Posted on November 13, 2012

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Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV: No Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff (Full Interview) 22:58:04
Ben Swann: Do States Actually Have The Right To Secede? 20:37:35
Judge Napolitano: Theodore and Woodrow destroyed Constitutional Freedom 23:34:22
Mark Levin TRASHES Karl Rove & Bill Kristol 21:08:09
Ron Paul to deliver farewell speech this week 22:09:36
Grand Irony: CIA Director Done In By The Patriot Act? 15:24:50
The Rand Paul Evolution: Rand Paul calls for 'path to citizenship' for illegals 16:04:14
Gingrich ‘dumbfounded’ by Obama win! 12:19:22
Gloom, Boom, Doom: Marc Faber Says Prepare for an Epic Market Meltdown 12:10:37
Debt vs. inflation 10:56:56
Judge Napolitano 'What Were FBI Agents Doing Monitoring David Petraeus' Private Emails' 14:46:19
Ron Paul Debates Obama on Marijuana Legalization 01:59:35
Jon Huntsman reflects on GOP's loss: "We've lost the economy, we don't value diplomacy and we're missing the libertarian vote" 10:42:30
Have A Good Day 13:36:38
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The Fiscal Cliff Explained -Mike Maloney on Lauren Lyster's Capital Account 23:03:21
PSYOPS 101: The Technology of Psych Warfare - Corbett Report 22:55:44
Occupy Sandy (Free People In Action) 22:50:06
RP's 'In Praise of Price Gouging' gasoline was great. But I need help with a free market rebuttal. 22:43:15
Nullify the use of Electronic Voting machines 22:39:06
Petition to Audit the FEd Bill 22:36:05
Ron Paul: Americans Expect Too Much From Government - Bloomberg Nov 13 22:28:37
Calling All Ron Paul Supporters To The Clark County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting Wed Nov.14th 6pm 22:25:55
FBI's abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal needing investigation 22:24:10
Video: Ron Paul: Secession Is an American Principle 22:13:12
Obama Considers Skull & Bones Kerry as Defense Secretary 22:11:15
Ron Paul Still Believes That Secession Is 'Very American' 22:06:16
Prime minister of Turkey suggests returning to gold standard 21:59:55
Reality Check: The Federal Reserve 21:59:42
Austrian Economics at UCLA 21:42:54
Ron Paul: "0% Chance Of 'Grand Bargain' Over Fiscal Cliff" 21:28:47
Rand Paul At 91% In New Poll... 21:16:58
Jerry O'Neil, Montana Legislator, Asks To Be Paid In Gold Coins 21:05:39
Calif. Write-in Vote Count for Ron Paul 20:58:00
Government Power: The Power to Enslave (Video) 20:51:41
Ron Paul: Secession Is an American Principle 20:51:05
Ron Paul: "0% Chance Of 'Grand Bargain' Over Fiscal Cliff" 20:47:25
the federal reserve has failed policy's audit then end the fed 20:23:38
Ron Paul's future. 19:56:28
Ron Paul Sees No Chance for Big Bargain on Fiscal Cliff - Bloomberg Nov. 13, 2012 19:52:48
Remember this? More on General Petraeus 19:52:22
Lord Jesus - It's a Fire! Sweet Brown Remix 19:48:19
Sign the Petition to Grant Ron Paul The Presidential Medal of Freedom 19:16:29
Awesome prepper sleeping bag score! Everybody should get one of these! 19:14:56
Poll: State Secession 19:05:46
Ron Paul Still Feels 'Secession is Very Much an American Principle' 18:29:31
To Secede Or... 18:22:15
Ron Paul on Fed Monetary Policy 18:18:01
Atlantic article refuses to hold President Obama responsible for drone strikes 18:17:54
Attention Liberty Lovers: Please Add Me On Facebook 18:17:29
Widespread Noncompliance: Americans' Best Nonviolent Recourse Against Government Tyranny 18:15:48
The real danger of Obamacare - the complete monopolistic takeover of healthcare 18:06:29
Did Israeli Lobby Stage a Coup Against Petraeus? 18:03:12
Two weeks ago I was ready to give up on the GOP 17:57:33
Sandy: A Hurricane with Price Controles 17:57:06
Monsanto and Genetically Engineered Food: Playing Roulette With Our Health 17:56:05
My Recent Radio Appearance (Liberty Topics Discussed) 17:55:18
Is 1984 Now? 17:50:15
Montana lawmaker wants to be paid in gold 17:43:24
Google confirms: ‘Government surveillance is on the rise’ 17:41:04
BONO (U2) speaks at Georgetown U - Urges U.S. Politicians To Continue Screwing American Taxpayers 17:36:32
Woman says TSA assaulted her at Shuttlesworth Int'l 17:36:20
Texas Petition to Secede Reaches 80,000 Signatures 17:06:25
Doug Weed: Petraeus vs. Clinton 17:01:02
Anyone watch "Independent Lens" on PBS last night? Really good show! 16:59:11
These are all the state totals so far for petitions to secede updated automatically! 16:57:03
How to invest in legalized marijuana 16:46:08
Why Obama Wants Your Guns…And The Rest of Your Freedoms 16:39:58
Urine-powered generator unveiled at international exhibition 16:30:16
U.S. Stock Futures Decline on Concern About Fiscal Cliff, Greece 16:24:18
The Rand Paul Evolution 16:19:43
Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency: Who Is Michael Morell? 16:10:12
Another Top General Investigated: General John Allen tied to Jill Kelley, Petraeus affair scandal (Video) 16:04:26
Child sexual abuse in Australian institutions, including schools and churches. 15:57:43
Election Reform Petition 15:55:43
Track Secession Signatures State To State On One Site 15:49:58
Montana state legislator wants to be paid in silver and gold 15:47:51
Woman runs over husband because he didn't vote 15:42:25
The Missing Piece of the Liberty Puzzle...Religion. 15:42:10
Union Kills Jobs 15:37:51
Your Daily Paul Dose of Humor 15:35:31
WAR! New petition to strip U.S. citizenship from secession signers 15:35:19
5 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Obamacare 15:20:50
Wayne Allyn Root: Why my prediction was wrong! 15:11:51
Man in the Sauna 15:07:12
On Religion and Other Subjects Considered Taboo 14:53:30
Hmmmm what if Rand Paul is offered 14:46:36
My State Legislator wants to know how we can secede, need your thoughts please 14:31:08
Audit the Fed Phone Bomb TODAY Nov 13! 14:27:37
The story of your enslavement 14:24:09
Citizens from 34 states petition the White House to sucede from the United States 14:07:36
DRUDGE: Lawmaker asks to be paid in gold 14:07:04
Paula Broadwell's Father: 'This Is About Something Else Entirely, And The Truth Will Come Out' 14:00:38
Failing To Pickup The Dog Poop In Your Backyard May Cost You $100,000 13:29:50
MSNBC's Morning Joe Discusses Rand Paul and the GOP Moving Forward 13:24:41
Wife Runs Over Husband For Not Voting (Video) 13:18:01
Snooki reveals bold, new hair color! 13:05:16
The money and banking quiz 12:39:05
Why The Obama Victory is the Best Result For Resistance 12:24:31
Shelter Island Reporter: FEMA orders residents to STOP helping hurricane needy 12:12:04
Marc Faber: Global Markets Will 'Implode' - CNBC 11/13/2012 12:09:45
Petition to Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them 12:08:06
New Petition ~Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them 11:47:20
Video: NYPD scalping gas | aka Linejumping to privileged 11:46:17
Mickey Mouse fares well as write-in candidate 11:44:57
Joan the Silencer messes with Texas delegate 11:36:25
Time For The Truth About Benghazi - Gate 11:25:55
Justin Amash - A Flyer 11:10:41
searching and searching 11:09:52
Kind of amusing 10:46:11
The Rabbit Hole, 10:42:21
It's Official: God Just Opened A Second Can of Whoop-ass On America 10:26:43
Please sign my petition to end all the wars and bring the troops home NOW. 10:07:57
A New Declaration Of Independence: Impeach Obama Now 09:40:25
U.S.-Canada Integrated Cybersecurity Agenda 09:38:52
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive 09:37:31
Broadwell alleged possible secret CIA prison in Benghazi 09:33:08
EXACTLY what Ron Paul has spoken about 09:29:18
Not Independent or Green or Libertarian but 09:05:41
State Secession Petitions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 08:53:01
Rick Perry Takes Stand On Texas Secession Issue 08:15:30
Ron Paul Revolution: The Aftermath. Serious Answers To Serious Questions. 06:48:02
Kid Cudi - Just What I Am, feat. King Chip 10:54:54
Romney Doomed Himself by the Corrupt Tactics Used Against Ron Paul 05:40:29
Night of the Long Knives 2012 05:11:07
Marine shot dead by Palm Springs Police 05:00:15
Why I no longer listen... 04:00:18
Government Power: The Power to Enslave VIDEO 03:22:51
Best New Businesses for Liberty People to Start? 03:15:06
Nasdaq NDXA200R Bear Signal In Sight ! Stock Market Forecast Week Of November 12th - 16th 2012 03:06:28
States seek to secede from U.S. 02:50:51
County ordinance limits speech 02:05:50
Petition For Federal Government to Cede All Authority to the State of Wisconsin 02:00:43
Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC): "I would hope he (David Petraeus) would come voluntarily but if he won’t he will be subpoenaed." 01:58:35
Need 80 more signatures for REMOVING Washington DC from the Union 01:35:17
A Better Consitution: A Couple of Theoretical Ideas 00:43:29
Quote of the Day 00:42:56
The Election is over, Time to Educate. 00:39:42
Camp FEMA Update: “We Feel Like We’re In a Concentration Camp” 00:00:38
Could Marijuana Legalisation Save The American Economy? 00:30:33
Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time 10:12:22
Aspartame: The most dangerous food additive of all. Dr. Mercola explains 00:00:11