! 12:21:11
Air Force Veteran Placed on No-Fly List, Unable to Visit Ailing Mother 12:18:59
ATTN Oklahoma Republican Electors, and others if applicable. 12:11:32
This Election, I'm Waiting to See What I Do 12:08:42
Dont Feed The Trolls 12:07:42
Attention gardeners anywhere near Missoula! 11:57:25
Autism "Danish Study" Author is "On the Run..." 11:51:33
RT names Ben Swann "Hero of the Day" 11:46:10
Pulling for Obama win, GOP keeps the House 11:38:13
It takes the IQ of a 3 year old to figure it out... 11:34:29
Voting is Violence 11:31:43
Chris Rock's message for white voters - video 11:19:25
Gary Johnson Leads in Pennsylvania Early Results 11:12:00
My 6th grader will write in Ron Paul today! 10:59:56
Nov. 6 Polling Place Sign : Write-In Ron Paul 10:59:14
Opt-out thread: from Election Day to Defection Day.. 10:45:26
The most important election of my life time and yet none of it matters. 10:45:10
They tried to make me take my Ron Paul hat off, but I didnt while voting today 10:44:03
Special Thanks to TMOT 10:37:41
I live in NJ. Does writing in Ron Paul count? 10:37:40
New Jersey Allows Voters To FAX Or Email In Election Ballots For The First Time 10:28:28
Sen McCain Calls For Special Committee "Like We Had With Watergate" To Investigate Benghazi Attack 10:22:12
Benghazi Shocker - LT. Col. Tony Shaffer: "Obama Lied! Allowed Ambassador Stevens To Die" (Video) 10:21:34
My prediction for today 10:19:51
"military Industrial Complex Is A Trillion Dollar Banker Bailout Every Year That We Never Get Back!" 10:17:29
Mitt Romney Impression 09:52:42
DTCC Says Trillions in Stock Certificates Damaged in Sandy Floodwaters 09:35:49
Bank Issues Gold Card — With Real Gold 09:34:14
Open Thread of Write-In Votes for Ron PaulOnly 09:33:33
Is the maintenance of liberty simple or is it complicated? 09:31:27
No matter who wins, America loses 09:26:12
The Official " I Voted My Conscience for Ron Paul " Thread 09:07:02
Why I'm Voting For Gary Johnson 08:57:48
Does anybody know where I can find a business with a forklift in or near Staten Island? 08:19:03
Documentary that Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or anybody who believes in Anthropogenic Climate Change must see! 08:11:30
Independent populism will rise in 2013 07:36:42
Live Stream Greece Protest - strike shuts down country ahead of cliffhanger austerity vote 06:58:50
Tom Woods Speaks On Nullification at Nullify Now Los Angeles 06:32:15
If Romney Loses, How Many Paul Votes Could He Have Had, If He Played Nice? 06:29:25
A Rothschild on the US economy, gold and the bleak future. 05:55:56
Chinese Navy Resources in Taiwan Straits and North Sea 05:22:11
First time voter question 04:42:06
My Answers To The Questions At The Presidential Debates 04:22:02
Russian nuclear attack sub detected in Atlantic; Near East Coast 04:12:16
Eye Above Prague - Public Funds to build this? 03:50:16
Kim Dotcom plans to provide free broadband internet access for all New Zealanders by suing Hollywood and the US government 03:37:38
What's your best (realistic) scenario for the Election, and why? 03:31:04
Ron Paul: Fema picking up tab for Sandy will mean higher inflation for Americans 02:59:47
who is replacing Ron Paul's Congressional seat? 02:44:16
Central bankers, the U.N. and Foreign Aid Recipients Have Rigged Our Election Again. 02:36:01
Curfew Is Imposed on U.S. Military in Japan Amid Rape Inquiries 02:15:37
I Ain't Goin' Nowhere 02:06:13
Something just occured to me 01:57:16
I will be on internet-tv-streams: Mornings in Sonoma 8amPAC and 9:50EST 11/6/12 01:46:10
Not voting, acknowledging Jesus Christ as King 01:37:50
Computer Science Student Wins Talent Contest with a Carrot, a Pie, and Patriotism 01:17:51
Vaclav Klaus on Global Warming 2012 01:06:48
UNPRECEDENTED - Electoral tie leads to a Ron Paul presidency! 00:52:56
Anyone here from Ron Paul's district? How are you voting tomorrow for the House? 00:48:43
Media Alert Ron Paul to be on Alex jones Friday 00:45:08
Everyone seems to be so focused on who will win the presidency... But I will keep saying this 00:33:39
Gridlock. Republican House & Senate vs. Obama until at least 2014? 00:21:22
(+ vote the heck outta this!) 00:12:51
A trip down memory lane - Go Ron Paul! 00:04:44
Corrupt GOP you will pay a high price for all your evil deeds! 00:03:18
Romney and "we" and "us" 00:00:55