Posted on November 9, 2012

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TYT Mocks Dick Morris's "Landslide" Election Prediction 21:34:27
David Frum: GOP Has "Been Fleeced, Exploited, And Lied To By A Conservative Entertainment Complex" 22:55:56
Ron Paul's Message to the GOP: Join the Liberty Movement! (via Facebook) 19:45:43
Charlie "The Chump" Webster, Maine GOP Chair, Won't Seek Another Term 17:48:56
Ron Paul Won't Go Quietly 16:35:17
CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Over Extramarital Affair 15:55:40
Video Update: Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show - 11-09-12 17:51:16
Feds are determined NOT to let marijuana legalization fly 12:45:17
"I do not have much confidence in the political system and never did." - Ron Paul 11:18:41
Bloomberg bans food donations to homeless shelters 10:56:32
Major plunge in turnout nationally. Less people voted than in 2004 or 2008. 10:33:25
Romney and Ryan Can't Believe Their Loss: CBS Article 09:41:24
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Iran Shoots At A U.S. Drone 23:18:09
CIA Agent Bob Baer Insist More To General Petraeus Resigning "This Isn't How This Is Handled" 23:06:39
Which Party will run a Liberty Candidate in the next Presidential Election? 22:17:34
Warning to anyone outside of California… 21:51:37
Jobs in the Liberty Movement 21:39:32
LoL! Where was the Tea Party(Right) outrage WHILE Romney was the nominee? 21:27:58 has started. A flood of Layoffs due to the Obama Election. This is just the start! 21:19:53
Any of you that still have questions about 9/11, watch this and tell me what I'm missing. 21:14:13
CrossTalk: GOP Funeral? 21:01:49
Behold a Pale Horse, My Review and a Must See Film 20:59:54
Rediscovering Liberty is Coming to America 20:57:53
Video: Paula Broadwell Interview on the Daily Show 20:57:08
Speaker John Boehner Who Sold Us Out to Obama Needs to Go 20:55:25
Staten Island May Welcome Displaced Sandy Victims To Prison 20:36:36
Video: Gen. Petraeus and his affair with Paula Broadwell 20:16:40
GENIUS! Occupy declares a "Rolling Jubilee" - starts November 15 19:52:21
Great Market Crash by 2015, Says Harry Dent (Educates Clueless Keynesian) 19:46:16
Judge Napolitano on Fox News about Entitlement Explosion 19:43:25
Disabled woman raped on Los Angeles city bus 19:11:25
Petraeus Should Get a Bad Conduct Discharge! 19:07:46
Internet + New Hampshire = a totally awesome Free State Project 19:04:56
The Folly of a GOP Embrace of Amnesty 19:01:53
Idea For an Amendment to the US Constitution 19:00:11
I hope we can find Unity some day to defeat the evil machine that suffocates the flame of Liberty 18:40:05
Walter Block: In Defense of the LP 18:23:10
Fox News...Where were the Ron Paul Voters? 18:13:44
Seeking Your Advice On Becoming A Prepper 18:12:14
People Are Walking Around Stunned With Obama's Re-election 17:48:10
Boehner mocks the Tea Party 17:44:49
Hours After Election - Obama Green Lights U.N. Gun Grab 17:42:12
Finally! MSM talks about "The Missing Ron Paul Supporters" 17:29:51
Its not over! Help spread the word! 17:20:57
Ron Paul Could Be The LARGEST Radio Talk Show Host 17:05:37
Send Social Cons and Neo Cons to Third Party 16:54:38
Iran issues a warning for America after attacking spy drone 16:16:14
New York Fema Closed Due To Weather Lmao 16:12:29
"Pedophilia" on track to become "Minor Attracted" and protected as "sexual orientation" 16:07:49
What a real government disaster shelter looks like 16:06:16
Elementary School Principal uses Martial Arts to Punish Children (video) 16:01:03
Obama care to be paid by the same dolts who voted for it. 15:59:44
German High Command warns UK not to leave EU ;) 15:54:45
The Truth About Modern Medications - A must read if you take any Rx drugs. 15:43:15
There is nothing wrong with Communism... 15:29:13
McConnell's toast! Ashley Judd for U.S. Senate? 15:29:12
Since Roosevelt, No GOP Presidential Campaign Has Won Vote Without a Bush or Nixon on Ticket: Jeb Bush 2016? Ugh! 15:24:44
The Tea Party Is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party. 15:23:35
Ten Easy Steps & GOP Soap Opera 15:23:29
Poor Reince...RNC chairman mulls second term as party begins major review 15:23:07
How to teach someone who doesn't want to be taught *UPDATED* 15:00:02
Feds move to seize OR medical marijuana properties 14:47:44
Season Of Treason - Where Did Our Rights Go? 14:37:24
The Fiscal Cliff - an attempt to make the masses see sense 14:36:38
7 Navy SEALS, including one involved in the killing of Osama bin Laden, punished for divulging secrets (Video) 14:30:56
With the election over, Obama ready to restart UN gun control treaty negotiations 14:23:34
Clinton to Step Down Probably 'Days' After Inauguration 14:15:57
How do We Create an Honest Playing Field for 2016? 14:10:27
Compare silver prices... 14:06:23
Simple idea to promote awareness 14:01:39
College Libertarian Money Bomb! 13:59:24
New DARPA Smart Drones Use “Brains” To Dodge Obstacles (Video) 13:58:59
How To Win Elections: Make Zombies 13:57:07
Ron Paul Says Show This FEMA Sign To Everyone! 13:56:33
. 13:54:25
Voter fraud against Prop 37? (GMO labelling) 13:53:02
FEMA centers in New York City ‘closed due to weather’ 13:31:19
. 13:30:16
How did the GOP cheat Ron Paul? 13:26:42
Republican civil war and the road ahead 13:21:39
Ron Paul is coming up on Alex Jones' show shortly (link) 13:14:40
The Neo-Reagan Era is Dead! 12:49:58
Senate 2014 - SCGOP reaching out to Liberty Faction - Need DP Participation 12:33:25
Herman Cain wants to form third Party, sanz Ron Paul supporters 12:31:27
'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas 12:21:53
How Many Write-In Votes Did Ron Get? 12:17:57
Gasoline has never been this cheap 12:01:07
Inside a Gov't disaster shelter: "You could see your breath" 11:48:31
When Should You Shoot a Cop? 11:43:23
Did Prop 37 really lose or was it vote fraud? 11:36:41
Fiat Money Disaster 11:35:37
A Gallon of Organic Milk is now $6 a gallon. 11:20:37
How Would Anyone Make Money In This ? Just Have A Look At How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is In Fact ... Crashing. 11:11:18
It Won't Long Now...Can You Hear The Plea?" We Want Jeb! 11:04:30
If Iran Was Doing To The U.S. What Our Government Is Doing To Them, How Would You Feel? (RT Video) 11:04:02
Can you spare 30 minutes to mourn what we have lost? Inauguration day protest idea. 10:58:25
The people's bailout! 10:56:52
Cheer Up, GOP: You’re going to have a "moderate" Republican president for the next 4-years 10:28:35
Corruption Scandals Don't Stop U.S. Reps from Winning Reelection 10:19:29
J.C. Penney in the early stages of a multi year turnaround, reported a 26 percent decline 10:15:21
Now Is Our Time. Become The Republican Party! 09:57:31
"Chas" W Freeman Jr for Secretary of State! Let the professional diplomacy take over our foreign policy! 09:54:45
A trip to the grocery store in the near future 09:54:41
Will Nuclear Waste Be Running Through YOUR State Later This Year? 09:36:27
Need a political cartoon artist 09:32:06
Jon Stewart's Post-Election Show Wrap Up 09:24:21
It’s the Interest, Stupid! Why Bankers Rule the World 09:01:30
Maybe the thing to do starting right now is... 08:34:05
Sept 11th 08:21:07
Romney Grew A Mustache (song) 08:15:35
Atlas Is Forced To Shrug - No Choice Left 08:10:17
Love Poem from the Powers That Be 07:11:26
'I Don't Care Anymore' Phil Collins Video - Liberty Anthem? 06:34:50
Obamanation - By Jon Mcnaughton 06:08:29
Best Ways To Screw Up The Liberty Movement - Your Input Requested 05:52:36
Wake Up America - By Jon McNaughton 05:33:01
You guys know what to do with this! 10:30:54
Press monopoly - What to do? 03:56:17
Ron Paul 2016: Why I Refuse To Vote Anymore 03:45:42
Is it worth being a Republican anymore? 03:40:55
Off Topic: What Are We? Appreciate Your Thoughts 03:11:37
Current healthcare crisis is the fault of the Baby Boomer generation... 03:09:35
Report on Future Global Economy put out in Dubai - 2010 03:05:35
Dubai - No Taxes 02:37:25
Ron Paul: We're Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff 02:20:46
Peter Schiff: Fiscal Cliff Isn't The Problem, Debt Is - CNBC 11/07/2012 02:11:33
The Key To A GOP Victory In 2016 01:30:40
U.N. Celebrates Obama Re-election by Pushing Global Gun Control 01:22:50
Ron Paul did win on November 6th 01:14:02
My New Romney Sticker 01:10:20
The Answer to 1984 is 1776 01:06:44
North Dakota now the first nation to Protect the Right To Farm! 00:47:24
California Proposition 37 hasn't lost yet: MASSIVE vote fraud reported 00:41:17
Kenyan Mom Names Twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney 00:40:09
YAL debate reveals Stalin Apologist teaches at Montclair State University 00:39:35
WikiLeaks Says EPA Is A Buzz Kill For Bee Colonies 00:37:48
Romney's Loss: The Ron Paul Factor 00:30:34
Parody of the stripe shirted woman 00:23:38
Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks; Invests Over $130 Million In Gold 00:18:54
Ron Paul Slams The '47 Percent': 'The Majority Are Receiving A Check' 00:10:31
Ron Paul Quotes to Remember and Keep Sharing 00:04:14
Larry Kudlow Exposed as Anti-States Rights Authoritarian Prohibitionist 00:02:50