Posted on November 22, 2012

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Bernanke: We Don't Have 'Tools' to Offset 'Fiscal Cliff' Dive 12:58:10
News anchors resign on air over politically unbalanced news 11:02:17
Firm Founded By World's 'Foremost Expert on Competition' Declares Bankruptcy 09:48:59
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Here's a Song For the Season... 23:33:58
China Freer Than USA: No Eminent Domain 21:58:05
Another Way China Is Freer Than the US (Picture) 21:31:53
Federal Audit Proves TSA Is Misleading Public, Covering Up Passenger Complaints 21:24:12
Software Jobs Slowly Changing Focus to Police State 21:17:50
Company Plans "Revolutionary" Eavesdropping Technology To Help Governments Monitor Internet Chats 20:50:50
For all the Rand Paul fans here, this poll has Rubio beating Paul by about 20:20:13
The Ultimatum 20:05:03
Political Gang Rape 2012! 19:59:55
Montana Medical Marijuana Grower Chris Williams Is Facing A Virtual Life Sentence 19:09:26
Neo-con Crooks Already Fighting To Scrap Iowa Straw Poll in 2016 18:42:07
A black Friday special even DPers will like 18:39:45
This Thanksgiving I Want To Look Back On How It All Started... 18:36:04
Does the Daily Paul think that Obama will leave office after the next election? 18:29:56
Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey, Continues Unaccountable Drone Killing 18:26:41
Mini step to peace and no bankruptcy right now, but we must hurry 18:24:09
Operation Joe's Place! 17:25:20
Today at the Thanksgiving Table... 16:13:51
$70 Million! $70 Billion! $70 Million! $70 Billion! What's the difference?...I'll sign it either way... 15:25:36
Deer attacks two men, then takes man's cigarettes 15:13:15
30 Years of Breast Screening: 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated 15:07:43
Video of 9-year-old Utah football star goes viral 15:06:38
Is That Food Nazi Bloomberg Moonlighting in Los Angeles? 14:59:02
Got a minute to help me give a lesson in voting problems? 14:55:38
Record food stamp enrollment defines Thanksgiving 14:53:20
Political Humor 14:49:24
History Of The World In Two Minutes (Video) 14:39:57
Hostess 14:36:12
Complaints About Turkey Attacks On The Rise In Brookline (Video) 14:26:38
Revealed: Military emails show that NO U.S. sailors witnessed Osama bin Laden's secret burial at sea 14:12:05
Walmart Enlists Armed Guards Ahead of 'Black Friday' 13:58:48
Twinkies bakers say they'd rather lose jobs than take pay cuts 13:53:12
Federal Audit Proves TSA Is Misleading Public, Covering Up Passenger Complaints 13:50:57
JFK Assassination 49th Anniversary (Video) 13:45:22
Be thankful today 13:39:23
Elitism Is Dialectical Terrorism 13:33:18
Please help by signing our petition! 13:24:51
Government loots remaining $11.5 million (left over from the "recovery act") from taxpayers. 13:12:41
Nullification! Oklahoma Rejects Health Care Exchange, Medicaid Expansion 13:08:10
Thanksgiving: More Americans On Food Stamp This Year Than Ever Before 13:04:33
Is Obama concerned "insiders" are planning a coup d'état? Presidential Memorandum 11-21-12 13:01:49
Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone Here At The DailyPaul 12:49:36
Secession of the States is about Survival. 12:48:57
This Thanksgiving Holiday. We Still Have Much to Be Grateful for Despite the Economic Downturn 12:45:19
Right to Travel Burden of Proof and due process Act.(Against the TSA) 12:42:03
Red Dawn 2012 Movie Review From a Non Hollywood insider or Film Critic 12:38:00
Truth,Freedom and Peace 2012 and infinity 12:36:56
How does one Enjoy Thanksgiving this year? 12:16:27
The Petrodollar: Enslaving the Middle East 11:08:18
Chemtrail Assault Amazing Time-lapse! (Video) 11:06:14
A Great Christmas gift is NOT a TV 11:05:30
JFK Assassination - 49 years ago 11:00:19
Joseph Farah: Obama's Real Agenda For America Revealed (Video) 10:57:42
Holiday Viewing 10:56:25
US: We initiate terrorism to create terrorists to overthrow governments (Video) 10:40:55
My Questions About Benghazi 10:40:27
High-Tech Guard Tower To Spy on Buffalo Residents (Video) 10:30:14
Video: Woman Exercising 4th Amendment Right Has Heart Attack After Being Tasered By California Cops 10:14:22
Thanksgiving watching Full Movie - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 10:02:36
Washington Times: Why Ron Paul deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom 09:51:41
HA HA, Cop gets FIRED for ticketing 3 year old for urinating on his front lawn - its about time 09:18:07
Ron Paul's Naive Foreign Policy 09:12:21
The Dictator (2012 Speech about dictatorship - Is the secret out? 08:50:16
Are we being watched? 'Alien' reaches out through Northern Lights 08:34:55
Do you know that $250 TV would cost $10 in Real Silver Money? 08:32:41
Please call your Senator about NDAA 08:32:28
Boycott Black Friday 2012 08:23:58
Iowa GOP Debates Fate Of Its Famed Straw Poll... Actually Branstad Wants It Done Away With Before Rand Paul Wins In A Landslide 07:20:43
Mortgage rates drop to record low 07:04:37
Take this job and shove it: Fed-up Bangor TV anchors quit on air 06:20:59
Petition To: Stop Indefinite Detention! By Rand Paul 06:05:11
Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigning From Congress (Video) 04:37:15
Second Update: Judge Grants Reprieve To Student Expelled For Refusing To Wear Tracking Device Badge 04:26:56
First impressions 04:15:20
Onion News: Obama Considers Moral, Philosophical Aspects of Turkey Pardon 02:32:40
The Intelligence of Mitt Romney Voters 02:19:46
Barack Obama Is Not Sure How Old the Earth Is 02:17:47
Pink Floyd's "The Wall" 02:10:57
A song for thanksgiving paulites 02:07:47
So...if I were to propose a Constitutional Amendment - ideas welcome. 01:02:22
For votes? For Thanksgiving? Confused, entitled Twitter users thank ‘cutee’ Obama for extra food stamps; 11/21/12, Twitchy Staff 00:40:29
TSA pat-down of Rep. Ralph Hall’s 17 year-old niece sparks federal investigation 00:38:16
Gee...Surprised? Newly Released Emails Say No Sailors Watched bin Laden’s Burial at Sea After Navy SEAL Raid 12:37:05