Posted on December 12, 2012

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CIA training internet trolls. 18:39:25
Justin Amash to Boehner: You Are Not Doing a Good Job, and Are Not Welcome in My State 19:13:32
Ben Bernanke just took QE Infinity to a new level of stupid 14:19:12
NY Times: HSBC $2 B Settlement. Too Big to Indict December, 2012. 17:07:11
United Nations tells Israel to let in nuclear inspectors 12:27:07
Ben Swann's 'Full Disclosure': Nullification 11:31:08
Stewart Rhodes, Video: Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Without Trial Is TREASON 17:53:53
GOP Civil War? Ousted Conservatives Not Going Quietly 16:42:41
Why I'm still excited & what we can do. 12:00:30
"Ten things Christians and Atheists can and must agree on." An article that would serve this community well 14:48:16
Letter from Boehner to Rep. Justin Amash 10:09:09
The GOP Civil War Begins! Are We Ready?! 07:06:06
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The Norwegian Royal Guard Regiment: AWESOME! (Video) 23:53:41
Justin Amash to Boener: "You are not Doing a Good Job" 23:46:49
Plano Police Officer Wraps $100 Bill In Traffic Ticket: “You get paid, pay your bills, and there’s your money. It’s gone.”-Video 23:41:39
We need to do something 23:38:06
Resignations, Arrests, and oh dear, too sick to be seen in public 23:30:17
Yale Legal Scholar and Oathkeeper: NDAA is "Declaration of War" on American People 23:23:23
Dear Friends - Liberty Candidates Award 23:08:35
TSA's Grip (Sovietizing) on Internal Travel Is Tightening 23:03:26
Can beer fight against cold-causing virus? 22:54:30
Baltic Dry Index Plunges 8% overnight, Most since 2008 22:53:49
Goodbye Cruel World. 22:51:53
PhD exposes 30 years of vaccine cover up. 22:35:45
There's a void in my life 22:33:53
Footage of missle hitting Pentagon ? 22:14:47
What is this thing on Mars? 22:00:54
Silver Circle Film Holiday Package 21:42:14
Acadians the original Libertarians? 21:25:44
Taliban Soldier Explains Why the USA will Lose the Afghan War 21:01:15
Compounding Debt and Usury (great read, good video) 20:46:22
Warnings About the Invisible Government Running the U.S. 20:37:32
Socialist Party: Federal Reserve was established as a socialist program. U.S. is socialist society 20:23:41
Pentagon approves deal to supply 6,900 precision bomb kits to Israel 20:17:51
Why Louis Freeh Should Be Investigated For 9/11. 20:06:28
Kevin Sorbo talks about ending the printing press and learning about Agorism! 19:58:56
When 911-Truth becomes 911-Fact (what is the hoped-for outcome) 19:37:56
What do you do? 19:29:59
Video: Woman Brutally Tased By Police For Trying To Buy iPhones 19:07:33
Don't Frighten the Horses - Video - Rowan Atkinson lol 19:06:57
Rand Paul To Be On With Jerry Doyle Today - The Rush To War With Syria 19:04:10
Peace. 18:59:08
Belittling Vitamin Commercial Features Daily Paul Members! 18:47:10
Ron Paul: "WTC7, That's the one that's most suspicious" (Video) 18:41:48
Eating The Seed Corn 18:36:42
Silver Socialism... could it work? 18:11:54
Say what you will about Dave Mustaine... 18:10:32
"I am a Champion" - Coach Flowers 17:46:55
A Healing Vision for December 2012 17:44:41
Too Big To Fail Defense Contractors 17:29:17
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac staff cashing in on housing crisis 17:26:23
Was Ron Paul right about the Fed? 17:24:09
Best form of Silver to buy 17:23:45
Torture handcuffs now patented: 'gas injections' and 'chemical restraints' 17:16:51
Union Thugs Yelling Racial Slurs Demolish Iconic Hot Dog Stand Owned by Black American 23:10:19
Father Carves Pentagram into Son on 12-12-12: Police 16:47:59
C-Span - Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Entitlements Are 'earned' (Video) 16:39:57
Goodbye Daily Paul. 16:36:01
New Army Manual Orders Soldiers Not To Criticize Taliban, Pedophilia, "anything Related To Islam" Or "advocate For Women's Right 16:33:46
The Onion: Ho, Ho, Ho! 9/11 Was An Inside Job! By Santa Claus 19:51:06
Gov't Arrests Illegal Immigrant Senate Intern 16:24:43
Cautiously Support Rand Paul 16:15:40
Electroshock torture handcuffs now patented: Delivers shocking torture, 'gas injections' and 'chemical restraints' to prisoners 16:02:41
Peter Schiff Goes After Mish Shedlock 15:50:06
Jerry Doyle - We've Failed In Afghanistan ... Now We Are Going To Syria? 15:46:50
Paul Krugman: Elections over! I can think now 15:46:41
Private Practice Doctors shutting down, said Obamacare reason, made only $3,000.00 last month - it begins 15:41:47
2012 and the End of the World 15:38:33
Why Is There Apathy Towards Executive Orders Allowing For Secret “Kill Lists?” 15:25:13
Jimmy Hoffa Warns Of "Civil War" As Michigan Governor Signs "Right-To-Work" Into Law (Video) 15:12:08
What do Truthers really think of Ron Paul? 15:09:44
Federal Reserve to spend $45B a month to buy bonds, links rate hike to 6.5 pct. unemployment 15:06:11
Live: Fed Chair Meets with Press After FOMC Meeting 15:03:17
Thousands of US Troops Arrive Near Syrian Shore on USS Eisenhower 14:58:35
Boehner: Obama’s ‘tax hike’ fiscal cliff plan ‘cannot pass the House or Senate’ (VIDEO) 14:58:13
Syria Fires Scud Missiles At Insurgents, U.S. Says 14:51:26
Fed Announces QE4-EVA, Continuation of QE3 + More 14:38:07
Michael Lerman Serves California Elected Officials & Electors Obama Treason Notice 14:35:32
Qe 4 Eva 14:27:27
Ron Paul to make paid speeches after leaving Congress 14:26:35
Gun Control, Ad Infinitum 14:16:56
Alex Jones Confronts Feds After Threat To Arrest Infowars Photographer 14:12:17
Preparing for a flight, need some advice. 14:05:13
Critical Vote: House Judiciary to Vote on Drones Oversight 12/13 14:05:05
Shock Poll: A Stunning Number Of Republicans Think Obama Has A Mandate To Increase Taxes 13:49:48
Language barrier may be to blame for Nashua Taser incident (Video) 13:39:53
Hand-held dental x-ray machines linked to cancer risks, emitting 10 times the radiation of normal x-rays 13:34:43
Why Did The Media Ignore Bombing of Social Security Building? 13:18:31
Federal Reserve is at it again 13:17:49
Why Government shouldn't meddle in it: Obesity strategy a 'wasteful failure' 13:13:01
VIDEO: Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States 13:12:32
Connie Chung reporting on Cheney and the NWO 13:07:37
Time Lapse: Job Losses In The Great Recession 13:02:31
I found The Cat - at Sovereign Living 12:50:41
Why Do We Give Egypt F-16s? 12:22:15
WSJ-Inside the Risky Bets of Central Banks 12:07:08
Paul Craig Roberts - "Washington is becoming not only despised but a laughing stock" 12:06:55
The "Kill Switch" on your bank account(s) 11:57:22
South Dakota Ron Paul supporter charged criminally. For making "illegal robo calls" 11:52:28
December 21, 2012: What Will You Do? 14:50:18
Video: University police reviewing officers’ conduct after video of dorm room raid goes viral 11:23:31
Obama's America Will Become Detroit 11:00:51
What's wrong with this picture? 10:56:01
Cause and effect: Americans who voted for Obama now seeing weekly job hours slashed below 30 as Obamacare kicks in 10:36:00
Great Quotes (i) 10:22:20
Sorry Protesters: Your Jobs Are Being Sent To China And They Aren't Coming Back 12:20:16
Fiscal Cliff: Justin Amash, Dan Benishek Push GOP on Defense Cuts 08:47:29
Fiscal Cliff: Obama Confident Republicans Will Cave. But Can Boehner Deliver the Votes? 11:31:42
TSA wants to conduct on-site 08:21:58
Thomas Sowell on How the Inflation tax Screws the Poor 08:19:54
We Don't Need Another National Holiday, But I Would Make An Exception for Congressman Ron Paul 07:29:51
Donald Trump offers Obama 5 million dollars 06:30:22
Obama's New Social Order 06:15:06
What ever happened to Dave Chappelle? 05:21:38
Stalin 04:37:05
Loneliness 'can increase Alzheimer's risk' 04:32:21
Numsimatics vs Junk Silver 04:24:29
California's Population Is Moving Out, Census Report Shows (Video) 04:23:18
ObamaCare just raised your health care premium by $63 04:14:20
2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning Official Film Brave Archer Films® 04:04:00
This article has been removed. 04:02:02
The Liberty Amendment needs a logo - paying $2.50 for the best entry. In pre-1964 silver quarters. 03:52:41
Governor Otter Opts For State-based Exchange 02:50:13
U.S. Government Approves 20 F-16 Fighter Jets As Gift To Egypt 02:48:46
Staying in the Republican Party is like staying with Andy Capp 08:20:08
Sipping from the Liberal Crack Cup of Propaganda ! 01:50:14
East Coast Bitcoin Summit - Philadelphia 12/15/12 01:10:32
Welcome Trolls! 01:02:26
ProudAmericanFirst to All Daily Paul Members 00:48:22
... 00:43:23
Ron Paul speaking tour is $50,000 per engagement 00:38:49
Conservative revolt continues; WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah says "Boehner Must Go" 00:35:01
the Rand Paul mindset 00:11:24
Rand Admits Why He Endorsed Romney! 00:04:04
Rand Paul: Money Goes Where It's Welcome, Its Not Welcome In The United States 00:00:15
I don't support the troops 06:07:00