Posted on November 17, 2012

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I have been identified by the US. Department of Health and Human Services 23:44:15
Texas Lawmakers Seek To Block NDAA Indefinite Detentions, Criminalize Certain TSA Searches 21:04:37
Nevada State Central Committee Just Voted That the Binding That Was Voted on in 2010, Violated Federal Election Laws! 20:31:59
Final Answers to all 32 of Ron Paul's Questions? Review and let me know. Thx! 22:57:09
Ex-NASA Programmer Testifies on the Ease of Election Rigging 15:43:00
ABC's "Last Resort" is history 08:01:43
Cenk Uygur, Host of "The Young Turks" Network speaks out against the outrageous actions of Israel 10:34:24
Ben Swann: The Benghazi Story The Media Isn't Telling You (11/16/12) 09:25:08
Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul's ‘Secret’ Plans for Continued Leadership For The Liberty Movement 08:54:25
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We Teach Life, Sir. 23:14:41
Spain halts evictions for the needy after suicides 22:56:06
Let your government employee know who they work for 22:36:08
Free Educ Online 21:33:49
United States Budget Dilemma (Video) 21:14:18
Cenk Uygur Cuts Off Peter Schiff's Mic Then Kicks Him Off The Show! 20:06:43
7 Libertarian Candidates Received More than 1 Million Votes 19:49:44
Anybody noticing the military purge we seem to be going through? 19:48:04
Denny’s to Charge 5% ‘Obamacare Surcharge’ and Cut Employee Hours to Recoup Costs 19:40:25
Texas Governor Rick Perry Violates 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, Orders Troops To Formula 1 Race (Video) 19:22:08
Judge Napoliltano- Why Taxation is Theft- Reason TV Video 19:14:55
List of Companies That Have Announced Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won A Second Term 19:13:43
Anti war country song video I made 18:48:16
Only Lone Wolves Commit Terror? 18:24:13
Homeless now need permit to sleep in city park (video) 17:46:45
TSA arrest man for having a strange looking watch 17:43:05
Excellent article: The Day Neoconservatism Died by Creighton Harrington at YAL 17:41:40
Petition to request action in the Senate on Audit the Fed 17:35:39
Kyle Bass: "...War Is Inevitable" 17:31:40
A remarkably prescient quote 17:25:12
Countdown To Dollar, Stock Market Total Financial Collapse 17:20:52
New video: Clips of corrupt banker hypocrisy set to a musical cover of Taxman by George Harrison of The Beatles 16:58:35
Max Bluementhal: Israel breaks truce\peace and starts new Gaza war 16:58:01
Post was deleted... 16:33:59
UK ends financial aid to Uganda due to corruption 16:31:14
Sun Unleashes 'Double Prominence' Monster Eruptions (Video) 16:28:01
The Son Of The Man That Inspired The Movement... 16:25:56
Big Brother, Kill Lists, and Secrecy: What to Expect From Obama’s Second Term 16:24:23
New video: Clips of corrupt banker hypocrisy set to a musical cover of Taxman by George Harrison of The Beatles 16:22:52
Oxitec to begin commercialization of insects, ownership and replacement of biosphere well under way 16:19:15
Man arrested after airport screeners see bomb - like watch 16:13:26
Study: Meditation changes the way your brain processes emotions 16:10:35
Woman claims she was humiliated by TSA (Video) 15:56:00
Vote For Me! 15:54:20
Monsanto ruining farmers: US film director 15:41:20
Israel Blocks Tel-Aviv with ‘Iron Dome’ (Video) 15:40:40
UK government seeks to protect "fragile reputations" of pedophiles, tries to kill whistleblower. 15:33:47
More Proof that Pesticides are Having Detrimental Effects on Children 15:31:32
5 Reasons I'm Opting Out Of The TSA's Scanners (And You Should Too) 15:19:09
The Birth of the Inalienable Internet 15:09:40
White House: "Israel has right to defend itself" 15:04:54
Homeless People in Nevada City Must Now Get a Permit to Sleep in Public, in the Woods or in Their Own Cars 15:00:21
The Famous iPhone Video: The iPhone's in the Blender 14:46:46
Sinking the Republican Party 14:12:14
May I have your attention 13:44:25
Plane hits truck during takeoff, crashes; 3 dead 13:29:36
Republicans: GOP needs to get with the times 13:10:49
The Business Plot (1933-Present) 13:00:18
White House Petition Asks That Ron Paul's Signature Be Added To The Constitution 12:59:32
Arizona Gun Shop Tells Obama Voters To Turn Around and Leave Because They Aren't Responsible 12:48:42
Calling a Spade a Spade 12:15:15
Internet libertarians and Ancaps: If you SERIOUSLY want freedom, you must change your methods 12:05:18
Dr. Paul Write-ins Did Count (in one county anyway) 12:02:23
Ever hear of Muharram? It's a holiday printed in my PlanAhead calendar. 11:42:25
Three Stories of Police Abuse/Brutality from Tennessee (videos) 10:30:45
Lehman Bank Failure 09:44:38
Hayek on BBC! 09:02:55
Freedom being taken ! Terrorism being allowed ! 09:01:31
Infographic: Israel is Winning the Nuclear Weapons Race 08:50:44
This Secession Movement, 'Like a Ron Paul Supporter on Food Stamps' 08:00:16
"Tesla Death Ray": "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura 07:42:36
State by State, A Nullification Domino Effect 06:57:25
Deputy Shoots At Mentally Disabled Man Waving Gun Made Of Legos 06:55:45
TSA Opt Out And Film Week Garners National Attention 06:53:26
Would the Judge ever consider running for president? 06:31:12
Some food for thought? 05:20:38
Libertarian dinner tonight Crystal City, Virginia 05:04:10
Please sign my "Abolish the TSA" petition 04:42:45
Change You Can Vote For... 03:28:47
Ben Swann: What the Fiscal Cliff means for businesses, employees and the unemployed 03:11:12
2007 - Iraq Weapons Scandal 03:10:18
Flashback - Video - Bill Moyers 2007 03:04:12
How to blow through a government security checkpoint. 02:58:05
Simplify federal spending so people understand what's going on 02:26:40
Joan the Silencer from RNC has her own Facebook page. LOLs abound. 01:50:39
A World Without Cancer - The Story of Vitamin B17 (G. Edward Griffin) 01:44:29
Anonymous Destroys Israel By Taking Down Hundreds of Websites and Leaking Emails and Passwords 01:24:21
Denver Urban Homesteading – Meeting with James Bertini 01:01:58
Meeting with Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor 00:59:14
Marijuana law introduced to Uruguay congress 00:16:57
Child of BBC Arab Journalist Killed in Gaza, Zionist Twitter Feed Mocks Child Deaths 00:08:09
Conservatives Move Out of Deep Blue States to Swing States 00:04:41
I'm going to say it... 00:03:15
Judge Napolitano videos for the day: Petraeus, Privacy and BP 02:25:48