Posted on November 29, 2012

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Jimmy Carter SLAMS Netanyahu, Obama DRONE policy, civil liberty violations 23:03:46
Iceland Totally Repeaces 19:36:09
Pentagon Revolving Door: Generals Strike Gold In Private Defense Industry 16:02:47
Senator Mike Lee on NDAA: Protecting the Right to a Trial by Jury 15:08:44
Rep. John Duncan Jr, Pays Tribute to Ron Paul on House Floor 13:10:07
Ayn Rand Was NOT a Libertarian 11:42:34
Senators Make Bid To End Indefinite Detention In NDAA 02:26:53
Rand Paul's Right-to-Trial Speech 11/28/12 00:59:56
Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu on "apartheid nature of Israel and its current government." 00:29:20
George Lucas, Star Wars, and False Flag Terrorism 05:31:20
This Is Why They Don't Allow Citizens To Own Guns in China 08:12:59
Ron Paul’s Exit Interview with the Washington Post 13:19:13
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Rand Paul declares victory on NDAA Amendment Fight and our rights to trial by jury! 23:53:38
Under pressure, Stevie Wonder cancels appearance at benefit concert for Israeli military 23:34:16
Rand Paul Editorial in WSJ: The Real Danger From the Fiscal Cliff 23:07:47
Tom Woods interview on Sessation vs Nullification 23:07:04
The Importance Of Shining A Light on Rand Paul 23:02:57
Glenn Beck shills for Goldline to rip people off 22:54:56
Al-Qaeda & Taliban Army Images in Google all look staged? 22:41:51
Was The Declaration of Independence purer in words than deeds? 22:33:23
10 Most Corrupt Police Forces in the Vorld 22:23:56
Video - Prison for Russian Police BBC 22:21:54
9/11 Science Club! What Are Specific Heat and Heat-Energy Content? 22:16:34
Did President Obama Just Warn Us Of A New False Flag Terror Plot Against The United States? 22:06:49
Rand Paul on Glenn Beck: 'A Lot Of My Republican Colleagues Want To Fold, Give Up, Join The Democratic Party' 21:47:23
Mind = Blown 21:42:07
The colorful history of Neil & Linden Blue the makers of reaper & predator drones 21:29:01
Illinois Senate Defeats Governor’s Sneaky Attempt to Ban Assault Weapons 21:24:22
Ron Paul did win on November 6th! 21:07:57
Marijuana: TSA says flying between Colorado and Washington with herb will be okay...sort of 20:52:34
Fast & Furious more details emerge 20:47:06
NY Times: In Colorado, No Playbook For New Marijuana Law 20:39:41
Captain James T. Kirk will be on hand when the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise is officially retired. 20:24:24
9/11: The Next Step – Graeme MacQueen on GRTV 20:23:26
Public School Enlists Controversial Private Prison Firm to Conduct Drug Raids 20:23:10
US Troops Operating in Jordan Near Syria Border 20:07:41
Ron Paul The real solutions aren't even being discussed #FiscalCliff 20:00:58
Saudi diplomat shot dead in Yemeni capital. Hallmarks of al-Qaeda. (of course) 20:00:57
Rand Paul: 'People Up Here Are Not to Be Trusted With Money' - CNBC Nov 29, 2012 19:53:39
Privacy up for vote: Senate considers new electronic communication law 19:44:52
WARNING: Alan Keys: Collapse of The U.S. Economy and Civil War! (Video) 19:35:24
McDonalds Workers Stage Walkout, Demand $15 an Hour in Pay 19:35:22
Obama & Romney did lunch today in the Private Dining Room adjacent to the Oval Office. 19:28:24
Rand Paul: GOP Should Compromise On Military Spending, Democrats on Entitlements - CNN Nov 29, 2012 19:24:58
Palestine is recognized as a state. 22:49:21
How To Escape From Zip Ties (Video) 18:42:55
U.S. Birth Rate Hits Record Low 18:32:44
Thomas E. Ricks: The Shocking Decline of Army Leadership 18:25:40
How to Play Poker (and Gamble) in the U.S. 18:21:49
REPORT: Susan Rice has investments in companies doing business with Iran 18:15:25
404 Alex Jones and Stratfor Post removed on Daily Paul 18:08:54
Guantanamo Inmates Could Be Moved To U.S. Jails 18:07:11
Whistleblower Targeted By TSA For "Revealing Too Much Informtion" (Video) 18:01:46
Syria shuts off internet access across the country 17:52:55
Elementary School Places Unruly Kids In Solitary Confinement (Video) 17:47:06
Biggest Black Hole Blast Discovered 17:36:01
Senate defeats governors sneaky attempt to ban assault weapons 17:30:29
Who Does He Say That He Is? 17:27:50
Are Corporations good for liberty? 23:35:49
DuPont Sends in Former Cops to Enforce Seed Patents: Commodities 17:22:50
Pretty solid Bruce Bartlett article on the GOP's failings through the Bush era up to now 17:08:58
DHS adds underwater drones to their arsenal with robots based on fish (photos) 17:06:27
Gold is Money? CNN: Iran Importing Gold to Evade Sanctions 16:50:33
Why the Establishment Is So Silent: Keeping the Public's Economy on a Cliff 16:43:30
Solitary Confinement? Parents concerned over school's use of "Isolation Booth" 16:29:58
Australian Economics 16:15:31
Ron Paul's Campaign in a Nutshell 15:56:27
Rosie Rios, US Treasurer Seeds ☆ Money that Grows ☆ 15:50:43
Should the GOP Try Losing to Win? 15:45:52
NASA Announces Discovery Of Ice on Mercury! 15:40:14
Motivational Poster 15:36:59
Maine's New Governor 15:31:01
Fiscal Cliff BS 15:27:56
Flip Flop Your Way to Fame: Romney face tattoo man getting tat removed 15:24:43
Random act of kindness by POLICE officer 15:23:55
Late Senator Warren Rudman: “Frankly, I blame the American people as much as I blame the Congress.” 15:17:53
GREATEST, most relevant Speech *EFFECTS added* 14:46:37
NYPD cop's act of kindness goes viral 14:45:58
Gary Johnson on Young Turk, Talks Colorado legalization, and his aspirations for the future. 14:32:24
You are from Canada and you have dark hair and you are considering a deal 14:22:30
Any non-US Daily Paulers out there? World Liberty Forum 14:19:43
Need help understanding Austrian Economics 14:17:27
Marijuana Users Are Safer Drivers Than Non-Marijuana Users, New Study Shows 14:15:37
Why Have We Allowed The Government To Regulate Commodes? 13:52:14
Rand Paul Smashes the NDAA...Like A BOSS! 13:31:22
Obama's Economic War on Women 13:28:17
Rand Paul Lpac 2012 13:11:41
‘First Amendment Cop’ Becomes Internet Icon 13:10:46
State lawmaker says "dissolving Detroit" should be an option 12:59:50
There is strength in numbers w/ Free State Project 12:58:09
Rand Paul interview w/ CNBC Squawk on the Street - Taxes 11/29/12 12:53:42
Petition to have Deputy Lenic appointed as our next Attorney General 12:30:32
Sad Day - Ron Paul Staff Packing up His D.C. Office 12:26:25
Another Cop to compete with yesterdays top cop! 12:15:07
Because they can: Hostess Executives Seek $1.8 Million In Liquidation Bonuses 12:12:12
Jews (including rabbis) protest Zionist aggression, ABC called out on bias. 12:08:21
Ron Paul’s Appalling World View 12:06:35
Greek Debt Graphic 11:54:38
MoxNews is back! 11:18:27
Kokesh: What is Bitcoin and why is it important? 10:48:33
Ben Swann Reality Check: The money in your pocket is worth less than the cost to produce it? 10:32:07
I Designed This New Flyer For Republicans... 10:24:40
Ron Paul’s Appalling World View (a communist view of RP's last speech) 10:16:49
Senators make bid to end NDAA indefinite detention (Huffy Po article) 10:01:35
Biocrude, starting to become more competitive. New methods are cutting production time and costs. 09:09:49
Drug Legality 09:02:51
Findings And Forecasts 08/28/12: The Trilateral Commission 05:10:33
John Trudell and the American Indian Movement (includes the occupation of Alcatraz) 05:00:05
Unusual "Insider Threat" Memorandum Issued recently from President Obama - See Link to Official WH Memo 04:51:19
Mossad Minute: Anonymous Hacks Over Direct Ties to Mossad, Israel 04:19:59
Enlightening Video of the Month: The Hidden Story of Jesus 04:12:20
A Draft Outline Of An Idea To Better Preserve The American Republic : A ZERO-Political Party System 03:45:08
How Do We Do This: Change the Supreme Court Majority Ruling from a 5 to 4 Majority to a 6 to 3 Majority 03:38:22
Vote David Seaman for Congress Florida's 23rd District 2014 02:55:03
"Gift from Heaven" (A song about life). 02:14:18
Afghanistan - Bank Scandal 5 Billions 02:13:10
I am looking to run for office in 2014 what should I do? 01:34:54
Allten - Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin 13.37 USD/BTC 01:14:43
Family sues US over mysterious Frank Olson Death - a scientist who was drugged during Cold War more) 01:10:52
Robocod: Homeland Security adds underwater drones to their arsenal with robots based on fish 00:59:58
Starbucks’ new $7 ‘Geisha’ coffee is its priciest ever 00:53:05
Gargantuan black hole baffles scientists 00:44:41
The catch to Darrell Issa's Internet moratorium bill! 00:31:09
CIA Quietly Closes Global Warming Unit 12:02:10
Kill the dollar bill, for coins instead 00:00:36