Posted on November 14, 2012

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Pat Buchanan: Is the GOP Headed for the Boneyard? 19:41:13
Ron Paul: Raising Taxes Doesn’t Necessarily Increase Revenue | FBN | Nov 14 19:33:26
Thomas Massie Congressional Inauguration Speech on the House Floor 18:58:47
Reps. Ron Paul & Barney Frank to Obama: Leave pot smokers alone 17:29:44
Ron Paul's Farewell Address - Full Text 16:11:28
Legislators in Rhode Island and Maine To Introduce Recreational Marijuana Legalization Bills Tomorrow 13:28:45
YouTube Update: Ron Paul's Farewell Address 17:56:03
Krauthammer: White House Attempted to Blackmail Petraeus Over Affair 11:58:00
Drudge Plays Up Secession Talk: "Movement Explodes" 11:48:51
Niccolo Machiavelli on the Ron Paul Revolution 15:38:28
FLASH: Petraeus Will Testify 11:37:33
♪♫Aimee Allen, New Band, New Song♫♪♫ 12:47:13
Kucinich Calls for General Petraeus to Testify Before Congress About Events in Benghazi 10:34:12
Michael Hastings Tears Petraeus Career to Shreds on Piers Morgan 08:27:37
Are Humans Becoming Less Intelligent? 08:17:08
GMO growing banned in San Juan County, Washington 01:28:54
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Secession petitions now filed for all 50 states ... Please Join! 23:46:18
Oil Is Surging And The Shekel Is Sliding On News Of Israeli Air Strikes In Gaza 23:37:12
Secession, Seriously? Fight or Flight? 23:36:15
Documents Reveal Claims Of Nepotism, Fraud, Child Porn Inside CIA 23:27:59
The Leaves of Liberty 23:26:37
Petition to nullify the NDAA 23:26:36
. 23:20:45
House Report Says Corzine’s Risky Bets Aided MF Global’s Fall 23:11:32
Obama signs secret cybersecurity directive allowing more aggressive military role 23:06:12
"Orphan" Alien Planet Found Nearby without Parent Star 22:54:20
Paul in Farewell Speech: 'Government Has Grown Exponentially' 22:43:14
Israel Attacks on Gaza! at least 84 wounded! and 8 killed! (According to CNN) 22:04:35
Mind of the New Majority 21:59:21
U.S. Joins More Dictators on U.N. Human Rights Council 21:45:46
Whoever Asked These Questions Beginning With "Why?" Should Be President 21:43:05
TEXAS secede Facebook page 21:37:11
Taxpayers Pay For Marlins Stadium, Marlins Shaft the Fans (fascism) VIDEO 21:35:53
Isn't "farewell" premature? I mean come on already. 21:31:42
In "World War Z", the Zombies = You & Me! *UPDATED* 21:30:06
Outgrowing Ayn Rand: The Need for Ethics in a Libertarian Society 21:29:27
Use Our Liberty Foriegn Policy to Change the GOP 21:13:20
My 3-year-old knows what real money is. 21:13:18
Mefloquine, the military's own zombie potion 21:13:10
CNN: David Petraeus will testify Friday before the House Intelligence Committee. 21:01:23
What does Ron Paul have in his bug out bag? 20:54:50
The End of an Era 20:34:27
Audit The Fed Update 20:25:28
Montana State Rep. Asks to Be Paid in Gold 20:03:46
Petition: Restore Common Law By Default in Our Court System so the Layman Doesn't Need an Attorney to Comprehend the Law 19:41:47
Judge Nap: States have the right to Secedex 19:28:27
Ron Paul’s Final Bow: Government Monopoly On Violence The Root of US Problems 19:28:03
Up close and personal with the prison-for-profit system 19:12:21
Knock Knock Jokes 19:10:37
Fly-Sized Drones (Very Life Like) Preparing to Zap You 18:52:13
The FBI's abuse of the surveillance state is the real scandal 18:34:28
#FallingApart 18:28:49
Cornell West: Obama a "Rockefeller Republican in Blackface" 18:19:49
GOP legally restrained from securing integrity of balloting 18:11:54
Judge Napolitano Explains How Easy it is For The Government to Gain Access to Gmail 18:08:49
Drudge Bomb Ron Paul's Farewell Address 18:08:10
Ron Paul's Congressional Farewell Speech 18:08:05
Dow Ends at 5-Month Low 18:07:44
Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy Your Turkey While You Still Can. 18:06:49
Liberty is Rising 18:02:21
The Petraeus Affair Explained: Sex, Lies & Groupies 17:47:33
Libertarians and the Liberty Swing Vote 17:45:31
Ron Paul and Barney Frank to Obama: Leave pot smokers alone 17:13:56
Harry Reid Has Announced The Senate Will Force A Vote Before Thanksgiving On “Cybersecurity” Legislation 17:05:28
Was the Attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi a result of a secret CIA prison there? 16:52:12
#ThankYouRonPaul is Trending on Twitter in the United States 16:20:05
Police Taser Homeowner For Trying To Save Burning House With Garden Hose 16:06:06
Thomas Woods on Stansberry Radio 11/09/2012 15:34:04
Currencies of the Future by Douglas French 15:14:22
Movie for high school economics? 14:50:20
White House petition idea 14:43:48
Dear Religious Right 14:38:06
Ron Paul write in vote 14:32:09
Lawmaker Asks to Be Paid in Gold 14:18:51
All 50 States have petitions to Secede from the Union 14:03:59
Big Sis To Monitor Facebook, Twitter For “Bioterrorism And Pandemics” 13:59:23
Walmart Workers Gear Up for Black Friday Strike; California Workers Announce Second Strike 13:56:16
Police taser man for trying to keep his house from catching fire 13:54:30
So much for Scalias's "Right to Bear Arms" interpretation of the Constitution 13:47:19
Big Sis To Monitor Facebook, Twitter For “Bioterrorism And Pandemics” 13:46:43
Walmart Workers Gear Up for Black Friday Strike 13:41:11
Iran successfully hits drone using Shalamcheh missile 13:36:58
Statist Secession vs Individualist Secession 13:27:15
Marc Faber Trolls CNBC Shills For Positive Market Spin, Warns of "Massive Market Meltdown" 13:19:07
Study: Married People Live Longer Than Those That Cohabit 13:18:54
RT video: The Divided States of America coming soon? 12:46:35
Man Tasered (for His Protection) While Attempting to Prevent Fire from Spreading to His Home 12:30:18
. 12:30:02
White House Forced to Confront State Petitions to Secede? 12:28:04
Child Sex Rings Reveal The Worst of the Power Elite 12:24:44
We need to start saying, "The War on Liberty" 12:20:09
(VIDEO by Peter Schiff) Is a college degree worth the cost? You decide. 12:00:05
Police Taser Homeowner For Trying To Save Burning House With Garden Hose 11:58:04
OWS and Jubilee - Where did they come up with THAT idea? 11:32:00
A visual on the threat of terrorism - or lack thereof. 11:31:40
Will Texas Nullify Both NDAA and TSA? 11:13:02
Homeless planet 10:44:04
#GOPTips: Friendly Tips for the GOP 10:39:25
Media Shut Out of Conference on Foreign Corrupt Practices. (I wonder why?) 09:48:14
Ben Swann's station WXIX loses anchor soaked in tanning oil. 09:43:34
(video) Rolling Jubilee Project: aka The People's Bailout EXCELLENT! 09:37:42
Oliver Stone on Morning Joe; Someone of DP capture this please 09:34:16
Israel Threatens to Topple Abbas if Palestinian Authority Receives Non-Member State Status at UN 09:10:55
Secession petitions for all states save CT, UT and VT - but... 08:54:50
US belongs to Israel 08:38:51
Last minute vote on Cyber Security bill - please call your Senators! 08:21:41
Opportunity To Push For Paper Ballots? 08:14:09
sorry 07:26:37
What a beautiful planet we live on! 07:18:35
Bring the Troops home, NOW! 07:05:02
A Song for Russia, and now us. 07:02:46
Now we're talking. 06:19:47
Has the Drone War finally come home? 04:05:05
Attention Las Vegas! Leaked Email Says Neocons Are Planning On Flooding A Meeting To Vote Out Our People 03:11:59
Cornel West: Obama a 'Rockefeller Republican in Blackface' 03:09:27
Did Romney experience election fraud? 03:02:22
Anyone see the movie ARGO? 02:49:29
Doug Wead: Rand Paul for President - 2016 02:37:23
.. 02:33:10
Judge Napolitano Flix? 02:25:32
Ron Paul Still Believes That Secession Is 'Very American' 01:40:08
Help Me Sign These 6 Important Petitions 01:39:01
Liberty - The Interrupters 01:30:55
Petition to put Ron Paul's face on Mount Rushmore 01:01:50
New petition that should exist 00:28:06
Avoid the Abraham Lincoln Propaganda Film 00:15:01
Run for City Council 00:02:33
Cartoon: Electing the next president... Is that what we really want to fight for? 3 reasons why not. 00:01:43
Rand Paul Betrayal -Calls for Citizen Path for Illegals! 00:00:48
Lawrence O'Donnell just did a snarky rewrite on Rand Paul 00:00:03