Posted on December 20, 2012

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WND Names Ron Paul 'Man of the Decade' 23:53:41
Ben Swann Reality Check 12/20/2012: Reduce violent crime by issuing more concealed carry permits 18:27:28
Want to make a difference? Inform people of the meaning of Demagoguery 16:18:45
Should Teachers be Armed? Poll is up please vote and comment! 14:56:15
Newtown kids v. Yemenis and Pakistanis: What explains the disparate reactions? by Glenn Greenwald 14:34:55
Hey Piers! The most violent country in Europe is... 12:21:00
Ron Paul: Why do the worst shootings happen in "gun free zones?" 11:46:53
Eric Holder Buries Another Fast And Furious Victim, Mexican Beauty Queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez 11:40:17
First Amendment is being used to take down the Second. 11:20:31
Drones: Obama Orders Children Murdered 15:02:22
What to do when confronted by emotional anti-gun statements by the unenlightened 11:12:10
Rolling Stone: The Next Seven States To Nullify (Legalize Pot) 08:56:49
Amash, Massie, Paul vote against Iran resolution 00:17:33
Do Not Press 16:39:27
Piers Morgan owned in the gun debate on his own show by GOA's Larry Pratt. 00:07:03
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Asking Questions is not the same as "Conspiracy Theorizing"! 23:56:59
Happy December 21st, 2012! 23:47:18
Your choice after 21st Dec 2012 according to this is 'fear or love' 23:46:32
ni·hil·ism 23:21:40
The Daily Chuck 23:19:41
Reid Adjourns Senate For Viewing of "Lincoln" 23:16:56
New Information on the Sandy Hook girl 23:11:56
Clyde Lewis on now 23:07:23
Cliff chaos: Boehner pulls GOP bill (Video) 22:47:38
At News Conference, Reporters Skip Past Gun Control and Face Instant Criticism 22:42:27
Los Angeles Pot Shop Offers Military Vets Free Marijuana 22:34:55
Some Weekend Watching: Last bombing of Japan B-29 / P-51 Combat footage (Video) 22:33:47
The Cost of Romney’s Government-Assisted Transition: $8.9 Million 22:32:54
Golf Handicap 22:29:22
One "mystery man" identified, they handcuffed a father of a student. 22:04:42
How To Murder 6 Billion People In One Day 21:54:20
Ben Swann: Full Disclosure 21:52:22
Check this out tonight at 10 EST. 21:24:26
Dana Bash is sitting outside of House and tweeting what she hears on the votes . 21:11:19
Friend had guns and ammunition taken without warrant 20:45:32
"Deck the Halls with Macro Follies" - Video 20:43:54
Where is LegalizeLiberty? 20:34:27
Libertarian Party petition to arm teachers 20:26:27
I hate my Congressperson/Senator. Part I 20:06:37
Piers Morgan 19:42:51
Another Fort Hood shooting. Last Week. Wonder why you did not know? 19:35:36
Gun Control: A Proposal Which Protects Our Freedom 19:29:57
What do you do when your girlfriend tells you bad names? 19:23:39
Drone Strikes: Where Are Obama's Tears For Those Child Victims? 18:51:12
Peter Schiff: Gold Didn't Move from $300 to Almost $2000 Without Central Bank Money Printing 18:49:21
Gun Control - A victim's perspective 18:42:06
John Embry – Chinese Demand For Silver Has Exploded 18:38:31
Swimming Pool Ban! 18:25:12
Next News Network."Human Clones, Gun Rights with Ernest Hancock" 18:23:20
Daily P.Au.L: Top Ten Reasons the End of the World Might be a Good Thing. 18:05:40
The Information Revolution is EVERYWHERE! 17:55:22
How do I begin to shop for a self defense firearm? Tips please! 17:42:23
Why Don’t More Individuals Try To Influence Through Intellectual Conversation Rather Than Force? 17:22:32
Video: David Codrea who helped break F&F on radio talks about gun-grabbers 17:17:29
Libertarianism is a contradiction 17:13:56
Kites - Romancing The Wind - Truly Awesome! (Video) 16:35:57
NDAA on C-span now 16:31:06
Live Tonight: Ok Gop State Chairman, Matt Pinnell On Liberty Live Stream Team Show (Remember The Parking Lot Convention) 16:30:59
First Person Charged With Marijuana DUI Since Legalized 16:21:45
Things are REALLY getting crazy..."Giant serpent" invades Phuket (Don't laugh)... 16:16:56
Assange's Christmas address from Ecuador embassy in London (Full Speech) 16:11:56
Marine Reserve Sergeant Stands Guard In Front of Hughson Elementary School (Video) 16:07:25
Happy Holidays and SSRI’s Best Wishes to You! 16:02:17
Doomsday Rumors Prompt More Than 30 Michigan Schools To Close Early For Holidays 15:59:53
Video: TX women body cavity searched in routine traffic stop 15:51:20
The Coolest Guy On The Boatramp 15:51:08
Piers Morgan: 'Of Course' I'm 'Gleeful Tragedy Happened' 15:49:57
CFL email - McCain stripped amendment from NDAA - call Reps & Senators 15:49:50
DDG - 1000 Deckhouse Lift (Video) 15:46:12
Police State? Barbara Boxer Wants To Send National Guardsmen Into Schools 15:37:07
Financial Burden Of Insurance Exchanges Jeopardizes Obamacare 15:35:13
Man Arrested at Another 'Sandy Hook' Carrying two-by-four 15:33:48
Chained cpi and real inflation numbers explained - Obama proposes linking SS to chained cpi 15:32:21
Petition for Obama to like totally stop the end of the world. 15:25:54
Art Robinson to run for Oregon GOP Chairmanship 15:21:43
The Fall Of Tam's #6: How LA Regulated A Burger Stand Out of Existence 15:13:04
Congress Strips Indefinite Detention Protection From Final NDAA Bill: Senator Paul Slams Change 15:10:31
Sister Of Newton Victim Makes Gun Control Plea In Letter To Obama 15:09:05
Obama Named Time Magazine Person of The Year 14:58:23
Twas The Night Before Christmas In 2012: Humorous & Poignant Poem by Penny Langford Freeman 14:39:25
12-21-12: 11 Years, 111 Days Since 9-11 14:36:25
State Department Spokeswoman Says Hillary Clinton Did Not Fake Illness 14:32:56
Eric Holder: executive orders on gun control? 14:28:01
If Obama is opposed to guns, why did his administration just purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and sniper rounds? 14:25:02
Study: Mass Killings Account For Less Than 1% Of Homicides, Many Do Not Involve Guns 14:12:40
CT Medical Examiner...What is wrong with him? Do you think this guy is over the top strange? 14:06:40
The Media Has Transformed Itself Into Tabloid Fishmongers 13:58:51
Does Godless = Evil? 13:56:11
Ben Swann Reality Check: Are Calls For Stricter Gun Laws Really About Guns? (Video) 13:55:30
Innocents Betrayed - The True Story of Gun Control 13:28:43
Ben Swann Full Disclosure: Is There A Connection Between Libor Scandal and School Shootings 13:25:00
Lyrics, "Damn it Feels Good to be a Banksta" 13:15:09
Human & Synthetic Hormones Now Contaminate Fresh Produce 13:10:38
Is it legal to bank with Gold and Silver? 13:07:53
Books to be read according the the Common Core Standard 12:56:14
"Stealth" goes to sea. 12:53:01
Violence Will Not Lead to More Peace or Liberty 12:47:47
Tomorrow I wish for a lifting of the consciousness of humanity 12:08:04
Mormon Prophet Supports "Gun Free Zones" 11:52:09
A plot outline for a Boner comedy show 11:45:56
Simple math questions about Sandy Hook. 11:39:40
Guns Obama administration handed to Mexican drug lords continue to turn up at crime scenes 11:19:12
Kucinich: Report on Benghazi Not the Full Story 11:00:39
If Obama is opposed to guns, why did his administration just purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammo & sniper rounds? 10:39:48
Hillary’s Benghazi Report (ARB) Blames Amb. Christopher Stevens 10:35:23
Libor-rigging: two ex-UBS staff face criminal charges 09:45:47
Benghazi report forces resignation of four US state department officials 09:39:29
Obama puts gun control centre stage as Biden appointed to lead task force 09:28:57
Ron Paul proposed HR2613 Citizens Protection Act in 2011 #SandyHook #GunControl 09:12:17
"Runnaway Government Agency is Killing Your Access to Credit" - National Real Estate Post 11:11:29
This is how the price manipulation is done at no cost. That’s the whole thing. Plain and simple. 09:06:06
Doctors Say It's High Time To Legalize Medical Marijuana 08:09:55
I was wrong that 70% of mass shootings are linked to SSRIs. It is 90% 07:26:05
Frigid Winter of 2012, -60 F in Russia 07:06:28
Women sue DPS for roadside body cavity search 07:03:54
San Bernardino, CA terminates red-light-camera program, but doesn't tell the public 06:42:34
Researchers Show How Infant Formula Causes Cellular Death In Five Minutes 06:40:27
Declassified Intel files prove US-Israel relations to be ongoing tragedy 06:34:15
Kyle Bass keynote presentation at AmeriCatalyst 2012 06:29:23
Jumbo rates drop despite a return of the luxury market – Factors affecting the rate 06:16:17
15 Signs That The Ring Of Fire Is Waking Up As We Head Into 2013 06:12:22
Michigan Man Who Tried to Pull Over Police Officer Faces Jail Time 05:17:15
"More Guns, Less Crime" Author John Lott on CNN discussing Gun Control 05:06:40
Sen. Feinstein: "I know the urge to arm yourself because that's what I did... I carried a Concealed Weapon!" 04:27:10
Mayan gives details for tomorrow - video 04:02:25
old clip i missed,colbert endorses-sort of 03:36:42
You guessed it, there was a second gunman 02:35:26
Re: Why Ban Assault Weapons? (Share this picture) 02:23:02
2nd Amendment Blowback- Rifles sell out at Walmart; handgun clips surge on e-bay 00:46:45
Cat with the loudest purr...almost 70 decibels 00:33:47
Free Email Service... What do you folks use? 00:25:10
Public Reading of the (disrespectful) US Apology to Native Peoples 00:22:45
Anonymous "throws down the gauntlet" Try to take our guns and we will take you down. 00:20:31
NDAA 2013 Twitter 00:11:27
Dec. 21st 2012: End of the World 11:04:36