Posted on February 19, 2012

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Sign Wave in Wasilla, Alaska! - Freezing for Freedom - Pictures 21:07:34
Seattle Times: Former Obama Supporters Look to Ron Paul for Hope and Change in 2012 16:29:49
I attended a GOP Meeting last night; this is what was said... 12:17:39
VIDEO: Dr. Paul on CNN State of the Union with Candy Crowley - Feb. 19, 2012 12:08:15
Gone Viral! Paul: U.S. "slipping into a fascist system" 01:33:22
Kansas City Ron Paul Rally - Over 3,000 in Attendance 22:00:06
Just got back from the Ron Paul rally in Boise. 00:18:11
It Always Begins with a Betrayal 09:46:17
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Michael Allison Still Faces 75 Years In Prison For Attempting To Expose Public Corruption 23:53:08
Game Show Host Chuck Woolery : Saving America One Step At A Time (video) 23:49:12
What's happening to Dr Paul in geek speak... 23:44:01
Ron Paul Says "Nein!" to a Lew Lehrman International Gold Standard! 23:34:23
Fox Focus Group Loves Ron Paul But Prefers War Propaganda Lies 23:32:03
New Moon Over Nashville 23:30:58
A picture of Mitt Romeny when not in costume.(all in good humor).. 23:25:03
Ron Paul – Our Robin Hood! 23:21:58
WaPo: When the Only Thing Standing between You & AK47 is an 'Auto-DoorUnLock' on Your Armored SUV 23:20:48
Two Senators Say U.S. Should Arm Syrian Rebels 23:18:06
Dont tread on me! 23:16:03
Ron Paul = Our Robin Hood! 23:08:12
Ron Paul not yet on the Montana Ballot 23:04:45
CHALLENGE RALLY! Pit supporters of all candidates against each other in one place, see who pulls in the most! 22:56:11
Rand Paul Vs Ron Paul 22:52:30
Ron Paul is trending #3 on Yahoo! 22:50:39
US, Britain to Israel: Don’t attack Iran 22:37:33
Texas GOP "plan" 22:33:51
For Those That Can..Who Believe 22:29:07
Paul beats all in Iowa including obama! 22:19:35
Romney - Serious Contender? 22:17:51
Obama terror drones: CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals 22:16:48
Best response to "Ron Paul is racist" 22:15:58
@Ron Paul Winning Live Tweets 22:10:39
With Mass Child Freezing Deaths, Proof of Mass Starvation, US in Violation of Geneva in Afghanistan 22:05:30
Rick Krankjorum 21:54:43
Ron Paul - Full Speech - Kansas City, MO 2/18/2012 21:31:51
Louisiana: TODAY is deadline to register Republican 21:31:15
Any Video Posts from these Huge Rallys? 21:17:25
MED - playlist with meditation and medication videos 21:06:23
The campaign needs money 20:56:38
Visualization of United States Debt 20:55:52
Video of Paul in KC 2/18/2012 20:53:54
Pep Talk and Cheers for Ron Paul! 20:52:53
Gun Control Upon Reelection 20:50:10
Internet Surveillance Bill, WORSE Than SOPA: Explained 20:32:07
Time to make a BIG noise about OPEN process in primaries and caucuses 20:28:50
Is Obama giving away 7 Alaskan islands to Russia? 20:26:38
A new word for those that support the GOP establishment via The History Channel 20:22:57
Easy Button ... for Ron Paul info or to link to any desired site 20:19:29
Free Super Brochures & Bumpers for Canvasing, Get them While Supplies Last! 20:19:11
Why we will never win a state 20:18:24
* Internet Bomb For The Troops! * 20:15:35
War on Drugs - It's not working! 20:08:18
The Honorable Ron Paul Endorsed by Missouri State Rep. Paul Curtman 20:05:11
Would You Kill an American Hitler? 20:03:49
Tell The World, Shout It From The Roof Tops : "Thomas Jefferson Lives!" 19:58:27
Wrote a song for the Doc... 19:56:52
Crude Oil at $105 19:47:03
Journo to Dr. Paul: What If Parents are TOO DUMB to HomeSchool? RP: What If GOVT is Too Dumb to Teach? 19:43:47
Ron Paul Announces Vp 19:27:10
New SMART Home technology 19:26:31
[heavily doctored video] From His Own Lips : "Barack Obama (AKA) Barry Soetoro Is Not A Natural Born Citizen" 19:21:45
Ron Paul likes 'status quo' Romney's management style... but that's about it [VIDEO] 19:07:09
Ron Paul has not selected his VP (Please vote up) 19:07:02
Obama giving away Alaska’s oil rich islands to Russia 19:06:54
New Info on the Texas primary mess 19:03:36
A Poem for the rEVOLution (My first forum post in DP) 19:01:14
Are SuperPacs trying to Intimidate Ron Paul Supporters? 18:59:15
Lets change Michigan 18:51:39
The Prez was born in Kenya - according to him! 18:47:40
Why the Super Brochure was made 18:45:38
Our Tolerance For Fashionable Deception 18:36:26
The Capitalist Solution to Saving the Rainforest: Create Worthwhile Sustainable Health Products 18:30:46
Update: Hate That The "media" Distorts Things And Tricks People Into Things That May Harm Them 18:14:53
Now we're winning 17:47:31
Could 2nd Chronicles V 7:14 be GOD's promise of victory? 17:41:24
Drone Shot Down in South Carolina 17:32:16
DOGS Against Romney! 17:27:12
Drudge Report 17:23:52
I want to donate text notification services to support Dr. Paul 17:23:50
Ron Paul: The True Conservative 17:21:49
Ron Paul's Media Technical Issues - Operation Mockingbird? Updated 17:11:23
NO Candidate has a Clear Path to the Nomination, so WHY 16:55:40
And why would Dr Paul NOT plan on continuing? 16:44:50
Suspicious Attacks on the Super Brochure: Agents Provocateur? 16:35:23
An Email I wrote to State of the Union 16:32:48
Forget polls: Can you feel momentum building to Critical Mass that will produce a break thru Tipping Point explosion to victory? 16:30:13
Today is the 70th anniversary of the imprisonment of Americans by our government...Japanese Americans. 16:27:07
CNN John King wants your questions for AZ debate 16:22:20
Ron Paul: The American Dream or the American Awakening? 16:11:29
Ron Paul credits Romney on Management style: Daily Caller headline 15:49:39
Dr. Paul will visit Wild Wild Williston, ND Today! ( Video to follow) 15:40:31
Going to a lawn & garden show with my Ron Paul shirt on to drum up votes. 15:34:46
Has Anyone else seen this new image for the Revolution? Plus great Article 15:25:04
Ron Paul wins Students for Liberty straw poll 15:18:26
How Ron Paul supporters support each other. 14:54:31
Super Tuesday Top Propects 14:47:46
Air Force Capt. speaks out against War on Terror to promote Ron Paul 14:47:21
Ron Paul: Santorum's record is "ATROCIOUS" 14:30:09
Very Funny Rick Santorum Video 14:28:41
Today On The 'Alex Jones' Show (Sunday Edition) 4pm - 6pm CT 14:17:46
Will the attack on Iran, as Iraq and Libya occur on the Purim Festival, March 7-8? 14:17:44
Video: Ron Paul Flushes Romney in Washington County, Maine 14:10:00
How much have we spent on the war on terror? 14:05:15
Local conservative newspaper in NC, Sunday article on Ron Paul 13:54:59
Jan Helfeld Reduces Santorum to Stuttering 13:35:33
Ron Paul Frontrunner in Washington 13:34:16
Cumberland County Maine Official Vote Discrepancies Total 92 13:31:20
Ron Paul Frontrunner in Washington 13:30:13
Do people really understand what a NeoCon IS? 13:27:56
another good tune for the revolution 13:27:11
Only Ron Paul can bring them all together 13:22:04
GOP's rockstar blazes through the Pacific Northwest 13:09:52
Jack Hunter: Why Paul is the Most Electable Against Obama 13:09:44
Attn: Campaign~use This For An Anti-Santorum Tv Ad 13:05:52
Ron Paul : "U.S. Slipping Into A Fascist System" 12:53:31
Found This On Drudge : Ron Paul Says Santorum Can't Beat Obama 12:47:40
Ron Paul on CNN with Candy Crowley 02/18/2012 12:28:03
Santorum falsely claims that euthanizations are rampant in the Netherlands. 12:20:47
"In An Ideal World, Ron Paul Would Win" 12:09:01
Latest Iowa Poll: Ron Paul up *Seven Points* over Obama! 11:29:55
Intelligent Response to Someone Who Challenged Me On Earmarks 11:15:34
Ron Paul expands ND campaign visit 10:46:11
Most Popular on CBS News: Ron Paul Beats Whitney Houston 10:40:10
March 20, 2012 - Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in other currencies apart from the US dollar 10:18:32
14th Amendment 09:36:24
Iran stops oil sales to British, French companies 09:29:31
Does Gun Owners of America (GOA) Support Ron Paul? 09:13:48
Ron’s Topic of War on Drugs discussed Intelligently on MSM! 08:40:54
The "Christian flyer bomb" 08:03:34
A divided Nation 07:40:33
"Greece is being destroyed by 'respectable' fanatics" 07:09:46
Our present Foreign Policy is on steroids 05:33:14
23 Videos: Sheriff Mack & Stewart Rhodes host Tom Woods, Larry Pratt, M. Badnarik +100 Const. Sheriffs! 05:01:56
Food for Thought Weekend Video Short 04:49:01
Elitists Are Planning on Taking Down Capitalism 04:36:56
Romney Arizona co-chair quits 04:29:33
Rick Santorum: Snake in the grass 04:21:34
Facebook is censoring Ron Paul video 03:52:12
CBS NEWS:Paul: U.S. "slipping into a fascist system" 03:39:27
NYPD monitoring Muslim college students- even outside of New York City! 03:12:24
R[3]-POST! 03:02:52
National Promote Ron Paul Day (Occupy the Revolution) 02:58:46
Ron Paul rises above the GOP dog and pony show 02:57:31
Cop Shoots 54 Year Old Unarmed School Teacher To Death (video) 02:22:18
Spreading Ron Paul’s Message with Pre-Paid Envelopes 02:13:44
Reality Check: Mystery Writer of the Ron Paul "racist" Newsletters 01:37:38
Message to the GOP in Maine 01:25:43
There are cars that drive on water 01:20:42
700 Club personality accused of stealing husband’s porn 01:14:20
New Video suggests Ron Paul's VP running mate! 01:10:19
Santorum admits to Greta to publicly funding contraception 01:08:29
The Invisible Man 01:00:35
Reason Napolitano and Buchanan were fired? 00:40:25
Reality Check: The EEA, Why The Feds Could Take Away Your Citizenship 00:36:48
Santorum Supporter Gets Crazy on Paul Supporter!-Video- 00:18:56
I wish Rick Santorum did not advertise on the DP...he grosses me out 00:13:12
Do huge crowds mean Critical Mass? 00:12:53
Ron Paul wins DeKalb County, GA straw poll 00:02:06
How to: Live Steam any event with your iPhone 00:01:07