Posted on November 16, 2012

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NY Sun Editorial: The Ron Paul Awakening 23:32:06
Banks may shrink for good as layoffs near 160,000 21:17:20
Congressional Briefing on Drones (full video 1 hr 14 min) 23:25:59
Ron Paul on Stossel: 'Hard to divvy up loot when there's none left' - Nov 15 17:57:10
Washington Post: Ron Paul's Most Memorable Moments 14:20:05
Sanctions: More Deadly than Nuclear Bombs. 2 minute video 14:32:47
Ready to leave Dodge (New York). We're now looking at Maine. Any suggestions? 10:39:17
Dennis Kucinich: "American Drones In Pakistan Have Killed As Many As 3,378 People!" 10:20:03
Romney Blames Loss on Obama's “Gifts” to Blacks, Latinos & Young People 08:59:02
Pentagon Revises Estimate: Taking Syria’s Chemical Weapons Requires 75,000 Troops 04:15:53
Ben Swann - Will community banks disappear? 16:26:04
Judge Napolitano on Jon Stewart 11-15-12: "I'm not of the right. I'm a libertarian. I'm the Ron Paul guy over there (at Fox)" 09:06:39
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Federal Reserve Video 23:56:31
POLITICO Ted Cruz says Romney FRENCH kissed Obama 23:56:29
I am in a contest and would like your help 23:52:42
DETROIT is desperate but know this, there are a few that get it! 23:37:13
What's Next for Ron Paul? 23:01:07
I Am Very Upset With Ron Paul 22:59:40
Do you support this? 22:57:22
Remnant 22:54:39
War on drugs has failed 22:39:22
Private Prison Company Allegedly Partnered With Violent Gangs To Save Money 22:32:12
Grovelling for Petrodollars 22:22:24
Companies plan Massive Layoffs as Obamacare becomes reality 21:53:21
How Safe Is Fluoride? Abc Wtvd Channel 11 Report 21:52:56
Texas Girl Paralyzed by Drunk Driver Leaves Jury in Tears 21:37:47
Napolitano to Stewart: Petraeus affair is old news to Obama, jokes he will be in trouble with Ailes...again. 21:06:24
Hostess Shrugged -Story and Graphic from Lew 21:02:09
Press TV 20:57:18
Media Panic To Control Exposure Of Agenda 21 Takeover (Video) 20:48:55
The Bible does not support Zionism (the geopolitical variety anyway) 20:40:10
. 20:35:05
Homeland Security urges paranoid busibodies to guard public toilets in Ohio 20:17:13
Happy Festivus to the DailyPaul Community! 23:16:52
If A Judge Is Corrupt, Can You File A Lien Against His Bond On File In Order To Force Him To Do His JOB, Lawfully? 20:01:58
Get High! Marijuana-dispenser Stock Jumps 3,000 Percent In One Week 19:38:07
Pelosi: 'Is It The 11th Amendment? 14th? Whatever... I'm With The Constitution' (Video) 19:29:22
Socialite Who Brought Down Petraeus Dined At White House Three Times This Year... 19:21:15
BAILOUT! Federal Housing Administration $16.3B in Red 19:07:01
Deleted 19:04:12
Reince Priebus to run again for RNC Chairman 19:00:19
Humor 18:53:27
Reince Preibus to seek re-election as chair of the RNC 18:41:53
Obama's Secret Directive on Cybersecurity Promps Lawsuit 18:40:58
Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster (Enemy of Liberty): Hundreds of Black People Committed Voter Fraud! 18:33:47
Interesting Videos on Jurisdiction 18:07:16
Taxes simplified 18:00:33
John Tate "Why Mitch?"... Why doesn't Tate just ask Jesse? 17:59:10
About those "We The People" Petitions (for redress of grievances) 17:52:58
. 17:20:20
TSA Opt Out Week Nov. 19 - 26: “Just say no” to humiliation and abuse this Thanksgiving 17:15:19
Help me remember 17:14:28
What's Going On?! 16:59:11
California vehicle license fees would triple under measure planned by state Sen. Ted Lieu 16:59:06
State by State, A Nullification Domino Effect 16:48:43
USA & Israel: Mutual Love of Illegal Kill Lists 16:46:34
This secession thing has way more steam behind it than I expected, what does this mean? 16:41:18
When and where is Ron Paul massive retirement party! 16:36:08
Pelosi: 'is It The 11th Amendment? 14th? Whatever... I'm With The Constitution' 16:34:53
Ron Paul's Statement Opposing HR 6156 - 11/16/2012 16:29:56
POLICE: Deputy shoots at disabled man waving gun made of legos 16:29:01
Forced Personal Searches Invading Freedom? 16:26:49
Ron Paul supporters to rally in Minneapolis for 'Liberty Forum' 16:24:39
White House petition for Obama impeachment tops 28,000 signatures 16:16:25
RT: Obama’s cybersecurity directive could allow military deployment within the US 16:12:36
Rebel Inc: Imagine a Liberty Version of Rage Against the Machine 16:12:29
House Grills TSA On Faking Of Body Scanner Tests (Video) 16:08:57
Who's responsible for Project ORCA? Romney campaign silent 16:00:02
Ron Paul vs. Trouble-Making Neocons 15:59:51
Anonymous Hacks Greek Finance Ministry, Finds "123456" Is Password For 37% Of All User Accounts 15:54:42
Is this whole swan-song end of an era getting to anybody else? 15:53:04
Ron Paul talks about front of the Confederate Flag - YouTube 15:50:10
Rand Paul Speaks With Neil Cavuto on Fox Business - 11-15-12 (Video) 15:49:52
Ron Paul: Don't Expect All Solutions on Jan. 1st, Real Fiscal Cliff (Dollar Crisis) Looms Large 15:47:58
My Birthday Wishes 15:34:38
Dole/Kemp 15:32:42
Solving Unemployment 15:02:38
I made the Editorial page in support of Ron Paul! 15:02:05
WANTED: Omnipotent ruler to implement global climate change strategy 14:39:27
Anyone live in or near Los Angeles? Please help 14:35:34
Iraq Excludes U.S. Wheat 20:33:38
Petraeus evades cameras, tetifies before congress 13:58:30
The time for a Constituional Convention is now. 13:48:55
$90 Million Solyndra sale OK'd 13:41:24
An ode to Ron Paul 13:41:04
Ron Paul and Calling Libertarians a Bunch of Delusional No-Hopers to their Face 13:20:36
Health Basics: When is organic still GMO? 13:13:43
South Carolina Freedom Of Health Care Protection Act - Please Share With All Your Sc Representatives! One Chance To Get It Right 12:41:21
Are You Tired Of Lies And Corruption? 12:35:16
Jerry Doyle on Ron Paul's Swan Song - 11/15/12 VIDEO 12:21:29
Gun Confiscation will Fail. 15 Reasons Why It Will Fall Apart. 12:12:47
Vegetative man tells doctors ‘I’m not in pain’ via MRI communication 12:11:52
Montana tells lawmaker gold is for fools 11:58:43
Doug Casey on Afghanistan. It's a complete boondoggle and disaster. 11:19:24
Question to Texas, What good is seceding from the U.S. 11:14:25
Ron Paul Leaves Congress - the Revolution Continues! (RT Interview with Brian Doherty) 10:47:47
Atlas didn't shrug - he was pushed 10:40:05
Interesting Comment from Realtor Last Week 10:38:14
Ron Paul for Governor of Republic Texas? 10:19:34
Ron Paul rejects Third Party strategy 10/15/2012 10:18:20
Obama Considering New National Retirement System 10:08:30
#Gazaunderattack reporting 09:57:00
Towing a Flying Drone Behind your car 09:39:48
White House response to secession-type petition. Have you been snookered? 09:11:30
Monday, Feb. 1, 1999 - 9/11 "cell phone from planes" clues? 08:43:47
Ragged as the Road I'm ON 05:03:01
Professor Says Gold Is Useless 04:47:51
The Bernanke-Obama-Keynes Toxic Triangle Dead End 04:41:10
A song hurricane katrina 04:33:28
A song for William 03:57:30
Secession Spin-Off from Epic RNC Photo! 03:32:04
♔ "Money Trail" ♔ International Bank Cartel ♖ Monopoly Boyz 08:50:14
Rent Seeking : Some Conceptual Problems and Implications 02:45:04
Israel Isn't So Bad? 02:26:39
Jimmy Fallon just made fun of Ron Paul 01:43:09
"Dimensions And Economics : Some Problems" By William Barnett II (An Economics Awakening : Disputing The Cobb–Douglas Function) 01:37:42
Ron Paul and Orwell's Vision 01:37:34
I Had A Profound And Shocking Dream: Were we about to be Invaded? 00:50:01
where does it say that only state governments 00:41:18
nevermind 00:40:45
Israel Warns of Escalation After Tel Aviv Missile Firing (video) 00:36:31
F*k Limbaugh! Jerry Doyle's homage to RP 00:12:44
Petitioning the Puppets - Questions seeking Ideas 00:12:26