Posted on November 8, 2012

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My Son the Communist 23:35:55
Who Killed Rudy Giuliani? 19:45:40
Bob Dylan Prediction On Home Gardens Comes True 19:37:04
Post Election Tips: From an Iowa Liberty Candidates perspective. 17:48:27
Drudge top right column: Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. 'far gone' 14:10:13
Ron Paul: We're Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff - Bloomberg - Nov. 8, 2012 23:49:30
The Ron Paul Effect: How the GOP Threw the Election By Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters 12:45:57
Article: Ron Paul Almost Took Over The Republican Party 10:47:03
Alex Castellanos on Anderson Cooper 360: "Ron Paul youth the future of the GOP." 05:40:55
Use the free market to fight against GMO products! (Updated) 03:44:28
Help me caption this RNC 2012 photo 06:00:22
Michael Scheuer- No matter who wins, the next president will — without question– be an interventionist war president 00:20:09
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My 2012 Post-Election Open Letter To Supporters of Liberty 23:57:34
Ben Swann explains who funded SOPA and PIPA internet piracy bills 23:44:59
Giuliani saying that State Department is covering up facts on terrorist attack... 23:19:10
45 Companies 48 Hours After 'Election' Have Announced Layoffs 23:06:34
How Karl Rove blew 300 million bucks 23:01:37
Voter turnout in 2012 US presidential elections 9% lower than 2008 22:58:16
Well, well, well - Look who ELSE voted for the Iraq War: Paul Ryan 22:49:08
Sandy & 9/11 first responder changes his vote after the Third Party Debates 22:40:26
Help! I'm debating a communist friend on property rights 22:37:54
Predictions For The Next 4 Years 22:28:31
Jesse Ventura (possible presidential candidate in 2016) on Piers Morgan tomorrow night. 22:21:26
Time for levity - Election is over 22:20:48
The DOW Cliff Since Obama Was Appointed Again For Another 4 Years! 22:16:40
WikiLeaks Question 22:02:32
Electability - Romney Crowds Vs Ron Paul Crowds 21:59:56
Ron Paul on Fox News: We're Seeing A Shift From A Financial Crisis To A Currency Crisis 21:47:08
We do not need to restore the Constitution 21:41:38
Why Is The S.E.C. Concealing Massive Citigroup Fraud? 21:41:26
Start Screaming Now! 21:41:15
REPORT: Five Senior Goldman Sachs Execs Gave $130K To 'Obama Victory Fund' WHILE Eric Holder Was Deciding Whether To File Crimin 21:34:44
OUTrageous- John Boehner says Obamacare LAW of land won't try to stop it 21:21:35
Why Hispanics in large numbers will never vote Republican, and it's not the immigration issue - They are BIG government 21:14:59
Peter Schiff's EuroPac Bank Unveils Silver Backed Debit Card 21:14:20
Germans Want to see their FREEKIN' Gold 21:14:09
Dr. Paul is Right..We Have Already Gone Off The Cliff! 21:06:30
UN aims to override sovereign nations and their citizens rights to own firearms. 20:45:02
are passwords being hacked everywhere? 20:44:29
Stop Rubio Now! 20:43:49
Have you joined your local GOP yet? 20:38:23
Slave Masters from Tax Farms around the globe congratulate Obama on his re-election 20:24:41
Rand-bo! 2016 20:23:10
How serious is the secessionist faction within the Liberty Movement? 20:16:18
I keep hearing the MSM pounding the fiscal cliff narrative. I thought the bailouts made it all better. 20:07:42
Did TPTB back Romney intentionally for him to lose? 20:06:48
Did anyone else get a solicitation call from C4L today? Whose idea was THAT? 20:02:21
Diversity, Ignorance, and Stupidity 19:57:30
Eric Holder Considers Resigning 19:54:29
Paul/Paul 2016! 19:50:02
Jeb Bush 2016? 19:41:41
Ron Paul: "All we are going to argue about is who will get the loot." 19:29:15
Marco Rubio is not a friend to liberty 19:15:31
Creating an Intellectual Straight Jacket - How to Get Neocons and Liberals to Wise Up 19:14:30
Iranian Jets Fired on US Drones 19:01:39
Ron Paul Elected Ruler Of Planet Inhabited By 1 Billion Tiny Ron Pauls 18:53:30
NYT: Jerry Sandusky Punished Less Than Drug Offenders 18:47:49
My Response to Blame from the PUBS 18:46:08
Glenn Beck admits GOP Establishment is OVER, but can't figure out the youth vote? Riiiight! 18:44:37
Big Victories Under the Radar Tuesday Night ( 18:42:15
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano telling it like it is! 18:38:03
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AP: Ahmadinejad Ridicules Expense of US Vote 18:15:50
Ideas to reduce the debt despite the existence of the Fed 17:48:34
Poll: When will Obama Bomb Iran? 17:47:54
Obama's path to to victory went straight through the Republican primaries 17:25:30
Romney put up a Transition Website haha 17:14:21
Pity Party for Rove and Adelson: All that money, and they still could not buy a presidency... 16:50:17
According to 16:43:49
Buying Votes Would End The Recession Overnight 16:36:29
Liberals Against Liberty 16:35:03
Lockheed to lay off 100,000 People 16:28:01
Rachel Maddow on GOP and tuesday's results. 16:25:05
Is our "democracy" flushing itself down the toilet? 16:23:15
How to win hearts and minds by doing something simple 16:01:32
Ron Paul: College students understand my message 15:44:32
L vs. R takeover 15:41:12
Thank you to Everyone here who helped me. 15:34:09
Impact of third-party candidates on election Fox & Friends 15:30:46
Ron Paul on Bloomberg News Nov 8 2012 15:21:38
On the Obama/Biden Indictment by a Citizens' Jury in Florida 15:13:28
Why isn't defaulting on the debt part of the debate? Can we shift the parameters debate so it is? 15:10:49
Get Your Children a New Government for Christmas :) 15:09:58
Dissolve the NeoCons (through attrition) 14:59:26
Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney 14:57:23
Here comes the AFTERMATH with Carlos Beltran 14:44:47
MEMO to Republican voters 14:44:13
Rand Paul's "best" explanation why he endorsed Romney: "Romney is not the Real Deal." (Video from Campaign Trail) 14:43:53
Obamacare: Private Sector Jobs Lost to IRS Worker Drones 14:43:13
USA Today: College students understand my message 14:42:08
video: Piedmont Mom Gets $2,500 Ticket After Son, 3, Urinates In Front Yard 14:41:11
Why “Moderates” Have Always been Unelectable 14:39:34
Did Monsanto Trick California Voters? 14:32:37
Oregon Write-in votes 14:31:57
Would you do it all again? 14:27:20
Rush Limbaugh: "Obama Is a Better President Than Ron Paul Would Be" 14:27:06
Ron Paul: We're Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff Bloomberg TV 14:26:51
Libertarian Party buoyant; Greens hopeful 14:20:18
2012 US Elections – The People Have Spoken: No Confidence 14:12:56
Prop 37, GMO and Monsanto: The Devil You Know 14:09:52
Rush Limbaugh mentioned Ron Paul voters as possible reason for Romney loss 14:05:48
I Love This Video! 14:04:02
WriteInRevolution Launches non-Partisan Scientific Study to Prove Vote Rigging in the 2012 Primary 13:48:24
Just Look At Who's Running Now! 13:46:49
GOP Asks: What Went Wrong? 13:42:43
I Will Not Stop Never Shall I Stop Rp 2016 13:39:56
If the President can... 13:28:17
Rush just said on the radio 13:19:31
We need to phone bomb all the "conservative" radio shows in the coming weeks (Hear me out) 13:19:05
Congratulations Arizona Libertarians and activists! 13:18:17
The Election Result As I see It 13:12:36
Video Highlights from Music City Liberty Fest 13:07:03
BLOWBACK'S A B!TCH - A message from a Republican to Ron Paul/Gary Johnson voters 13:02:27
A Trip to the Grocery in the Near Future 12:44:21
Gasoline Prices after the Election... Up! 12:43:04
The Ron Paul Effect 12:25:14
Chuck Baldwin - No Change 12:24:28
Amerika 2012 Presidential Election: The movie 12:20:29
Note to GOP: Ron Paul would have won 12:13:03
Tom Mullen - Election 2012: Was Obama the lesser of two evils? 12:03:43
Ron Paul (Not Jesse Benton) Is Ultimately Responsible for His Own Campaign...! 12:03:10
How the GOP threw the Election by Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters 11:58:41
2016 11:58:19
Washington Legalization Law Analysis: OK to use; Can't Grow :( 11:50:09
Great Article to "Snail-Mail" to the GOP and its cronies 11:48:06
Fox News panel: GOP can't win 2012 w/o Ron Paul support 11:47:04
Will Rand Be Able To Energize Ron Paul's Youth... 11:39:54
RT peek: Exclusive Interview with Syrian President Assad (Full Interview coming) 11:25:18
Will we ever have another Republican president? 11:19:46
James Turk on the Overestimated Gold Stock 11:06:16
14 Million Opportunities! 10:48:09
The Hangover: The GOP Scrambles to Explain Loss 10:46:36
Did George Soros count the votes in Spain? 10:44:07
What Obama's Re-Election Means for Internet Freedom 10:44:05
Get ready for real trouble. Article by Andrew Napolitano. 10:37:26
Bob Woodward says Federal Reserve secrecy is something we should be most concerned about 09:56:01
Judge Andrew Napolitano - Addicted to Debt 09:31:50
Why Is Everyone So Happy? 09:22:02
Powerful “Special Interest Groups” Won Again 09:12:33
Gordon Duff / Veterans Today admits giving 30 40% "false information." 09:08:16
Hillary Clinton likely to resign 08:48:02
A Fishy Solution To The GMO Problem - Aquaponics! 08:46:25
Do we have any DP'rs in or around Staten Island? I need some relief help for our furry friends. 08:42:26
Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP 08:34:22
"Watch for Market Dislocations" - Karl Denninger 08:23:07
Obama supporters have got it exactly right. (On Monetary policy.) 08:04:47
Blue Republican (Robin Koerner) Interviews GaryJohnson 07:55:55
Gary Johnson's Election Night Speech 07:53:06
Can this be true? Military votes not counted. 07:47:40
Anti-Ron Dick Morris: The GOP Needs to Appeal to the Youth! 07:46:29
Fox News: Dick Morris Is Absolutely Stupid 07:43:19
Libertarian candidate Gets 1% of votes (CNN) 07:35:24
Is the Dollar Too Fragile? 06:19:51
UK/Germany pressure G20 for crackdown on Corporate Tax evasion - long overdue 06:15:05
John Cusack talks about NDAA, War, Osama, and the election on Howard Stern 08:24:45
Rand Paul is a losing ticket. 05:00:37
Mr. Burns supported Mitt Romney! 12:52:58
How Much Will LEGAL Marijuana Cost? "This Law Really Did NOT Legalize Marijuana" 04:21:53
Election Day Highlights of a First Time Voter 04:01:54
NOW is our biggest chance to Reform the GOP! 03:56:36
Run, Rand, Run! (2016!) 03:36:45
Video: Ron Paul lecture, "War, Politics, and the Future of Peace", 10/27/12 03:14:20
I cannot think of a more appropriate moment in time than for Tucker to show up with prostitutes 03:13:46
Ron Paul Supporters Burn GOP 03:08:54
Daily Paul is alive and stronger than ever before 2016 - Daily Paul & Ron Paul Movement theme Song __- DMB 02:51:30
Rick Perry Conspiracy Theory 02:24:07
We actually have a chance to win this now 01:58:18
Equal and Fair 01:54:30
Which Party is Closer to Libertarianism? 01:46:20
An Attempt at an Unbiased & Libertarian Stance on Abortion 01:44:06
Election 2012: R.I.P. G.O.P. 01:16:03
The Hangover: GOP Scrambles to Explain the Loss 01:11:49
In a Nation of Children, Santa Claus Wins (Video) 01:04:28
Tom Woods latest talk on "Liberty" in Chicago 00:52:09
Lots of people here are talking about 2016... 00:45:17
The Post-Apocalypse Survival Machine Nerd Farm 00:42:52
2016- This will be the Republican Ticket in 2016 00:37:39
Video PROOF! The Nation Is Run By Alien Reptoids! 00:36:57
Discuss: How to get a 3rd party elected in 2016 00:35:14
Blast it or paint it: Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013 00:33:39
Please help 00:33:17
Will there be Civil War in the GOP? 00:28:53
A quote I'm looking for... 00:25:33
Stop chat popup 00:14:43
Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit, HSBC Says 00:08:35
Abby Martin Names Chris Matthews Villian Of The Day For His Rant About Third Party Voters 00:03:44
Donald Trump to Karl Rove & GOP Leadership: "What a waste of money!" 00:03:08
Half The People On My Ballot Ran Unopposed. I'm Ashamed. 00:01:59