Posted on February 15, 2012

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So I was elected a delegate in MN What can I expect next? 22:07:54
Bus. Insider: Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It's Driving People Insane 21:01:53
My History Teacher Mentioned Ron Paul 3x Today! 20:46:40
Maine GOP going down for the count. Business Insider: Romney Campaign Likely Pushed Maine GOP Not to Count Paul Votes 20:35:57
Maine GOP adds missing caucus votes, but won’t release updated vote count 18:15:08
Ron Paul Talks Gold, Fed Audit and the Economy on GoldSeek Radio 17:49:39
Ron Paul has the Highest favorability rating among all voters 15:02:24
Tatiana Moroz, Ron Paul and Music for the Revolution (Video) 13:09:43
Washington Times "Planet Paul" 11:59:41
Waldo County GOP Calls for Censure of State Chairman 13:46:40
My Call to Cancel TV Yesterday 02:52:10
Maine - And so the plot thickens... 00:08:34
Super Brochure as Guerrilla Advertising! 02:45:06
TSA Forces Woman To Use Naked Body Scanner Three Times Because of "Cute" Figure 00:07:20
Reality Check: GOP Scrambles Under Allegations of Rampant Election Fraud In Maine Caucus 20:40:29
Doug Wead Talks Delegates on Rachel Maddow / MSNBC 01:38:01
No One But Paul Money Bomb - Extended Through Friday 04:26:30
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[WTP] Demand Fully Public Elections! - Lawsuit to Ban All Voting Machines! 23:50:35
CNN Maine Results Map? 23:40:34
Maddow leads with 'Maine' 23:39:47
How many jobs would a Ron Paul economic plan create? 23:35:29
Should Ron Paul demand a new vote count in Maine? 23:27:23
Ron Paul Endorsed by Idaho State Rep. Phil Hart 23:21:19
Ron Paul Endorsed by Lewiston Idaho City Council Member Clinton Daniel 23:17:48
2009: Why does Iran need more potent uranium? Medical care. 23:17:27
Ron Paul In Boise, Idaho Sat. Night. Plus two endorsements 23:16:51
Ron Paul Endorsed by Idaho State Senator Shirley McKague 23:14:33
Ron Paul Can Win In NY, CA and TX 23:13:09
Ron Paul rally in Seattle 2/16/12. Neocons trying to DISRUPT! 23:11:48
Ron Paul reintroduces Parental Consent Act 23:11:44
CNN-2012-02-15: Dr. Paul Tops Poll Asking Who's Policies Favor Mid. Class (Includes Obama!) 23:00:45
Forget a 3rd Party: Let's keep taking over the Republican party: RP state, county, district & precinct chairs will stun the GOP 23:00:28
Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP 22:58:38
Urgent: We Need Callers to WIN Maine! 22:54:25
We are winning more than the election - here are the facts - you decide 22:50:50
Hilarious - Charlie Webster : "Worse Person In The World" (video) 22:41:10
Rachel Maddow - email THANK YOU. 22:36:14
Arrested RP Supporter at AZ Romney Rally Interviewed 22:35:07
Another Obama lie another reason for Ron Paul 22:33:26
newt gingrich song gone viral 22:31:13
Doomsday Preppers 22:28:17
Maine GOP Headquarters:9 Higgins Street, Augusta, ME 04330 22:25:15
Greece - a pattern for the US 22:23:19
Stop Subsidizing the "world's defense" at tax payer's expense! 22:19:30
So they want to eliminate caucuses, can we eliminate primaries? 22:12:03
Maine GOP website Washington County Caucus- Comments Welcome 22:02:37
Free Birth control will increase health care premiums and create discrimination against women. 21:59:41
BI: Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It's Driving People Insane 21:56:42
Hart (R-Hayden) endorses Ron Paul 21:56:19
CNN Front Page Poll: Who will be the next GOP candidate to quit the presidential race? 21:52:58
We need fundraisers 21:48:15
Ron Paul vs Obama (GENERAL ELECTION) 21:45:58
Dept of Health and Human services are making inhuman child molesters. 21:45:33
Santorum's "Attack Ad" on 'Rombo' 21:42:02
Awesome graphic about US govt 21:38:53
Michael Savage anticipates that if Obama reelected that will be the last election! 21:38:40
Let's Make A Deal, Charlie Webster 21:35:19
Looks Like Ron Paul will not be in Maine this weekend. Spokene Wash. Friday. 21:30:34
Circumvent the MSM by contacting your local media through Facebook 21:28:01
Looks like a couple of Maine Republicans were vote frauded - wonder what they think of the GOP Caucus Fraud 21:27:44
Shah of Iran's son opposes (d) attacking Iran: 21:26:53
Video: Belfast caucus chairman talking about the need for Charlie Webster to Resign - WABI-TV 21:22:52
Freedom Watch/Judge Napolitano 21:16:52
Rick Santorum Cast Himself As 'Progressive Conservative,' Non-Reaganite In First Campaign 21:12:48
ROMNEY RENOUNCE his MAINE win and save his campaign? 21:00:45
Former CIA Agent's Message to America! GREAT LISTEN! 20:57:33
Should Ron Paul Pull a Ronald Reagan '76 and Go on Prime Time TV? 20:57:18
Not sure if posted-Which Republican candidate would the World vote for? You know! 20:43:40
The election fraud in Maine 20:34:22
Doug Casey DESTROYS the warmongers 20:33:57
Washington County results in 2008? 20:33:52
Washington county miane ;is just like Florida in 2000 ! 20:33:25
Child Abuse Rings: are Romney and Santorum Connected? 20:32:06
About time Santorum was exposed 20:25:39
Ron Paul Reintroduces Parental Consent Act Prohibiting Federal Funding For Psychiatric Screening Of Children 20:25:34
Libertarian Party mixing into Ron Paul stuff 20:21:13
The Topic describing the D.C. March on the 20th 20:21:10
This Will Make Your Blood Boil : Obama Pulls Combat Pay For U.S. Troops 20:20:28
Tony Bennett: Potential Ron Paul supporter? 20:20:22
"Watergate" voter fraud in Maine? 20:18:57
Presenting the Unofficial Ron Paul 2012 Playlist! 20:07:51
Roger Stone Quits Republican Party 20:07:45
Ron Paul Endorsed By Washington State Rep. Jason Overstreet 20:07:30
Americans Elect & RP - Yes or No? 19:56:29
Santorum in Idaho: One Ron Paul voter won! (Make that 2!) 19:52:38
Waldo County Republicans call for censure of state GOP chairman after caucus controversy 19:48:34
Rand Paul: Will We ever learn that You can't buy Friendship? End ALL Aid to Egypt! 19:47:53
Santorum: Birth control ‘harmful to women’ 19:43:19
Know thy Deadline 19:38:46
GOP spreadsheet: a proof of tampering? 19:37:23
Pat Buchanan: On to Tehran! Or is it Damascus? 19:29:13
Ron Paul Calling All Delegates: We are Winning the R3VOLUTION! (YOUTUBE VIDEOLINK) 19:21:16
Should Ron Paul demand a Maine recount? 19:13:44
Why Santorum is a Real Threat 19:04:46
Tim Kaine of Virginia-his petition. 18:58:45
Lew Moore heading up Gingrich campaign in Washington State 18:50:37
Ron Paul reintroduces Parental Consent Act, prohibiting federal funding for psychiatric screening of children 18:48:49
FBI Warns of Growing Extremist Threat: Us! 18:46:18
Indiana: Santorum's battle to get back on the ballot being challenged... 18:42:12
"Big Sis" Napolitano and DHS STOP 13,000 illegal 18:35:43
Listen up! Massachusetts registration deadline by 8pm, Feb 15! 18:31:17
Should the poor vote - Ron Paul? 18:23:19
Update: 32 VideoS! Revolution PAC PowerCast MoneyBomb! - Feb 25, 2012 18:16:47
If you could ask Santorum one question on camera, what would it be? 18:13:45
300,000 farmers suing Monsanto 18:10:57
Why Republicans Should Take Ron Paul Seriously 18:10:13
Vote for PPP to poll Washington this weekend 18:09:45
The great default 18:09:25
Guest Post: Bad Week For Freedom 17:58:00
End of Charlie Webster Facebook page 17:57:32
The Media Ignoring Ron Again 17:52:48
Ok, joke's over, bring back the Constitution now 17:50:36
HAARP has been out of service the last two days and suddenly... 17:48:04
URGENT: Utah Caucus Delegate Information 17:42:07
Send a FREE Febreze Gift Pack to the Troops (via Facebook and Febreze. not spam!) 17:34:24
More examples of media blackout on RP - what to do? 17:30:15
Spineless Americans 17:25:00
Judicial Watch sent out questionnaires to each candidate 17:22:25
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR:Should Ron Paul demand a new vote count in Maine? 17:22:00
After Nevada, wasn't the SuperPac suppossed to hire a vote-fraud-watching 17:15:55
The Facts: Day of Infamy - Saturday, February 11th 17:11:50
Ron Paul Responds to Obama Administration's 'Global Tax' 17:09:41
Ron Paul Endorsed By Washington State Rep. Matt Shea 17:08:56
Breaking: When You Include The Missing Counties In Main, Ron Paul Won By A Landslide! 17:08:06
Demand Charlie Webster GO TO JAIL! For Fraud Against The People Of Maine And America! 17:07:58
To all you Mainiacs: Who's planning the Ron Paul Party in Washington Co. on Saturday? 16:53:22
The Money Masters Are Living in Fear 16:52:22
Santorum is a "birther" 16:42:14
Cost of War 16:35:02
possible amendment to the constitution! please spread the word. 16:31:28
Christian Science Monitor : "Should Ron Paul Demand A New Vote Count In Maine?" 16:29:20
Ron Paul Endorsed By Washington State Rep. Matt Shea 16:24:59
Rising Price of Gasoline 16:21:22
How Will the GOP Hide Ron Paul's Inevitable Landslide in Texas? 16:14:58
Tom Woods, 2/15: ‘My Friends Dismiss Ron Paul Over Gold’: How to Respond 16:12:56
Farewell Speech Jefferson Davis 16:10:50
One Man's Terrorist: Episode 1 16:07:05
Poll Asking Who's the Most Conservative GOP Nominee 16:00:20
A Book That I’ve Written for Us 15:59:56
Can RP supporters break their $6 million fundraising record? Tell me how we do it. 15:57:53
Haverhill MA party change misinformation 15:42:23
Texas Primary 2012 May Slip Into May Or Later Because Of Redistricting Fight 15:41:08
Internet "KILL SWITCH" Dropped From Cybersecurity Bill 15:40:58
One Man's Terrorist: Episode 1 15:31:27
One Man's Terrorist: Episode 1 15:29:18
Love and Marriage - A Liberty Perspective 15:16:10
Iran Propaganda debunked in less than 6 minutes 15:08:25
Poll: Ron Paul Most Favorable Republican Candidate 15:00:11
The laws I believe Charlie Webster broke 14:57:37
No One But Ron Paul - Feb. 14-17 Money Bomb! 14:44:35
Your opinion on Ron Paul's support vs. Voting turnout 14:40:20 using the internet to spread RP message 14:36:15
BREAKING NEWS! Is Texas planning something underhanded? 14:27:39
We are missing out Tweeter 14:25:36
Ron Paul adds a Superdelegate! 14:25:10
Ron Paul Endorsed By Spokane County Treasurer, Rob Chase 14:20:52
~Keep It Going, Don't Stop!~ No One But Paul! 14:17:42
Ron Paul Endorsed By Two Eastern Washington State GOP Committee Members 14:17:24
Ron Paul Wins Support of Eight Spokane County Republican District Leader 14:13:54
Ron Paul Wins Maine! 14:09:56
IMPORTANT: Government Inspection Agents being posted in schools! 14:06:07
Proof of Inflation: Obama wants cheaper pennies and nickels 13:59:15
Oh Fudge! 13:57:34
National GOP: Santorum 39%, Romney 27%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 10%... 13:44:12
RP Omitted By 2 News Stations in Columbus OH and 2 Local Papers 13:42:56
Washington and Super Tuesday: My Thoughts on our Strategy 13:36:20
Ron Paul should contest Michigan - Please Upvote! 13:30:39
The Federal Reserve’s Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33% 13:28:45
Wasn't the majority for war with Iran just a few days ago 13:23:31
A brokered convention with Ron Paul holding the chips? 13:23:18
Valentine's Day Love story 13:22:42
NEW: Feb. 10-13 CNN Poll puts Ron Paul first 42% Likability 13:22:15
Judge Napolitano - "So Long America" : Only Truthful Mainstream News Show Ends 13:16:28
Paul Supporter running for Ohio Office! Help her out! 13:05:38
Support The Free Independent-Sun/Ron Paul Road Warrior 12:52:44
I have just signed up 12:52:25
The Foreign Policy of Ron Paul 12:52:03
Actual Election Score Card 12:51:36
Gingrich supporters organize to vote for Ron Paul in Virginia to take votes from Romney! 12:45:56
George Soros Endorses Mitt Romney (video) 12:45:52
Rick Santorum INSULTS the Tea Party (video) 12:44:52
Needed for Maine This Weekend: One-Sheet Explaining Delegate Process 12:35:31
The "END VOTE/ELECTION FRAUD" Awareness Campaign 12:32:28
Why feed the trolls and the negativity? 12:28:34
Voter Suppression in Iraq, Afghaninam... and Maine? 12:26:50
New Vid: Fox Focus Group Loves Ron Paul But Prefers War Propaganda 12:22:32
Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers Caucus States 12:13:35
Are You the King of Your Castle - Or Just One Of the Serfs? (Robb Ryder: Plea of the Crown) 12:07:15
Charlie Webster Interview on Howie Carr about Rigged Caucus - 2-13-2012 12:06:52
Marketing for Ron Paul Campaign 12:06:46
This may be a perfect move for the Campaign to take control of his Foriegn Policy problem! 11:58:50
RT: Two million dead Americans set to vote 11:54:26
Edit Wikipedia 11:52:13
Vote On This POLL! Local MICHIGAN News don't vote for Ron! 11:41:46
New As Maine Goes Forum Thread: "Ron Paul Supporters Allegedly Issue Death Threats Against Charlie Webster, Wife" 11:36:31
AP Photo: Ron Paul, R-Texas, Kicks Balloons From the Stage 11:36:04
Someone who knows how to make videos 11:33:47
Is Ron wrong about 9/11, or are you? 11:21:46
How to become a delegate for New York? 11:10:18
The war you don't see 10:58:43
Ron Paul on Goldseek Radio with Chris Waltzek 2/13/12 (Very Good Interview) 10:58:16
Maine GOP Rigged Election 10:56:10
Rand Paul Interview on Fox News 2-15-12 10:46:09
InfoWars Video: Romney's Billionaire Super Corrupt Contributor 10:35:07
An easy way to help Dr. Paul 10:05:21
On Radio Today In Delaware! 09:57:22
Is it time? 09:51:30
A rational plea to fellow conservatives 09:44:28
active duty Ron Paul videos 09:42:04
Pay someone to Campaign? 09:36:27
Alright who wants to guess when/if Maine GOP chairman Charlie Webster will resign ... 09:25:39
2012 Presidential Candidate Fundraising Summary 09:20:21
Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul, Top Contributors - Banksters vs Americans 08:50:43
Pressure mounting for MAINE GOP caucus reconsideration (This is BIG) 08:47:55
The Blaze: "Santorum’s Fiscal Record Not in Line With Tea Party" 08:44:21
Further proof of voter fraud. please look so upsetting. 08:33:00
Ron Paul Remains Competitive Against Obama in Latest Poll 08:28:47
Ron Paul Issues Statement on Latest Obama Budget 08:27:58
BLOWBACK on Facebook/Comments etc. 08:21:27
Comedian Louis CK accidentally makes a PERFECT joke about socialist-thinking 08:20:47
Canada introduces online-spying bill 08:14:37
Was Iowa stolen from Ron Paul? 08:13:38
A brokered convention with Ron Paul holding the chips? 08:12:06
Creativity Bomb - For the continuance of spreading the message. 08:06:03
Stricken Fukushima nuclear plant at dire risk of massive new earthquake, scientists warn 08:00:00
The Bush Family connection to Nikola Tesla 07:56:17
In light of this Moneybomb, I realize I cannot afford . . . 07:41:54
Interesting video about 911 Truth that also explains hostilities to "Blowback". 07:35:29
Poll: Obama's Approval Up, Beats All Comers if Election Were Today 07:29:20
Why the media censors Ron Paul by Ryan Dawson (Rys2sense) 06:58:33
Santorum Is Severely Wrong 06:09:23
Charlie Webster - Worst Person In The World 06:06:35
Chuck Baldwin withdraws from Fanning-Baldwin gubernatorial race in Montana 05:57:03
MSM Blowback.. Maddow Reacts On Behalf of GE By Having Doug Wead On Twice In One Week Telling Romney Supporters They Are Lazy! 05:33:14
The Only Problem With Ron Paul 05:17:19
Can someone Please tell me what states Santroum and Gingrich are NOT on? 04:59:46
Ron Paul Remains Competitive Against Obama in Latest Poll 04:41:09
The Serial Hypocrisy of Charlie Webster, Fraudster Extraordinaire 04:36:00
Our only Hope. 03:50:11
JPMorgan, HSBC Implicated by Informant Bank in Canada Libor Case 03:48:12
Money Bomb 03:25:22
Let the republicans keep cheating Ron Paul out of votes. We are in an incredible position. 03:21:22
Calling all Facebookers 03:21:09
Ohio Absentee ballot advice 03:19:55
A voter advocacy group who counted the Maine votes said Ron Paul won Maine with 43%, Romney 32%, Sanitorium 19%, Gingrich 5%. 03:12:43
February 14th, 2012 US Navy Faces Off With Iran at Strait of Hormuz: Patriot Games of Cat and Mouse Rule the Day (Video) 03:12:04
The enemy in the mirror... 03:07:35
Dr. Ron Paul should march with the troops on Washington D.C. on Feb. 20! 03:04:40
USA Today: PEW Study - One in EIGHT Voter Records Flawed [No, You don't say!] 02:58:48
Eddie Dillard in Florida? 02:58:02
Ben Swann What a real journalist looks like! 02:55:03
WaPo: Santorum Charity spent most of Its Money on Admin, Political Friends! 02:37:34
OccupyLV meets with Sheriff Mack & Sam Bushman 02:28:57
Maine Reality Check from Ben Swann - make this viral ! 02:21:25
I think this is why the "No One But Paul" didn't turn out as well as expected 02:12:42
Mitt Romney Loses Michigan, He's Finished... 02:06:51
on star parody commercial 02:02:13
What Happened To America? 01:28:55
Ben Swann Reality Check: Vote tampering in Maine GOP caucus? Rigged for Romney? 01:17:53
NY GOP primary ballot 01:15:41
Just HAD to donate again. 01:12:22
Ron Paul's budget. 01:10:28
What could you buy today for #40dollars? 01:06:16
New Video: Fox Focus Group Loves Ron Paul But Loves Being Lied to With War Propaganda More 01:01:37
Open Democracy: The foreign policy of Ron Paul 00:55:23
Share voter fraud video with Drudge! 00:51:03
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Sucks 00:45:09
Foolish, Foolish Charlie Webster : Prediction - Webster Will Be Fall Guy For GOP Mafia Chieftains 00:36:34
CBS/NYT Poll explains why ignorant voters support Santorum 00:30:43
How I see this campaign 00:29:17
Proof Republicans are the party of big government: majority want to increase taxes on millionaires 00:28:56
Reality Check, Fraud In Maine 2/14/12 00:27:11
Libertarians: What People Think I Do. 00:21:02
[Picture] Guerrilla Advertising! 00:17:19
Ben Swann- Maine Election Fraud Reality Check 00:15:25
Doug Wead on MSNBC 2/14/2012 00:11:04
The Wisdom of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 00:01:30