Posted on February 14, 2012

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A Message of Love for America 17:07:55
POLITICO: Maine objections getting serious? 23:10:06
Ron Paul Can Sweep North Dakota 14:33:31
BREAKING [AP]: Paul Campaign Meets Pennsylvania Filing Deadline 13:51:09
What happened yesterday when Mitt Romney showed up in Arizona? 12:59:34
The Judge's Final Word on the Last Freedom Watch! 12:33:20
A Valentine's Day Tale: Ron Paul at the drugstore checkout line... 11:29:43
Maine Election Fraud - Eyewitness Testimony 08:12:49
The difference between voter fraud and election fraud 04:17:14
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/13/12: The Latest Obamacare Overreach 00:46:46
Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul And The Sacred Fire Of Freedom 09:30:52
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Greece: A real-time education on why the US needs to cut spending NOW 23:52:29
End This War - Veterans Support Ron Paul For A Reason Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops event REMINDER 23:48:46
Why Did Petraeus Fire the Auditor Charged with Stopping Flow of Pentagon Funds to Taliban? 23:36:47
Spread these Image 23:36:37
Tony Bennett for Ron Paul? 23:36:23
Anyone got the link for the Reality Report, I have not seen it yet 23:25:41
I finally figured it out... 23:22:12
First time poster and first time donor 23:19:01
—"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like... 23:07:25
Cnn Poll: Ron Paul wins again 23:02:55
Motley Crue,Red White and Crue 23:01:58
It's time for Santorum to be taken down several notches: it's time to educate America about his record & lack of electability! 22:53:11
Veterans Valentines Media Blitz - Adam Kokesh W/Alex Jones & Scooter McGee & More 22:51:15
Support Paulite at Repulican "Caucus / Straw Poll" in Amherst, NY 22:43:33
Why Young People Matter? 22:33:49
Rick Santorum would have a very hard time winning the GOP nomination with all the state ballots he is off 22:31:13
I Actually Like Rick Santorum 22:27:14
Is Google is censoring RP content? 22:22:20
BREAKING : 8 Indiana Residents challenge Rick Santorum's Ballot Access - including Ron Paul supporters 22:18:39
The Information Nation Feb 12 2012 22:03:15
Rick Santorum pretended to be a Veteran 22:01:05
USA TODAY (blog): Are the Maine GOP caucus results in doubt? ‎ 22:00:53
Active Duty Troops To March On Whitehouse (Video) 21:54:57
urban dictionary pro paul? 21:52:43
Doug Wead on Maddow at 9 tonight 21:47:14
Can anyone from Cinci Live Blog tonight? Ben Swann 21:43:14
Passing the Torch: The Legacy of Ron Paul 21:38:39
Freedom Watch - New or Rerun? 21:31:44
Nationally Known Christian Producer Justin Machacek Endorses Ron Paul For President 21:31:37
The Interior Dimension of Libertarianism 21:30:52
"You Can Either Stand With Us Or With The Child Pornographers" Canadian Lawmaker 21:25:52
Looks like people may be having second thoughts. 21:25:45
"Ron Paul vs. Goldman Sachs" 21:23:41
Reality TV's latest show: "Survivor Pundit" ? ? ? 21:10:34
Active Duty activism 21:02:46
Gingrich supporters organizing for Ron Paul in Virginia 21:02:07
Ron Paul Powercast: Million Dollar Marathon Video Webcast 21:00:37
New article and poll in Bangor Daily News 20:57:36
ALERT: Doug Wead on Rachel Maddow (MSNBC 9pm ET) tonight (2-14-12) 20:57:16
Obama Justice Dept to Sheriff Joe "Take down Grassfire petitions" 20:49:09
Incredible 1948 Cartoon Short 20:37:34
Obama Calls Tax Cuts Government Spending 20:34:21
Ron Paul soldiers on despite lack of first place wins 20:29:31
Rockingham County Commissioners to debate UN’s Agenda 21 plan tonight 20:15:19
80 Foot Sign in Arizona 20:04:32
Ron Paul’s Last Hurrah-To Run Third Party by Justin Raimondo 20:02:10
11 Year Old Smashes The State 19:54:00
Ron needs to be at the 17 county Reagan Dinner in Traverse City 19:42:36
How can we CAPITALIZE on this? 19:38:57
Transcript of Chris Waltzek Interview with Ron Paul 19:37:31
Bloomberg: "Santorum’s Electability Pitch Undermined by 2006 Senate Re-Election Loss" 19:26:28
Food Nazis At Work: FDA & USDA Strip Your Freedom of Choice 19:23:07
CNN poll has RP favorability highest among GOP, unfavorable lowest 19:19:52
Showing Rick Santorum some RONLOVE in Phoenix Arizona 19:17:34
United Nations assuming control over rural America (VIDEO) 19:16:31
NC school officials confiscate preschooler’s homemade lunch 19:04:58
Ron Paul Issues Statement on Latest Obama Budget... 19:00:46
Tweet Poll 18:58:28
Obama Cites Rising Gas Prices – Up 83 Percent Under His Tenure – Among Reasons to Extend Payroll Tax Cut... 18:56:13
Ron Paul Candidate to Run for N.D. House 18:32:45
Why We're NOT Gaining Ground? 18:26:37
Keynes vs. Hayek 18:16:27
Rand proposes amendment to strip all aid to Egypt 18:08:01
A moral and religious people 18:04:33
Interview with MEP Daniel Hannan on Ron Paul 18:04:31
New CNN/ORC 2/14 Poll, Ron Paul holding 3rd at 16% 17:53:47
They Don't Need Bailouts, They Need Jail Cells 17:52:31
Examiner - Ron Paul Supporters To GOP Establishment: "No One But Paul" 17:46:50
Pennsylvania Activism - Voter Registration Drive - Must be R to vote in Primary in Pa 17:38:33
Rand Delays Senate Business To Get Vote On Removing 30 Days Of Foreign Aid To Egypt Muslim Brotherhood 17:21:46
Just for Fun - A Valentine to my Laptop! 17:20:24
WHAT: Coulter a closet Paulite? 17:12:34
A brokered convention with Ron Paul holding the chips? 17:10:47
Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal 16:28:10
Active Duty Troops to March on White House 16:14:22
For Yooper michiganders 16:06:24
For Liberty 2012? 15:55:48
Pressure mounting for GOP caucus reconsideration 15:54:21
Ron Paul In Seattle WA Thursday the 16th at 7:30pm! 15:49:36
Ron Paul Campaign Applauds New Iowa GOP Chairman 15:45:02
SANTORUM: "I fight against libertarian influence" 15:39:35
Man Calls Suicide Hotline; Arrested, Cops Trash House Looking for Gun 15:35:24
Missouri is saying NO to Obamacare 15:32:32
BREAKING: Psycho OC, CA Sheriff's Deputy murders unarmed USMC who was getting HIS Kids into HIS Car! 15:21:54
Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh - Live Q&A via video feed - 15:16:45
I'm Outraged! : U.S. Marine Murdered By Police, Unarmed and In Front Of His Children 15:13:58
Justin Riamondo's latest comments on Ron Paul and the direction of our R3VOLution 15:11:17
Cripple the MSM! (mainstream media) 14:59:49
The R3volution can and will be televised 14:59:01
GAME CHANGER: FREE $10 (up to $60) from AMEX PayPal clone, turn around and DONATE TO MONEYBOMB! ;) 14:50:53
FLASH! Alex Jones Promotes 'No One But Ron Paul' MoneyBomb Today (video : GHoeberX) 14:50:25
Don't Forget There Is A Maine Caucus This Thursday Too! 14:29:06
Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks! 14:28:00
Vote Discrepancy Breakdown Town by Town 14:12:18
Get Your Neighborhood Health Food Store into the Revoluion 14:09:02
A STREAMLINED APPROACH during debates AND TV 14:08:38
Urgent! - Dr. Paul Needs A Few Of You 14:08:38
Very disappointed in many Ron Paul supporters 14:08:08
Urgent! - Dr. Paul Needs A Few Of You 14:05:22
Get something for your donation! 14:00:00
Santorum "the most corrupt politician" gets $3 million in 3 days! What are we going to do? 13:57:30
Politics Q&A: Senator Rand Paul 13:54:29
Only Ron Paul's serious about Syria: NJ Star Ledger 13:44:08
So lemme get this straight ... 13:42:05
ATTN: Pennsylvania Ron Paul Supporters 13:40:45
Dave Mustaine Is Hoping To See Rick Santorum In White House 13:37:34
How To Double Your Money Bomb Donation (NO COST) 13:36:50
LATimes: 30,000 Drones that Congress recently OK'd for CONUS? It was ALWAYS meant for You! 13:34:11
1.8 Million Dead People Listed as Active Voters, Says Pew Center on the States 13:28:05
Invest LIKE Dr. Ron Paul, become a Millionaire with REAL Money! + GoldSeek Interview 13:25:06
A day on the job 13:19:25
Santorum: I was AGAINST bombing Iran, before I was for It! By the Way, I LOVE the Shah! 13:18:13
Coalition of Patriot Groups Unite to Oppose NDAA 13:12:26
Going Off Grid - Montana Style! 13:04:21
Stop Crying About Maine And Get Focused 13:03:53
FLASH! Adam Kokesh On 'Alex Jones' Show 2-14-12 10:15 - 10:47am CT 13:01:17
New York Times comments section Trollz. lulz. 12:58:47
Indy Film about Gingrich in Space: "Iron Sky," a Spoof about Nazi MoonBase, a Hit... w/Germans! 12:49:24
UPDATED: Email Discussion with Family/Friends 12:39:15
Charlie Webster Gets Earful for Lying About Voting on Radio Show 12:26:00
#40dollars 12:09:52
Idea for fundraising? 12:08:11
No one But Paul.. 12:05:54
CSPAN live stream, Ron Paul Republican Convention, Guest Speaker Judge Napolitano 12:00:08
Rhode Island - Time get Delegates on the Ballot 11:57:13
We can win in Washington State!.. 11:52:56
Samuel L. Jackson - Read Between the [bleep] Lines [bleep]! 11:46:50
Tom Woods guest hosting the Peter Schiff show and talks to Lew, The Judge and whether Maine was stolen from Ron Paul 11:44:16
Keynesians Jump the Gun 11:42:21
Dateline Valentine's Day, 1842: What's New? 11:39:01
ATTENTION: If you live in Maine and your city will NOT hold a caucus, you can still get VOTES for Paul, but this is URGENT. 11:32:07
Man is arrested for cooking chicken? 11:31:42
Instead of Cspac etc. Its time to hold Ron Paul Republican Conventions, RP Democrat Conventions Etc 11:23:43
Eight Presidents Who Opposed A Central Bank (Federal Reserve) 11:16:53
Rallying Cry From the Convention Floor 11:15:51
REASON: Who won Maine? 11:15:21
Ron Paul’s Our Man 11:10:39
Please remember, when you feel powerless about the 2012 primary, this is all about a new faction, a new Party, Its the Ron Paul 11:08:56
What do we think about this article/economist? 10:58:26
Romney banner 10:54:35
Corrupt Nevada Politician Meets with Michael Corleone 10:46:18
I like Paul Krugman. Even though I hate Paul Krugman. 10:35:32
Maine Is A Charlie FOXTROT 10:29:46
The world votes in the US Republican primary 10:24:06
Dear Domestic Terrorists and Sovereigns! 10:17:10
Ron Paul BLACKOUT back on!? 10:17:09
We need Missouri Ron Paul supporters to check in with their Counties NOW. T minus 1 day. 10:07:26
MAINE ought to DECLARE Ron Paul the Winner. 10:07:20
Let's quit talking and start acting 10:01:27
[VIDEO] Conservative British Politician Daniel Hannan Speech at CPAC 2012 09:25:27
All this means nothing if we don't make up the 190+ votes in these late counties 09:22:34
Breaking: Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France! 09:09:30
A Discussion about 'Love' for Valentine's Day. 08:49:10
I have a feeling. 08:47:17
Just need one Sheriff 08:33:24
Iowa House panel OKs sale of raw milk 08:33:05
Economists to WSJ: Fed’s Low Rate Plan May Create Crisis 08:17:43
I just had a great idea! 07:44:34
►Radio Interview: Maine GOP Charlie Webster Interview | Howie Carr Show 07:36:25
Maine GOP to consider counting late caucus votes 07:32:51
Is Western Democracy Real or a Facade? asks Paul Craig Roberts 07:22:15
Great articles to share with your liberal friends 07:21:16
ATTENTION Clark County, WA and Portland, OR supporters! 06:49:23
Other DP-like party sites... 06:46:24
Maine Republican Party Must OFFICIALLY Announce Ron Paul The Winner Publicly 06:36:43
Happy Valentine's Day - Keep spreading the message with Love ! 06:30:43
4.6 Billion aid proposed for Afghanistan ! 06:21:01
Ron Paul supporters doing their thing in Westminster California aka Little Saigon 06:11:21
Pew study: 1 in 8 voter records flawed 06:03:48
Please Vote In My Local Paper's Poll 05:37:58
For Liberty Re-cut - Ron Paul 2012 Handout DVD HD 05:18:26
A Great Ron Paul video 05:07:48
Get ready for a new war - Israel Embassy in India attacked by car bomb ! 04:45:39
Educating the Citizens 04:16:17
Promote the money bomb reaching over 50,000 For Free! 04:04:51
Virginia Governor Opposes NDAA Nullification Bill 04:03:23
RP campaign: hire private investigators and file lawsuits NOW! 03:56:31
Game Theory for Paulistas 03:52:37
Tennesee Takes Action Against NDAA 03:51:07
Michigan local news video 03:45:06
who communicates with the campaign 03:23:41
Red State rips Santorum to shreds 03:06:17
Judge Napolitano: Please stop emailing Fox NOW! 02:35:09
Reagan vs. Santorum 02:32:02
Black this out 02:30:29
Judge Napolitano & how to get fired from Fox Business in under five minutes 02:25:20
Deadline To Register Republican For Massachusetts Closed Primary Is Tomorrow (2/15/12) 02:20:51
New Michigan Poll! 02:19:08
Only Ron Paul is touch with the reality of war, that is why is the Veterans' Choice 01:59:43
"We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore." 01:59:37
EndGame HQ full length version 01:54:19
ABSOLUTE PROOF That Ron Paul Won the Maine GOP Caucuses 01:35:46
SPOILER: How a Third Political Party Could Win 01:33:51
Check out my rocket stove 01:09:35
A good way to get the word out about the fed 01:08:36
Recomendations For Paul Supporters In Washington County 00:58:37
Easy Mitt Counter argument 00:55:43
gota love Max Keiser report 00:50:51
deleted 00:48:51
Youtube- Pretty Drastic 00:40:53
Why Santorum is supposedly surging... 00:35:48
10 years after decriminalization, drug abuse down by half in Portugal. 00:34:16
Ron Paul rates highest 00:25:44
What do you think about this animation I made? 00:20:47
Maine Senator, Kevin L. Raye, says Washington County votes Must Count! 00:17:44
Redstate Just Kicked Paul supporter Out 00:08:53
Waldo County, Maine - HOLY CRAP 00:05:50
[Video] Augusta, Maine WCSH NBC 6 on Caucus Controversy 00:05:16