Posted on December 16, 2012

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Obama administration tries to toss lawsuit over al-Awlaki’s death 22:22:35
Another "Ron Paul" making news - literally 21:29:05
Gulf War Syndrome Owned Up To: Wind blew deadly gas to U.S. troops 16:56:07
The deadliest school massacre in US history was in 1927. Why its aftermath matters now 17:00:08
Update: The Media Is Now Demonizing the Mother of the Shooter for Preparing for the Coming Economic Collapse. 15:41:49
Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban On First Day Of Congress 12:18:14
Mental Health Treatment Issue NOT a Gun Issue – Tragedy at Sandy Hook 09:17:16
John Kerry to be next Secretary of State 04:08:19
You’re not anonymous. I know your name, email, and company. 06:04:06
Massive New Surveillance Program Uncovered by Wall Street Journal 05:52:30
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Did you know about the "Dunblane" School Massacre?‏ 23:15:45
Eric Sprott to Lauren Lyster (CapitalAccount, December 10, 2012) "Silver to Outshine Gold as the Investment of this Decade" 21:35:34
Rand Paul's Budget Proposal 21:06:40
Boston Tea Party Anniversary this Dec 16, 2012. Let's Toss RINOs and Traitors Overboard. 21:05:26
21 Ways to Celebrate the 239th Aniversary of the Boston Tea Party 21:02:48
Nullifying Gun Free Zones is the Solution to Stop Mass Shootings. Not Gun Control. 20:59:34
Aurora and Sandy Hook referenced in "The Dark Knight Rises"! 20:57:34
Holding Psychiatrist Criminally libel for Prescribing Psychotropic drugs Like Bartenders Selling Alcohol 20:50:05
Connecticut’s Strict Gun Control Laws Did Not Stop the School Shootings in Newtown 20:47:08
3rd Letter-to-the-Editor published December 16, 2012 in Albany Democrat Herald; Albany, Oregon 20:45:54
Government Calling for Gun Control with Fake Social Media Accounts? 20:43:17
Prevailing Against the Anti Gun Propaganda with the Facts. 20:39:15
Massive New Surveillance Program Uncovered by Wall Street Journal 20:07:42
the Mass Media has been Ignoring the Libor scandal. 19:46:39
What We Can Learn From Watching "The Manchurian Candidate and Batman, "The Dark Knight Rises" 19:40:11
I Support Ron Paul framed poster for sale 19:27:03
A simple quote from the Founders about Barack Obama 19:16:56
You have to be evil to kill children. 19:11:53
They Have Blood on Their Hands 18:14:36
Red Green's Christmas Turkey Bake - Hilarious (Video) 17:59:27
Jack Burkman on AlJazeera's Inside Iraq - Iraq at a Crossroads, May 2010 17:07:37
99.999% of guns owned in America are not used for violence. Here are some objective stats. 16:31:35
Attorney General Secretly Granted Gov. Ability to Develop and Store Dossiers on Innocent Americans 16:15:12
Technology used for Good!? Designing Your Future 16:08:59
Fox News Parody About Gun-Free Zones Stopping Crime 16:07:36
House Oversight & Reform Committee- Huge meeting on Autism 15:48:57
School 'gun free zones' are death traps: Why we must allow qualified school principals & staff to carry concealed 15:21:07
Looks like the media is now trying to draw attention to the mother of the shooter for being prepared. 15:15:49
The Snooty and Snarky Anti 2nd Amendment Folks Believe You have a Duty to Die 14:53:13
Conn. police address false info about shooting on web 14:38:25
Feeling down? Get your inspirational fix for the day! 14:32:49
Video: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Politics and Economics 14:21:42
Another Sign that we are Winning! #2 14:17:25
GMO, Global Alert 13:46:37
Rupert Murdoch On Gun Control: It's Time To Ban Automatic Weapons! 13:37:16
Former Ron Paul Advisor Now Hustling Multi-Level Marketing Weight Loss Program 13:33:47
I Accuse Obama, Key Members of The House and Senate of Plotting To Disarm The American People 13:31:27
Sandy Hook Elem: 3 Shooters (A Close Look) 13:23:03
Ted Nugent on the Second Amendment 13:19:59
This wasn't guns or mental disease, it was evil 12:54:47
Tell me 12:40:54
Bloomberg Calls For Obama To Ignore Congress And Take Action On Gun Control 12:26:36
Obama By Passes Congress to Mandate Black Boxes in Cars -Tweeted by Mark Levin 11:59:11
2 Mass Shootings Connected To Libor Scandal 11:49:59
Everything There Is To Know About Gun Controls in 99 Words! 11:49:20
Mass Murder With Baseball Bats - Time To Ban Baseball! 11:42:04
Chris Wallace Labels Handguns "Weapons of mass destruction" 11:40:32
The James Holmes Conspiracy 11:35:36
2nd Amendment by Ron Paul, more relevant today due to current events 11:33:36
Where to go for the science on gun control laws 11:31:31
UFO predicted to return to sun tomorrow. This guy is hanging out now! 10:49:17
Honor the Oath 10:44:07
Report Finds Harsh CIA Interrogations Ineffective 10:39:34
‘Red rain from outer space - Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe 10:34:34
Nicotine - The Zombie Antidote 10:27:23
Why are mass shootings becoming more common? 10:19:59
My Response To Email For Gun Control 09:54:30
Cop calls 911 after eating pot brownies - audio of call 09:10:06
Mass Killings Stopped by Armed Citizens (Your weapon against gun control is right here) 08:59:26
THREE shooters? Very possible, definitely two. 08:20:55
Water Crunch in Palestine 08:00:43
G. Edward Griffin on The History of The Federal Reserve 12|6|12 06:17:36
Guns, Crime, and the Swiss 06:04:04
Sec of State John Kerry 05:52:52
Islam 'Indoctrination' Scare Finds Christian Bias in Textbooks 05:51:24
5 words Mr. President 05:44:03
Our world is not as dark as "they" and some of you think, pray and get back in the saddle. 05:13:54
The intriguing phrase used in Obama's statement on the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut 04:27:46
Anti-Aging Gene Identified 03:02:56
Eyewitness reports of a second shooter being scrubbed from the news, links to sources 02:12:30
Jet Engine design of the future: Go anywhere in the world in four hours, Wow! (Video) 00:44:50
National Security ALERT - The 9/11 Pentagon Event 00:38:36
9-11 Media Fakery: Director's Commentary on September Clues 00:17:02
What is your favorite music/band/artist? 10:55:19
It's Nicer in Newtown 00:14:35
Would You Murder The Devil? 00:13:22