Posted on December 24, 2012

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The Crucifixion of Chuck Hagel: Will Washington's Pharisees Get Their Man? 21:54:48
Dotcom’s Megabox to Launch “A Few Months” After Mega 21:15:55
Pentagon Announces Troop Deployment in 35 African Nations 17:23:03
Ron Paul Slams NRA Proposal For Armed Guards In Schools: ‘Gov’t Security Just Another Kind Of Violence’ 12:51:44
Look Out! Is Facebook Making You Fat? 12:47:18
Rand Paul's Mideast Trip Fuels Presidential Speculation 12:24:10
Paul Craig Roberts: The Greatest Gift For All 12:59:37
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/24/2012: Government Security is Just Another Kind of Violence 11:12:11
Republican Senator Mike Crapo Arrested for DUI 08:07:23
Fiscal Cliff Charade: Dems and Republicans Both Seek Middle Class Tax Hike 11:45:06
"Murdoch’s Bid to Buy the US Presidency." 09:59:16
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Civil War I: Slavery - Civil War II: Guns? 23:51:52
Suggestion for Daily Paul Mission Statement 22:33:23
Terror lurking in a Christmas tree? Israel tries to ban non-Jewish celebrations 21:33:16
NY newspaper runs interactive map with names, addresses of gun permit holders 21:03:58
Ahmadinejad's: "Wipe Israel off the Map" Quote Discussion 20:53:06
Apparently exercising my rights was rude and unwelcomed 20:44:39
Video Goes Viral: "Celebrities Call to Ban Guns From Government" 20:30:09
Guns Make Us Less Safe 20:26:26
H... Birthday Fed Reserve Merry Redacted! 19:46:33
Why Should Anyone be Surprised That Congress Has No Credibility? 19:26:53
The history of WWII as a facebook posting, this is funny! 18:48:03
Halloween decorations carry haunting message of forced labor 18:19:05
... 18:15:19
It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness 18:02:42
Ron Paul Comes Out Against NRA Plan 17:53:11
It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff - It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness 17:15:09
Those Gun Control Crazies 17:04:33
Amateur Investors Are 3.2 Percent Worse Than Chimpanzees At Picking Stocks 16:29:06
If Alumina is the Substance Used in "Chemtrails" 15:48:17
FDA close to approving genetically-engineered salmon 15:35:51
In Defense of Piers Morgan 15:35:49
So, the Eagle Snatches Baby video is a Hoax... 15:00:24
I Apologize! Sandy Hook Massacre An Intricate Cleaning Job - Multiple Shooters - Multiple Objectives 14:39:40
Boy Uses Dad's AR-15 to Shoot Invader - THIS is why we have the second amendment 14:22:48
Loaded Guns, Loaded Kids _ What is the root cause of mass shootings? 14:11:10
Anonymuous: A call to arms against the New World Order 14:00:22
The Fed’s Orwellian Claims About its Transparency 13:14:06
Why Is Democracy Held In Such High Esteem When It’s The Enemy Of The Minority And Makes All Rights Relative To The Dictates Of T 13:07:12
Join Folding@home for Science, Ron Paul 2012 Team 12:45:56
Rand Paul: Don't Start Foreign Aid Cuts with Israel 12:29:20
NeVer Trust Anyone Who Attempts To Disarm You! 12:16:46
A Very TSA Christmas Video: "I saw Daddy pat down Santa Claus" 11:48:39
Church Of Scientology Is Being Investigated By Homeland Security Over Human Trafficking Allegations 11:04:31
Firefighters shot in Rochester when responding to fire 11:03:57
Armed Task Force to Patrol Streets -Martial Law in Arkansas 10:28:17
Merry Christmas – Jesus as Our Libertarian Friend 10:27:27
The Fundamental Differences Between Us 10:14:28
A Dream of Liberty - Wolfe Tones. 09:12:38
NDAA Provisions are a direct attack on FIRST amendment rights as well as the 5th 09:04:45
Legalize marijuana for recreational use in the state of New York 07:55:20
. 06:23:58
. 06:08:32
Rust Belt Fields 05:27:23
. 05:09:00
Teams from a US Army brigade heading to 35 African nations to beef up anti-terror training 04:55:06
113 Likes = WH Petition against AIPAC. 03:38:02
Pro Life Progressive Music Video 03:34:18
Case of the missing memory stick costs 120K pounds 02:50:48
Ever swam in a Chinese Public Pool? 02:45:06
There is Only One Question: Where is the Surveillance Video? A Demand. 02:27:21
Kmag Yoyo 11:42:06
White House Petitions Don't Show Last Names. Why? 02:15:09
Emergency Patriot Information Alert 02:03:46
Community Currency Startup 01:09:30
More Info on Chris Rodia. Great Video and Investigation 01:09:14
Liberty Amendment Logo Contest - voting is open! 01:05:46
America’s Hype over WMD: Five Invasion Plots, Three Continents, Identical Lies 01:05:34
A soldier's dream of home 01:02:54
Little Victories 00:42:08
Rodia was APPREHENDED at Sandy Hook! (Registered owner of "Adam's" car) Important update 00:33:07
Father of Columbine victim Rachel Scott speaks out. 00:15:39
Drudge Report: Son: Romney Didn't Want To 00:01:11