Posted on November 2, 2012

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Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in a New Movie: Of By For 20:16:15
New song from Larken Rose: Ya Gotta Vote! 15:28:47
Ohio recently installed untested, uncertified software patches on ES&S voting machines in 39 counties, says liberal tabloid 14:01:16
NY Times: Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Team to Stricken New York 14:28:33
Ron Paul: FEMA Causes More Harm than Good - FBN's Stossel 11/02/2012 10:53:38
'Memo to Central Banks: You’re debasing more than our currency' 10:49:02
Judge Nap: Should You Vote for President? 09:03:38
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Stanford Prison Experiment (WOW) 23:38:47
Ron Paul, young voters, and the unfettered power of social media 23:37:20
Can we get a Sandy aid effort here? 23:36:46
Need recommendations on buying a rifle 23:19:26
Let's help Payton 23:17:54
The Milgram Experiment 23:16:25
pics: 6 letter of validation going out certified mail Monday 23:05:27
Attention All National Delegates And Alternates. - How Many Of You Had Your Ron Paul Gear/signs, Etc Taken From You At The Rnc? 23:05:18
Thank You, Sandy. You've Brought 'Prepperism' Into the Mainstream 23:03:46
Texas Woman Forced To Cover Up 'Vote The Bible' Shirt In Order To Cast Ballot 23:02:40
All Hail King Christe 23:01:56
Christie orders odd-even gas rationing system in 12 counties as part of a “limited state of energy emergency.” 22:47:29
Cool Video by WRC: "Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies" 22:41:10
Christian libertarian blogpost: Every Four Years, It's The End of The World Again 22:25:34
Who Is Gary Johnson? And Why Is the GOP So Mad at Him? (Time Magazine) 22:24:05
Facebooks for Radio Stations! Alert Ron Paulers of Write-in Option! 21:59:04
Martinez Patch (California) voter's guide - lists CA Certified Write In Candidates Ron Paul for President & Andrew Napolitano VP 21:35:41
Ron Paul - "Im like a kid who just won't let it go.," 21:25:24
Permission to Suck 21:18:47
Improper Generator Use Causing Post-Sandy Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths (Video) 21:18:47
Apple has lost their legal claim to the iPhone name in Mexico 21:16:18
Megaupload Publishes Deal to Counter U.S. Extortion Claims 21:09:39
Are you voting for Gary Johnson, Tom Wood or Judge Napolitano the upcoming primary? 20:59:22
A facebook conversation between myself and neoconservative friend 20:34:11
Bill Whittle video - special message for all RP /GJ Voters out there 20:32:13
Libertarian Philosophy in a Mainstream Video Game 20:17:36
The Hegelian Dialectic 20:15:27
Entire Minneapolis Police Force Gets Death Threat After Gang Member Shot Dead... 19:58:55
The Evangelical Enigma: Who Would Jesus Vote For 19:42:56
GOP deserves to come in 3rd place in your precinct 19:30:51
Hey Gary Johnson fans, you'll LOVE this! 19:29:47
POLL: Vote for Ron Paul in poll (Who do you think should be the next president) 19:29:40
Last minute election tabulation reporting software added in Ohio 19:08:23
A Rothbardian Vs. A Hollywood Celeb Obamanite 19:03:36
GOP registration dips below 30 percent in California 18:55:28
Please Help. We Need Votes. 18:54:19
To get the flag of Liberty fly atop the White House! 18:52:46
Why Obama Chose to Let Them Die in Benghazi 18:45:37
Beyond financial implications: Unintended consequences of government funding on the quality of the American college education 18:23:14
I think the best thing we can do to send a message, be a Libertarian. 18:11:20
I Need Your Help Finding Out Where Gary Johnson Really Stands On The Issues! 17:59:57
#ProtectYourVote: Active service members upset over removal from voting rolls (Video) 17:46:49
Soldiers Please Listen 17:39:24
Poem: The Wisdom Of Old 17:35:26
Member of secret WWII Navajo Code Talker Marine unit dies at 90 17:31:25
Why Is 9/11 Such A Taboo Subject? We Have To Ask Questions About 9/11! 17:27:13
Email to Gingrich supporters says Obama will win in 2012 - and will run again in 2016, maybe 2020 17:21:40
Food Stamp Creation 75X Greater than Job Creation 17:17:35
Stranded New Yorkers Are Defecating in Apartment Buildings (Video) 17:14:10
Barclays traders rigged American electricity prices to boost their own profits and bragged about it in damning e-mails 17:07:43
The Hypocrisy of Gary Johnson Supporters 17:05:07
Blatant Vote Fraud in Ohio 17:01:48
Washington Times Blog: Gary Johnson: Can five percent of the vote change the world? 16:50:20
New article by Steve Mann about Google Glass and the Surveillance State 16:49:05
When economic theory becomes real 16:36:30
It doesn't matter which side of the coin you vote for... 16:27:59
This is BIG! Goldman asks SCOTUS to dismiss! 16:24:15
Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs 16:16:00
Rand Paul: End Foreign Aid To Pay For FEMA 16:05:37
Gary Johnson Touts His Entrepreneurial Experience, Criticizes Obama and Romney in Ohio 16:01:07
What happens after? 15:35:54
Libertarian Party's presidential candidate courts voters 15:35:42
Do Not Settle For the Lesser of Two Evils 15:32:25
Oakwood Beach Rescue 'Liberty Rescue Fund' 15:26:59
IMPORTANT! Minnesota cannot write in Ron Paul! 15:22:10
Automobile Magazine Names Tesla Model S ‘Car Of The Year’ 15:13:16
Judge Jim Gray on Josh Tolley Show: "We Are Not America Anymore" 15:07:27
"Dick" Morris backpedalling on Romney victory. 15:05:39
(Silverfuturist video) The Elite are Preppers / Goldbugs 15:03:18
Q&A with Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Jim Gray 15:03:18
Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Sudan 15:00:35
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Why There Are No New Jobs In America 14:51:44
Final Decision 14:49:09
Ron Paul : We Are Young 14:48:10
How Gary Johnson and a Colorado marijuana initiative could cost Obama the election 14:37:16
Libertarian(ish) Candidates 14:37:03
Example Of Demand To Validate Debt Under Federal & State Law 14:32:44
Election 2012 Map: See If Your State Allows Write-in Vote For The Good Doctor 14:31:11
Voting for a Third Party Candidate Is NOT Wasting Our Vote 14:24:57
Larken Rose - Ya Gotta Vote! 14:24:44
I keep seeing this advertisement on TV today. 13:51:06
Info on the correct way to do a write-in 13:46:05
Another Unschooling Success: Ethiopian Children Teach Themselves 13:28:20
Occupy Denver- Idaho springs eviction protest. (Sheriff Dept shows up in riot gear) 13:24:01
What if they take away our Internet? 13:19:10
Gun Stocks Surge After Obama Re-Election 13:14:30
Liberty Candidate Tisha Casida: Common-sense solutions 13:13:57
Homeland Security worker charged with soliciting kids on Facebook 13:08:35
Militarization of police in Colorado: Cops in fatigues toting automatic weapons disperse anti-eviction activists (Video) 12:59:50
Shades of Gray (voting) 12:57:55
Texas voter purge marked by mistakes, misidentifications 12:51:59
New Jersey kicks out Sandy volunteers because they aren't unionized 12:51:46
Vote Or Die! What if we HAD to pick a mainstream candidate? 12:38:34
Quotes from Governor Gary Johnson 12:31:52
In three years all the flower children will be retired. 12:22:18
Washington Times Blog: A suggestion for Republicans: Consider Gary Johnson 12:21:07
People Are Dying In New York While U.S. Sends Billions In Foreign Aid 12:20:29
Why I Don't Vote 11:56:07
Donnie Swaggart accused Ron Paul... 11:51:31
Ground Zero In the Battle For Liberty - Is in the Courts - Learn How to Hold a "Court of Record" 11:50:15
The Person at the Daily Paul who I would Like to Thank is… 11:47:38
Peter Schiff nails it again (video): commentary on the Federal Reserve terrorist plot, Obamney ignorance. 11:43:16
Ron Paul Never Had The Support Or Votes To Begin With 11:38:28
Ohio Voting Count 'Nightmare' Looms 11:38:28
If Obama doesn't Win, we'll go back to picking Crops (video) 11:38:02
Video: Upstate NY: Lines 80 miles away! People coming North to get gas... Cities getting wiped out 11:37:58
Pride before Peace? 11:35:52
How many of our "Friends" are offering us foreign aid for Hurricane Sandy? 11:31:53
False Flag Event Cancelled! 11:31:15
Voting for Gary - It’s not throwing away my vote 11:19:20
John Dennis 2012 Ad: New Era 11:00:19
Winner Easily Made into Loser by Computer Manipulation: Call for a Halt of All Secret Voting and a Return to Paper Ballots 10:57:46
Disturbing Footage Of Teen Girl Who Died while In Prison Emerges 10:54:09
Romney Ryan bought by DNC 10:43:08
Why I'm Voting for Romney 10:35:25
"Presidential Election is Rigged: Researcher & Book Author K. Khaleel Offers Proof (National Press Release)" 10:34:22
Chinatown Restaurant Busted by Food Inspector while offering food to storm refugees. 09:57:24
16 Year Old New Yorker Gets Unbelievable Hurricane Sandy Footage 09:35:07
MSNBC Trashes Constitution, Compares Founders To Deadbeat Dads 09:30:04
Free and Equal Elections Foundation Announces Political Correspondents and Media for November 5 Presidential Debate 11:21:34
Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever 09:23:09
New York Mayor Signs Executive Order Rationing Gas To 10 Gallons Per Person 09:22:48
Oliver Stone: Historically challenged students = unqualified citizens 08:55:40
MSM Anti-Minor Party Polling Bias/BS Deconstructed 08:36:02
Mitt Romney denigrates Italy whilst neglecting to mention 08:03:14
Being a Leader or Looking Like a Leader: Hurricane Gives Second Wind to Obama 06:16:11
Humor 05:40:12
Russian Back-Pack Propulsion Technology 2012 04:49:50
Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress 04:44:26
Homeland Security worker charged with soliciting kids on Facebook 04:33:48
Source: Secret Service agent dead of apparent suicide 04:02:49
Ice Cube - Everything's Corrupt 03:07:59
Halloween Home Invasion | Please Help! AVTM Studios 03:06:46
Who do we have for 2016 00:32:46
RNC reports voting machine fraud in Nevada! Well I never! 00:28:51
Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Crew to New York After Hurricane Sandy 00:25:47
50 Billion Dollar? 00:25:44
Police State: GroWhat Rate of Cops Exceeds Population GroWhat 00:22:55
Predicting Protracted Hard Times 00:20:40
DHS Takeover: Newly Released DHS Manual Reveals Advanced Surveillance and Tactical Network 00:16:50
Obama/Romney Voters Realize They Voted for Armed Robbers VIDEO Interviews 00:14:59
UAW Files Criminal Complaint Against Mitt and Ann Romney for Auto Bail-out Profiteering (with video) 00:11:59