Posted on November 10, 2012

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Torturing is “a part of human nature"; Being liable for torture would “distract” military leadership. 17:30:31
Assange: Reelected Obama a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' 17:16:01
The Ron Paul factor in the GOP’s defeat 16:31:38
Great Article - The REAL Reason Romney Lost - this guy really gets it. 15:27:56
Alabama seeks permission to secede 15:03:21
Pirate Bay Users Hide IP-Addresses to Counter Copyright Enforcement, Research Finds 11:02:00
Obama Hammers Iran With New Tough Sanctions (Act of War) 08:13:12
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Flashback: Petraeus Girlfriend's Awkward, Revealing Interview With Jon Stewart 23:39:54
UPDATED! Sex, Lies & Videotape; Petraeus’ Benghazi Problem (Video) 23:33:49
The Ron Paul factor in the GOP’s defeat 23:23:00
Romney wins only 4% of the Muslim American Vote this year! 23:09:46
Whistleblowers get tortured, committed NO crime, can't sue the gov 23:03:04
Hurricane Sandy VS The Dollar Collapse 22:58:51
Could the Libertarian Party take over the Republican Party in California? 22:53:58
War photography exhibit debuts in Houston museum 22:53:49
George Carlin's take on voting 22:50:12
Turd Blossom is wilting 22:23:50
Colorado reps seek state exemption from federal pot prohibition laws 22:20:04
I feel like I'm the minority of Asian Americans 22:15:15
Personal Challenge 21:57:26
Buying Radio Stations for Liberty 21:54:18
Judge Napolitano on Obama & Future of The Republican Party 21:47:35
United States Budget Dilemma 21:28:29
The Police State (The Fall of America and the Western World) 21:27:09
Obama Floats Carbon Tax Day After Election Victory 21:09:44
Planned Obsolescence: A Very Important, Yet Underdiscussed Topic 21:00:35
"You owe Latinos the election, now pass immigration reform" 20:56:49
Greece Protests, Civil Unrest Photos 20:54:39
Baltimore buys 80 patrol cars - GM 20:20:30
Obama's Proposed Hope and Change for the Eighth Commandment 20:10:14
Lincoln The Racist 20:05:11
Jack Hunter is a FRAUD that rode the Ron Paul Bandwagon for personal gain. 20:03:13
The Perfect Bowl of Ramen Noodles! 19:30:01
Hitler Youth, The FEMA youth CORPS 18:50:23
3 Definitions for "Conserve" 18:45:20
Time to abolish the electoral college? 18:26:14
☢Tokyo Electric chief offers Fukushima nuclear evacuees to clean their home.☢ 18:15:00
Chairman Ben Bernanke 17:23:54
The Ron Paul Factor In GOP's Defeat. 17:06:07
hot deal: $2.48 for Kindle of Jesse Ventura's "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans" & cheap hardco 17:03:00
Mike Maloney on the Fiscal Cliff and the "Holy Sh*t" Demographic Bankrupting America (talks about Ron Paul) 17:00:49
How To Catch A Fish 16:49:57
Redistribution 16:45:13
Where does the GOP go from here? 16:33:34
Petraeus Resignation Is About Putting Arms and Men in Syria (Video) 16:23:15
Direct Evidence of Fascism in USA 16:21:18
Be A Part Of Liberty In Our Lifetime..In The North Country! 16:07:02
Key Players in Benghazi-gate Submit Resignations to Obama 15:28:50
Is mandated GMO labeling constitutional at the federal level? 15:12:12
Colorado: Whole Lotta Bud 15:06:13
The Top Censored Stories And Media Analysis of 2011-12 15:05:50
: 15:01:56
Louisianan Petitions For Seccession 14:34:00
DHS - A Scary Look Into The Future 14:01:22
Concerned and Unaware: MFL - Election Day 13:45:41
Presidential Proclamation - World Freedom Day, 2012 (Oh the Irony!) 13:45:30
Help Needed: Masters In Austrian Economics At Loyola University, New Orleans 13:32:19
In FY 2012 Congress provided Yemen over $316 million in bilateral aid 13:28:41
Bush Dynasty Setting The Stage for 2016 13:27:44
How to Grow Your Own Indoor Winter Salad Garden, Plus a Secret Discovery! 13:06:34
Stop Preaching to the DP Quire; Don't Keep the Brushfires of Liberty Contained 13:00:32
Founding fathers were Masons, not Illuminati... 13:00:09
Fed Sent Bundesbank 172 Bad Delivery Gold Bars in 1968 12:56:11
GOP's answer to the Latino vote? 12:52:47
How We Got Screwed by Non-Voters, Libertarians, and “Principled” Conservatives 12:22:57
Lockheed Martin's new CEO resigns; 'improper relationship' with female subordinate 12:12:16
Petition for Louisiana to Secede 12:03:28
Economists cut U.S. Q4 groWth forecasts: survey 11:59:42
... 11:51:59
Petraeus' biographer Paula Broadwell under FBI investigation over access to his email, law enforcement officials say 11:48:06
Anti-Free Market Car Dealers Sue Tesla, Citing State Franchise Laws 11:46:25
Copyright Industry Madness Takes 6 Years To Catch Up With The Worst Satire Of It 11:37:16
TV Football Jock Sniffers. Another State Subsided Method to keep us Distracted. 11:36:37
What a Paul Craig Roberts Administration Would Look Like. (Love his admin appointments) 11:20:30
Lew Rockwell talks about how the Federal Reserve enables world war. (Podcast) 11:15:57
ECB: "Roots of Bitcoin Can Be Found In The Austrian School Of Economics" 10:59:14
Wake up Republicans! Stop picking crappy candidates like Romney every election cycle 09:33:59
Of the three choice Liberty voters really had on election day, voting for Gary Johnson was the best. 09:00:31
We Are High Risk Of Being Terrorists And We Have No Idea Of What Is Coming To Us 08:14:10
Harry Reid: We'll Raise Debt To $18.7 TRILLION 08:07:26
Dismayed and shocked - Nigeria 05:10:53
J.P. Morgan Bailed Out the U.S. Government? 04:29:53
Ben Swann Reality Check: Were Military Absentee Ballots Lost That Could Have Changed Election? 04:28:12
Defeat Lamar Smith in 2014 04:23:45
Do we have to pick our 2016 Presidential Candidate soon? 03:25:59
Secession in the United States - History & Definition - Recent Court Cases - 03:22:16
Stopped a city code to ban basketall hoops in small town 03:16:23
Walter Jones for Speaker of the House? 02:34:31
RNC/GOP establishment - You're all over the mainstream news 02:02:55
Is universal suffrage a bad idea? 01:24:27
Collapse: what state will separate first? 01:23:58
Does Obama have every IRS office plugged into MSNBC? 01:00:09
Leaked! Obama's Secret Shill List 00:53:55
Dear Mr. President 00:11:53
Sandy Refugees Complain of Prison-like Conditions at FEMA Tent Camps 08:41:20