Posted on February 13, 2012

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Ron Paul Talks Election Fraud & Delegates on Cavuto - 2/13/12 22:26:28
Ron Paul Balloon Kicking Video - Great! 21:02:50
RP Supporter Chairman of Belfast Maine Caucus Calls State GOP to Confirm Vote Tally, result "not even close" to the actual vote! 18:59:39
Update: Upstate NY Sign Wave- Dress For the Weather 17:56:35
Santorum vs. Paul - Pass It Along! 18:01:00
Judge says stop sending emails to FOX! New post on his FB! 16:12:43
Bangor Daily: More Fraud - Paul would have 2289 to Romney's 2283 14:05:31
CPAC: Retired police officer explains how big money lobbyists keep pot illegal 11:44:06
NEW VIDEO - Ron Paul: Uniting All People 14:33:34
Lets Make it Happen! - Adam Kokesh gives a great speech 00:53:34
Air Force Lt. Colonel Kwiatkowski (ret) Will be at the Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops March - Feb 20 13:48:20
The GOP Can't Complain When Ron Paul Supporters Cry Foul 09:50:59
Troops for Ron Paul March After Party: Aimee Allen, Jordan Page, Golden State & More - Feb 20th 14:39:17
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RT: Ron Paul could be the real winner of Maine caucus 23:58:27
Washington County ME: Won or Lost in 2008? 23:57:08
Audio of ME GOP Chair Charlie Webster's 9/2/11 WGAN appearance: 23:50:34
Charlie Webster Radio Interview 9/9/11- Clearly Attempting Voter Suppression 23:47:14
The Empire Of Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul And The Sacred Fire Of Freedom 23:39:12
Charlie Webster Interview on Howie Carr 23:32:15
Why did Rand Paul endorse this guy? 23:23:55
Recent Quotes around the web 23:18:49
College students focus on Ron Paul as 2012 presidential candidate-to-be 23:16:45
From the Twitterverse: Ron Paul Haikus (#RonPaulHaiku) 23:03:54
Rand Paul and Interviews at CPAC 23:03:41
CPAC Should Be Labeled NeoConPAC 23:03:32
Article: Ron Paul supporters to GOP establishment: "No one but Paul" 22:59:17
I'm trying to figure out if all this strain and disappointment is the result of some 22:42:04
Bangor News: Maine GOP Caucus Faces Criticism 22:37:28
Daniel Hannan has endorsed Ron Paul in interview on youtube with Cavuto 1:20 22:27:31
Jan Helfeld Irritates Howard Fineman LOL 22:25:11
*Ron Paul Song* 22:03:44
Nation Review Calls For Gingrich To Leave 22:01:33
Zombie Workers, Zombie Votes 21:54:45
Mini-Ron Pauls We ARE! 21:53:58
Videos That Explain It All 21:52:12
Top donors for all presidential candidates 21:50:51
G. Edward Griffin interviewed on Russia Today! 21:48:38
Jacqueline Smith for Freedom and Against Rob Bishop 21:48:05
Ron Paul - Charlie Webster Interview on Howie Carr - 2-13-2012 21:47:40
What to do with case of Super Brochures? 21:46:51
interesting video 21:37:35
Freedom Watch last show tonight 8:00 EST - NOW 21:27:13
Are you watching the Final Freedom Watch? 21:26:30
Middle Eastern History (changing hearts and minds) 21:21:07
You know what is the coolest thing about Ron Paul? 21:18:45
They're coming for your portfolio 21:11:33
No armchair quarterbacks, please 21:09:28
Why Veterans For Ron Paul? Here's why! 21:07:54
BREAKING NEWS: Fraud Proven: Webster AND Quatrano Caught in Lies 21:02:45
Will history remember Maine 20:53:04
Santorum earning delegates over phone? 20:52:17
Rothchilds Dynasty 20:52:01
CNN: If you're a conspiracy theorist your a terrorist! (video) 20:43:44
Interview With Charlie Webster (Maine GOP Chairman) on Howie Carr 2/13/2012 20:38:10
Why Hasn't This Video Gone Viral? 20:24:25
To 20:17:33
What About The Whistleblowers? 20:14:59
Google Paying Users To Track Their Every Move 19:59:38
BBV: Citizens Sue to Stop Gov't from Linking Votes to Voters 19:57:51
Ron Paul wins Maine by 6 votes 15% more votes found from sat. night check this link 19:53:28
The Maine Reason Ron Paul Will Still Win 19:47:19
Ben Swann talked to the head of the GOP in Maine! The New Reality Check is here! 19:31:06
Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks 19:30:58
Ron Paul needs signatures in Pennsylvania by tomorrow! 19:28:20
Media: Which Republican should face Obama this November? 19:20:33
I still like Mark Levin on Obama 19:12:07
Maine GOP may allow late caucus votes 18:56:37
Ben Swann has a new reality check tomorrow 18:50:23
Indiana Sec. of State Convicted of Voter Fraud - CBS News 18:41:22
★Drudge: Time to Take Down Santorum's Disguise 18:31:05
! Maine GOP Officials talking about the caucus in a public forum! 18:23:10
Golden State Performing Tonight in LA! 18:21:45
Santorum Surging according to latest Gallup poll. 18:01:42
Some may be "Blue Republicans" but I am more of a "Rogue Elephant In The Room" 17:59:48
Just in from Maine Portland Press 17:59:06
Christians and the Just War Theory 17:56:56
Get Your Boots on the Ground and Flood the Vote 17:53:50
I am going to see Peter Schiff in Houston tonight! 17:52:01
Check my Number Tally (maine caucus) 17:44:41
Adele Trashes Newt Gingrich at the Grammys! 17:38:09
[tube] Ron Paul Interview On Cavuto talking Maine Results 02/13/12 17:37:10
Amazing & shocking Interview with Aaron Russo by Alex Jones (better sit down) 17:34:28
Golden State to rock secret show at the LA phone banks tonight 17:30:25
Virginia - Will the Non-Romney crowd push Paul over the top? 17:22:48
What is really going on (Video) 17:21:30
Promoting Ron Paul's No One But Paul Money bomb Last Minute Ideas! 17:19:03
Now you get to pay to have the TSA molest you! 17:06:06
Obama Proposes Doubling Dividend Tax on Wealthy—Absolutely Insane 17:04:29
NJ Ron Paul Petition Drive 17:03:33
Even Paul Krugman notes that Maine Voters were Disenfranchised 16:57:37
Mitt Romney: A Piss-Poor Excuse For A Mormon 16:57:27
Middle Eastern oil would still flow if we adopted non-interventionism 16:48:55
The Ron Paul Revolution will be the GOP establishment in 20 years. 16:46:58
Dr. Paul's non-interventionism would work in the Middle East and oil won't be an issue 16:46:13
Ron Paul's Gold Movement: Do Young Voters Care? 16:33:05
Getting rid of the electronic voting machines... 16:17:02
Want a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 16:13:20
Obama To Unleash “Spin Teams” To Counter Campaign Truth Coverage 16:06:16
Tonight (2/13/2012), Last Chance To Sign Petitions And Help Ron Paul In Pittsburgh 16:00:11
Santorum downplayed the CPAC: Ron Paul had won it in the past by paying for participants’ tickets. 15:54:04
Global minimum tax, WH adviser says yes ! 15:53:00
Washington State Caucus March 3rd. 15:48:19
From WatchtheVote2012 15:46:57
How do we stop vote fraud? 15:44:38
Local Editorial, Southern Maine 15:42:24
NJ meetups 15:42:10
SC Primary Race was Rigged thanks to Electronic Voting 15:41:30
Feds Shut Down Amish Farm For Selling Fresh Milk 15:38:41
Ron Paul Can still win Maine! Chairman says he will count Washington County votes 15:29:56
Feds Shut Down Another Farm 15:28:14
Ron Paul could STILL WIN Maine. 15:25:52
Me and Hubby - our Valentines date for Ron Paul 15:25:13
CSM-"Did Mitt Romney steal Maine caucuses from Ron Paul?" 15:16:32
Ron Paul surprise visit at CPAC last weekend 15:14:07
Dylan Ratigan: The Answers are at the Community Level 15:04:50
Ron Paul Should Politely And Formally Ask Mitt Romney To Concede Maine Given The Facts And The Documented Shenanigans Involved 15:00:52
I Don't believe or Trust the PPP 14:59:06
ViDEO: Sheriff Mack opens up to Occupy LV,NV @ Const. Sheriffs Peace Officers Assn. Conf. 14:47:01
Veterans For Ron Paul March- Local Grassroots Event 14:45:02
Time to end Republican campaign and get third party movement underway? 14:37:26
Ron Paul Country Song by George Johnson 14:34:14
Tommy Jordan supports Ron Paul 14:30:16
Know Thine Enemy: Join The Obama Truth Team 14:27:28
Winning California's 172 delegates - how? 14:27:03
Rally in Maine this Sat? I'll drive from nyc. Room for 3 more 14:26:25
CPAC BOSS : "Jeb Bush May Be Nominee At Brokered Convention" 14:20:33
Call to RP Supporters 14:14:57
States introducing sound money legislation at constituents' request! 14:12:39
Maine Voting Monitoring 14:03:52
Why did we lose Daily Paul Site 13:47:54
Time commitment required for being massachussets republican delegate? 12:06:11
Bangor TV Poll: Should Maine caucuses re-vote? 11:45:41
Iran War Would Cost Trillions: Will the GOP Pay More Taxes for That? 11:43:27
I called Maine GOP 11:37:15
78% of ConservativeHQ Readers Say Ron Paul is Strongest Candidate 11:32:00
Labrador Returns 21 Percent of Annual Budget 11:31:40
Not high on math, but my common sense tells me, that % can go up or down in the results, but not the actual tally raw vote 11:15:26
Don't know how to explain this but it is not right. 11:15:13
On Main and the Vote - Keep it Simple 11:01:30
Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War 10:38:24
Revolution PAC & RonPaulGrassroots deleting Ron Paul Youtube videos for "copyright" 10:27:46
Republican Party Has Not Earned My Support Beyond Tenuous Association with Paul 10:25:21
I got a letter from the EPA 10:14:04
Paul Campaign Points To Anomalies In Romney Maine Victory 09:58:43
Gloves off at RevPac! 09:49:38
Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop Over Facebook Post 09:30:16
The New American Article - Was Maine Stolen From Paul 2-12-12 09:27:19
Delegate Count Thru 2-12-12 09:22:09
Urgent: Wash County Maine Caucus Voters 09:07:29
RED ALERT! Electronic Voting - Elections are predetermined - No way to win. 09:00:24
Romney Runs as an Outsider but Makes Room for Lobbyists 08:48:35
Rev Rick, Doggie Style 08:45:49
Tom Woods Videos On Ron Paul 08:44:01
"LOCKSTEP" by Ben Garrison 08:43:56
I slammed Bob Goodlatte 08:32:41
Maine GOP caucus results by county-2012 08:25:17
War & Peace - 2012 Presidential Election Candidates Compared [image] 08:09:15
Russell Kirk On Foreign Policy 07:18:25
Ron Paul, Rick Santorum Suggest Foul Play From Romney Campaign 07:09:49
LA Liberty HQ Grand Opening! 06:14:33
The Real American Revolution... 05:53:52
15 Million Plus. Lets do it again 05:53:14
Judge Napolitano asks his supporters to stop contacting Fox 05:37:49
When it doesn't work, do more of the same? 05:01:49
New Hope with Inundation of new Trolls. 04:28:23
the book on Mitt Romney 04:20:44
Voter Fraud - Detailed Analysis 04:19:45
Occupy the Media! 04:11:44
26 Things Non-Paul Voters Are Basically Saying - Tom Woods 03:37:16
Iowa Campaign Vice-chair Elected Iowa GOP Chairman 03:21:10
You like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy 03:20:01
Why Romney's Business Background Doesn't Qualify Him To Be President 03:12:32
Ron Paul On National Race Cars AS ADS? Help! 03:08:59
Maine County Analysis: Why we're trailing - Waldo also underreported 03:07:36
Ron Paul's Debate Entourage - Bringing the Beat Stick 02:28:20
Big Laugh: Ron Paul and the Three Stooges (photo) 02:24:52
Petition To Count Washington County's Votes 02:20:42
University of Maine Caucus Facebook Group 02:06:52
canvassing 02:00:14
Breakfast with Ron Paul – Mesa, AZ 01:47:13
Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano 01:35:29
Ron Paul can still win Maine! There are 6907 Republican voters in Washington County, plus another 8247 that can vote! 01:24:06
It's clear the GOP is against Paul, so how far can this go? 01:23:56
Gingrich calls for mandated healthcare 01:16:12
Debt Based Money explained with sugar packs 01:07:18
Valentines Day 01:01:24
Ron Paul Supporters Lead County Republicans at Roundtable Meeting 00:57:41
Ron Paul Social Network 00:55:24
Help me get 420 downloads and I'll personally donate $2500 to RP2012! 00:51:30
Interview with Amy Tarkanian, former Nevada GOP Chair 00:32:06
The END of the 2nd Amendment debate 00:30:52
LL Cool J talking Ron Paul on Piers Morgan [Video] 00:24:48
BIG NEWS in Iowa! This slipped in under the radar! 00:14:12
Media schedules are apparently more important that voters' rights. 00:09:23
Where is Rand? 03:59:15