Posted on December 15, 2012

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The Khan Academy: Free, world-class education available online. 16:15:12
Oregon Mall Shooting Stopped By Licensed Gun Carrier 16:08:45
Great News, Removing The Colorado State Chair Info, Liberty Vs Corrupt Establishment, 15:55:14
A startling fact about the CT shootings 14:13:28
Government Allowed 9/11 | Interview with Sibel Edmonds 12:59:24
War Crimes: US Drone Strikes 'Double Tapping' Targets 12:04:37
Oath Keepers: The Federal Government is Guilty Accomplice in School Shooting in Newtown 12:29:36
The Suffering of an American Drone Operator 01:40:02
America Has A Morality Problem, Not A Gun Problem 00:01:39
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Honor the Oath 23:15:19
Evil always wins 23:09:12
Help me to feel the sun again upon my face... 23:06:52
Mises on Inflation 22:58:22
Hilary Won't Testify About Benghazi Because...She Got Dehydrated? 22:45:12
I Smell Something Very Rotten: What We Are Being Told Is A Complete LIE 22:16:13
Justice Ginsburg Should Step Down 22:04:05
Fed Goon Force: TSA Workers Swap Blue Uniforms for FEMA Badges 21:45:02
More Foreign War Involvment- Panetta: U.S. Sending 400 American Troops and Patriot Missile Batteries To Turkey (Video) 21:36:11
State Media Stalk CT. Victims Families For Anti-Gun Quotes 20:51:19
Chief Medical Examiner Says A Rifle Was Fired, Contradicts MSM 20:44:33
Strip Search Of 10-Year-Old Prompts Complaint Against Elementary School 20:39:10
Hillary Clinton Slips, Falls, Suffers Concussion - Won't Testify on Benghazi 20:20:17
2 Former Police Officers and 3 Chechens found guilty of murder in Russia 19:41:01
Father of Alleged Connecticut Shooter is VP of GE Capital According to Reports 19:33:44
The media should start taking their share of the responsibility for the slaughter of innocents 19:10:02
Notre Dame Professor of Law – Our Problems Don't Stem From The Economic Crisis: It's The Culture Stupid! 18:51:52
Dick Act Of 1902... Can't Be Repealed (Gun Control Forbidden) 18:40:23
Shocking Video of Shooters Childhood? 18:38:06
Santa Claus: The Great Imposter? 18:19:52
Ron Paul Revolution VS The Republican Party of Los Angeles 18:11:04
Please help me counter the arguments in this article... 18:04:44
Rule #9 of the Satanic Rules of Earth - 'Do not harm little children' 17:47:55
The Changing of the Guard (Video) . 17:28:50
Surprising message from Morgan Freeman. He blames the media for CT shooting. 17:19:01
Meeting Dr. Paul 17:06:12
A Call To Realign America's Moral Compass. 16:56:10
Rand Paul Discusses Taxes on The Brody File 16:45:22
Bianca, You Animal, Shut Up: The Underground History of American Education 16:33:00
We All Know an Adam Lanza 16:24:19
The Enemy - A Book About Peace (VIDEO) 16:14:22
Ron Paul 2012 vote is Official - 26% increase over 2008 CA vote 15:52:52
Gun Free Zones (VIDEO) 15:15:30
Iran warns against Patriot deployment on Syria frontier 14:49:26
Jordan Page talking religion right now ! 14:05:45
The Facts About the Connecticut Shooting To Date 14:02:19
Chuck Hagel, new Secretary of Defense 13:57:15
. 13:48:01
To stop school shootings, we should let criminals have all the guns, argue gun control advocates 13:38:28
Senator Robert Taft the Ron Paul of the 1940's & 50's 13:01:12
Now Is the Time. By The Revolution Pac 12:47:41
CIA WhistleBlower EXPOSES Everything! "Extreme Prejudice" 11:48:26
Video: Obama's so-called 'Secret Drone War' - BBC Documentary 11:39:23
What do SSRIs do to people to make them crazy? 11:17:24
Skateistan! The girl youth of Afghanistan skateboarding and learning. 10:58:45
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death 10:26:06
.. 10:22:19
Soviet-style disintegration awaits US: Gorbachev 09:33:29
Documentary: The Truth about Libya, Gaddafi and why the Western elite murdered him 09:04:36
Argentinians traveling Route 5 warned that they may experience “time anomalies” 09:01:55
China cracks down on "slay red dragon" doomsday cult 08:59:38
MK Ultra, how to program to Kill... Video 08:57:56
Asteroid that came nearer to Earth than the moon (... but was only spotted two days before the close encounter) 08:57:16
Deep-Earth Microbe from South Africa Appears in California 08:52:54
300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal of baby traff 08:20:04
Eurozone Begins First Steps Toward Standing Euro Army: Official Calls Impetus "Troubling" 07:41:09
Max Keiser yet again bashing the Austrian School 06:27:16
High energy liberty minded music for group workout wanted 04:49:06
Iraq takes delivery of C-130J Super Hercs 04:34:50
Libertarian Mormons 04:32:42
Nigel Farage update - Curious Case of Mr Cameron, The world's low-growht zone, and EU drug addicts 02:44:18
What is acceptable in the world of gun regulation? 02:11:36
Judge Napolitano on Federal Reserve Money-Printing: "I Believe It Is Theft, Pure and Simple" 01:53:11
Judge Napolitano: FISA Extension Shows a Blatant Disregard for the Fourth Amendment 08:51:01
Judge Napolitano: Surveillance Program Is "Blank Check for Government to Run Rampant Over Privacy" 08:50:51
Ron Paul Speaks on The Price of Money : Consequences of the Federal Reserve's Zero Interest Rate Policy (9/21/2012) 01:36:48
New Sitcom- 1600 PENN 00:56:36
New York congressman Jerrold Nadler on Piers Morgan: Gun Lobbyist enable mass murder 00:34:06
strict gun control sure doesn't keep the kids in china safe 00:28:10
Timely: The best arguments for and against gun control. Debate here. 08:48:52
AJ Video: The Fix Is In! They're Coming For Our Guns! Linked from Drudge 00:49:45
We Need to be Careful... 09:28:11