Posted on December 4, 2012

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Politico: Dick Armey, FreedomWorks president clashed over book deal 22:58:21
The Jesse Benton Approach to Ugly Politics 22:27:12
Facebook accused of massive 'data grab'.. 22:34:11
Why Does Changing The Party In Power Never Change Policy? 15:29:09
Ron Paul On NPR Radio's 'Talk of the Nation' 23:00:05
Tom Mullen: Juries Can Nullify Obamacare And The Drug War 14:54:19
TSA Seeks Permission to Conduct “Security Assessments” on Highways 12:42:47
Boehner Backlash Begins 11:24:18
Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages 04:01:36
Remember Ron Paul 03:13:18
Movie Studios Ask Google to Censor Their Own Films, Facebook and Wikipedia 03:33:26
McCain Sides With Democrats, Says Rand Paul Is Bolstering Case For Filibuster Reform By Blocking The NDAA 01:18:36
Does This Look Like a Party Serious About Spending Cuts? 03:27:06
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Dairy Queen Launches Filibuster Parfait in Senate Food Court 23:55:51
Turkish delight - trading gold for gas 23:46:37
"Bob Costas: Give Your Guns to Gov't, So Gov't Can Do the Killing" VIDEO 23:33:34
"Get The Hell Out Of My Way!" What Does It Mean To You? 23:26:53
Michigan needs your help 23:05:02
Judge Napolitano: Three Years to Foreclose in New York 22:59:12
Seeking Talented Video Maker For a Bring the Troops Home T.V Ad via Youtube Video 22:33:39
Motorists File Class-Action Lawsuit Against NYC Over Red-Light Cameras 22:23:49
Letter from Freedomworks 22:22:40
NSA whistleblower:'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance'(Video) 22:02:18
U.S. revoked Anwar Al-Awlaki's passport six months before death 21:28:31
A Quote From Fahrenheit 451 21:25:23
Rev Pac's plan to draft Andrew Napolitano for POTUS in 2016! Hell yes! 21:24:35
. 21:22:56
The time has come to rise up... 21:00:42
Fleeced by Revolution PAC? 20:43:57
Will Flu Shots Be Mandatory (Forced) Under Obamacare? 20:37:07
Liberal People's Party = Norway Libertarians 20:29:16
PETA takes on a biker rally. (Put beer down before reading, you don't want beer through the nose.) 20:26:47
Rand Paul: 'If We're Not the Party of Limited Government and Lower Taxes, What Are We Doing?' 20:26:32
Fiscal Cliff Notes by Thomas Sowell 20:08:52
Fossil raindrops probe ancient atmosphere 20:01:45
Iran : The first video of the captured American ScanEagle Drone 19:59:31
Update: Early Version of NDAA 2013 Passed Senate 98-0 19:44:47
Arizona Medical Marijuana Law Is Constitutional, County Judge Finds; Dispensaries On Way 19:42:48
Medical Marijuana Law Upheld in Arizona 19:40:55
Greens and Libertarians: Yin and Yang - Sullivan 1992 19:39:39
Israel Seizes $120m in Palestinian Tax Revenue Over UN Vote 19:39:21
Public Outraged As Chase Ends With Police Firing Over 130 Shots Into Car, Find No Weapons, Kill 2 Men 19:37:06
Egypt’s Morsi Flees as Protesters Storm Presidential Palace 19:31:41
Harry Reid blames tea party for lack of fiscal cliff deal 19:29:15
Obama still demanding GOP submit on higher tax rates 19:22:21
Ben Swann 2016 19:17:41
Rand Paul Speaks Against Pre-Emptive War 19:02:16
Nothing Will Change Until the Collapse 19:01:49
Guns, I Will Keep, The Police Can Keep the Flu Shot and Shove it! 18:59:10
Campaign4Liberty: GOP Leadership Betrays Grassroots with Power Grab 18:58:45
NRA is the KKK? Jason Whitlock, Meet the All Black Gun Clubs w/ NRA Charters. 18:53:42
Rep. Justin Amash calls removal from budget committee a 'slap in the face' 18:50:36
n 18:49:26
Ben Swann - On The Jerry Doyle Show Today 4:30 pm Pacific - John Boehner Is At It Again 18:43:00
Get your bucket ready...Obama unveils Bush portrait in WH. All available neocons attended. 18:42:40
Welcome to San Burning Down ... or "Lock Your Doors and Load Your Guns" 18:29:34
Judge Nap Supports Regime Change? 18:19:40
Russell Means (1939 - 2012) Lakotah Sioux: Let me send you to a higher spirit. 18:16:59
... 17:52:12
Revolution Pac to form a committee to draft Judge Napolitano for 2016 17:44:20
Canadian MP's Speech on Economic Freedom could well have been said by Ron Paul 17:36:19
Sears Steals American Inventor Wrench Idea 17:32:20
When Do You Have To Have Real Estate Property Valuation? 17:25:41
Rand Paul favorably quoted in FoxSports commentary on Gun Control 17:23:53
Death: 608 Directly Due To Football – 1931-2011 17:23:24
Royal Family Releases Kate Middleton Ultrasound Image 17:00:48
Judge Nap 2016? featured in Forbes Op/Ed 16:59:18
Freedomworks & Young Americans For Liberty Activists March On John Boehner's Office 16:33:26
Hey Costas, it's time to ban subways... 16:16:24
The Christmas Truce 16:04:15
Egypt's Mursi leaves palace as police battle protesters 15:53:00
"Dick Armey Quits Tea Party" (doubt this concerns anyone here, but here it is anyway) 15:47:03
What is your hobby? What do you collect? 15:40:09
♫ My Fave Christian Metal Song - Merry Christmas Everyone! 15:37:04
"Audit the Fed" (S.202) Federal Reserve Transparency Act! Don't let them forget about it! 15:27:17
Senate Democrats defend administration's right to take away guns from veterans 15:26:24
Texas Deputy Police Chief Wants "Permanent" DWI Checkpoints 15:16:40
The Feds Want To Spy On Everything 15:10:56
Human Action PAC and Rand Paul 2016 15:04:12
CNN Anchor Rants About Gun Control 15:03:54
The Truth About Modern Media: "Manufacturing Consent"- Noam Chomsky & Blowback 14:47:38
Ugh! Rock Legend Pete Townshend Is A Warmongering Neocon? 14:40:30
Ron Paul on the 'fiscal cliff' 14:37:39
4 months out from transitioning out of the ARMY. 14:26:42
Iran captures another US drone 14:23:15
What to Do If You're In Court and Find You're About to Go to Jail 14:13:01
US Census Native American Census. "Embargoed info." 1850 - 2012 14:06:53
Jim DeMint slams Boehner's proposal. 14:02:42
Our World is Changing: Looking Beyond 'the 2012' 13:52:07
"Spreading the Wealth Around" 13:44:24
Video: Why Alex Jones is very good and sometimes worth listening to... 13:12:32
Defend Liberty, Draft Judge Napolitano For President In 2016 13:04:05
A World View Altered by Tesla. Walk with me a while... 20:47:57
Bradley Manning: A Window Into The American Soul by Paul Craig Roberts 14:55:57
TSA Is “Creating And Maintaining A Watch List” of Americans who “Violate” Its Policies 12:38:43
NY is proposing an ID card for all Medicaid patients to reduce fraud 12:34:00
Graham Hancock's "Quest for the Lost Civilization" 12:24:32
PeopleBrowsr Given Temporary Access to Twitter’s Data 12:18:26
Politics sure is boring without Ron Paul 12:17:27
Pete Townshend: "I'm a bit of a neocon." 12:14:59
Macroeconomic Balance Sheet Visualizer (This is can break the bank or do QE) 12:01:28
Sen. Demint disagrees with Boehner's tax hiking fiscal cliff proposal. 11:52:18
What do we learn from this, serfs? Never, ever cooperate no matter how sweet the enticements. 11:37:34
Jordan Page Announces NEW Military Base Tour, Debuts NEW Song for his next album - 'Sedition' & more 11:31:08
Entire Ukranian Government resigns... we should be so lucky. 11:27:59
Christmas:The Greatest Story NEVER Told 11:16:09
Video:NYPD cop secretly records evidence of a ticket and arrest quota system 11:13:57
The Cosmic 432 & The Musical Conspiracy 11:02:35
The Middle East & then the World 10:13:09
Bidding Farewell: Top five Ron Paul moments that changed U.S. politics 09:53:35
Californians Are The New Wetbacks 09:13:29
Fox News asks Petraeus if there's anything he wants the network to do differently 08:59:41
This is why we are WINNING! (And How to Really Shake Up Washington) 06:55:24
Why is the favored term of abuse by Dems for GOP "teabagger" and not "neocon"? 06:44:45
This gives me hope in humanity! 05:51:41
Update: Homeless Man Is Grateful for Officer’s Gift of Boots. But He Again Is Barefoot. 12:29:28
wiki-garbage 05:23:25
Mike Adams On Courage And Integrity: A Message To All Truth-Tellers Who Refuse To Be Silenced By The Status Quo 04:13:05
Need some artwork 04:03:18
My near heart attack "for the greater good" 03:53:17
In the wake of the movie "Lincoln," there are facts not in the movie 03:36:25
Emanuel likens Obama to Lincoln. He may be onto something. (continue to post before down voting) 03:26:15
Prison Officers Made Inmates Rub Hot Sauce On Genitals 03:19:14
Chinese Government to buy 250K acres in Australia 03:01:23
Why is the U.S. Building a 'Secret' Base Under Israel? 02:58:36
Ron Paul Op Ed: Government Spending Will Push Us Over The Fiscal Cliff 02:57:15
Call Boehner's District and complain to his voters 02:36:41
When will you say enough is enough? 02:09:20
'We Will Bury You' - online book 02:08:48
Invisible Wi-Fi signals caught on camera 09:46:20
GOP 'Cliff' Plan: Cut Medicare and Social Security 01:16:51
Sears Steals American Inventor's Idea 01:06:43
Dorian Electra - Austrian Economic music video: "Fast Cash" 01:04:57
Please help me develop my understanding of libertarian thought 16:38:13