Posted on November 12, 2012

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Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Sues Google To Block His Obscene Impostors 23:04:50
Ron Paul: In Praise of Price Gouging 23:54:49
SNL Skit: Member voted Ron Paul! Have a listen! 15:11:11
Ron Paul: Secession an Important Constitutional Principle 14:18:42
Veterans Day 2012: Remembering America's First Flag 12:31:46
Mitch McConnell is a Big Loser 11:53:40
George Will: "Next time, Republicans should tilt toward the libertarian side..." 11:35:42
Karl Rove The First Casualty In GOP's Civil War 10:28:33
Ben Swann: SOPA, PIPA Anti Piracy Bills Funded by Big Media 13:15:05
Judge Napolitano: Four More Years for the Unwitting Authoritarian 10:00:12
Neocon Bill Kristol Admits Ron Paul Supporters Are the Future of The Republican Party 07:36:47
Nobody can claim that the Ron Paul blackout isn't alive and well. 09:01:04
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I am not the smartest cookie on here, but I guarantee you this... 23:52:50
TEXAS does it, Secession signatures gathered,forces White House to respond or US gives up right of recourse 23:44:06
SFGate: Ron Paul says post-Sandy "Price Gouging" would have helped solve the gas shortage 23:43:08
Well. Doug Wead. Thanks for the napkin now pay for my dry cleaning. 23:10:16
Ron Paul music for liberty 23:06:23
Petraeus case shows FBI's authority to read email 22:58:16
Homeowner tazed trying to put out neighbor's spreading grease fire 22:50:36
Harvard hospital admits it promoted weak science on aspartame 22:45:44
thinking about heading down to my county republicans office, any advice? 22:43:50
OpEd News: The Ron Paul factor in the GOP's defeat 22:39:21
Need A Job? 22:28:38
Mexican Invasion 22:25:47
NAU, or Will America Still Have Borders In 2016? 22:11:09
When did Ron Paul write a resolution asking for states to secede? 21:45:02
Does this tie-dye shirt make me look liberal? 21:43:13
Mother claims Mark Levin just supported Ron Paul on the radio. 21:35:49
x 21:20:02
What I have been doing after the election. 21:06:59
Bill Kristol - "A Disgrace to the Republic" 20:58:43
Texas NDAA Nullification Bill Proposes Crimminal Charges for Federal Agents 20:58:06
The Anti-Masonic Party 20:49:30
Election Fraud? Look at these results - NO votes for Romney? 20:25:24
More Regulations from the Food Police: LA City Council Approves 'Meatless Mondays' 20:24:28
Yahoo Reporting on Secession Petitions 20:18:16
Petraeus case shows FBI's authority to read email 20:07:57
Look what is on the agenda for the House of Representatives 19:58:23
PolicyMic - Ron Paul Supporters are the Future of the GOP 19:21:43
Help with Jeb's record 19:20:01
Secession From The Union 19:19:18
REAL unemployment, median household income, real median income, Nos on Food Stamps 19:00:40
How Republicans Can Find Themselves (Hint: Listen To Ron Paul) 18:37:45
Label it Washington YES I-522 GMO labeling ballot initiative heats up 18:31:27
San Juan County, Washington State BANS Growing Of Any GM Crops 18:25:47
Protests break out in Costa Rica over Monsanto GM corn 18:17:07
Looking for Help with a New Sitcom 17:59:40
Reaching out to the Dems with Ron Paul's message - it can be done 17:58:38
Looks like Texas made it:D 17:54:44
Suspected Romney tax-return hacker appeals for legal funds 16:48:40
The tip of the spear 16:48:24
TSA Abuse, again 16:47:56
Ron Paul 2016 - Let's not forget Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when elected US President in 1980, 16:46:20
Rand Paul 2016: Republicans Join or Die 16:32:48
Economic Policy Journal: Jesse Benton Jumped Onto A Sinking Ship 16:06:14
Golly Mom ... I sure feel safe now 15:47:18
My LTE: The Revolution is Alive and Well 15:27:45
benghazi blowback 15:14:07
Regarding recent legalization of pot and gay marriage. 15:08:23
Obama Won More Than 99 Percent Of The Vote In More Than 100 Ohio Precincts 14:55:58
Republican Commentators are Catching on- Embrace Ron Paul & The Liberty Movement 14:30:16
The World is Not Ending! 14:19:30
Doug Wead LIVE Tonight @ 9pm EST On The Liberty Live-Stream Team Show With The Fish Sisters 17:06:22
Hey RP write-in people where are you now? 13:52:20
40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don't Know 13:33:30
Los Angeles City Council Embraces "Meatless Mondays" 13:29:30
Thank a vet, but not for war... 13:24:27
Priebus coming back...? 13:24:27
Rising number of states seeing one-party rule 13:19:13
Drivers Questioned on Guns At Federal Checkpoints (Video) 13:12:50
George Will: Republican Party needs to tilt libertarian 13:06:32
Drugs, secession and Obama's Lincoln complex 13:02:14
The Ron Paul factor 12:53:27
'Proof of Heaven' documents existence of afterlife, multiverse, intelligent life beyond Earth, multidimensional realities 12:50:29
20 States now petitioning for secession from US 12:47:01
Did Prop 37 Really Lose, or Was it Vote Fraud? 12:30:53
I sent my father the link about the secession petitions and it didn't go so well. 12:26:36
Ron Paul on InfoWars Now 12:25:18
Mandate for Peace by adding not subtracting the Libertarian and Peace Org Vote 12:06:20
Getting a Good Buzz From Your Relationships 11:50:27
Ben Affleck in Argo: 'Probably Hollywood is full of CIA agents ...' (He says that in jest...but?) 11:47:19
Does Anybody Subscribe to Reason Magazine? 11:43:52
Real Truth Quotes #1 11:28:37
6,125 Proposed Regulations and Notifications Posted in Last 90 Days-Average 68 per Day 11:23:47
Hhmm, Amazing Vote Tallies of Cuyahoga County Precincts 11:02:05
For those in Florida who wrote in Ron Paul 11:00:46
Murray Rothbard on The Lions of Liberty 10:47:50
The Mises Seminar 2012 - Australia 10:45:18
Iran VP: We will break Obama's 'grasping hands' 10:43:30
Irish Vote to Give State Nearly Unbridled Power to Seize Children 10:21:27
Nothing like salt. 10:08:55
Election Fraud? Obama Won More Than 99 Percent Of The Vote In More Than 100 Ohio Precincts (Video) 10:08:11
Nullification: Voters in Six States Nullify Federal Acts 10:07:24
Antarctic ice is growing 09:58:44
Washington County Bans Growing of GMOs 09:57:03
Woman Describes Shocking Sexual Abuse At Hands of TSA (Video) 09:46:11
Sovereign Citizen Training for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors : 08:42:39
The Ron Paul REVOLUTION and The Destruction Of The Romney /G.O.P Campaign 08:10:54
Press Admits Almost All Named In Huge Pedophile Ring In The UK Are Freemasons 07:53:28
Poor Man's Defense: How to get the Most out of your Shotgun Ammo! 07:00:53
Freedom Works Neocons Already Running A Ron Paul Blackout Poll For 2016 06:59:54
British MP Douglas Carswell attacks Ron Paul's views on democracy 06:58:12
David Olofson: Decorated Veteran & Sergeant in the Army National Guard Convicted of Felony for Owning AR-15 that Malfunctioned! 06:55:45
US TV networks suffer sharp dip in ratings 04:24:17
PRECIOUS-Gold ticks up on U.S. fiscal cliff worry 04:14:07
My Life My Medicine - Patrick's Story (Veterans Day Edition) 03:10:35
I've got a house and 90 acres 02:29:46
The sound of a train not running 02:11:07
The Quote That Changed My Views on Politics Forever 02:09:46
I was framed! 01:50:17
Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste. The $36 Trillion DTCC Fraud : It's Owned By The Banks. 01:33:20
A "Few" Ron Paul Illinois Write-in Votes Acknowledged 01:32:42
Chernobyl - 25 years on - pics 01:07:31
Thinking About Running for an Office 00:54:49
Silver and Gold Lining. Obama's win is the best thing to happen. 00:39:31
2016 Candidates and Odds 00:02:38
Romney 2012: "Republicans won the white vote by 20 points and still lost.” 08:31:44