Posted on November 24, 2012

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Weekend Watching: David Stockman Interviewed by Bill Moyers. 22:30:10
Infographic: Are The Feds Preparing For Civil War? 23:41:31
Nothing Will Change if the Republicans Win the White House- Frank Chodorov 1950's Video 19:04:04
Rand Paul's NDAA Amendment: Does It Go Far Enough? (No) 10:25:21
Norquist Slams Tax Pledge Defector Saxby Chambliss 05:04:11
(George) Romney Reflects on Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, the 10th Amendment & Criticizes War 11:19:43
Ernie Hancock Interviews Jeff Deist (Dr. Paul's Chief of Staff) on Ron Paul's Future Activism 00:39:00
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Gun Rights, Peace, and Liberty (video) 23:54:42
The Great Debate w/ Prince Vega 23:35:50
Fulfilled: The Sycamore Tree, 9/11 and the American Prophecy Has Come to Pass 23:34:30
Strategic Relocation (HQ Full Length) 23:28:43
James Grant On Bernanke: "The Great Levitation!" 23:28:31
Besides home school, are there Ron Paulian K-12 private schools? 22:31:15
Millionaires Pay 4x As Much As Middle Class In Taxes 22:13:01
Iran accuses U.S. Navy of 'illegal and provocative acts' 22:03:27
Obama to Swear in for Second Term in Secret 21:57:18
Ron Paul Supporters To Face Off With Obama Supporters This Sunday At 7pm EST 21:56:07
How You Know You're Not In the Top 1% 21:44:46
Top Republican senator ditching Norquist anti-tax pledge (Video) 21:28:28
Alabama Lawmaker Pushing for Allowing Guns At Work 21:18:43
Trading on Thin Air (2010) 19:31:34
Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012 19:16:58
Black Friday - A Sad Day for America... 18:50:35
EPA Testing Dangerous Pollutants on Human Beings 18:38:17
Larry Hagman 'All Politicians Should Use LSD' 18:35:16
Healthcare Workers 'Fired' for Failing to Get Flu Vaccinations 18:29:03
Made In U.S.A. 18:17:40
Throwback clip: Ron Paul supporter destroys neocon Bill Kristol 17:21:46
Friend or Fiend 17:17:54
Weekend Reading - The Day the Dollar Died - Blovel (One of My Favorites) 17:13:36
Petition would protect Colorado marijuana law 16:51:13
3 children removed from UK foster parents because of their political beliefs 16:36:22
Can anyone tell me something more about the ANU? 16:17:58
4409- Mental Circle Jerk with a Statist 16:16:59
Disgusting Propaganda Commercial from JP Morgan 15:54:59
Ron Paul Talks with’s Andy Duncan (Great Interview) 15:21:23
Seacoast group keeps Ron Paul legacy alive 15:20:14
Evangelical Enigma Part Two: Those Filthy Muslims 15:17:27
End is nigh; bet you a buck 15:11:08
Why Does Germany Not Trust The FED With Its Gold? 14:33:27
Weekend Watching: Invisible Empire 14:20:30
How Much Gold and Silver to Buy? 14:00:41
Are Libertarians 'Anarchists'? 13:49:27
White House tree decked with marijuana? (Satire) 13:44:13
Gun Manual For Nearly EVERY Firearm On The Planet ebooks pdf free download 13:28:10
Confession: James Holmes Tells Inmate He Was Programmed To Kill 13:20:56
Mammography: 30 years of misdiagnosis and overtreatment. 12:58:59
Gordon Duff - Runs Truth Website, Writes 40% False Information 12:50:28
CNBC - Rise Above Demagoguery 12:16:34
Congressman Gutierrez is rescued by Press Sec 11:57:52
George Galloway | Full Address | Oxford Union 11:52:01
A good laugh and/or something to make your blood boil. 11:32:20
Is being hacked now? 09:55:54
Clashes in Cairo after Mursi seizes new powers By Marwa Awad | Reuters 08:13:24
The Athens Rebellion of 1946 - The Battle for Liberty 08:06:25
. 08:03:39
Made In America - Must See! 07:45:01
Cushing man jailed for striking estranged wife with genitalia (sorry, I had to post) 07:36:00
South California secession rally 07:21:24
Obama's Gun Ban List is out... 06:22:01
snowfall 04:38:31
13 Reasons Why America is Doomed 04:20:45
Public school unable to construct coat rack 04:18:13
Desolation Angels 03:58:20
Black Friday Shoppers Stampede for Food & Water...Uh, I Mean...For Gifts." VIDEO 03:32:44
iSecede 03:32:16
Forbidden Archeology - Secret Discoveries of Early Man - Full Feature 03:25:41
"The Shift" - Short Film About Questioning The System, Revolution, And Awakening 03:14:47
The United Nations wants to use Drones for monitoring 02:26:48
Black Friday Heckler calls shoppers "Zombies" and tells them to "ignore Federal Reserve" 01:53:25
Cop On Steroids? 17-Year-Old Learns Why You Should Never Resist Arrest 01:15:48
US News: Ron Paul's Strengths May Provide GOP Roadmap to Success 00:57:46