Posted on December 29, 2012

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Piers Morgan: Deport me? If America won't change its crazy gun laws... I may deport myself 23:27:49
Naomi Wolf: How the FBI, With the Big Banks, Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy 19:50:00
"NO Guns for Negroes" - excellent video breaking down the the real reasons 16:58:14
Another County GOP Is Turned! 15:14:41
There are two civil wars going on right now: In the GOP and the Democratic Party 12:37:56
We Are Change: Best Confrontations of 2012 11:54:08
Instragram Loses 25% of All Users in Aftermath of Privacy Rule Change 08:54:56
Buchanan: Most Honest Person of 2012 "Ron Paul" 07:26:41
Iceland puts a banker in jail! 08:20:49
A New Year's Resolution for Liberty: Let's Play To Win 02:25:53
How to Defuse the Debt Ceiling Time Bomb 02:19:44
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And The Truth Shall Set You Free! Watch This Mainstream News Clip- Unbelievable Truth! 23:21:08
Question for Law Enforcement: Is This Any Way to Handle Evidence (Rifle in Lanza Trunk) 23:10:05
By the Numbers - Forecasts by Citi and IMF 22:52:01
Any truth to this ? Obama not a NBC 22:31:04
Another Conspiracy Story Spelled Out On The 1914 10 Dollar Bill 22:30:21
How much more fascist does it have to be? 22:04:50
in 2013 21:54:47
Video: Forget the 'Fiscal Cliff' - Debt Ceiling is Much Scarier 21:51:51
Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence 21:44:56
Pentagon: Central America Deadliest 'Non War' Zone In The World 21:36:17
Why isn't Obama targeting $2.6 trillion in Corporate welfare? 21:30:32
County Building Right Next to City Hall: Takeover? 21:27:38
Quotes that sum up the essence of Ron Paul 21:21:23
9/11 Was Planned 21:21:04
Quotes that sum up the essence of Ron Paul 21:18:24
The IMF "Whore From Hell" On "The Future Global Economy" 21:03:54
Why Marijuana is illegal - Joe Rogan (Video) 21:03:39
The one thing Congress CAN agree on is violating your privacy 20:53:55
Montel Turns The Tables On A Fox Morning Television show 20:49:26
Comedian Katt Williams 'How Do You Keep Kids Safe Without Guns?' 20:43:22
What If God Is A Brutal Authoritarian? 20:39:28
Bloomberg Employee Shot In Batman Massacre Has Connections To Sandy Hook 20:36:26
American drone killed 11 Yemeni Civilians, including a woman and 2 children 20:27:57
Why the Greenbackers Are Wrong - Tom Woods 20:07:19
How the FBI Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy By Naomi Wolf, Guardian UK 29 December 12 19:55:00
Man to government: Take my money 19:38:39
On January 1, regardless of fiscal cliff negotiations, Americans will be hit with a $1 trillion Obamacare tax hike 18:53:07
Pledge to America: No gun confiscation (by an Oathkeeper) 18:40:36
The aquatic ape theory, weekend watching 18:39:09
One in 12 in military has clogged heart arteries 18:38:08
France's Tax on Rich Declared Unconstitutional! 18:35:34
The Magna Carta - basis for Common and Constitutional Law. Is it valid? 18:33:09
California gun sales jump; gun injuries, deaths fall 18:22:39
Congress Arrested On Manslaughter Charges 18:19:24
NRA and Larry Pratt were right months ago 18:17:00
Something Nice To Listen To 17:55:16
Flashback: Libertarian Party's Ron Paul Sends "Dear Frank" Letter 17:46:14
California gun sales jump; gun injuries, deaths fall 17:36:34
Win For Property Rights in Iowa! 17:29:14
Gun Control: The Right Argument? 17:11:24
Activists voice dismay as Senate renews government surveillance measure 17:01:49
Rumi - Poem on Death, Dying and Grief 16:45:51
Journal News To List More Gun Permit Holders After Uproar 16:24:37
Obama administration needs to explain drone strikes 16:18:48
Watch This Movie! "Seven Days In May" 15:54:44
WRVA Richmond VA Loving on Rand Paul 12/29/12 15:51:57
On Nuclear Weapons And The 'Well-Regulated Militia' 15:44:10
Are we in hell? 15:34:05
Penn Jillette destroys a panel of idiot women: Sandy Hook WATCH! 15:30:37
The San Antonio Theater Shooting... 15:12:03
New German Machine Gun (Video) 15:05:58
Adam Lanza's dead body to be used to criminalize innocents who have similar gene 14:58:18
FDA secretly legalizes GM salmon during holidays while nobody was watching 14:55:30
Fiscal Cliff Image 14:46:54
Lies and Gun Control Statistics 14:43:45
"Al Qaeda" AKA Cia Love Child disbans 13:21:55
Marijuana Policy Project Details Next States to Legalize 13:04:59
Philosophy is Not a Waste of Time 13:02:58
Track me if you can: Ever wonder how you can disappear and start over? 13:00:59
Financial advice for a new college grad. Please help! 12:49:30
Advice for a new college grad. Please help! 12:47:26
The Problem with Rand Paul 12:27:01
Invoking Sandy Hook, California seeks 'Ammunition Purchase Permits' "for the sake of our children" 12:26:45
The Time Is Now 12:18:15
Rand Paul: Congress Doesn't Deserve To Manage Any More Money - 12/28/2012 12:15:30
Language is virus 12:04:02
Doug Stanhope - Liberty (re)Defined (Uncensored) 11:59:43
The American Patriot - Another great cartoon from Kevin Tuma 11:59:08
How does one go about being a "truther"? 11:50:44
Robert Wenzel: "The Problem With Rand Paul" 11:45:35
My favorite gun quotes... 11:40:30
Bill Would Exempt SC-made Guns From Federal Rules 10:51:32
Insider: Obama To Fully Engage Gun Owners with Armed Feds in 2013 10:42:13
All American Gun Owners To Be Registerd Like Sex Offenders! 10:38:31
Bill Cooper foretells of school shootings in 1991 book 10:23:43
Ron Paul on international conspiracy to overthrow our government 10:01:00
Please stop associating Ron Paul with conspiracy theories 08:52:31
Ron And Rand Paul Among Most Conservative In 112th Congress According To The ‘DW-NOMINATE’ Statistical Method 08:34:47
Wright's Law: a Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons 08:31:19
A Quick Look At "Treason" 08:22:20
How the real Crocodile Dundee died. 05:21:13
Nigel Farage exposes EU shill. 9/10/2009 04:57:44
Doctor Says I Have Tumor- Chemo Only Answer (final update) 11:35:04
Tea Party's Judson Phillips: Republicans put up the worst candidate in history in Romney. 04:17:58
gun debate all in one 04:15:22
The Federal Income Tax Scam 04:05:25
On Mathematics - Kind request for double checkers 03:14:34
Betrayed while asleep, 17 Afghan... 03:00:19
Facebook bans Gandhi quote as part of revisionist history purge 01:36:27
What do you think of this flag design? 01:35:06
Dennis Kucinich interview regarding fiscal cliff, interventions, congress w/ out Ron Paul and himself 01:32:52
Oliver Stone: The US has Become an Orwellian State 00:38:39
I need help with websites involving law enforcement. 00:20:02
Your tax dollars at work in Syria 00:05:51
Most Honest Person Of 2012 "Ron Paul" 00:03:03