Posted on December 30, 2012

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Why New Year's Resolutions Rarely Work 20:58:36
My New Year's Resolution: To Harass DC Politicians To Follow The Constitution 19:17:40
Fiscal Cliffhanger: Lieberman says no deal tonight 18:51:00
Judge Napolitano This Month 18:14:53
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: New Year's Message to Congress 17:53:53
Amazing! Read This: America's Founding Fathers Knew This Day Would Come... 20:20:11
Big Pharma Profiteering off Pentagon 15:59:47
ACLU & CCR Lawsuit: Drones Killing Americans 10:37:08
Quotes that sum up the essence of Ron Paul - Houston Chronicle 06:22:08
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MAC on Feinstein's bill (video) 23:55:23
Just heard from our National Committeewoman that Rancid Prepus is running UNOPPOSED for National Chairman! 23:37:19
Coast Guard Fires Commanding Officer Of Seattle-Based Cutter Mellon 22:36:14
Piers Morgan secretly loves guns 22:33:59
Patriots are not only watchful of government... 22:27:45
Advice for joining local GOP 22:23:57
The Three Stages of Marriage (Video) 22:07:28
Thought You Might Like These (Video) 22:02:46
A Wake Up Video. One Guy Trying to Make a Difference. Spread it. I did. 22:02:32
Sandy Hook False Flag Psy-op - Ken O'Keefe 21:59:04
Sen. Rand Paul On Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill 21:55:19
Is there a new oil and gas boom for Ca. in the near future? 21:52:13
Obama's NLRB Plays Santa To Unions 21:46:24
Important New Information about Aspirin 21:43:20
Hillary in hospital with blood clot from concussion; George H. W. Bush out of intensive care. 21:36:19
1982 - Hafez Assad crushed rebellion in Hama 21:26:44
... 21:18:05
No Ammo Any Where Around Me In South Carolina! Sold Out 20:58:18
Judge Dredd: Is a Public Official With a Lethal Weapon Judge, Jury and Executioner? 20:52:23
Where's dducks? 20:28:02
This is What the Elites Think and Fear! from A Bug's Life 20:24:11
I just want to say thank you! 19:44:35
Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion 19:37:19
The best pro gun argument ever? 19:34:56
Ron Paul: Abortion and Liberty 19:16:12
Why Clarence Page contradicts himself 19:06:11
British Doctors Call for Ban on Long Knives to End Stabbings 19:05:55
Susan Ferrechio has no opinions she will share 18:58:03
Fred Barnes contradicts himself on redistribution 18:53:10
Feel good song, for a New Year :) 18:40:59
Democrats Won't Sign Petition to Ban Guns from Government 18:31:18
K - Eye Report: Mercury Is Good For Your Kids (Video) 18:26:41
Actor Gary Oldman accused of being too right wing and a fascist 3/1/2012 18:26:00
The Mayans Were Right. The Poles Are Shifting. 18:09:42
Gerald Celente on Fox: 2013 more of the same, but much worse 18:09:17
Houston Chronicle: 50 Classic Ron Paul Quotations 17:55:15
highway perspective of Russian TY 204 plane crash 17:51:20
. 17:30:11
Power Warps The Human Mind 16:39:05
Corporate Frauds Watch on Doug Wead 16:36:50
Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom 16:28:45
Ron Paul's Speech on STEROIDS! 16:25:45
If you like your AR, you may want to get one of these while you still can... 16:06:12
Copwatch: These Streets are Watching 15:52:18
Ron Paul on Gay marriage 15:48:02
Spreading Freedom 1 drone strike at a time! 4th extra-judicial killing in a week for Yemen. 15:47:58
Another Reason to Be Glad Romney Lost 15:29:51
One man stood up tall for our Liberty 15:07:34
Drug Cartel, Gun Trafficking, operating mainly out of Fort Greely, Alaska 14:55:31
You'll like this ...Hope this lightens your day 14:52:35
Obama Blames Benghazi Attack on 'Sloppiness,' Says Investigation Turned Up 'Some Very Good Leads' (Video) 14:41:46
Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946 - WW2 Vets defend LIBERTY with 2nd Amendment 14:32:24
More Obama Lies: The United States has sent its military forces to Chad under the pretext of protecting lives (Video) 14:30:27
Family of 6-Year Old Sandy Hook Survivor Seeking to Sue State for $100 Million (Video) 14:24:50
"Chickenhawk" by Roy Zimmerman 14:23:34
Ron Paul's Farewell Speech Being Re-aired on C-SPAN Right Now 14:19:12
Obama To Put Full Weight Behind Feinstein Gun Confiscation Plan (Video) 14:13:37
I am an American 14:11:46
Subpoena for Obama to be in Court 3Jan & produce documents. 14:03:13
. 13:59:11
Obama wants new gun legislation: "There will be resistance" says Obama. 13:56:17
Anatomy of an Air Attack Gone Wrong 13:46:15
There is a war raging and it’s for your mind 13:21:11
The effectiveness of the liberty movement in a new Republican majority 13:19:21
“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it." Dr. Josef Mengele 13:03:34
Convention on Genocide (1948) 12:48:18
Grandpa's got a gun 12:25:34
One of my DP Posts was the top article on Freedom's Phoenix Global Edition for Sunday :) 12:20:03
Prominent libertarian Thomas DiLorenzo voices support for 9/11 truth (VIDEO) 12:08:49
Syrian rebels ‘beheaded Christian and fed him to dogs’ 12:04:00
History of the Bush Family 11:25:29
Richard Gage New 10-minute Showcase Video 11:23:10
How the Chinese are turning worthless US fiat into tangible US assets 11:13:04
Army Support Of Civil Authorities (U.S. Army Doctrine Publication) 10:04:43
FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy with the big banks themselves. 09:22:20
Russian plane crash caught on camera (plane does not vaporize) 09:06:50
The Gold Confiscation Myth (Watch! It applies to guns, too!) 09:03:32
If you don't like and respect our Republic, The Constitution 08:39:58
To Help You, Help Us 06:35:45
Today Your Lucky Silver Dime Was Worth $2.17.1 05:42:12
Michael Rivero guest on Coast-to-Coast AM 12-30-12 @ 1:20 am ET 02:22:40
Busted: The Rifle Found in Lanza's Trunk is Not a Bushmaster. 02:18:39
Anti-gun hypocrite 01:45:36
You may be a Terrorist if.... 01:31:09
Real Raw Milk "Facts" Campaign? 01:27:56
WhatReallyHappened's Michael Rivero on Coast To Coast AM 10pm P - 1am E - Live Here 01:00:26
The Calling: It is Time to Wake Up 00:17:42