Posted on December 31, 2012

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WYFF Ch. 4: Chris Lawton, Ron Paul supporter talks about the "Fiscal Cliff!" 22:26:04
NY Times Calls For Scrapping Constitution 17:17:32
Drone War Spurs Militants to Deadly Reprisals 15:55:46
Diane Feinstein: "I Carried A Concealed Weapon" (Video) 14:17:17
US Government murdered more children at WACO than were killed at Sandy Hook 12:29:43
The New York Sun: America Defaults 11:12:32
Here is to all my dear friends in the revolution whom have and continue to change my life. 21:58:20
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First They Come For Your Hatpins... 23:51:37
A "Deal" Has Been Done In Our Names 23:30:22
Ground Zero on now...Listen live@ 23:23:31
Senator Rand Paul: Fiscal Cliff "Deal" is a Joke 23:14:14
Single? Libertarian? Obviously Most of us are not Feverishly Looking for Love but Can We Find it at the Daily Paul? 23:01:34
Quark Tells His Nephew Something About Humans 22:56:39
Krauthammer: Obama showed ‘incredible arrogance’ in ‘astonishing’ press conference (VIDEO) 22:50:21
Peter Schiff: US Economy Living On Borrowed Time - CNBC Dec 31, 2012 22:49:25
On 1-2-12 at noon the NHLA is hosting a Meet The Legislators event in Concord, NH 22:44:49
Theocracy - Absolution Day 22:40:18
McConnell, Biden reach tentative deal on sequester 22:32:12
Emergency Dairy Bill Blocks Farmers From Milking Their Customers 22:32:01
Peter Schiff 2013 Market Predictions 22:24:01
Martyr - Theocracy (Christian Metal) 22:14:37
Does America Need Another Declaration of Independence? 22:09:03
Theocracy - Little Drummer Boy 22:08:29
Hey everyone it's New Years Eve and I'm right here on the Daily Paul! 22:03:31
Tax Increase Deception (14.7% equals 5%) 22:03:01
Al Qaeda in Yemen offers bounty for U.S. ambassador (WE Created & Control Al Qaeda!) 21:44:16
Ban 2013 - Very Important 21:36:06
Rand Paul: The President Is The One Who's Created This Fiscal Cliff - Dec 31, 2012 21:30:41
Rand Paul: Taking More Money Out Of The Private Sector Is A Bad Idea - 12/31/2012 21:30:08
Supressors 21:24:17
Carl Levin Recall Effort Falls Short, Activists Undaunted 21:21:32
Piers Morgan Self Defense Dojo Grand Opening (parody) 20:50:36
ZH: US To Officially Go Over The Fiscal Cliff 20:43:53
"Turn them in" says Feinstein.(Flashback) 20:27:24
Dobbs: The left/right fiscal cliff scam 20:16:34
The next step? 20:05:26
Rick Santelli -When Leaders Justify Their Actions based on Fairness,Liberty is at Stake-Video 20:05:06
112th Congress expires on Jan 3, 2013 as one of the most unpopular in history. (18% Approval) 19:52:54
Fiscal Cliff: Ron Paul says New Year will be rung in by capitulating spending cutters 19:44:19
Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran 19:14:35
Connecticut AG: State Isn't Liable for School Shooting (But We Will Restrict Law Abiding Citizens From Carrying Guns) 18:59:37
Skull & Bones/Bohemian Grover George H.W. Bush ranted about "weird cultists" in classic case of Psychological Projection 18:19:57
Letter from the President - Chad War Powers Report 17:57:59
News, Breaking - Earth orbits Sun 17:53:47
We already went over the Fiscal Cliff 17:53:19
Presidential Proclamation - 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation 17:35:25
Whats up with Israel Anderson of Ron Paul Flix and Ron Paul forums? 17:22:14
Treason On The Potomac: Are The 3 Branches Of Government agenda driven? 17:02:53
D.Rockefeller & the Looting of Iran (USA has cornered the markets on Drugs, Oil, and Corruption) 16:58:00
. 16:43:38
here come da judge 16:40:29
Gonna Build A Smokehouse 16:31:10
What is Your Voltage? 16:24:18
Video: Chemtrails Everywhere Today. What! 16:21:17
Rand Paul accuses Democrats of raising taxes just to ‘stick it to those rich people’ (Video) 15:59:18
Ferengi Discusses Earth Economics( Star Trek) 15:48:38
Israel develops medical marijuana that does not get you high. 15:45:45
Brits Warned US- Don't Give Up Your Guns 15:40:14
My New Year's Resolution: To Treat Others with Kindness 15:26:11
What Causes People to Smoke? (Audio) 15:04:02
The Year In Liberty 14:43:39
The results are in: More guns sold mean fewer guns deaths, injuries 14:31:09
Happy New Year Middle Class: The Fiscal Cliff Is Going To Rip You To Shreds 14:24:51
Gun Confiscation = Act of War 14:14:50
Obama authorizes five more years of warrantless wiretapping 14:13:57
Dick Sporting Goods Facing Customer Outrage Over Gun Ban 14:12:25
FDA approves first new tuberculosis drug in 40 years 14:06:10
Harvard University study shows no link between guns and crimes rates. 13:42:58
Philadelphia School District May Close 37 Schools 13:28:37
For all those who think we are running out of oil 13:23:28
Diane Feinstein Gun Ban 1995: "Mr. and Mrs. America, Turn 'Em All In" (Video) 13:15:45
Ron Paul Continues Fight to Audit the Fed - An Interview with Lew Rockwell 13:07:18
Lots of good comments against FISA & Obama on this Huffy Po article 13:01:08
Difference Between Constitutionalist and Anarchist? 12:58:18
Gun Control: Inside the Liberal Mind 12:55:50
I Did Not Pledge My Allegiance 12:55:14
The Constitution Sucks? 12:51:34
2012 year in review on Canada Live 12:50:57
Happy New Year Everyone! 12:38:44
Outlawing Guns in Cities = Requiring Cell Phones only locked in Trunk 12:24:41
Redeeming Lawful Money audio interview 12:20:28
To A Peaceful, Prosperous, and Rebellious 2013 12:19:17
Constitutional law professor wants to abandon the Constitution 11:55:32
Why Ex-Feds and Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding 11:38:34
What Facebook Shares With the Cops 11:22:42
Ron Paul #1 most talked-about Texas politician of 2012 11:07:28
What is the future of the assault weapons ban issue? 10:54:17
Media Ignores Shooting Stopped by Law-Abiding Gun Owner 10:45:03
Big Sis Spy Drone At Vikings-Packers Game? 10:40:56
NC Police Lieutenant: 30-45 days until Martial Law 10:14:29
The Tri-Command Strategy and Merging U.S.-Canada Arctic Foreign Policy 09:58:11
Origin of chemtrails? Documents reveal US government spraying citizens. 09:25:57
Ok, I now see... 09:22:44
Obama: ‘I Cut Spending by Over a Trillion Dollars in 2011’ 09:11:58
Sailors sue Tepco for lying about radiation exposure - local media does subtle spin 08:59:37
Imagine the State eliminating cash altogether & replacing it with electronic transactions 08:14:54
Poll: Obama, Clinton Still America's Most Admired Persons 07:50:25
Macedonians call on government to resign. (Rulers: Our serfs are so cute...they think we care) 07:45:14
Boy, 13, Arrested for Posting Video of Fight on Facebook 07:28:33
Beck interviews Jillette - very good interview! 07:05:51
The truth about bankers! 05:23:40
Ron Paul: Fiscal cliff is fight over power 05:08:49
How Would Gun Confiscation Play Out? 03:29:28
Please help me respond to a "well meaning" friend about libertarianism 03:25:58
Let's Help Lew Keep Spreading The Message ! 03:14:40
Just Give Me One Good Year 03:01:06
ISP Walks Out of Piracy Talks: “We’re Not The Internet Police” 02:52:37
Joe Biden tried to ban email encryption back in 1991 02:49:03
Assault weapons...banned! 02:40:22
Shall Not Be Infringed ! 02:20:25
The most important thing we can do. 02:13:25
Time's a wastin 02:03:58
Pediatricians say kids need recess during school 02:02:53
Adam Lanza's body claimed in secrecy? 01:58:59
Chris Duane looking forward to 2013 01:52:52
It's been a long year 01:31:06
Bin Laden... who? 01:01:37
I Gotta Feeling 00:54:33
The Act of 1871 The American Scam Revealed (Video) 00:30:41