Posted on December 22, 2012

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"Like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold:" Boehner Drops Below a Despised Pelosi in Polls 22:14:07
Ron Paul Statement on NDAA Conference Report 20:36:33
Naomi Wolf: The coming drone attack on America 16:05:13
George Orwell on the Purpose of War: A prescient understanding of America today 12:37:48
New Video - What did you forget? 08:55:35
I quit murdering people on November 17, 2012. 15:37:20
Dec. 22nd, 2012! 10:24:21
House Republicans Circulate Plan To Oust Boehner From Speakership 00:19:01
American Dream Fades for Generation Y 16:27:23
Chrome Love Revolution Car Emblems Have Finally Arrived! Get One While Supplies Last! 14:07:33
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Lots of Laughs 23:27:25
CNN Martin: Show Photos of Dead Sandy Hook Kids. 22:47:10
A Practical Solution for School Security Without Creating Another TSA (Armed Guards at Schools) 22:26:30
Argentinians rioting and looting grocery stores 21:37:03
Can you guys/girls give me some ideas for this please? 21:34:57
The Chain Of Obedience IS The Danger (NOT The Chain Of Command) 20:53:25 Why God Created the GOP 20:52:56
Would Declaring Nation's Highways to be 'Accident-Free Zones' Help Save Lives? 20:39:14
On Current Silver Deceptions : Large Surpluses & Low Production Cost ... Supposedly 20:32:10
Who is Adam Lanza? 20:28:04
Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Liberalism As A Process 20:10:41
Mojofabulous' Thoughts On Buying and Selling Silver, and BJF's "Silver Update 12/19/12 Stack The Smack" 19:58:58
The New York Stock Exchange Has a New Owner...Guess Who Bought Them? 19:40:03
!Please like this page to combat a Facebook page that is trashing us and naming us to ban us from GOP! 19:10:12
What we need is an alternative currency. 19:05:03
Race riots or gun confiscation ahead Interviews tonight 18:07:35
The Nature of Regrets 17:49:27
Video: @PiersMorgan: Anti-violence crusader & principled warmonger 17:37:24
Brilliant Article on EPJ Regarding Gun Control 17:12:21
Celebrities Call to Ban Guns From Government VIDEO 17:01:54
Gallup poll: 64 percent of Americans want school officials armed to protect children 17:00:26
White House Petition Calls For Deportation Of Piers Morgan After Gun Rant On CNN... 16:53:37
#WeStandWithYou Twtiterbomb tonight 12-22-12 at 9pm EST to support Liberty candidates! 16:52:30
Happy Cosmic New Year, and Welcome the New Messiah. 16:48:06
Gov't Motors Employess to Receive Bonuses up to $7,000 Each 16:45:26
FDA Say We Can Probably Eat Genetically-Modified Super Salmon Soon 16:36:22
Gary Franchi's Next News Network Launched Today 16:31:51
Refusing to be enslaved 20:03:40
Sandy Hook – Which Camp Are You In? 15:14:01
More Ice T sound bites. "Most lethal weapon is the mind, not the gun" 15:02:24
Russian forces take Syrian chemical, biological weapons under control 14:58:25
Bloomberg Organizes Celebrities To Push For Huge Gun Grab (Video) 14:52:34
Have you received Kickstarter RP video game rewards? 14:50:36
A Lone Voice in the Corporate Media Wilderness: Ben Swann on the 2nd Amendment (Video) 14:44:13
Private Law 14:41:13
Senate to vote on FISA reauthorization 12/27 14:37:33
Kokesh: Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty legacy won't include foreign policy 16:05:54
Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You: GMO Frankenfish! 14:18:51
I am Adam Lanza's Doctor - Rima E. Laibow, MD 14:05:51
Predator Drone Operator Quits After Killing Child 13:59:22
Who Goes to Prison Due to Gun Control? 13:57:37
Governmedia - A Short Course On Government Gun (Control) Elimination - By Brian Young 13:55:39
AJ: Hollywood And Mafia Openly Call For Gun Ban 13:42:46
Remember the Homeless Animals Today 13:39:55
The GOP got Boehner's sell out because they nominated Mitt Romney & lost. #PurgeBoehner 13:20:23
Ben Swann makes important Reality Check on Sandy Hook 13:12:13
Why Do We Allow The Government To Disseminate False Information Dealing With Both Economic And Foreign Policy? 12:36:05
Government; the gun 12:30:52
Lawrence Reed of FEE Debates Two Statists on The Role of Government 12:11:25
Cops Get Owned! 11:55:47
Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge 11:46:53
Here is 2 + 2. What does it equal? (Sandy Hook mysteries continued) 11:01:14
White Christmas - Ron Paul Remix 10:59:09
'Abomination': Rand Paul slams NDAA as bill passes US Senate 10:39:28
Dead Wrong -psychiatric Drug Documentary(Tear Jerker) 10:26:13
What are they thinking?! 10:20:25
Connecticut killings reopen debate on forcibly committing the mentally ill 10:08:45
The MOST important thing you can do for Liberty: Communicate Ideas Effectively 14:24:22
What is an Assault Rifle? What You Have Been Programmed to Believe is a Lie! Educate Yourself and Others 08:46:00
How are you preparing for an economic collapse? 08:17:26
Funny Money 07:04:08
PENN Jillette in an AWSOME interview! 06:50:40
Apocalypse Later, Surf Now 05:37:06
Check out the comments section on this huff po article 05:27:39
The History, Philosophy and Ethics of Gun Control 05:04:50
president obama responds to we the people petitions about gun violence 04:48:53
"Share Your Thoughts on Reducing Gun Violence" 04:42:00
American Revolution 2012, Directors Cut 04:20:12
Who is Christopher A. Rodia? 02:27:15
Book, Copyright 2011, Mentions Sandy Hook! 02:01:08
Even the Mayans couldn't have predicted this! 01:39:46
Bloomberg: No One Has ‘Defended the Second Amendment as Much as I Have’ 01:21:51
The Scribbler: Make doodles into art 01:09:32
UPDATE: Ex Marine Released from Mexican Jail (Video) 01:05:10
Do "conspiracy theorists" hurt the Liberty Movement? 10:14:46
Formal Reprimand Issued To Flatulent Federal Worker 00:55:51
NASA's Spacecraft Captures Breathtaking New View of Saturn 00:49:28
Newtown, Conn Victim RIP Facebook Page Created 4 Days Before Event. 00:45:16
Rare footage of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's childhood has recently surfaced. 00:38:47
Boy and Dog Moment 00:24:12
Sublimely Self-Righteous 00:17:21