Posted on November 4, 2012

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Media, White House owes preppers & survivalists a massive apology in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy 17:09:27
"The Little Government That Could" A Must-see 6 Min. Video Told So That Even A 6 Yr. -Old Gets It! 14:39:01
Never Say Never: Gary Johnson, Humble Libertarian: Exclusive Interview 10:44:23
NY and NJ are at the Breaking Point, Open thread on Sandy aftermath and what happens next 00:58:18
Ben Swann Reality Check - Friday's 1/2 Hour Election Special 18:36:57
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Want it raw from the ground in NJ? Here it is unfiltered 23:16:05
An Appeal to my Brother (And Debunking Beck) A Glenn Beck Follower 22:36:44
'Write In Ron Paul R3VOLution' Strategy By Jim Condit on Radio Tonight 10pm-12am EST 22:27:05
Gary Johnson and libertarian Republicans 22:23:59
My Son's Ron Paul Poster for the Presidential Election 22:18:04
Gary Johnson and libertarian Republicans 22:07:40
Election Day - A Post I Made to Some Friends 22:02:34
Watch the Ron Paul Blimp shoot down Drones! 21:49:57
Gj 2012 21:30:28
Write-in for Dr. Ron Paul Would Matter If America Had A Free MSM - It Does Not. 21:26:12
Ron Paul ENDORSED Andy Sanborn (jt chair of Ron's NH campaign) predicted to lose by handful of votes unless NH folks help @ poll 20:54:13
The World Calls the FED's Bluff: Give Us Our GOLD Back! 20:41:15
Feds Insist "Cash Is Best!" After Demonizing Cash For Years As Criminally Suspicious Terrorist Behavior 20:32:26
What's Next! What's Next! Drinkin with Bob on New Jersey Gas Shortage 20:26:58
NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama 20:26:12
Ron Paul is NOT a "Racist": Black Father of Bi-Racial Child Endorses Dr. Paul 20:10:20
Ron Paul write-in vote alive and well 20:09:56
Judge Jim Gray Interview 20:04:41
Gary Johnson on TRMDTV 20:00:51
Why it is strategically correct to cast a write-in vote for Ron Paul 19:43:06
Who Is Gary Johnson? The Good And The Bad 19:20:17
Article: Ron Paul write-in vote alive and well 19:10:59
Dont let a little storm starve you and your family 19:08:03
What if Mitt Romney was a fat man? 19:06:15
Gettin' Down On The Mountain 18:30:43
Election Rigging as Proven by Statistical Analysis: A Summary of Key Articles 18:07:28
Obama 65.5% Romney 34.7% 17:54:12
Second Third Party Debate Moderated By Ralph Nader (Stream Link) Live Now 17:51:10
"He's a Constitutionalist" Update From Bear and Marcela 17:39:11
How To Pretend You Give a Shit About The Election 17:38:57
The Most Lied About Election in American History 17:36:46
Anyone Have any Experiences w/ Solar Generators ? 17:23:55
California Is Ours For The Taking! Write-in Ron Paul 16:52:54
Paul Krugman: "You're stupid if you think this election is close." 16:47:10
Great Ron Paul Write-In Article! Spread it Around! 16:36:01
Think you are innocent until proven guilty? Wake up, before you wake up like this. 16:20:27
Get Your FREE Do-It-Yourself, Downloadable WriteInRevolution Car Signs 16:01:24
$12 Shirts 100% Made In U.S.A. 15:54:36
Is the US national debt interest rate fixed or variable? 15:43:50
Gary Johnson's speech at the University of Cincinnati 15:43:26
Gary Johnson vs Obama / Romney - Butler on Business - WAFS Biz1190 Atlanta GA 15:40:30
Keith Larson vs Guy Trying to Justify Not Voting for Gary Johnson 15:38:26
NUVO Interviews Gary Johnson 15:34:15
Gary Johnson's Presidential Run Could Make History 15:31:28
Gary Johnson's interview on KZRR 94Rock 15:27:20
Suffolk News Herald: Don’t waste your vote on Robamney 15:20:16
Interview (Video): Christina Tobin of Free and Equal Elections Foundation 15:05:04 Gary Johnson's Closing Statement In Ohio 14:54:32
Ice Cube- Everything's Corrupt 14:31:21
Bloomberg Wouldn't Let Guard Into Brooklyn Over Their Possession of Guns 14:23:48
Dr. Paul vs. Obama and Romney 14:09:33
Nader Moderating Third Party Debate Tonight at 7:30pm 13:58:23
Love and Politics: Why I Am Writing in Ron Paul on Election Day 13:24:44
The People Have Spoken, And They Want Ron Paul! 13:09:24
The Boll Weevil Monument 12:57:42
I oppose government mandated GMO labelling as it is not a libertarian or fiscally conservative position 12:47:18
Mitt Romney... Really? 12:44:03
Are you ready? 12:38:25
Soros think tank debt solution: Cut military benefits and pay 12:17:03
Democratic Process - libertarians have won almost every election! 12:05:51
Peace Officer Vs. Police Officer 11:34:30
I watched Obama 2016 11:28:41
Libertarian Network 10:14:34
Virginia Police Hold Training Seminar About Sovereign Citizens 10:04:08
Netanyahu: Attack on Iran 'Good' for Arabs 09:43:08
Webster Tarpley on Romney's Mormonism 09:39:22
Dennis Kucinich on the institutionalization of targeted killing by unmanned drones 09:36:56
Do the Amish have it right? 09:08:45
We're Gonna Die... We're Gonna FREEZE 07:59:05
Children of the Drone Strikes 07:15:25
Allocating Resources: 500 Gallons of Fuel in a Pickup Truck 07:13:54
The Free Market: Fallacies and Facts by Tom Woods 07:05:28
John Lydon Question Time on legalizing Drugs 06:23:15
Judge Napolitano: More Than 100 Complaints of Price Gouging in New Jersey 11/1/12 05:58:54
SANDY: Where are the FEMA Camps when you need them? 05:56:02
Judge Napolitano: "Free Market Can Allocate Resources Better Than Govt" 05:54:26
D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N 04:13:52
Saturday Night Shocker: Behind The Spin the Romney Camp Admits They’re Losing 04:05:43
Gary Johnson debates Obama and Romney 03:11:51
Californians - How to Make Your Vote Count 02:52:45
Michael Tomasky on the Coming Post-Election GOP Freak Out 02:39:58
Gary Johnson 02:34:44
The Ugly Truth About the Libertarian Party 01:42:43
American Myths 01:30:29
Government's New War: The War on Toys 00:41:23
The Epitome of Cognitive Dissonance 00:30:59
I never saw this romney video 00:17:01
Wishbones 00:09:48
Ron Paul , George Carlin, Bill Hicks speak the truth 00:05:08
If The First Link Makes You Want To Puke, Follow The Second Link And Make Sure Romney Loses 00:02:57
Captain and top officers of US Navy Frigate Releaved of Command. More signs of Mutiny? 00:01:47