Posted on December 11, 2012

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GOP Civil War: Tom Price May Challenge Boehner for Speaker of the House 21:39:46
Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich Team Up To Oppose Drones 21:21:53
U.S. Army Starts Targeting Children 22:26:39
Update: MI 'Voluntary' Union Dues Bill Passes, Signed By Gov., Riots Result, 19:23:11
Fresh Supreme Court Challenge To Obamacare As States Opt OUT 19:18:36
Private Prisons Rake in Billions as US Inmates Spark Low Cost Labor Boom 18:09:39
Is The Federal Reserve Using Money-Laundering Techniques To Cleanse Banks' Balance Sheets? 15:31:52
Expanding Covert Warfare Makes Us Less Safe by Ron Paul 15:25:44
Ron Paul Christmas Ornament at Macy's 15:52:39
Echelon Spy Network Secrets To Be Revealed in Megaupload Copyright Case 14:03:56
Peter Schiff: We Will Never Pay It Back, We Can't Pay It Back, That's Why We Raise The Debt Ceiling! 08:21:50
Justin Amash: Boehner doesn't want to balance budget, just suck up to corporate lobbyists (Geraldo Rivera show 12/10/12) 07:04:21
School vs. Education: If you don't work to build your dreams, you will work to build somebody else's! 13:54:26
Video: Ron Paul, The Pursuit of Liberty 07:07:58
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The GOP Civil War: Have Conservatives Already Won? 23:59:03
The Truth About the Fiscal Cliff 23:31:55
Holder: U.S. should consider automatic voter registration 23:27:02
Scary/Amazing genetic engineering video talk 23:23:57
Danish documentary about 9/11 - They want the truth as much as most of us. 22:56:30
Add me(all of us) on facebook! 22:55:24
Doesn't America Realize How Screwed It Is - And Why Rand Paul is Not the Answer 22:55:20
Mises Daily: "The Santa Claus Principle" 22:52:40
Don't try to take my country you bastards 22:47:57
Rep. Amash Responds to Secret Scorecard Letter 22:46:12
I Can't Believe I Used To Think This Way 22:44:05
Alaska anyone? Tele town hall 12/12 22:42:59
Nigel Farage Debunks The Keynesians : "The Genius of Mutual Indebtedness - It's Genius, Isn't It ?!" (6/13/2012) 22:41:31
Opting Out! What Should I Know? 22:35:15
24 irrefutable facts about 9/11 22:32:39
Wal-Mart Cops raid house - steal belongings. Yes, Wal-Mart cops. 22:26:47
Rodin coil "levitating screw" and underwater speaker. 21:51:12
Bar Owner Tells Pot Smokers To Light Up 21:51:09
Think Before you Donate 21:47:04
Alert! Mat Larson: Florida Senator Wants Nullifiers "Shot" and "Hanged" 21:44:00
Without a single word, this says it all - Merry Christmas! 21:42:39
FreedomWorks Wants to Engage "Ron Paul Millenials" 21:35:19
Buffet Joins Soros in Effort To Raise Taxes on Estates 21:32:27
Video: Time to end software patents 21:28:20
Petition to build a ‘Death Star’ garners 17,000 signatures on White House website 21:22:33
Christian Metal Band Theocracy - The writing in the sand 21:20:27
Image of 'hobbit' human created 21:14:41
How do they know there is global warming? 20:52:38
Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis 20:45:57
Jan. date to rule on BP $4.5B plea deal over spill 20:37:36
Newly discovered dinosaur species named for Obama 20:32:53
HUGE opportunity Monday-Friday 1pm-3pm CST 20:05:10
What line would Rand have to cross to lose your support? 19:54:33
Liberty and Freedom - a conversation with my cousin 19:51:12
Why Can’t People Understand That War Always Destroys Wealth And Liberty? 19:23:20
Carl Levin Recall Effort Makes Final Push 19:19:40
Christian Metal Band Theocracy - Laying The Demon To Rest 18:52:09
Peter Schiff Explains the Questionable Unemployment Figures on his Dec. 7, 2012 Show 18:45:42
Rand Paul: Spending $3 Million To Study Monkeys On Meth Means We Haven't Started Cutting Spending 18:01:03
Finally! Illinois ( URGENT!) 17:57:44
Christian Metal Band Theocracy - 30 Pieces of Silver 17:49:29
Video Of UFO In Istanbul Turkey! 17:30:28
Cool Gadgets for Disaster Preparedness 16:58:59
Michigan Right-to-Work: A Victory for Liberty? 16:28:09
Appeals court overturns Illinois concealed carry law 16:11:53
Homosexuality’s Cause Isn’t Genetics... 16:10:29
Hostess Brands Inc. used employee pensions as it sank toward bankruptcy. 16:02:23
U.S. appeals court strikes down state's concealed-carry ban (Video) 15:31:34
Republicans Who Stand Openly Ready to Raise Taxes 15:30:05
25-GPU cluster cracks every standard Windows password in 6 hours-WOW! 15:24:08
Retired Major General exposes 911 15:05:08
Deactivated My Facebook Account! 14:50:48
Hundreds Of Squid Wash Ashore Along Santa Cruz County Beaches (Video) 14:34:18
Video: 12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King 14:33:32
75 Percent of Obama's Proposed Tax Hikes to Go Toward New Spending 14:27:32
Only 7% of Detroit Public-School 8th Graders Proficient in Reading 14:21:23
Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation by Dr. Ian Stevenson 14:18:53
Why Are Preppers Hated So Much? 14:16:06
How the Government Is Coming After Your IRA and 401(k) Plan 14:09:28
Obama wants black boxes in all new cars 14:05:50
D.M.J. Aurini on the fiscal cliff and America’s depression: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were right 13:58:50
: Michigan House passes bill blocking NDAA detention 13:57:42
Not Just Buses, Stree Lights Are Also Recording Conversations (Video) 13:55:51
State Department Blames Assad for al Qaeda in Syria (Video) 13:49:31
Hedge Funds Are Buying Into This Market While Mom And Pop Are Selling At The Fastest Pace In 19 Months 13:42:52
Poll: Most believe Santa Claus is real, A Domocrat 13:37:34
Stop living in fear and open your mind 13:34:31
Republican Civil War: The GOP Strikes Back 12:55:43
Nikki Haley Press Conference Noon Today EST 12:38:44
Peter Schiff: Bernanke Poses Bigger Threat to Economy than Fiscal Cliff Does 12:30:38
It's a recovery! So why are we renting tents? 12:14:10
Is the nobel peace prize a joke? 12:07:10
Paedophile Power: You Ask How Jimmy Savile Got Away With It….Read This. 11:55:02
Your right to choose: Crowd against anti-union bills chant 'this is our house' 11:14:57
Theory Of Socialism & Capitalism Pt. 2: Property & Aggression 10:24:49
Petition to Bring Our Troops Home in 2013 promoted by Rep. Walter Jones 10:03:00
Is Government Really Necessary? (video) 09:58:56
The Fatal Flaw in the Current GOP 09:40:08
Beyond NAFTA: Shaping the Future of North American Integration 09:27:55
Guns in public parks...gee, they had to check the Constitution! 09:01:27
If we're not occupying, then? 06:11:24
Silver and Gold Prices Have Bottomed 04:59:38
HSBC to pay £1.2bn over Mexico scandal 04:43:18
Perfect storm for 2016 brewing for us? 04:32:16
Unexplained Light Formation Spotted Above San Francisco’s Mission Dist. (Video) 04:15:57
Why I Post "weird Stuff" At The Daily Paul - Second Update 08:24:42
Chris Christie and New Jersey nullify Federal ant-sports betting law 02:19:35
60 Moments That Gave Me The Chills During Seattle's First Day Of Marriage Equality 02:04:35
Tutor Service's 01:50:56
End of the World? Hear the 2012 Prophecy … Direct from the Mouths of the Mayan Priests 01:20:33
"There were giants in the earth in those days;" Genesis 6:4 01:14:41
64% in Gallup National poll say" Feds should respect Washington pot initiative 01:11:21
Running Our Guy For L.A. County Gop Chair - Need Online Support 01:05:26
History Channel American Wiseass. Too funny 00:11:09
Jesse Ventura, Just Another Big Government Socialist 00:09:59
Retired NYC Detective says you should film cops 00:05:57
Hey did y'all realize that a "Liberty Lover" is running for Texas House Speaker? 00:01:14
Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy (Video) 12:36:34
Politico: GOP Civil War on Defense Spending 23:19:13