Posted on November 23, 2012

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Worst U.S. Drought in Decades Deepens 22:30:55
Online Petitions Seek to Free Montana Medical Marijuana Grower 14:49:06
Bombing the Gaza Prison Camp by Ron Paul 13:35:31
Why Can't Americans Manufacture Rope And Other Products From Hemp? 12:53:18
No US Sailor witnessed the bin Laden burial at sea. 17:14:33
Fewest Vets in Congress Since 1940s 10:12:58
Libertarians are to Blame 09:20:55
Sheriff Mack State Sovereignty Rendered Express Preview 16:52:01
Jerry Doyle & Robert Scott Bell: GMO Establishment Launches Disinfo Campaign Targeting Organic Food 10:31:32
Jill Kelly took multiple flights at taxpayer expense 04:41:21
Would Eliminating the Iowa Straw Poll Hurt Candidates like Ron Paul? 01:34:25
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Rally to End the Federal Reserve - Saturday 11/24 - High Noon - Charlotte, NC 23:54:01
The Mystery of the Sphinx Hosted by Charlton Heston 23:42:17
The Mystery of the Sphinx Hosted by Charlton Heston 23:40:20
Tom Woods: Ron Paul and The Non-Aggression Principle, Secession Nullification 23:32:14
The times - they are a changing' 23:02:50
'Impending Economic Crisis:' Mississippi River Commerce Threatened by Low Water 22:25:43
Russia Today: Netanyahu agreed to ceasefire after Obama promised US troops in Sinai next week? 22:22:55
How And Why Exactly Americans Will Flock Into $5,000 Gold And $500 Silver 22:07:10
Anonymous claims to have prevented Karl Rove from hacking/stealing the election. 21:56:14
2nd article to make the Albany Democrat Herald regarding Ron Paul! 21:20:22
Motorway built around home in China 20:53:06
Sam Donaldson on govt. spending 20:04:56
Holiday Liberty Gift Idea 19:56:45
Clarence Page says printing money does not create inflation! 19:54:24
Fred Barnes says Iraq was going to attack the USA! 19:44:26
Just Visit Us! Turkey Testicle Festival 18:29:49
'United Nations Wants to Use Drones' 18:13:47
What the Pot Legalization Victories Mean for the Pro-Freedom Agenda 18:07:50
Several Top Economists Privately Told Obama That He Screwed Up The Recovery In One Major Way 18:02:24
I need more books.. 17:28:26
Never Forget (picture) 17:08:55
7.62x39 ammo 17:06:13
Shhhhhhh... Duck so they don't seeya. 17:01:54
I love the Daily Paul 17:53:19
Benghazi: Operation Scapegoat 16:39:12
Investing in Silver as a college student, where to start? 16:31:55
How many Dual citizens in our Government today? 16:06:43
I have a question about writing a story. 15:56:35
Egyptian President Decree Grants Unlimited Powers 15:52:10
Bill Burr- Black Friday 15:30:39
Mark Dice Ridicules Black Friday Shoppers: Mentions Federal Reserve, Bilderberg 15:10:13
NATO Allied Land Command activating next week in Turkey 14:52:22
Time is ticking - please watch this and share 14:44:21
IDF Confrontation with Palestinians Post Ceasefire. Article/Video 14:42:32
We create money out of thin air 14:39:13
Hillary's over there telling Arabs how to live while hubby Bill... 14:38:12
29 Signs That The Elite Are Transforming Society Into A Total Domination Control Grid 14:31:24
Cops taser Florida man for trying to save his home from burning down in grease fire 14:02:30
Detroit mayor announces furloughs to avoid bankruptcy 13:58:12
Calderon Wants Name Change For Mexico 13:52:42
When The Economy Collapses In The USA, The People Go Shopping! (Video) 13:45:00
UN to Obama Administration: Punish Washington and Colorado for Undermining Global Drug War 13:29:52
Lew Rockwell: Why Did The Coverage Of Sandy Stop? 13:24:03
Why Are Americans Not Allowed To Use Gold And Silver As Legal Tender? 12:51:10
Ridiculing Sheeple in Black Friday Line Video 12:50:43
Black Friday Blues? 40 Ideas for the Prepper Gift Giver- Please Add to the List! 12:46:45
Video: Opt Out & Film the TSA Campaign at Buffalo 12:23:43
Jerry O'Neil, Montana Legislator, Asks To Be Paid In Gold Coins 12:16:27
Are you misled on the issues surrounding the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts? 11:54:13
An Academic Overview of Secession by Hans-Hermann Hoppe 11:36:29
. 11:12:07
Palestinian Man Shot dead By Israeli Troops 11:00:03
. 10:46:32
Economic IQ test: If the national debt doesn't matter, then why are we still paying federal income taxes? 10:43:46
Food Banks in the U.S. Running Low on Supplies, Ominous for 2013 10:33:55
What Made America Famous by Harry Chapin - dedicated to those who smell smoke. 10:24:52
Black Friday Target line Info Jammed by We Are Change San Antonio 10:23:20
Armed Drones To Patrol Highways by 2025 10:02:26
I think I found Ron Paul's long lost founding father. 08:31:22
Eminent Domain, this one photo says it all 08:15:33
Visualizing Our World and Visualizing Solving Our Problems 08:13:14
Troops used as personal servants to top military brass. 07:24:33
John Stossel: Atlas Shrugged and the Struggle for Liberty 06:42:57
John Stossel & David Boaz: What does Obama's reelection mean for freedom? 15:37:06
And Who Assists You In Defending This, This Constitution? 06:21:09
... 05:54:00
Poll: Marijuana legalization or decriminalization backed by most Canadians 04:30:54
Tulsa Police Set Up 'Insurance Checkpoint', Issue $250 Tickets & Tow Cars En Masse (Video) 04:17:30
... 03:47:32
In Case You Forgot - The World Ended 5 Minutes Ago (updated) 10:03:27