Posted on December 14, 2012

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Rand Paul insists he'll be on ballot for Senate in 2016 20:57:42
Ben Swann's Full Disclosure: Does The 2013 NDAA Secure Your Right To Trial? 14:36:15
Kucinich: Throw out the NDAA, End the Wars and Start Nation Building at Home 15:17:13
22 Students Injured in KNIFE Attack 14:25:44
Another Shooting - What's going wrong! 26 Dead, Including 18 Children at Connecticut Elementary School 13:54:37
Peter R. Breggin, MD - Antidepressants & Suicide - Congressional Testimony 18:28:46
NDAA Indefinite Detention Opponents File Emergency Supreme Court Motion 10:24:33
Rolling Stone - Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves Drug War is a Joke 10:12:19
View from China: US Middle Class is Disappearing 09:56:44
CNBC: Only 15 States Opt To Run ObamaCare Exchanges 12:44:00
TSA detains sick girl because she tested positive for explosives, mother says 05:43:40
Psychiatry goes insane: Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5 09:45:46
Fibonacci in nature - patterns around us 09:53:46
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Adam Lanza or Gun Control? 23:52:02
The Firearm, the Means. Our Culture, the Cause. 23:39:11
Psychiatry: The True Shadow Government - Ron Paul clip in video 23:30:11
Ban Guns? Ban Fps Russia! Video 22:38:38
Marine double-amputee’s treatment on Delta flight angers other vets 22:27:54
Two Pro-Gun Organizations Most Progressive Gun Control Advocates Love(but know little about). 22:21:59
List of School Shootings Linked To Antidepressants (With Accompanying Video) 22:09:46
I need feedback on my commercial please 21:49:42
Coming soon to a town near you. Street lamps that spy on you 21:49:17
q 21:47:01
Special liberty-minded coverage of shooting 21:27:22
Why is the whole discussion about Gun Control? 10 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group, United States – 2010 21:07:15
I notice all the cops at the school in Newtown Connecticut today had guns. 20:59:58
Sandy Hook Massacre: Sympathy from the Devil 20:43:49
Feds foil all post 911 terror plots, but no school shootings? 20:26:50
Is media crucifying an innocent man? Alleged shooter's FB page "It wan't me" - now deleted 20:03:57
We Must Ban Knives! 20:02:46
A Way to Stop the Violence 19:33:07
Take a moment to remember how beautiful life is. 19:15:04
School shootings: A fairly regular phenomenon during the 1800s and 1900s. 19:14:35
Gray Area: Does not exist 19:10:02
Why would anyone deliberately slaughter innocent babies unless they wanted to shock a nation? 18:47:05
Indoctrination Against Austrian Econ 18:46:17
Apocalypse Balls: Chinese invention to defend against doomsday 18:32:59
What are the bets the CT shooter was on psyche meds? Dr. Gary G. Kohls, M.D. 18:30:42
A Call to Virtue and Morality! 18:18:58
war in iraq, syria, wherever 18:18:53
with regards to Gun Control after Sandy Hook 18:15:44
Let me RE-Position my Free-Market Guns/Ammo Argument 18:01:33
Taxing the "Rich": why $250,000 became the benchmark 17:25:11
What Happened To The "Rand Paul 2016" Facebook Page? 17:16:02
Let the rest of the world rush to judgement. Pray the death count goes no higher and let's show respect. 17:01:10
Ben Bernanke As A Child 16:57:41
The NYU Student Tweeting Every Reported US Drone Strike Has Revealed A Disturbing Trend 16:32:06
Why Is It Claimed That If People Don’t Take Care Of Their Needs, Government Can Do It For Them? 16:31:17
Flashback: Ron Paul: Our one-time ally Osama bin Laden has not been fooled 11/17/1999 C-SPAN 16:17:30
In Light of Today's Shooting... 16:16:03
Is It Just Me? Why Do We Care Whether Obama Knows About a School Shooting? 15:50:49
27 Dead in Connecticut! 15:50:14
A simple plea to think twice before speaking/posting 15:43:16
Hsbc Too Big To Jail 15:31:51
"School Shooting Contingency Plans & Considerations " by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman - MUST read & FORWARD 15:14:18
The perfect stocking stuffer... 15:13:21
More Gun Laws Are Just a Distraction from the Real Issues We Face with Violence in Our Culture 15:09:51
Forbes Is The Fed Using Money-Laundering Techniques To Cleanse Banks' Balance Sheets? 14:38:19
Professor Creates Remote Control People 14:33:32
Sweeping Torture Under The Rug 14:28:53
TSA Calls Bomb Specialist on Wheelchair Bound 12 Year Old Girl with Bone Disorder (Video) 14:21:08
U.S. warned of cyberattack on accounts 14:14:06
More than 20 Kids killed in a CT elementary school. CT, a heavy gun control state. 14:04:00
The Federal Reserve Cartel: A Financial Parasite. (Another Great Article for those still in the dark) 13:57:55
Elite RT part of the media controlled media matrix and the imposition of global government? 13:56:52
National Security report finds harsh CIA interrogations ineffective. Rememer Ron Paul said it first! 13:53:09
Need help/information about immunizations in AZ 13:38:05
HELP and suggestions on dealing with Rep County Chairman 13:36:37
Trilateralists Discuss “Big War” in Middle East as Obama Sends Soldiers to Turkey 13:34:09
"Mitt Romney Robbed a VA Bank" 13:33:55
Chinese survival pods to defend against 'apocalypse' (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 13:29:08
The World You Live In: Top 10 Google Searches of 2012 13:25:02
Are they being a bit premature? NASA releases Mayan Apocalypse video 10 days early (Video) 13:23:33
Ben Swann's New Page: Full Disclosure 13:17:42
Tax U.S. gold mining on Fed land. Budget windfall - Congress 13:15:51
Judge who said rape victim should have 'put up a fight' remains on bench 13:13:07
Liberty in CD7 13:06:27
RGIII - 'Not Black Enough' because he's a Republican? 12:28:22
Obama says "the people of Colorado and Washington have spoken" "We have bigger fish to fry" 11:27:03
Awesome Sculptured Bust of Ron Paul 11:25:34
Amagi Metals' Now Accepting Bitcoins 11:03:05
Oklahoma is the only state that Obama did not win... 10:39:31
PNAC's neocon agenda continues unabated under Barack Obama 10:32:46
Gerald Celente - "Americans have squandered all its money fighting wars overseas." 10:31:56
Job of a Lifetime awaits you go get it! 10:25:09
What If There Is No Fiscal Crisis? 10:25:09
DHS to start spying on public buses across the country 10:20:20
Secret meeting in London to wage war on Syria without going through the UN 10:18:00
Alaska to investigate possible volcano tomorrow and other oddities you may have missed 10:17:57
Gerald Celente: Best Criminal on The Block Became President (from November 6) 09:53:33
Gerald Celente - WHDT Reality Report - November 27, 2012 09:27:18
Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds. 09:18:24
Bill Hicks responds to Colorado cop about pot laws 09:15:30
Top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas 2012 08:44:34
Allen L. Roland, PHd: "Mayans Correct: Birth of Sacred and Renewal of Earth Now Happening." 08:33:12
The Citizens for Liberty Health Care Town Hall (video) 08:31:04
State Dept: Clinton may not testify on Benghazi next week 07:56:18
NASA does a pretty good job explaining 12-21-12 07:13:16
State Department hiding Benghazi survivors - refuses to let Congressman visit them in hospital 07:08:11
Tom Woods's Suggested Reading 07:06:38
Austrian Economics in China? Cao Can- Author of "Dollar Apocalypse" 05:25:14
Ron Paul Speaks on the Pledge of Allegiance 05:23:08
Peter Schiff On CPI Manipulation, GDP - Great Explanation Of Broken Window/Keynesian Fallacy 05:02:53
Jim Rogers : United States vs. Canada Outlook 2013 04:26:07
The Schiff Report : Ben Bernanke throws the dollar over the Currency Cliff (12/12/2012) 04:08:49 gang attacking Right to Privacy 03:49:48
Bank / Corporation / Politician / 99% 01:44:24
Bit Coins Can End Banksters Currency Monopoly! 01:25:19
... 01:23:43
Deutsche Bank Accounts Are Frozen 00:45:29
Zombie Entertainment: A Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance and the Red Pill (Video) 00:44:17
U.S. Terrorism Agency to Tap a Vast Database of Citizens 00:39:55
Marc Faber: "Paul Krugman Should Go And Live In North Korea" 00:35:08
Pharmacist Ben Fuchs and Dr. Joel Wallach discussinig the secrets of good Health in America (Video) 00:32:08
Denver Drug Agent: Our Problems ‘Have Exploded’ With Pot Legalization (video). This story is laughable 10:01:02
Rand Paul targets Paul Ryan for ‘purge’ of House conservatives 00:25:20
Why Copyright Law is so Mickey Mouse - And How to Fix It 00:00:54
Free State Project participants have 101 reasons to move to N.H. 00:58:30