Posted on February 17, 2012

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Ron Paul Draws More Than 2,000 Voters To Moscow Idaho, Doubling Expectations 23:33:59
Iran is going to get interesting 16:05:39
Upcoming - Maine, 2nd Half of the 1st Quarter... 18:26:36
Hayek Social Change Theory in Action 18:19:55
Hornberger Nails NeoCons by Asking, "Who Won WWII?" 13:44:00
Chris Matthews Censors Ron Paul 11:02:51
Judge Napolitano - What If? (typography) 10:42:30
3,000 Turn Out in Seattle for Ron Paul! 04:02:24
Real Tear Jerker: Vancouver Washington - Ron Paul Supporters overflowing 03:54:43
Maine fraud goes mainstream: Chicago Tribune (Chicago wrote the book on voter fraud) Update: Also in the LA times! 02:44:55
Feds succeed in destroying entire business of Amish raw milk farmer 02:23:42
Ben Swann Reality Check - Maine GOP releasing "corrected" numbers 00:40:17
1,000 in Attendance, 800 Turned Away in Vancouver, WA - What other GOP candidate can draw #'s like these? 00:01:05
Ron Paul Attracts More Than 1,350 Voters in Twin Falls, Idaho 04:20:51
What it feels like to be a Ron Paul supporter... 12:10:48
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Will February 18th Be A Historic Night For America? 23:56:18
Local Q13 Fox News' biased coverage of massive rallies filling venues in Vancouver and Seattle 23:55:48
From La Pine Or to Vancouver Wa on Empty 23:49:59
If Romney thinks he can beat Obama 23:49:27
California Delegate Process: Anyone Know/Link to Deadlines, Signatures, Process 23:45:02
CNN: Santorum gets no Endorsements from Colleagues 23:29:05
Rolling Stone: Obama's War on Medical Marijuana 23:26:05
Gas is going to be insanely expensive! 23:21:39
“Whiskey is for drinkin’, water is for fightin’ over.” 23:10:34
RT: Battlefield USA 2012 - Gerald Celente Predictions 23:09:03 One Subject at a Time Act 23:08:11
Charlie Webster Blaming "Spam" Folder for Maine Caucus Debacle - Al Sharpton 23:07:01
Vacation movie explains voting for Ron Paul 22:56:49
British show omits Ron Paul in a lampoon of the Republican presidential candidates 22:46:08
Mark Levin Wants You to Vote! 22:41:52
Think this guy's upset? 22:39:38
Ron Paul Finally Getting the Cash He Deserves 22:37:33
Paul Talks About The Federal Reserve in 1988 22:36:32
Unbelievable: Romney increases lead in recount, but new numbers likely to fan flames further 22:29:54
I joined my local elect ron paul group 22:14:41
HOW TO: Block Google (And Everybody) From Tracking Which Sites You Visit On Your iPhone 22:10:45
Brokered Convention? Keep Dreaming 22:09:37
Ron Paul will sell Yellowstone? 21:59:09
Ron flash Gordon Paul 21:49:31
Does anyone know RPs stance on additional unconstitutional wars? 21:45:18
Poor America Documentary: 'Some kids making ketchup soup' 21:29:45
Maine GOP Recount: "Vermin Supreme WINS!" Maine Caucus 21:15:56
Drudge has a story about Atheists marching on DC, and not us? Help me fix that? 21:12:53
Ron Paul in Reno, Nv February 2nd 2012 21:09:40
Anyone watching Final Freedom Watch episode? 21:09:38
Ron Paul in Reno, Nv February 2nd 2012 21:09:22
Can You Make A Phone Call To Three Friends Right Now? 21:08:55
Ron Paul speech in Richland, Washington, YouTube Video 21:06:53
Romney adwords on 21:00:46
Income Tax : The Root of All Evil & More a Top Ten Reading List 20:59:59
It appears that Romney's lead is shrinking in Maine 20:59:15
Santorum requests "suck protection" - Fox News 20:58:20
Good men are always getting sacked 20:46:20
Yahoo says Ron Paul WINS (in ND fundraising)! 20:45:03
RT America: Ron Paul might be the REAL Winner in Maine! 20:36:06
Fake US bonds worth trillions seized - ZeroHedge 20:24:51
Ron Paul media coverage is WORSE THAN a 3rd Party candidacy! 20:13:40
Kay Griggs - Homosexual Blackmail in the U.S. Government - How They Keep The Silence 20:11:40
Ben Swann launched a Youtube Channel - Lets Subscribe and Like some videos to show our support! 20:05:10
It's your time! It's liberties. Where you at? 20:02:52
New Numbers in Maine Reveal Romney's Reported 194 Vote 'Win' Over Paul Shrinking to Just 157 19:55:56
Maine Voters Please Check Your Town Here! 19:52:48
Welcome to a Brave New World 19:47:07
A few Polls that could use some attention. 19:39:41
Video blows the lid off Diebold machine vote Fraud 19:39:37
Forbes: "Liberty is Dangerous" 19:39:26
I love myself 19:31:29
Link problem TEST POST 19:12:50
Ron Paul's Chances at a Brokered Convention 19:09:16
The Man Who Would Be King 19:06:52
Michelle Obama shakes hands with man in Ron Paul T-shirt 19:04:39
Drudge: Michelle Obama greets Ron Paul supporter at WH 19:02:59
Don't Worry About Iran's Bombs 19:00:21
BREAKING - Jotform.Com Shut Down By Feds and GoDaddy! 18:44:10
Ahead of Saturday caucus, Maine GOP releases updated vote count 18:43:51
Drone Agency WROTE LEGISLATION Regarding Domestic Use 18:41:30
Maine GOP has JUST released updated vote count 18:30:46
Ron Paul Pre-Rally Clip in WA. 18:27:41
"Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul tell uncomfortable truths"- Examiner 18:25:17
Drudge: Webster says Maine caucus tallies caught in spam filter 18:19:47
Better Search Engine - DOES NOT spy on you like Google 18:14:00
Getting delegates and volunteers to further expand Ron Paul's message in your community 18:11:38
Karger releases MI ad attacking Mitt, Newt, and Rick...but not Ron Paul! 18:03:06
His Opponents Don't Even Know They've Been Beaten 17:58:03
Can someone tell me more about this guy and this site. 17:54:18
A big endorsement in homeschooling circles! 17:48:29
Ron Paul should tie Drug Legalization to SC Homemade Lunch Ordeal 17:46:12
Ben Swann is My HomeBoy! ALREADY covered Hayek vs. Keynes in Reality Check in Nov. 2011! 17:45:31 17:39:43
Georgia - First part of Delegate Selection Sat 18th of Feb 17:37:29
Charlie Webster is actually increasing Romney's lead, Disgusting 17:35:02
Strategic Prayer 17:33:51
Castellanos of CNN says Ron Paul is the only candidate that will reduce spending in absolute terms 17:23:37
Why aren't we "taking the fight to" establishment Republicans? 17:22:13
I need help 17:20:47
NYTimes Front Page: 17:20:43
Ben Swann's Reality check Youtube channel 17:20:11
Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It's Driving People Insane 17:11:05
NDAA PETITION - Bowling Green 17:09:30
Ron Paul Seatac, WA rally draws 2000! 17:03:40
Pledge of Allegiance 17:01:01
I use Ron Paul to teach English Grammar 17:00:42
Northampton, Massachusetts "opts out" of federal law 16:59:16
Waldo County Republicans Hold Firm On Censure of Charlie Webster After State GOP Promises Reconsideration of Bogus Caucus Totals 16:56:08
RevolutionPAC looking for donations to cover Maine/March on the White House 16:55:58
Politico—Maine GOP: Results Went to SPAM?! 16:51:56
Out of 8 music stars for Republicans, 5 for Ron Paul 16:51:48
8 music stars for Republicans- 5 of them for Ron Paul! 16:51:36
Adelson And Newt Know, That Tennessee And Gerogia, VA. Is The Path To The White House They Know It But We Do Not 16:49:14
CNN: "Maine GOP: Romney Will Maintain Win" • Webster NOW claims even BIGGER Romney lead after early "verifying!" LIGHT 'EM UP! 16:45:00
My Phone Conversation with a wonderful Maine State Committeewoman at Maine GOP HQ 16:44:23
FLASH! Virginia House Passes NDAA Nullification 96-4 16:39:49
[Video] We're in a Lot of Trouble 16:39:29
We All Must Learn About Grand Juries as Means to Enforce Constitution 16:36:34
When Newt Was Speaker.. 16:34:57
Name That Bus! 16:26:41
R3volution Pac needs donations (email) 16:23:51
Colonel's Wife Spills the beans on active military embedded in the courtroom 16:23:19
ALERT: Newt still in the Fight, Adelson drops ANOTHER $10 Million into his SuperPAC! 16:22:34
RT: Ron Paul Wants to End the War on Drugs (Pretty Good Article) 16:22:05
Change you can believe in! 16:19:59
US Military Issues Warning to Ron Paul Supporters 16:18:03
Rick Loses Market Value 16:12:04
It's now time for the Ron Paul campaign to legally challenge the vote tallies in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and Maine to start! 16:08:43
How does a Brokered Convention work? 16:01:06
Ron Paul Issues Statement on Latest CBO Report 16:00:12
Should Mormons vote for Mitt Romney? 15:55:54
Flip Flopping Ron Paul & Romney Votes? In SC, in Maine, in Nevada, and in Iowa? 15:51:52
Stand With Rand Paul 15:45:24
Tom Woods Radio Show! 15:40:55
Awesome Video From Vancouver Wa. 15:38:11
Ron Paul Endorsed By Spokane County GOP Vice Chairwoman Cindy Marshall 15:37:14
Lol! Charlie Webster says people called him 15:35:43
Google won't let Scroogle search engine operate 15:22:10
Ron Paul Polling Better Than Obama in Ohio 15:11:57
Unlikely allies in Virginia? 15:01:20
Tennessee is a major key to MARCH 14:59:28
Obama vs Santorum Facebook Poll 14:57:23
Webster STILL cheating! Says Romney will maintain win?! 14:37:04
Ron Paul endorsed by recent Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders 14:29:55
Pat Buchanan should endorse Ron Paul 14:26:01
Need Help with local Presidential Poll~ Mitt Romney 32% Santorum 51% Ron Paul 12% 14:25:09
Leaked Email: Military Top Brass Tell Troops Not To March In Ron Paul Rally 14:24:23
The Most Cost Effective Way to Contribute to the No One But Paul $Bomb 14:24:07
Maine GOP: Results went to spam 14:14:00
Ron Pauls plan to sell federal land 14:03:56
Kansas Caucus on March 10th. Total newbie here. Delegate questions 14:02:47
Former Va. Rep. Virgil Goode predicts close race between Ron Paul and Romney in Virginia 13:57:45
The Rachel Maddow Show - Doug Wead did not tell the truth 13:53:12
Texas Primary 13:40:01
Economic Hitman 13:39:23
Paulbots Infiltrate the White House 13:34:23
New Ron Paul Poll 13:32:08
Michelle Obama greets Ron Paul supporter at WH... 13:17:10
A Tom Woods Show? He Needs Your Advice 13:09:50
Foreign Policy WILDCARD 13:06:14
Newt to get fresh $10 Million from his money man. 13:04:31
*Ron Paul Will Hold Rally In Kansas City on Saturday 18th, 7:30 pm at Union Station* 13:04:29
Phone call from Tea Party? 12:55:57
Article claiming Santorum only conservative choice 12:51:35
RevPac fundraiser 12:49:43
The battle inside the Maine GOP continues 12:49:24
Update: $6T US Fed. Res. Bonds Seized Before Intended Plutonium Purchase 12:48:11
Ron Paul's Delegate Advantage 12:43:06
Let's see what F.A. Hayek had to say about inflation GOOD READ! 12:41:47
Ron Paul: Whites Sleep, Negro Blind 12:39:32
Fighting Election Fraud 12:39:06
Maine GOP chair: Romney will maintain win 12:38:59 Coverage of the Veterans March on the White House! 12:32:53
Washington County Votes Will Be Counted! 12:32:04
On Drudge ( CBS Seattle) Ron Paul : "Why Can't We Put Into Our Body Whatever We Want?" 12:30:44
Washington County Will Be Counted! 12:29:07
BREAKING : Pat Buchanan fired and dropped from MSNBC! 12:19:09
TREASON charges in Greece! (new link) 11:40:22
'No More Weapons!' billboard placed on US border 11:29:08
Last Post after One Year of Progressives for Ron Paul 11:22:46
Judge has been KILLING it on Freedom Watch all week. 11:14:06
Enough of the 9-11 truth propaganda crap against Ron Paul? 11:12:58
Out Of Step With Nation 10:43:41
Record $6 Trillion in Fake U.S. Bonds Seized 10:39:57
Has the deadline passed to caucus in Washington Mar 3? 10:20:41
FBI Could 'Shut Down' Internet For Thousands On March 8 To Eradicate Virus 09:52:37
Anyone else having a problem with OP links? MODS Please HELP! 09:34:35
The Puppet Show 09:28:24
Non-Americans United for Paul 09:25:59
Ron Paul in KC this Saturday Feb 18th 7:00 pm 09:25:21
Disenfranchising voters on national TV, and no one cares at all. 09:23:09
"Future Crime" & DUI Statutes - Ever See Tom Cruise's "Minority Report?" 09:22:51
US Military Issues Warning to Ron Paul Supporters 09:21:42
I pledge allegiance to the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC 09:16:28
Shippensburg University Students Hand Out Ron Paul Super Brochures on Campus 09:15:10
Failed links in posts 09:03:05
Rothschild loses libel case, and reveals secret world of money and politics 08:58:44
★ Rick Santorum Tax Returns Reveal K Street Pimp - Insider trading 08:38:11
Super Pac - Please consider making a Ron Paul housing crisis prediction advertisement. 08:25:35
9/11 Truth: Is The Ron Paul Campaign Missing the Boat, as well as a Majority of Votes? 08:03:15
A girls sanwdich gets thrown away by the school officials 07:53:18
Seattle Got Screwed. 07:48:35
Hilarious "Obama Girl" ad. She repeatedly calls him, "Barry" 07:48:01
Ron Paul to hold campaign rally in Kansas City Saturday Night 7:30 pm at Union Station 07:40:40
Look who they left out of the ad on Drudge. 07:35:59
Santorum's Moment of Descent - Dive! Dive! Dive! 07:30:28
Tomgram: Ari Berman, The Politics of the Super Rich 07:26:28
Greek Crisis - "Idiot from Brussels" :) 07:24:34
Is Obama is Worried about Ron Paul? 07:01:05
Is Obama is Worried about Ron Paul? 06:59:55
Constitution Party Hopeful Says VA Primary will be a Close Race 06:53:36
Ron Paul supporters overflowing in Vancouver, Washington 06:33:05
Ron Paul Responds to Obama Administration’s ‘Global Tax’ 06:18:32
Video:Michelle Obama greets a Ron Paul supporter during surprise White House tour 06:17:35
Ron Paul on Honest Money (1995), parts 1-4 05:50:17
Gold Standard Debate (1983): Ron Paul vs. Charles "Uh" Partee 05:42:02
Medical Microchip Implant. "Pharmacy On a Chip" 05:08:34
#Occupy90210: Turning Against Obama 04:59:37
NYT: Amid Rivalry, Friendship Blossoms on the Campaign Trail between Ron Paul and ... 04:56:47
TMOT: White America, Wake The * Up! 04:46:25
FBI To Blackout The Web March 8th? 04:45:06
Ron Paul. Madison Square Garden. 04:36:04
Fox News : Ron Paul Leads President Obama In Poll Of Ohio Voters 04:35:02
Ron Paul ROCKS Vancouver, WA 04:27:13
Don't let this fly under your noses.. 04:12:55
Ron Paul: A political force, a Republican blasting war 03:51:42
Fantastic video from Ron Paul's Vancouver, WA Appearance by The Columbian 03:50:38
25 Signs That The Nazification Of America Is Almost Complete 03:45:27
CNN Cancels March 1 Debate 03:45:15
The “elite” will let Ron Paul win, if they have to. 03:39:31
Look all the media that are picking up the Maine fraud! 03:29:34
VIDEO: Vancouver, WA speech! 03:28:00
Dr. Paul will visit Wild Wild Williston, ND on Sunday Feb. 19th 03:20:57
What will you do to help Ron Paul get elected? Wake up America one person at a time. 03:08:46
Ben Swann: Maine GOP releasing 'corrected' caucus numbers, why there may be a new winner Saturday 03:00:11
Exit and Entry Pollsters Needed In Washington County 02:43:12
Behind Newt's Contract Scam (Rolling Stone) 02:30:17
Ron Paul's Technical Difficulties Video Compilation 12:01:56
Ron Paul Speaks Outside Hilton Hotel, Vancouver, WA 02:15:01
Robert's Rules of Order: Study Sheet, How to Make Motions/Challenge the Chair 02:14:22
Please vote up Post-Gazette Poll 02:13:37
We need to do good in Maine on Saturday because they are going to try to screw us out of 60 votes in Portland 02:08:17
URGENT - Hancock County Maine Also Needs Work Today! 02:08:03
Michelle Obama Greets Tourists At White House Including Ron Paul Supporter 01:51:07
Massive turnout at Seatac, WA rally. Hundreds wait outside. 01:47:47
Taxpayers slapped with $32 billion bill to pay for TSA molestation of their children and seniors 01:43:49
The Deal with Jack Hunter: The Republican Mess 01:23:47
Reality Check: Maine GOP releasing 'corrected' caucus numbers, why there may be a new winner Saturday 01:22:21
Mitt Romney May Have Another "win" Retracted... 'The Rachel Maddow Show' 01:22:11
Short Story about Ron Paul 01:21:54
John Stossel Speech On Libertarianism 01:21:39
Headline Saturday February 18, 2012 : Paul Wins Maine, Romney, from Severely Conservative to Severely Damaged 01:18:11
Ben Swann - Reality Check: Maine GOP releasing 'corrected' caucus numbers, new winner Saturday? 01:17:29
Jon Stewart, Anti Dept. Of Education? 01:15:28
Details of Ron Paul's Boise rally released: Saturday at 12:30 p.m., CenturyLink Arena 01:15:02
Canada Seizing Property in Texas! 01:13:51
U.N. Plans Assad Assassination - Multiple Sources Confirm Ground 01:10:36
Confused about this whole "winning with delegates" thing? Here's how it works. 01:10:17
GOT to Hand it to Obama, These Guys Are That Sick! 00:59:32
Chuck Baldwin Left-right Paradigm Is A Hoax 00:58:56
Alert: Internet Blackout on March 8 00:51:55
Tell Drudge to cover MAINE! 00:47:58
1000% Chance We Win if We Do This 00:43:42
Shocking Report about South Carolina Vote Rigging 00:40:53
. 00:38:11
Reality Check: Maine GOP releasing 'corrected' caucus numbers, why there may be a new winner Saturday 00:37:57
Don't Be A Ron Paul Supporter 00:36:45
Shepard Smith: Drug War “Win the war? This is a stupid war. “We’ve lost this war. This war is lost.” 00:36:35
When Is The Last Time You Actually Bought A "Newspaper?" 00:36:18
Win a Free Trip to Watch Dr Paul at the Arizona GOP Debate! 00:32:09
Paul Gaining! I'm SHOCKED! (Ben Swann Report) 00:28:36
Dr. Paul picks up another 40 votes in Maine! 00:22:42
Thank you - Foster Friess 00:12:46
Ron Paul: His Opponents Don't Even Know They've Been Beaten 00:07:40
Nigel Farage Expressed Admiration for Ron Paul 00:06:14