Posted on December 17, 2012

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Look Out! Priebus's Priorty in 2nd RNC Term: Rehabbing "Dysfunctional" Nevada + Other State GOPs 22:54:02
Tom Woods on what C4L is Doing 22:02:21
Happy Birthday Bradley Manning 21:18:04
Roger Ebert: "If I shoot up my school, I can be famous." 16:53:56
Mainstream Media Declares War on 2nd Amendment 16:51:18
Geithner To Replace Bernanke as Fed Chairman? 15:32:08
'Did We Just Kill A Kid?' — The Six Words That Ended A US Drone Pilot's Career 15:01:50
I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother 13:58:17
2008 Texas School Story (And I still remember the outcries!) 12:17:15
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/17/12: Right-to-Work is Good for Business, Labor, and Liberty 10:08:56
Ron Paul On Stossel (The Real Fiscal Cliff) 08:52:50
Oath Keepers to Provide Teachers With Free Firearms and Self-Defense Training 08:16:27
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie 13:34:01
The True Source Of Random & Mass Shootings And Violence 00:26:09
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Fossil Fuels Can Be Made Out Of Fatty Acids and Ice Cream 23:07:54
Mass Shootings: It's A Prescription Drug Problem! (Ssris) 22:48:48
Ed Schultz: Confiscate Guns and Kill The Second Amendment 22:44:43
Obama Raises Definition of "Rich" to $400K 22:40:36
South Carolina Lawmakers Propose 5 Year Jail Sentence For ObamaCare Implementation 22:39:19
Soviet Punitive Medicine/Psychiatry 22:34:12
How a mind reader works (Video) 22:20:04
This is the fork lift operator you want loading your truck! (Video) 22:12:30
Gun Control - The Big Picture Gandhi, Founders & Meds 21:55:17
Cost to violate constitutional rights... $36,875 ($295,000 divided eight ways) according to federal settlement 21:19:52
36 UBS Bankers to be Implicated in Liborgate, Criminal Charges to be Filed 21:11:37
Edit: Ron Paul 2nd most *trending* politician in 2012 behind only Paul Ryan 21:03:31
This Is Our Time! 20:30:24
Nonviolent communication 20:24:44
Luke Rudkowski Interviewed By Roseanne Barr (Sunday Dec 16th) 20:01:49
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Funding Our Own Self Destruction 19:24:01
Huckabee: Gun Control Would Not Stop School Shootings 19:23:23
Sandy Hook – Day 4 19:06:24
S.C. Gov. Haley appoints Rep. Tim Scott to U.S. Senate 18:41:10
Ron Paul's encyclopedia: The Ron Paul Wiki Project 18:31:21
The Liberty Amendment Logo Contest ends Friday, Dec 21, 2012 - paying $2.50 for the best entry. In pre-1964 silver quarters. 18:19:03
Sandy Hook Hurricane Sandy 18:18:16
I Just Bought Silver for the First Time - But From the Government 18:06:24
Tom Mullen: The Rights to Life and to Keep and Bear Arms are Inseparable 17:51:01
Do You Know that the National Debt is Owed to YOU? 17:42:19
Americans in CA are turning in their guns for FRNs 17:40:37
the government violates the None Aggression Principle Everyday. 17:31:27
Video: Expanding the Bitcoin Business Community 17:27:51
Obama Demands Judge Dismiss Citizen Assassination Lawsuit 17:10:00
Peter Schiff: Fed Will Keep Printing Money Until Economy Collapses 16:44:47
All That Glitters is Gold: The Stock Portfolio of Ron Paul (R-TX) 16:43:26
The (Ugly) History of Gun Control 16:35:01
Hoax Behind Recent Hoax Exposed As Hoax 16:34:36
Petition: Avoid the "Fiscal Cliff" By Forgiving the National Debt! 16:34:08
And Now For Something Non-Political And Completely Irrelevant Yet Pretty Cool And Entertaining! 19:24:27
Why gun control advocates, lynch mobs lack moral authority 16:22:32
Sandy Hook - Shooting Set Up Alert Check This Out 16:17:11
Police warn of social media hoaxes in US shooting. Those spreading such fake details could be subject to arrest, 16:11:20
5 Government Powers That are Undermining Your Freedom Right Now 16:09:03
Grad student demonstrates how phones can be turned into listening devices 16:08:18
Mesa County, CO Sheriff authorized to use drones 'similar to a K-9 unit' 16:01:23
Industry Report: All-Time High November Gun Sales (vid) 15:53:56
Pravda Interviews Paul Craig Roberts: Soviet Collapse Unleashed Dangerous Ideology in US 15:44:17
Gun Control in 99 words (G. Edward Griffin) 15:40:37
Call Whitehouse To Stop Drone Violence On Innocent Lives 15:20:30
Texas cop hands out ticket—and $100 bill 15:06:48
Gun Poll On Yahoo Front Page Bottom Right! 15:04:17
U.S. Secret Service Bans Certain Gold and Silver Coins on eBay 14:56:18
Lexington, KY Police Officer Suspended After Forced Entry Into College Dorm 14:54:29
Texas School District Will Let Teachers Carry Guns 14:49:34
Sandy Hook imitator in Uruguay sparks panic after opening fire at private medical clinic 14:47:41
Liberty is GOD 14:44:38
Guaranteed solution to prevent school shootings that the media won't dare mention. 14:44:14
Congressman McFadden's charges against the Fed from 1933 are still outstanding 14:43:07
Armed SWAT Teams To Patrol Streets In Arkansas City 14:41:40
Jailed Without Conviction: Behind Bars For Lack of Money 14:31:57
CNBC - Rise Above Demagoguery 14:30:21
Bill Bennett, contradicts himself on moral principles. 14:24:34
McDonald’s restaurants to open on Christmas with no overtime pay 14:23:17
Why do some members defend free markets, but not civil liberties? 14:22:04
NRA Under Twitter, Facebook Attack After Newtown Shootings 14:20:13
Rick Klein, ABC & FOX News commentator has no opinions he is willing to share 14:16:26
"Twas' 11 days before Christmas around 9:38... 14:15:25
25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ 14:13:37
U.S. (Obama) Demands Judge Dismiss Lawsuits Against Assassination of Citizens 14:10:33
Haley names SC Rep. Scott to take DeMint’s Senate seat 14:08:46
Gov. Bob McDonnell says farm subsidies are not redistribution of wealth 14:07:59
Video: Americans Turn In Guns After School Massacre 13:59:58
Strange but True: Could Mannequins Menstruate? 13:53:17
I have a question about the Connecticut shooting that I'd love to know if anybody has followed up on 13:47:38
Secession petition gets Texas man in trouble with State Guard superiors, father says 12:46:11
Imagine A Gun In A Steel Box 12:36:53
The 12/21 Message the Controllers Don't Want You to Know... 12:32:52
The GOAT: Greatest Of All Times! What Are Your Most Favorite Daily Paul Posts? 12:19:31
U.S. Secret Service Bans Certain Gold and Silver Coins On eBay 12:19:16
Sympathy from the Devil "They had their entire lives ahead of them..." 12:04:43
Innocent Afghan school children have been declared "fair targets" for murder by drones. 12:00:33
10 Connections Between Mass Shooters 11:53:53
Mae Brussell Predicted These Psycho Killings over 30 Years Ago 11:35:59
Too big to jail banks, the US government and the drugs trade 11:35:30
Was Nancy Lanza the LIBOR Whistleblower? UPDATE - appear to be 2. 11:16:36
Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of 'violence' to defend innocents against bullying, oppression 10:57:30
Gunsville, USA 10:19:55
Is it true that a parent of both the so called lone shooters in CT and CO are scheduled to testify before congress on Libor 10:11:04
Morgan Freeman Hoax 10:09:18
Does 4th Amendment apply to dorm rooms? Cops back down when they see student is recording the event... 09:53:48
Don't you love all the Christmas Carols from the decidedly ANTI-Christian Comedy Shows and Pagan news networks. 09:40:07
Senator Merkley sends letter lambasting holder for too big to jail banks 09:35:39
China demands gun control in the US. Who's your daddy? 09:32:39
Difference Between Minarchist and Anarchist? 09:29:54
We're all just people and people love to dance 08:38:24
Predictive Programming - Sandy Hook in Batman Dark Knight Movie 08:19:07
DTE Energy sues customers who removed smart meter 07:48:08
I Told You About Dying Before Now Suck This 05:53:43
26 innocent people died. So we are having the greatest outpouring of grief since 9/11. 12:53:11
Make Your Own Emergency Personal Solar Water Distiller For Free! 05:19:28
Silver : The People's Metal (December 11, 2012) 04:53:44
. 04:37:06
A video about the conflict of conscience vs pride 03:50:34
Two (VERY) Important Charts for Gold and Silver Investors (Egon von Greyerz for King World News, December 14, 2012) 03:42:33
Afghanistan Gold Exodus 03:14:55
School Security Funding Allowed To Lapse 03:05:30
Rupert Murdoch, Owner of Fox News: "When will politicians ban automatic guns? " 02:56:31
"if We Have To Use Force, It Is Because We Are America; We Are The Indispensable Nation." (Madeleine Albright) 02:53:47
Reasoning for gun rights 02:01:53
Sandy Hook Elem: 3 Shooters (A Close Look) Part 2 01:52:51
Your Opinion of "The James Holmes Conspiracy" Documentary? 01:49:48
What if Ron Paul was a central banker? 01:23:34
G. Edward Griffin explaining all about the Federal Reserve. How they were created, their goals, how to stop them! 00:53:45
Police "Disclose" Second Rifle, Then Coronor Reports All Wounds Came from a Rifle. 00:41:57
Where will the Neo-Cons place blame?; a TEXT debate... 00:33:10
Why Do We Give Government A Safe Haven For Initiating Violence Against The People? 15:28:34
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