Posted on November 27, 2012

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Thomas E. Ricks Calls Out Fox News During Live Interview 22:48:19
Nation's New Top Cop! 18:52:41
Mainstream News: "How Safe Is Fluoride In Our Water?" 16:55:19
Steve Forbes Pays Tribute to Ron Paul! 16:25:28
GOP Introduces Its Own 'Dream Act' 14:27:17
Why Is The TSA Permitted To Abuse The Rights Of Any American Traveling By Air? 14:25:38
Reason Mag: Obama Briefly Worried that His Unaccountable Murderous Powers Might Fall into GOP Hands 10:39:23
US to leave 10,000 troops in Afghanistan past 2014 (Perhaps as many as 30,000) 09:07:32
Judge Napolitano This Week: TriHealth Firings, and His New Book. (Mentions Ron Paul) 02:47:29
Encouragement in the Kroger parking lot 08:27:11
Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! 12:00:24
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Mexico's President-Elect Praises Obama on Immigration: 'We Fully Support Your Proposal' 23:37:26
Petraeus Scandal Reveals Massive Islamic Infiltration In Obama Administration 23:31:31
Something to put on your Christmas list! (Video) 23:23:08
Is M.T.V.'s ex-celebrity Miss Tila Tequila an infowarrior? 23:11:13
Booster Bag Scam (Video) 23:08:03
Rand Paul: Get ready for a Really Big enormous Ugly Bill to pass by Christmas 22:53:34
Pete Santilli and exposes Alex Jones. Video and link. 22:53:08
Vanishing Liberty - Web site promotes online privacy 22:50:56
In suicide epidemic, military wrestles with prosecuting troops who attempt it 22:39:21
Why Parents with Disabilities Are Losing Custody of their Kids 22:28:11
Discover testing fingerprint payments 22:22:00
Delete 22:10:51
Are Ghettos Next? 22:08:45
this is funny as hell. Cop Tells Children Not to Buy Lemonade! 22:05:43
Mayan Prophecy Dec. 21, 2012 - Novelty Timewave Theory - NASA Actually Working on Faster-than-Light Warp Drive 21:44:59
Did SPD violate this man's civil rights? 21:35:27
Rand Paul On Potential 2016 Presidential Bid: GOP In Danger Of ‘Becoming A Dinosaur’ (Video) 21:34:49
Obama May Skirt Congress To Ban Semiautomatic Firearms 21:28:45
True News with Stefan Molyneux. The Fiscal Cliff? 21:02:41
War... against spiritual wickedness in high places" - Ephesians 20:54:19
IRAN nuclear bomb trending on Yahoo 20:40:36
Write-in Ron Paul 20:35:29
Video: Naked Protesters Storm John Boehner's Office 20:29:47
France to recognise Palestinian state at UN 20:15:43
Rand Paul Warns of GOP Becoming Dinosaur - CNN 11/27/2012 19:57:50
Rand Paul talks fiscal cliff, spending cuts and tax pledge with Cavuto - Nov 27, 2012 19:54:34
Deadly new pertussis strain linked with whooping cough vaccine 19:54:11
☆ Dear Mark Twain, You & I can make history - Audit the Fed in Congress.☆ Ron Paul 19:38:53
Walmart Workers Killed a Man on Sunday 19:27:02
EU dairy farmers spray Brussels parliament with milk 19:18:56
The Lincoln Movie: A Libertarian Review 19:14:26
How To End The Gaza Tragedy By Ron Paul 18:36:01
Confidential Documents used as confetti at Macy's Parade 18:35:46
What happened to Moxnews? 18:28:11
w 18:07:05
Can Rep.Hank Johnson really be this stupid 17:56:56
Hello From North of the Border 17:54:53
Whats happing with the pledge the house took to list constitutional authority on each bill 17:39:10
Ron Paul set a courageous example 17:36:54
Buchanan to GOP: Negotiate Not; Embrace the Sequester! 17:32:46
World's Poorest President? President of Uruguay donates most of his income to charity. 16:30:02
Obama’s “Drone Warfare RuleBook” Plus The Rush For Drone Permits (TMZ Too!) 16:11:13
Good thing we got Obama in! 16:04:45
Ron Paul set a courageous example 16:02:13
New petition - sign it! Make Ron Paul Speaker of the House! You Know What To Do! 16:02:02
ACLU sues over policy barring women from ground combat 15:44:53
Stevie Wonder Headlining Gala Hosted by the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces 15:30:11
17 years of courtroom arguments, Native Americans see first of $3.4 billion U.S. government settlement 15:29:36
Time Magazine person of the year... 15:27:52
Rand Paul Makes It To The Top 100 Foreign Policy Thinkers In The World... 15:16:14
ACLU Sues To Get Women In Combat 15:05:38
Rand Paul Predicts 'Enormous, Ugly' Fiscal Bill - Fox News 11/26/2012 14:59:50
Cranky Pat Condell Zionist apologist taken to the woodshed. 14:56:06
Rep. Hank Johnson: 'We Earn' Our 174K Salary (Video) 14:56:01
Petraeus bribed by Obama? 14:47:10
France Says It Will Vote In Favor Of Palestinians UN Bid 14:34:49
Bradley Manning's Confinement Conditions At Quantico To Be Argued In Military Court 14:28:56
Watch bankers, such as Bernanke, choke on their own words and stumble through their own lies. 14:19:36
ADHD & Criminals: Drug Corporations Want To Create More Lifetime Customers 14:07:44
Alex Jones Hires CIA–Stratfor Agent as Publishing Editor In Chief 14:02:57
Chuck Woolery on Gun Control: 5 Reasons Why We Cannot Ban Firearms in America (Video) 14:01:23
Rand Paul: New Personhood Law Will End Abortion ‘Once And For All’ 13:58:05
Would The People Of Texas Support A Sale Tax To Fund A State Militia 13:55:31
Rand Paul: I Won't Break the No-Tax-Increase Pledge I Made to the People 13:33:20
Ex-US Ambassador to Pakistan on CIA Drone Kills 13:33:07
New Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Missile Activity 13:32:47
Right-Wing US Politicians Pressured Banks to Blockade WikiLeaks 13:27:44
Wal-Mart Fires Supplier That Used Bangladesh Factory 13:20:26
Paul Volcker Escorted and Confronted by WeAreChange 13:16:22
University of Cambridge to Conduct Study Whether Robots Will Exterminate Humanity 13:15:09
Supreme Court rejects plea to ban taping of police in Illinois 13:13:50
"BITCOIN" posts get no traction here... WHY? 13:07:13
Iran set to unveil new missile launching warship 13:04:15
Facebook Owns You, Always and Forever 12:22:25
Statement of Republican Principles Petition of Rand Paul 12:22:24
Fox News ends interview after author criticizes networks 12:21:50
Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! (TED talk) 12:20:52
Benghazi Explained: Interview w/ Intelligence Insider 12:07:21
Audio: Can Freedom Last Forever? 11:55:14
Florida city warns of cell phone link to cancer (Video) 11:25:14
Iowa Republicans Likely To Keep Straw Poll 11:04:51
UPDATE: SCOTUS opens door to a new Obamacare challenge 11:02:47
(video) "Barack Obama is a child murdering bastard..." 10:57:31
401(k)'s to be taxed 10:47:19
Why Bitcoin Acceptance Should Be A Litmus Test Of Liberty Proponents 10:44:36
Mises Circle in Houston "The Current Crisis: an Austrian Perspective" 10:43:23
Wikipedia Accepts 'Enemies Of The Internet' Currencies 10:36:05
GM rolls out new electric mini-car at LA Auto Show 10:35:59
Participate in the discussion on storing gold and silver 10:29:45
FDA: Birth control drugs linked to 150 percent increased risk of deadly blood clots 10:27:15
WHAT is wrong with the PRES plan? 10:23:32
Buffett: Dimon Best Choice to Lead Treasury in Crisis 10:18:27
Arms trade treaty finally within crosshairs 10:14:54
Why the future doesn't need us 10:03:47
Infowars Reporter Stands Up To TSA Intimidation (Video) 14:34:07
CFTC Commissioner on Silver Manipulation Investigation: "There have been violations of the law" 14:33:34
Black Friday gun sale checks hit record 09:46:48
Army mom: Military suicides ‘out of control’ 09:25:12
Expatriating from the United States? Consider this! 08:49:22
Rand Paul Interview on "Your World" w / Neil Cavuto - Fox News Channel - 4PM ET - 11-27-12 04:41:33
Playing Catch With The Terminator 04:26:42
Smoking 'rots' brain, says King's College study 04:20:59
Black Friday: Treasury Borrowed $211.69 Per U.S. Household on Day After Thanksgiving 04:12:09
Vote in the Straw Poll for the 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate 02:22:04
OMG Hotel Video On 9/11 Shows No Plane Hitting Pentagon! 01:09:08
Right To Health Care Trumps Individual Liberty? 01:08:57
JD Hayworth said Romney made a mistake not asking Ron Paul to speak at the convention. 00:52:28
For Those Who Felt In Any Way My Article Was Taboo 00:51:52
Crime In Progress: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR) Bond Market About to Blowout 00:23:35
Video: Maniac Cop Knees Kid In Head, Screams “Move So I Can Kick Your Ass And F*** You Up” 00:23:08
Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people 00:21:15
Black Friday Brawl: Violent Fight Erupts At Sacramento Mall (Video) 00:14:34
Author Thomas Ricks Accuses Fox News Of 'operating As A Wing Of The Republican Party'- Then Abruptly Gets Cut Off 00:13:03
How Libertarians can beat the "Somalian Government" argument. 20:16:38