Posted on November 7, 2012

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Dennis Kucinich to Speak On Targeted Killing, Drones and 4th Amendment 23:46:03
In Colorado Pot legalization got 50,000 more votes than Obama! 21:28:06
Justin Raimondo: Ron Paul’s Revenge! 20:34:45
McCain/Palin Beat Romney/Ryan in Total Votes 19:47:31
The Morning After on Morning Joe : Country is becoming more libertarian 13:26:47
Post Election Blues: Stocks Plunge 200 Points At Opening 10:44:00
Winners & Losers: GOP in Deep Trouble, Ron Paul Looking Good 04:28:03
Daily Caller: Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House races 03:04:59
Victory for Nullification: Marijuana Legalized in Colorado & Washington! 03:21:38
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Religious Conservatives Dealt Fatal Blow this Year 23:57:47
Alex Castellanos (CNN) just said the Ron Paul movement is the future of the GOP 23:35:25
November 6th, 2012 23:33:16
Superb election night Lew Rockwell interview with Alex Jones 23:30:41
In Depth:How much does the Federal Government Owe 23:21:45
'Colony Collapse Disorder' Threatens Bees, US Agriculture 23:18:47
The Biggest Obstacle Between Rand Paul And The White House Is... 23:04:15
Election 2012: Legitimate...or Rigged? 22:49:48
Do Americans Want Socialism? 22:42:19
Delegate Work Begins Now 22:39:14
Wanted in 2016! 22:38:03
Rand Paul Has Learned From His Father's Mistakes 22:34:02
The Message of the Modern GOP from the Perspective of an Old Time now Former Member 22:23:42
Judge Napolitano tweets about making the list of write in candidates (as Ron Paul's VP) in CA 22:22:20
A plea for a new forum to be added to the dailypaul 22:14:46
Audit the Fed looks promising in next year's Senate 22:14:18
So, Carl Cameron, how about a question on electability? 22:03:29
From Wisdom Strategies: A Message To All My Friends ♥ 22:01:05
Blow back from RNC Disenfranchisement (more proof) 21:58:35
Dear DHS, TSA, ATF on behalf of the hundreds of thousands still without power, 21:44:52
Rand's Romney endorsement makes sense now...Brilliant if you ask me. 21:42:56
Hoisted By Their Own Petards 21:42:11
and now, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuugh! 21:31:50
The Road To The Future 21:30:12
So Dr. K Research, what were the write in results? 21:14:25
Jeb Bush Doesn't know anything about Liberty 21:01:55
Barack Obama wins a cheer from the liberty campaign 20:51:36
I'm ready to join the Ohio GOP- what do I do? 20:47:29
Mark Levin said something I can't believe he said. 20:45:07
Tisha Casida 20:40:42
Romney supporter has a meltdown over loss, blames Ron Paulers and libertarians 20:31:17
Jesse Ventura Goes Over The Edge On Conspiracy Theory Tonight With David Icke And Shapeshifting Reptillians 20:25:37
Rothschilds on pulling Mitt Romney Strings along with Barrack Obama 20:07:32
Meanwhile In Greece The Anti Austerity Riots Continue 20:05:59
Boot Bill Kristol to the Democrat Party 20:02:26
Gary Johnson runs most successful Libertarian campaign in party’s history (Yahoo Homepage) 20:01:35
Wayne Allen Root Predicts Romney Landslide (good for laugh) 19:56:43
Welcome to Rome 2.0 19:55:16
Obama Should Bomb 10 More Countries! Ron Paul Fan Trolls News Station? 19:54:55
Did you write-in Ron Paul? Two Weeks Left to Send in Your Affidavits 19:35:37
I'm still standing 19:34:15
Jerry Doyle Calling Out The GOP 19:21:52
Divided GOP Resulted in Obama Victory (Liberty voter impact) 19:16:48
OMG: GOP Looking To 2016 Already! 19:10:41
Romney's Revenge (satire) 19:10:24
Obama win may be good news for Pakistan flag-makers 19:09:33
... 18:53:45
Hillary running for POTUS in 2016? 18:48:27
Laissez-Faire.Me : Austrian Economics Explained 18:46:47
Maybe now is the time to stop being an armchair rEVOLutionary 18:46:12
Why Mitt Romney Lost the Election 18:42:29
Awesome Next Step: Replace Republican Party 18:42:10
GOP asks "why" and "where do we go from here?" 18:37:27
First the GOP Establishment needed to fall, but next will be the Democratic Party. 18:15:27
Virgil Goode 118,858 votes cast without write-ins 18:11:05
UN Agenda 21 Campaigning in FL already 18:09:21
Ron Paul Movement Sends a Throng Into Congress! 18:05:35
Rand Paul for President: 2016 - What must he do to earn your trust back? He hasn't earned mine yet. 17:57:53
WHAT will be the 17:48:34
GOP Establishment Thuggery Backfires, Sticks Party with Loser 17:42:36
Gary Johnson runs most successful Libertarian campaign in party’s history 17:41:49
Republican Pundit Logic (Graphic) 17:28:31
Are We Perot's Revenge? Gonna Threaten Us All Now? 17:24:54
Let's Put the Blame where it Belongs: GOP Leadership 17:21:28
Michael Medved Calls Them The Constipation Party and The Loser-tarians... 17:13:43
Ron Paul wins as Supreme Leader of New Texas 17:09:48
Liberty is the Answer 17:09:24
Romney's Concession Speech (from the Onion) 17:09:12
Poll Question 17:05:27
God Is Laughing Especially Hard Today 16:42:45
We Still Have The Power To Restore The Republican Party 16:35:41
My email to the South Carolina GOP 15:56:13
Rand, Napoleon, Football-teams, Liberty, and Where Do We Go From Here? 15:51:02
Best Meme Going Around Today... 15:47:06
Dear Mitt and Barry 15:43:38
And The Winner ISThe Global Elite, Who Installed Their Puppet Yesterday...Presidents Are Not Elected, But Rather, Selected.. 15:41:16
Turd Beats Douche 15:13:32
Defeat Lindsey Graham in 2014 15:11:47
On Throwing Away Your Vote 15:11:38
Virginia: Obama wins even if all 3rd Party votes went to Romney 15:06:33
Things to do befor the next election 15:05:41
Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win 14:50:01
The Joy of the Lord is My Strength 14:48:38
Marijuana goes five for five in Michigan! 14:46:59
The Onion: Ron Paul Elected Ruler Of Planet Inhabited By 1 Billion Tiny Ron Pauls 14:44:29
How do we prepare you ask?! That is the easiest question to answer... thanks for asking! 14:42:11
Ron Paul Planet (The Onion) 14:40:05
Andrew Napolitano in 2016? Run Libertarian or GOP? 14:32:22
Blame game or great job people? or Wow I Feel So Different Today! 14:28:39
Romney Defeated: Republicans Sad 14:24:33
How about a Daily Paul style "Thank You" for the man who taught us about... 14:12:21
Dead Republican beats Democratic incumbent in Alabama 14:07:21
News: TSA plans to track all of your daily travels whether to social events, grocery stores, or work 14:00:01
Prediction About the Election Made Back in APril 2012 13:53:22
Want to purchase a firearm? Better read that "Yellow Form 4473" line 9L and 9M one more time! 13:51:12
And still the MSM lies 13:51:06
It's time to demand your state legislators invoke a Constitutional Convention 13:50:19
Detroiters Elect Eight Time Ex - Con Brian Banks As State Rep. 13:50:04
Doug Wead Is Drunk On Careerism 13:50:01
GOP Turnout Lower in Every State Compared to 2008 13:50:00
Ron Paul Should Have Run Third Party 13:49:11
November 6, 2012 was the first day of REAL change! 13:48:13
Congrats Mr. President 13:46:33
Cameron Urges Re-elected Obama to Put Syria Intervention Front and Center (Video) 13:39:07
Video: Help me purge Romney from the Republican Party. You're all invited to my backyard! 13:27:55
Chris Matthews on Obama's Win: 'I’m So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week' 13:25:27
"Unwelcome by the Party" in China. 13:22:36
18-45 year olds. Around 60% to Obama. Around 30% for Romney. 13:20:27
Gold, Copper Lead Gains in Commodities as Obama Wins Second Term 13:11:52
Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road! Romney Should Have Took a Constitutional Right! 13:10:37
Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Minnesota... I told you we would decide this election one way or another! 13:10:31
Youth and women prevented Repubs from winning this election. 13:04:02
Ron Paul Elected Ruler Of Planet Inhabited By 1 Billion Tiny Ron Pauls 13:02:14
Magnitude 7.4 - Guatemala 12:59:59
Ingraham today 12:59:48
Rand Paul chip off the old block 12:54:58
1 and a half hours left! 12:50:41
August 28th, 2012 - The day the GOP Establishment died. 12:47:50
Doug Wead: The Way Forward is Rand Paul 12:46:58
Doug Wead: Rand Paul 2016 10:42:53
Smart To Stay Off The Ballot? 12:26:07
The Liberty Message is poised for success. But ONLY if we approach others with love and respect 17:21:35
Voters reports of problems with voting machines 12:17:16
Doug Wead: Next Step in the Revolution? 12:06:34
Arizona sheriff Arpaio wins sixth term 12:03:18
The Ron Paul Revolution moves to Congress 12:00:35
No One Wins, Except the Bankers 11:55:28
Non automobile Henry Ford type builder Wanted 11:54:35
Hey GOP, I Bet You Wish You Hadn't Alienated Us Now - An RNC 2012 Flashback 11:51:27
Transitioning to the Message 23:12:13
George Will Gives Bad Advice After Romney Loss: Marco Rubio again sigh 11:44:35
You think the GOP realizes that they elected OBAMA? 11:44:08
Anyone know who this TX delegate was and what resulted afterwards? 11:42:38
Jordan Page "TRYING" to vote 11:38:30
election results 11:36:48
Hey Rand, "How's Romney Looking For Ya?" 11:34:41
List Of Liberty Congressmen And Senators Needed 11:34:07
Seething And Glowing Red Hot! 11:26:12
One Time Tea Party Favorite Scott Brown Ousted from Senate 11:21:17
No Consensus For Obama or Romney Policies! Lowest Voter Turnout Since 2004! 11:16:34
Romney 2012 losesLadies And Gentlemen...we Got him! 11:11:10
Chris Matthews is a complete and total psychopath 11:10:40
Obama wins, Texas stuck with Perry again. 11:09:46
George Bush Accidentally Votes for Obama 11:01:10
Who will be our revolution candidates for 2014 & 2016 ? 10:38:28
New York Post Cover: Hail O'Ceasar! 10:35:48
Daily Caller: "Ron Paul Republicans win House races" 10:25:50
Rand should Unendorse Romney now. 10:18:02
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura | Season 3 Premieres Tonight 10:17:40
Ron Paul Cost FLORIDA for Mitt Romney 10:15:17
Let's go duck hunting with Ron Paul 10:01:27
Rand Paul 2016 starts now! 09:55:24
A morning spent watching those inspirational Ron Paul moments on youtube. 09:53:34
Where to find Goode results? 09:53:10
Obama To Medvedev : "After I Win Re-Election, I'll Have More Flexibility" (Video) 09:52:42
DC: Ron Paul Republicans win House races 09:42:38
Dear GOP, We Told Ya So! 09:27:29
The Revolution is Alive and Well! 09:06:15
Colorado & Washington State Vote To Legalize Marijuana! (CNN video) 08:42:48
December 16: Operation Tea Party Take Back! 07:58:58
The Shark Has Been Jumped 07:25:45
Colorado & Washington Become First States to Legalize Recreational Marijuana 07:15:38
The good, the bad, and the ugly news. 07:10:31
Behold A Pale Horse - WilliamCooper(Audiobook) 07:02:24
Nominate a liberty candidate or never win again Republicans 06:59:36
The Ron Paul Factor - Definitive Results - OMG It's True! 06:31:35
One Subject We Are Winning...Ending the War On Drugs Through the Legalization of Marijuana...I Think They can Hear Us Now! 06:25:08
I need some help for a new project: the Daily Rand 05:43:42
California Proposition 37 failed to pass. 05:42:34
The next two years: Can Liberty survive? 05:42:11
If You Believe We Live In a Republic, then Why are you Registering to Vote in a Democracy? 05:27:27
"Dancing Israelis" Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case! 05:22:43
To everyone that wrote-in Ron Paul or voted 3rd party! 05:20:58
Post Election Analysis: Lessons learned 05:15:41
So losing made Romney richer? 04:59:38
Terms "Left" and "Right": A little Bible Study 04:41:51
It Was A Great Night For Liberty! We Won! 05:41:37
The Real News Tonight Is Roseanne Barr Took 5th Place! 04:38:03
Obama Enjoys 2% Jump In Popularity Upon Being Re-elected President of the United States 04:29:19
Daily Caller: Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House races 04:25:57
Hey Republicans, Want to Fix Your Party? (Graphic) 04:24:12
..And The "Winner" is the globalist elite, Who installed their next puppet tonight. 04:09:18
Dollar Falls After Obama Wins, Fiscal Cliff Llooms 03:52:58
Presidential Election Goes As Expected 03:41:18
A good song for our new cause in rebuilding the party system. 03:36:54
Could Romney Have Won With The Support Of Ron Paul Supporters? 03:25:19
I wept tonight... 03:20:02
Ron Paul is Headlining on Know Your Meme 03:14:15
Barack Obama wins a cheer from the liberty campaign 02:59:43
WE had the BEST campaign team! 02:58:38
Ron Paul 2016 02:58:25
Leaked! Internal GOP Memo, post-election analysis 02:54:12
Be of Good Cheer, Remember 1994 02:48:08
Drug War Clock 02:45:20
You Cannot Win if You Cannot Imagine 02:40:37
Obama for the Homeland! 02:37:57
The next 4 years 02:37:01
'I think the election is over. I think that Romney has already won.' 02:33:35
My first Bunnper Sticker 02:32:23
... 02:30:41
Liberty lovers! Show the GOP we have things in common! 02:18:33
The GOP will try so hard to market Marc Rubio as "the answer." We must not let them succeed. No more Neocons! 02:17:17
It just occurred to me - WE Are The Irate Minority 02:13:11
This election just empowered a human beyond reprehension! 02:09:13
Can we all get back to taking over the GOP now? 02:08:47
Make Friends, Not Enemies! 02:05:42
Don't blame us, folks, blame the GOP 02:04:40
States declare your Independence! 02:03:47
Who's Unelectable Now, Bi^ch!? 02:01:58
Liberty's time is NOW! 01:58:14
Gary Johnson <1% 01:55:27
Maybe some of you are ready to join me in the GOP now? 01:52:29
Ron Paul's Revenge? 01:46:50
Could Hemp be legal too in WA & CO? 01:43:19
Hey GOP, the Ayes have it! 01:37:22
Should I order this sticker and get started early? 01:37:00
SeattlePI: Washington Passes Measure to Legalize, Regulate and Tax Marijuana 01:35:00
Marijuana 01:34:45
Prop 37- GMO Labeling Currently Failing in California 01:33:07
Judge Napolitano Explains Election Laws. 01:31:40
Wake Up Now! 01:31:14
Barack Obama Re-Elected President of The United States 01:28:20
FB denies me permission to comment. 01:27:38
A Silver Lining To The Obama Victory 01:25:23
The LOL campaign. 01:22:27
Hey Mitt Romney and RNC! Got Vote?! Cheaters Never Prosper! 01:16:34
Which MSM or "talking head" will be the first to blame the Ron Paul supporters? 01:15:59
Judge Nap 01:15:19
I'm glad Mitt Romney got his ass handed to him... 01:09:40
Ron Paul 2016 01:08:53
Any liberty candidates win? 01:03:50
BOOM, Colorado hits a grand slam! 00:59:03
Huffpost: Amendment 64 Passes: Colorado Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use 00:54:41
RNC - We Told You Running The Guy Who Lost to the Guy Who Lost to Obama in 2008 Was a Bad Idea 00:54:01
Romney and his Neocon Cabal have LOST! Let the Neocon Purge Begin! 03:48:18
The Mathematical Case For We Made Mitt Lose (Updated) 00:47:06
When the Repubs blame Paulites; say GOOD. 04:44:40
Dick Morris Predicts Romney Will Win in a Landslide - 325 Electoral Votes for Romney Republican Smarts ? 00:44:20
Marijuana initiatives 00:44:10
Will Voters NOT Vote If Given a Free Doughnut? VIDEO 00:42:40
House Leader - Praising Romney as the Perfect Guy at the Perfect Time - UNREAL 00:41:00
Here we go 00:37:05
Obama Re-Elected in a Landslide - Romney and McCain agree to Charity Run Off for Worst Republican Candidate Award 00:37:01
Romney Looses-Here's Why... 00:36:22
Romney supporters down, potential future liberty voters 00:35:15
Well I suppose a Obama win was for the best. 00:35:07
Why I HAD to write in Ron Paul-tear jerking article reminiscing about my RP journey this year 00:33:57
Obama Wins 00:29:25
NBC calls it, Obama wins Ohio - over 274 00:20:14
Good News for Liberty, Kerry Bentivolio Michigan candidate is winning! 00:20:12
RNC - I know that you are reading this: 00:19:48
Obama wins presidential race - Doesn't need Florida - Romney Worst Republican Candidate Ever ? 00:18:23
Obama Won...aka Evil Bird with Two Wings Won! 00:16:45
Looks like Mitt lost FLA, 00:12:56
Marijuana Legal in Colorado! 00:09:24
Libertarian Party is on fire tonight 00:07:52
The Judge is on the Daily Show! LIVE 08:05:29
Looks like the Republican Party is paying the price for their dirty underhanded deeds 00:04:28