Posted on December 26, 2012

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U.S. To Hit Debt Ceiling December 31st 23:04:06
FEMA Was Running a "Drill" Between 9am and 4pm on December 14th, in Connecticut! 21:37:22
Resistant Superweeds that Monsanto's Roundup Can't Beat 18:31:59
Peter Schiff: We Can't Solve Our Problems Without Going Over A Cliff - CNBC 12/26/2012 17:30:00
Free State Project is winning 16:06:34
Video: Canadian MP Lays Waste To Keynesianism 17:16:08
Ron Paul's Final Question: Is There Any Explanation For It All? 15:00:51
Obama a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, says Oliver Stone 13:22:17
Brits Counter Petition: We Don't Want Piers Morgan Back 12:02:18
Watch The USS John C. Stennis (UPDATE) 11:23:31
The Grinch who Stole the Fourth Amendment: Congress Schedules FISA for Thursday 14:23:10
I'll Match $400 to Help Liberty Delegates Travel to RNC Winter Meeting in NC to Lobby Against GOP Power-Grab Rule Changes 05:48:20
Israel and Iran: A love story? 02:32:28
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'Gangs destruct Syria on behalf of Israel' 23:27:06
America, This Should Chill You to the Bone 23:10:46
Jfk Vs. Hwb 23:10:43
Sandy Hook Hoax: Gene Rosen Theatrical Actor Is CEO For CTV21 Newton Ct Video 23:02:49
Best Joke: "...explaining that its air and naval forces had mistaken the Liberty for a much smaller Egyptian Navy ship." 22:30:17
U.S. Can’t Account for $200 Million in NATO Gas Receipts for Afghan Army Fuel 22:23:38
Government is stealing 100 million dollars from future generations with each passing hour. 22:16:02
Sandy Hook - "No Assault Weapons Used." 23:24:40
Prominent libertarian Thomas DiLorenzo voices support for 9/11 truth 21:29:18
The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information 21:03:39
LA Conducts Gun Buy Back Program 21:00:14
Plato's Allegory of the Cave - and You 20:54:26
Anarchy in the NYC 4/20 20:48:26
Navy SEAL (and Patriot) needs your help - calling on all Liberty minded friends! 20:46:56
Propaganda Video: Five More Stupid Things About the 9/11 Truth Movement 20:38:11
Sandy Hook Wounded Witness Natalie Hammond and Other Witness: Where Are They? 20:25:56
Fiscal Cliffhanger: Approaching the Event Horizon 20:22:15
Ben Swann: The Truth Behind the 2013 NDAA - The Feinstein/Lee Amendment 20:01:18
Video: It's all fun and games until someone goes over the cliff 19:58:24
George H. W. Bush's condition worsening 19:38:42
Why Do People Need Assault Rifles? That's the Wrong Question to Ask 19:29:47
Who will be replacing Ron Paul in the 14th District? 19:26:36
Electoral College results-Did Ron Paul get any votes? 18:22:18
CA Lawmakers Take Aim At Gun Rights 18:04:19
Marines to undergo random Breathalyzer tests 17:57:14
Not the Onion! UK Doctors Call for Ban on Kitchen Knives! 17:27:04
Michael Franti Oh My God 17:16:11
-Video- Santa Arrested! 17:09:19
Fooled Again: Six Weeks After Reelection, Obama Sells Out Liberal Democrats 16:37:38
Feinstein & Cuomo Admit Planning Australian Style Government Gun Buy Back 16:30:08
'Barefoot Gen' author dead at 73 19:11:43
One Reason Socialism Will Continue to be Rejected by the Productive 16:01:28
Constitutionally, Speaker Boehner Should Not Be Making Pre-emptive Tax Concessions 15:26:49
Social Security Ran $47.8B Deficit in FY 2012; Disabled Workers Hit New Record in December: 8,827,795 15:02:45
Are You Going To CPAC 2013?: Reflecting on the Ron Paul rEVOLolution and why it is so important today (Video) 14:52:16
Fiscal Cliff Marketing 14:37:42
While You Are Distracted Obama & the NDAA is Destroying the 2nd Amendment 14:36:33
Frank Schubert (NOM) is a Lying Little Pig 14:29:39
Republicans Join Democrats to Destroy Second Amendment 14:27:41
The Awakening - 2012 Crossing Over - A New Beginning. 14:26:51
I Guess It's a Good Thing They Have 'Gun Control' 13:15:25
Police: NBC Asked For High-Capacity Clip But We Denied The Request. David Gregory & NBC Knowingly Violated The Law. 13:11:13
China's Bullet Train Leapfrogs America's Amtrak 12:52:16
ALEC Alert! Alaska likely to see more legislation from Outside group 12:45:39
It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness 12:42:57
W.H. Petition: 'Press Charges Against David Gregory' for Breaking D.C. Gun Laws 12:42:28
Children of President Obama, media elite go to schools with armed security guards 12:17:32
Over 70,000 sign petition to deport Piers Morgan 12:08:02
The Problem 12:27:34
Thank You! President Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy 10:04:31
9-1-1 vs 2nd Amendment - 09:07:18
Prominent libertarian Thomas DiLorenzo voices support for 9/11 truth 09:04:38
Names and Addresses of Gunowners Published 08:54:00
Sally Cox - Sandy Hook school nurse with no nursing license 08:43:31
Recommended Watching: Four Horsemen (Documentary 2012) 08:07:01
2A 07:39:15
Support The Troops - Repeal The 3rd Amendment 07:07:45
Demand Celebrities Go * Themselves Extended Cut 06:13:13
White House petition to deport Piers Morgan soars past threshold 05:38:36
UBS Libor Manipulation Deserves the Death Penalty 05:36:19
David Gregory Can't Be Arrested Because DC Police Can Not "determine whether the object was an actual high-capacity magazine" 05:16:06
Facebook "likes" and White House petitions. 04:03:03
peace if you want it you must fight for it ! 03:54:43
Bruce Robison : Travelin Soldier 03:40:11
If the Government and the MSM want Us to believe them they should... 02:14:41
Stoney Larue : Blind Man 02:11:28
Tax REVOLT Needed by April Or King George will take us down. 01:54:33
Slaid Cleaves : Green Mountains and Me 01:26:15
More Fox lies about Ron Paul 10:28:40
Why the Photos Should be Released: Is Sandy Hook a Double False Flag Against 9/11? 00:32:59
Cannabis Cures Brain Tumor of Toddler? 04:09:06
How to power small electronic devices with a bicycle 18:32:54
The JFK Murder and George HW Bush's Connection, Nixon Staffer E. Howard Hunt's Confession 23:54:19