Posted on November 11, 2012

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 11/12/12: Abolish All Price Controls: Let the Free Market Function! 20:24:37
To Romney and the GOP Elites: What comes around goes around 19:19:53
Food Stamps: Once Associated With The Poor, Now COMMONLY Used by College Students 18:35:16
15 (now all 50) states start petitions to secede from the US 12:37:46
Potential Blow To GOP: Rep. Allen West Is Apparently Defeated 10:02:50
Anyone on the DP become a Ron Paul fan after being a liberal? 15:05:00
Morton Blackwell Goes on the Record: 2012 RNC, Rule Changes, Virginia Delegation Bus, and More 11:12:36
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To Everyone that believes in the non-aggression principle... 23:55:49
Hey you guys how many votes did gary johnson get? 23:33:32
video: Ron Paul on Secession 23:17:12
22,935 of 25,000 Signatures by December 10, 2012 to become the FREE Nation of South Carolina! 22:55:49
The Right Perspective - Ron Paul Effect May Have Cost Romney the Election 22:53:11
BBC Will Find The Sharpest Brits ... Or Will They ? 22:46:23
Phase 3 Of the Ron Paul Revolution 22:02:15
Depression Covered By Obamacare 21:40:10
PBS lists the numbers of votes written in - what's their source? 20:41:33
Good Will Hunting Had it Right 14 Years Ago 20:36:11
Roosevelt's Executive Order 6102 vs. Odds Of Future Confiscation Of Physical Silver 20:24:08
Ron Paul vote in Iowa Caucus Compared to General Election 19:51:58
Wow ... it looks like the black out of Rand Paul has already started ... 19:44:01
China does it again ...bribery 19:38:15
Mexican Drug Cartel Assassins Bought Guns from U.S. Border Patrol 19:31:15
Is this a Surprise? No Washington Insider Support for Rand Paul 19:05:00
I Think Everyone Should Watch This Again... 18:49:43
Just a few Friendly Tips for the GOP... 18:43:49
Best GOP Nominee for 2016 Election 18:32:15
Gary Johnson on Whether He Affected the Election Outcome - Fox News 11/11/2012 18:09:27
99% of the media still isn't getting it. 17:52:54
Proof of Voter Fraud in Boston, MA 17:50:53
Only ‘the nuclear option’ can work against Iran, former IDF chief says 17:42:51
Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP 17:27:06
This Will Be My Last Post At The Daily Paul 17:16:45
Clinton Refuses To Testify on Benghazi, Cites Scheduling Conflict 17:14:57
Republican Establishment "Political Insiders Poll" for President in 2016 17:07:49
Draft Tim Johnson to run for IL Senate against Dick Durbin! 16:41:12
Is Price Gouging Immoral? Should It Be Illegal? 16:40:27
Is drug testing welfare recipients Constitutional? 16:38:45
The Economy Is Going To Implode - And You Deserve To Understand Why 16:23:35
I hope Rand or Ron run in 2016 15:31:58
Clueless Dick Morris on his Botched Prediction 15:06:10
Agenda 21 Advertisements - Really Creepy 15:04:34
18 States Petition to Secede from US (Links Included) 14:27:49
reaching liberals 14:24:35
monetizing the movement 14:18:56
Lindsay Graham and Chuck "stun grenade doesn't hurt" Schumer working in immigration bill 14:18:06
Anatomy of the State 14:16:20
. 13:49:17
Something smells about the Petraeus scandal.... 13:46:05
Something Granger said made a lot of sense to me 13:29:40
Fight Back - Food Freedom is Our Individual Responsibility 13:16:34
Big trouble at Dominican Republic 13:08:02
Ron Paul Legacy Could Trigger a Libertarian Takeover in the 2014 Midterm Elections 12:55:41
Team Rubicon: Veterans Deploy To Northeast After Superstorm Sandy 12:49:09
James Yeager says we have 4 years to wake people up. 12:08:23
Ron Paul: A New Beginning 12:07:28
Indiana petitions to secede ... 11:47:15
Tide Detergent Being Used As Money 11:27:30
The Government Can! 11:19:44
Ron Paul Does Not Need to Be Nate Silver to Predict the Fiscal Cliff 11:10:56
Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura Receive Write-in Votes in Concord 11:08:37
Ron Paul Legacy Could Trigger a Libertarian Takeover in the 2014 Midterm Elections 11:06:37
"The Economy Is Going To Implode" (Ann Barnhardt's 8 part presentation as to why) 10:58:55
Ron Paul Revolution: The Next Phase. 2012-2013: Working With The Democrats 09:23:38
Where's Mitt? 09:13:54
I'm sick of all the ridicule of our fellow libertarians on here 07:29:19
Reason TV flashback: Jim DeMint on why GOP must become more Libertarian - 11/10/12 (video) 07:05:40
... 06:57:36
You need to know what's really going on in New York and New Jersey. 06:42:14
47.1 million Americans on foodstamps 04:02:22
Louisiana residents petition to secede 03:38:23
Poll: Who Is Our Best Hope for 2016? 03:33:42
John Stossel: Marijuana a Game Changer in 2012! 03:06:21
The neocons are coming back... 03:04:40
trolls are out in full force. 02:59:46
Judge Napolitano on Obama & Future of The Republican Party 02:56:11
Obama Cartoons - Obama's Awkward Peace Prize Ceremony 01:53:21
Is this why the CIA Chief Really Resigned? 01:22:23
The Republican Party Has Been On The Road To Abilene: Checkout The Abilene Paradox 01:03:08
Excellent! Senator Rand Paul Takes On Government Bullies 01:00:20
Angelina Jolie 00:55:02
Weekend Watching: PBS Video - The Man Who Saved The World 00:52:32
Romanian Guy 00:30:12
Pot Legal in 2 States, Drug Czars Panic 00:28:29
Hail To The Chief! May I Present to you his excellency... 00:17:07
The Ugly Face of Federal 'Health' care? 00:09:32
Ron Paul Would Not Have Won 23:01:56