Posted on December 19, 2012

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‘Citizen Drone Warfare’: Hobbyist explores a frightening scenario (Video) 23:00:18
Stewart Rhodes: My Personal Pledge of Resistance Against Any Attemp to Disarm Us by Means of an “Assault Weapons Ban” 23:01:28
Welcome to the new recession 22:58:41
POLITICO: Supposed Anti-tax Activist Grover Norquist, Signs Off on Boehner's 'Plan B' Tax Increase 15:47:46
GUN Halts Gunman In Theater Lobby 15:04:37
Why do I need an assault rifle? 14:49:36
How Ron Paul Supporters Almost Took Over the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County 09:13:48
BBC Trying to serve search warrant to householder without TV License 09:50:22
Rand Paul Opinion: Rep. Tim Scott Right Pick for Senate 09:00:28
Neocons push against Chuck Hagel - Dana Millbank, WaPo 08:47:12
PHOTO: Mount Everest, in two Billion Pixels 02:19:13
I just realized what Boehner is doing.. 09:15:18
I am so happy I do not own a television! 09:26:14
Ben Swann Reality Check: Are calls for stricter gun laws really about guns? 09:58:52
When a madman plows into a crowd of people, do they ever talk about the features of the car? 13:27:11
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Clinton accused of faking illness to avoid Benghazi testimony (Video) 23:54:42
Tax Refunds Could Be Delayed To Millions 23:47:54
Wal-Mart Runs Out of Guns While Ammo Prices Surge 23:42:10
Senior Citizen Stops Robbery, The 2nd Amendment at work! 23:41:57
Have You Seen This Upload? 2008 Biden and His Baretta (Video) 23:33:32
Ben Swann Full Disclosure: Is There A Connection Between Libor Scandal and School Shootings? 23:28:16
Johnny Depp "IS" Type Casted as the Oddball. 23:25:59
The Power of Selling Out: Your Customers as Political Capital | Onion Talks 23:02:48
Nigel Farage: The Dead Hand of Bureaucracy 22:58:54
Judge Napolitano: Police Looking at Oregon Mall Shooter Facebook Page for Possible Motive 22:54:16
Time for honest discussion with our kids about how to defend themselves against a school shooter 22:42:56
Half A Hog 22:38:36
The Importance of Practical Philosophy by Derrel Walters 22:24:05
"I Am Still The Light" 22:21:09
Not Your Average Garage 22:14:23
Texas Lawmaker: Teachers With Gun Permits Could Protect Students, Will Introduce Legislation 21:42:10
George W Bush: The 9/11 Interview National Geographic 21:35:36
I live in Connecticut and just responded to my congressman, Joe Courtney after receiving his agenda... 21:15:59
"2012 A-Z" - A Galaxial Event of Disneyesque Proportion 21:13:58
If socialism is so bad, then why does it work so well in Denmark and Sweden? 21:07:12
Pastor Chuck Baldwin's Comments on the Connecticut School Shooting 21:03:41
Texas Lawmaker: Teachers with gun permits could protect students 20:47:47
Texas gun store owner has proposition for teachers 20:46:38
Ben Swann: "In the Eyes of the Founders YOU are the Sovereign." 20:45:31
1952 Supreme Court Ruling Can Nullify Obama’s Illegal Executive Orders Against the Second Amendment? 20:44:23
A 'PETITION' for the 2nd Amendment!?! 20:35:37
Gun Crimes In the United States - Just the Facts 20:34:45
Rand Paul: The President Will Get What He Wants, Taxes Are Going Up 20:34:42
Hypocrisy & Double-Standards: National Defense vs Self Defense 20:33:49
Was Newtown shooter mind controlled? CIA documents give evidence 20:28:01
Dan Rather: "Stay skeptical and ever-vigilant" 20:19:33
Jeffrey Tucker interview with Austrian AV Club 11|17|12 20:14:50
Where is Granger? 20:03:25
Daily Paul Should Become Bigger Than Drudge & 19:54:06
Daily Paul App 19:26:07
Sandy Hook: The MSM and the Mind-Control Flicker Effect - read UP! This is how it's done, people 18:34:53
Live At 9pm Est 12/20/12 Ok Gop State Chairman, Matt Pinnell On Liberty Live Stream Team Show (Parking Lot Convention) 18:30:22
Communication during a major crisis 18:17:18
whitehouse Petition 17:49:08
Update to recent story: Gold hoarder's cousin inherits $7 million 17:39:10
Posted on Twitter: Encourage the protection of all people in all Schools from harm by crazy people. 17:35:08
Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats Demand Action On High-Capacity Magazine Clips 17:18:52
2 women sexually assaulted by Texas state Trooper 17:09:12
'I am the devil': Former classmate reveals school gunman had 'online devil worshiping page' 16:47:33
Alex Jones - No Alternative To Fed 16:44:41
Person Of The Year Poll. Obama? Vote 16:36:28
Top Online Gun Retailer Suspends Sales of Firearms: “Effective Immediately” 16:11:46
NDAA 2013 - Indefinite detention without trial is back 16:08:20
Senate Wants To Sneak Warrantless Spying Bill Extension Into Law Without Debate; Let's Call Them and Tell Them No 16:07:30
Operation Gladio: State-Sponsored Terror 16:01:01
How the Newtown Massacre Became a Mind-Control Television Event 15:56:15
Reuters: Even without Congress, Obama could act to restrict guns 15:55:23
Ron Paul invited to CPAC 15:45:27
Obama demands 'concrete proposals' on gun violence by January 15:36:17
Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull & Bones 15:34:59
TIME Magazine names Ron Paul the 2012 "Person of the year"! 15:28:42
Women Suing State Troopers Over Roadside Cavity Searches (Video) 15:26:30
(Video) President Obama's Remarks on fiscal cliff, gun control policy (Transcript) 15:18:25
So what is Obama really going to do with guns? 15:03:53
Why Don't More Defend Both Economic Liberty And Personal Liberty? 14:52:43
Controlled society: When TV tells you to weep, you weep until they say stop 15:57:10
Does Obama think the constitution is a quaint tradition? 14:37:08
Rape legal in TX 14:17:44
Don't Fall for the Shale Boom Hype 14:12:05
‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Found At Site Where Mexican Beauty Queen Killed 14:01:00
Larry Pratt, Stewart Rhodes, 2nd Amendment on Alex Jones, 12-19-12 @ 12-3pm ET, show repeats 13:28:55
'Most Pro-Israel Ever' Senator wants to ban and "confiscate" guns to "protect the children" 13:27:55
Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control 13:07:05
Quotes To Educate Anti-2nd Amendment Folks 13:03:12
I always take Ben Fulford with a grain of salt - Here is his latest 13:00:19
Video of what looks like a staged interview from Sandy Hook 12:49:10
Old Stream Media vs Truth Based Media 12:37:49
Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine 12:36:58
"Sandy Hook, The Actor Getting Into Character" 12:02:58
YOU are responsible for the deaths 11:58:56
The whole system is rotten to the core - we need to work to change public opinion 11:51:18
Why The NWO Hates Syria 11:48:32
It's Official: Taxpayers Will Lose Big on the GM Bailout 11:46:50
Pope gives early Christmas present to pedophiles. 11:35:20
Exxon Deal Brings Iraq, Kurdistan to Brink of Civil War 11:29:18
Written confession from Sandy Hook murderer. 11:13:04
A major Paradigm shift and ASSAULT is taking place in the American minds. DEFEND what is right. 11:06:18
And now for some good news from Washington County, Maine! 11:01:53
A Choice Between “Guns and Guns”, not “Guns and Butter” 10:57:38
The Impending Terrorist Threat – We Must All Be Prepared & Able to Protect Ourselves 10:36:01
CT Shooter was taking FANAPT drug 10:18:29
Numerous school massacres stopped by gun owners who wielded their weapons in defense of children 10:10:11
Cops, detectives, FBI agents, U.S. soldiers: we will not enforce gun confiscation orders 10:06:00
Obama Justifies FEMA Imprisonment Of Civilians! 09:33:53
Someone please help get justice for this family, thanks 09:24:53
Rubio pal Nelson Diaz fights off Ron Paul-ites to win Miami-Dade GOP chair 09:11:31
Neb. teen nabbed after posting video about robbing bank 08:56:59
Barack Obama in a breathtaking display of cynicism, blatantly sells out to large Corporations 07:59:28
Cut Entitlements to Congress... 06:13:14
Say F* You To The Msn And The Govt - Tax Deductible 05:50:14
2nd Amendment: Tx Massacre Tragedy Might Have Been Averted - Have To See! 03:31:45
Nancy Lanza feared son was getting worse; told friend ‘he was burning himself with a lighter’ and that she was ‘losing him’ 03:00:16
Boehner Baby: 'A Crying Shame" 02:52:43
Cindy Lake, Clark County Nevada GOP Chair on DATM 02:37:28
Did Hillary's Kissing Obama : Was It A Curse or Con Cussion? (Video) 02:35:34
Video every Anti-Gun American needs to watch 02:30:01
News: NASA prepared! Why the World didn't end Dec 21, 2012? (Film @ 11) 02:14:43
Airplanes 12:10:27
Israel's 'Iron Dome' Rocket System: How It Works..(Video) 02:01:04
H.R.2613: To repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990; Co-sponsors none 01:37:34
Female cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop 01:31:48
Whitewash: Independent Panel Claims 'Benghazi Gate' Was Result Of State Department Leadership Failures 01:28:27
Research help Needed: Australia, the land without guns?!? 00:54:46
Golden Eagle Swoops Down and Snatches up a Toddler! 00:52:48
Why Do Some Defend Civil Liberties But Not Free Markets? 00:50:30
Proof The Mayan "End of Days" Is a Fraud: Obama Administration Moving All Out To Ban Guns 00:35:45
Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of 'violence' to defend innocents against bullying, oppression 00:32:21
HA, HA! Lovin' the DP Quakes and Frame Shakes! Creative and Fun! 09:56:11
Feinstein amendment dropped - it made things WORSE anyway #NDAA 07:36:44