Posted on November 15, 2012

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Surprise! Jobless Claims Up 78,000 Week After Election; PA, OH Worst Hit 22:22:35
George Carlin on Bipartisanship 21:53:53
Rand Paul holds up NDAA bill over indefinite detention amendment 20:22:07
Washington Times: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s last best hope 21:20:41
Alex Jones 11-15-12: Secessionist Movement, Draft Ron Paul to Restore the Republic 13:54:59
Hundreds of marijuana possession cases already dismissed in Washington 13:29:00
TMOT - Secession: Obama says Bring It 10:53:26
Video Update: Ron Paul on C-SPAN's Washington Journal 21:25:32
New Video: I, Pencil, The Movie 07:58:17
Peter Schiff: Do you have a College Degree? 06:55:36
Yes, the FBI and CIA can read your email. Here's how 12:39:56
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Ben Swann Reality Check: What The Fiscal Cliff Means For Businesses and Employees 23:56:28
Ron Paul - A Game of Inches. A dedication to the Ron Paul Revolution 23:44:30
The End Of The Karl Rove Death Grip Signals A Reagan Renaissance 23:41:04
Rand Paul: Is 1984 Now? (video) 23:35:24
Ron Paul's 1984 Farewell Address (when he left Congress for the first time) 23:31:04
Rally against the Federal Reserve - Nov 24th - Charlotte, NC 23:30:43
They Wanted Security More Than Freedom And They Lost Both 23:13:15
Red Flag Over The Atlantic: China is angling to take over a U.S. airbase in the Azores 23:10:55
Bakery makes donuts injected with liquor flavors (Video) 23:00:26
WordPress to accept BitCoins 22:50:03
USTREAM live now: Oregon : Lane Co GOP Organizational meeting: Duane Taylor & other RP supporters running for county office 22:49:31
Rand Paul w/ Cavuto: Spending Cuts Are Fiction - Nov 15, 2012 22:49:28
The Economy is Going to Implode 22:49:24
What Advice Would YOU Give the GOP? 22:41:44
Clinton To Testify on Libya Attack 22:40:13
Rappers. The most prepared of all? 22:31:18
U.S. Postal Service on a ‘Tightrope’ Lost $15.9 Billion 22:30:44
Family Values, GOP Style 22:19:20
UPDATE: Apple's plunging stock price takes company out of $500 billion club 22:07:51
3D-printed gun company gets machinery repossessed by manufacturer 21:45:46
Like "Rand Paul 2016" On Facebook... 21:18:12
The Key to True Secession with Dr. Edwin Vieira 21:12:54
Indiana and North Caroline are now more important in 2016 21:12:54
The Fall of Rome & Modern Parallels by Leonard Read, Narrated by Stephan Molyeux (video) 21:07:22
Remarks On The “legality Of Secession” To Texas Nationalist Movement 21:03:42
Presidential Executive Orders, Are the States and the People Bound to Follow Them? 20:59:02
Voting With Dollars. 12 trends that has the system Scared. 20:56:11
Lockheed Warns Foreign Cyberattackers are Targeting Its Contractors 20:52:09
Does Ron Paul's farewell mean the fight for freedom is over? 20:44:25
Glenn Greenwald on The Next 4 Years with Obama and Journalism Tips 20:40:55
Plz sticky Mike? SAT 11/17 @2pm ET Worldwide: DiLo vs Spielberg on "Lincoln" 20:40:33
Rush Limbaugh Show (11/15/2012) Ron Paul on Selling Freedom 20:37:52
The CIA's Next Leader (New Yorker) Propaganda pure! 20:02:25
Two Albert Einstein quotes that really take the cake 19:43:55
Pay Another Way: Bitcoin (by 19:32:50
BBC editor's 11-month old son killed in Israel's Gaza strike airstrike 19:26:16
Why are gold stocks tanking right now? 19:19:51
'Nazis out!' Greek protesters attack conference, throw coffee at German diplomat 19:10:45
Diagnosed with ADD, In need of natural treatments. 19:05:31
Start video at 40 seconds to hear the message... 19:00:27
Bombs Are Dropping Now In Gaza Live Feed! 18:38:11
Someone explain this Murray Rothbard quote to me. 18:20:45
Sen. Rand Paul: Heads Should Roll Over Benghazi 18:18:04
Anonymous warns Israel: 'No one cuts internet on our watch!' 18:07:55
Ben Swan co worker at Fox 19 suspended for calling Rachel Maddow "angry young man" 17:56:42
. 17:48:15
Texas has both the legal and moral right to secede from a corrupt union 17:33:11
"we The People"divorce Agreement With The US Government 17:15:23
Is Gary Johnson: Mitt Romney's Ralph Nader? 17:02:34
Statement of Republican Principles petition from Rand Paul 16:55:09
Representatives Paul and Frank send letter to President Obama urging respect for state marijuana laws 16:20:39
Petition: Restore the name of the Defense Department to the War Department 16:11:10
What Does It Mean that Residents in All 50 States Have Filed Petitions to Secede? 15:56:48
Marijuana Possession Cases In Colorado Being Dropped 15:46:24
A Couple Observations 15:31:37
Ron Paul on CSPAN's Washington Journal - November 15 15:27:10
Ben Swann Reality Check: What The Fiscal Cliff Means For Businesses, Employees & The Unemployed 15:24:20
Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy 15:23:39
Federal Reserve to Launch New Bond-Buying Program (QE4?) 15:14:57
The best border patrol checkpoint video ever 15:13:24
Congressman Ron Paul on C-SPAN Washington Journal 11|15|12 15:10:10
Electoral College reform! 15:07:22
Nullification VS Secession - Nullification Is The "Rightful Remedy" 15:02:16
BP guilty of criminal misconduct, negligence in gulf oil spill (Video) 14:58:39
GMO's - Take Them Back! 14:55:35
Cybersecurity bill's death opens door for Obama executive order 14:54:33
Judge Napolitano on the 2012 Election, Obamacare, and The Future of Liberty - VIDEO 14:50:48
Philip Giraldi: Israel’s Real Agenda 14:50:14
5 reasons I'm opting out of the TSA's scanners (and you should, too) 14:50:09
Verizon Wireless Privacy Assault 14:46:52
Denny's to charge 5% 'Obamacare surcharge' and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation 14:45:13
I Need An Expert Interviewer For The Enemy. 14:41:17
Getting Quick Through Checkpoints Without Answering The Citizenship Question 14:39:46 petition Audit the private Federal Reserve Bank and do NOT renew their charter in 2013. 14:39:35
War on Liberty: Shot #1 14:38:01
Statement of Republican Principles : http:/ 14:30:24
Fox Anchor Suspended For Calling Rachel Maddow ‘angry Young Man’ On Facebook 14:27:02
Petition on to answer all of Ron Paul's questions in his farewell address 14:26:55
Rush Limbaugh, "We are the Party of Liberty" Discussing Ron Paul Farwell Address 14:19:39
Why Texas would flourish as an independent Republic based on liberty, not debt 13:48:02
Petition: Answer ALL the questions posed by Congressman Ron Paul in his final speech on the House floor, Nov. 14, 2012. 13:45:39
New Signatures: Declaration of Independance (v2.0) 13:39:56
Ever heard of Willian Douglas - Libertarian Supreme Court Justice? 13:38:11
US Bank Run Imminent as FDIC Expanded Deposit Insurance Ends Dec 31st 13:26:10
Haemophiliac Iranian boy 'dies after sanctions disrupt medicine supplies' 13:25:51
10 Signs You Are Fully Awake 13:13:07
Seattle PD's awesome press release on the new Marijuana laws in WA 13:12:43
Why We Need Ron Paul - How it all started... 13:06:59
My Local Party is Growing Up! 12:50:37
Petition:Answer ALL the questions posed by Congressman Ron Paul in his final speech 12:35:46
Montana State Rep. Asks to Be Paid in Gold, Cites Threat of Dollar Collapse By Federal Reserve 12:29:54
12 Important Quotes From Ron Paul's Speech On The Non-Aggression Principle 12:29:25
12 Important Quotes From Ron Paul's Speech On The Non-Aggression Principle 12:28:51
Charlie Webster Bemoans Voter Irregularities 12:10:32
Big Brother, Kill Lists, and Secrecy: What to Expect from Obama's Second Term 11:42:11
Eugenics for Elderly and Disabled - Coming to America Soon 11:28:26
Ron Paul on secession 11:21:59
22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly Out Of Control And The Election Was A Sham 10:56:38
TSA Vendor Denies Faking Test of Body Imaging Software 10:36:47
This Hoax Affects Everyone 10:34:25
Mother Jones: Top Georgia GOP Lawmakers Host Briefing on Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot 10:26:58
Charlie Webster is mad that black people voted in an election he couldn't cancel. 09:57:08
Petition for Ron Paul to hold a Press Conference with Barack Obama 09:06:39
Ron Paul delivers farewell speech to Congress that blasts the government and bemoans 'dangerous march' toward fascism 08:51:29
The terrorist state of Israel performing ethnic cleansing 07:53:07
FDR, JFK.. meh, no thank you.. R3P! 07:09:29
The REAL Outgoing Message of Ron Paul: Immoral People Cannot Sustain a Free Society 06:40:34
No initiation of force! 05:38:06
Due to a glitch in the voting machines, there was an unexpected winner in 2016. 04:10:23
"Spread It Throughout The Land" 03:59:55
Book - Hunt for Red October 1st ed. ~ 900$ 03:50:45
What Now? A Quick Sketch 03:28:13
How To Get The Media To Cover Ron Paul! (LEGIT) 02:41:51
This video is aimed at Christian Republicans... 02:31:20
It's the candidate, stupid! Excellent pro-Ron Paul editorial (that never mentions Ron Paul) 02:21:29
Yahoo headline spins Ron Paul's farewell speech... 02:20:17
Have YOU signed the petition to allow Texas and other states to secede from the Union yet? 02:15:18
Interested in Politics, Rock and Roll, the 60's Counter-Culture/Peace Movement, etc. ? Extremely Interesting Info for YOU! 02:06:30
Health Information Management & Gun Confiscation 01:31:40
Another explosion in Indiana 01:20:14
The Craziness of Seccession- Look at the map :0 01:09:15
Ron Paul Supporter Response to an Assault by a Socialist: "I Have a Gun and I'm Not Afraid to Use it " 00:56:59
DUD 00:40:50
Julie Borowski speaks at LPAC 2012 00:30:57
If all the Red States announced succession plans, Do you know 00:30:21
Ron Paul is dead at the Daily Paul 00:29:30