Posted on February 2, 2012

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New Video: "I Am Ron Paul" 20:32:52
According to Hannity, Ron Paul dropped out of race 14:57:01
Ron Paul and Mitt Romney: A Two Man Race In Nevada - Fox News 18:27:01
Ron Paul and His Enemies: American Conservative Magazine Cover Story 15:21:42
Daily Paul Radio Interviews Michael Scheuer: 'U.S. Foreign Policy Failure and Iran’s Threat of Blowback' 13:51:12
Military-focused Super PAC forms in support of Ron Paul 13:15:05
Ron Paul Tells Hispanic Crowd He Opposes DREAM Act 11:29:29
Ron Paul Interview on "Face to Face with Jon Ralston" - Local Nevada News (February 1, 2012) 06:34:57
On a Really New Political Phenomenon 10:25:00
THE TRUTH ABOUT NEVADA: Ron Paul Has Never Looked Happier 02:01:51
From Outsider to Insider: Ron Paul Supporter Becomes a NV County Republican Chairperson 00:59:28
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Nevadans! How are we doing in Clark County? 23:54:04
Restore Our Republic NOW Concert Feb 18th 23:52:12
Two different news stories. Troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. Israel to attack Iran. Coincidence? Unbelievable. 23:51:12
Open letter to Hannity: Don't ignore Ron Paul! 23:49:18
Do You Want a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 23:49:12
The Destroyers 23:48:50
Amazing And Very Powerful Video! "The Ron Paul Revolution DEFINED" 23:41:58
Don't look at this 23:38:47
"Ron Paul Should Stay Until The End and NEVER Endorse"! 23:37:49
19% Undecided In Nevada. One Caucus Chair's 2 Minute Speech 23:32:25
RON PAUL EXPOSED! Is this the man we want to see running the U.S.A.? 23:25:58
The IRAN War Propaganda 23:21:41
Pentagon plots US withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2013 23:20:30
Langston Hughes 23:13:46
Newt: Schemer, Dreamer, Reamer-Behind The Drive To War With Iran... 23:11:38
Marc Faber Endorses Ron Paul 23:08:59
CARTOON - Newt's Other Woman 23:05:02
My name is Chris. I am a Paulbot, and proud of it. (grin) 23:03:20
Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Friday Night! 23:02:11
Ron Paul in Minnesota (2/4 & 2/6) 22:50:54
How To Win: Flood the Polls, Free Super-Brochures 22:49:32
Rand Paul to speak at CPAC while Ron campaigns 22:48:16
If We Don’t Win We Lose 22:44:25
awesome poster PAUL VS. OBAMA 22:33:35
This HAS To Go Viral! Hilarious AND Spot On. 22:33:27
Ron Paul and Mitt Romney: A Two Man Race In Nevada - Fox News 22:31:55
Ron Paul to be on Piers Morgan at 9pm CNN tommorow 22:31:29
Ron Paul On Piers Morgan, CNN, Friday, 2-03-12 9pm ET 22:29:38
Tarrant County Texas Straw Poll - expected over 1000 22:29:34
Nevada speech - radio hosts: "This is why he can't be taken seriously" 22:28:30
Mind Blowing! "The Destroyers" by Devvy Kidd 22:21:58
New Ron Paul song by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder 22:19:53
Someone is hacking online banking ! 22:19:43
Ron Paul is the best candidate for the job (article) 22:10:58
Adam Kokesh on Sons of Liberty radio tonight! 22:07:40
Please Report Any Early Word from Nevada Event Tonight 22:07:37
Here it comes...Fox News: "Panetta concerned Israel months from striking Iran" 22:02:24
Music to Defeat Newt Gingrich By - ♫ King Newt ♫ 21:54:41
Ron Paul is as slick as any man in Politics, knows how to campaign in Mitt country 21:52:23
Newt’s Neocon Army 21:51:10
Google 21:32:55
Ron Paul Surges Into 2nd Place In Nevada Polling 21:31:30
Peter Schiff Said That If Both Newt And Santorum Drop Out... 21:27:12
Great email from my friend, forwarded to War Supporting Types 21:22:58
Nevada Polls? 21:20:23
Rolling Stone on the candidates 21:12:07
My Rap For Paul 20:55:54
Fighting racist newsletters 20:53:27
Nevada Voters Will Be Required To Show Government Issued ID To Vote 20:48:30
The Hilarious Haters 'Anonymous' Hack Emails of American Third Position Party, Show Proof of Meetings and Calls Between Neo-Nazi 20:48:11
Another Thing Like The Miac Report This Time In The Press. 20:47:32
Help stop former Monsanto VP from attaining top position at the FDA - sign the petition 20:41:31
Advice Needed! 20:39:56
oh man - what if Romney gets Rand to run as VP? 20:35:05
Bribery, compromised officials leave indicted financial-crime suspects free from DOJ prosecution 20:34:49
Pledge to BOYCOTT all references to Beck, Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, O'Donnell, Maddow, and O'Reilly on this site 20:32:17
NY Times: Paul Supporters Go From Outsiders to Vanguard 20:29:41
Donald Trump Endorses Mitt Romney for President 2012 20:28:24
Study reveals almost complete Ron Paul media blackout in Florida 20:22:35
Gingrich limits Nevada appearances as local, national advisers argue 20:14:40
Need Your Help 20:04:30
New Website - Ron Paul Testimonials 20:04:08
I signed up to become a Delegate. Just got this from Georgia for Ron Paul 20:04:02
War with Iran will boost ron to the white house 20:02:04
Did Romney just spend $20 per vote in Florida? 20:01:52
FOX News ignores us again! 19:57:44
Let's Talk About Why We Can Win. 19:57:34
Detained for 12 hours over Tweet on Twitter 19:56:09
Cool photo of Maine Ron Paul call center 19:55:15
Romney and Paul Allies? Article suggests it's so! 19:55:12
Please help the Nevadan economic Plan go VIRAL in the MSM! Please Help! 19:54:45
If you could add one amendment to the Constitution, what would it be? 19:52:17
reasons why OBAMA will win ,once again 19:48:51
Web Of Deception(Romney and Gingrich+more) 19:35:03
From Fox News: Romney And Paul: Two Way Race In Nevada...Also...Karl Rove: "We're Going To See Some Surprises In The Caucuses"! 19:31:49
Clint Eastwood likes Ron Paul - As Hollywood becomes Paulywood 19:30:09
UPDATE: 2NITE ON FREEDOM WATCH... Newt's Goon's Victim Has Fractured Foot Is Pressing Charges & Suing 19:28:10
Nevada supporters: Please compare/contrast 2008 to 2012 19:27:42
I simply do not understand... 19:27:19
Glenn beck agrees with RP foreign policy...FINALLY! 19:24:53
Donald Dork Embraces Mitt Mutens...Who Cares? VIDEO 19:18:29
How the Swiss Opted Out of War 19:15:01
CNN Now Feb 2 6pm EST 19:11:28
from here on out, the elections will say OBAMA four more years or RON PAUL, its that simple 19:03:59
2 million donors @$50 = $100 million for ads which will get us a win 19:00:25
NEW Study Reveals Almost Complete Ron Paul Media Blackout In Florida! 18:55:40
U.S Shuts 16 Sports Piracy Websites Pre-Superbowl 18:52:09
"GasLand" Documentary Maker Arrested At Congressional Hearing On Fracking 18:47:50
Jesse Benton: "Any Republican should be looking at Rand Paul as a potential running mate!" 18:46:05
Surprise! The Biggest Holders of US Govt Debt Is... Is... Ding Ding Ding: The Fed! 18:41:35
Lizzie Phelan Interview - NYT Spins Honest Genocide Coverage 18:40:22
Ron Paul Sign Wave Series: #1 CD 2 Rt 110 - Walt Whitman Mall 18:36:55
Obama Says His Policies Are Extension Of His Faith 18:35:04
545 vs 300,000,000 18:23:16
CARTOON - We're Pimpin' For Paul! 18:18:01
Mormons For Ron Paul - FACE TO FACE 18:05:10
New Website - Ron Paul Testimonials 18:03:26
Nevada Call to Arms rally crowd 17:54:37
Ron Paul giving Carol flowers for 55th anniversary: HD video 17:52:22
how are we doing in Nevada 17:50:11
New cartoon ad (02/02/2012) 17:46:39
Ron Paul Quotes 17:45:17
This should be what every American saw before going to the election booth ! 17:40:15
the Swiss model for national defence .. 17:39:06
Kelly Clarkson is singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl 17:34:58
Senate about to vote on the pre-pilfering of stocks on C-SPAN 17:30:44
The Republican Revolution 17:23:07
Florida Continues to Help the Ron Paul Revolution 17:21:10
The GOP has been warned! 17:16:13
Kiss My Privileged Ass. A Note From Your Elected official 17:11:26
Video showing the power of Government to ruin our lives 17:09:41
Canadian Believer 17:04:50
CNN: Lmao Porn Industry Wants A Bailout! 17:01:03
How US Fascism Comes Out on Top Via 'Too-Big-to-Fail'? 16:56:10
Sharron Angle endorses Santorum..GEEZE! 16:55:57
Lol 16:54:01
True Or Not!? Illuminati Throwing Up Recruitment Videos For 2012?(NWO Training) 16:52:54
Trump to endorse Romney 16:41:37
Nevada polling 16:41:13
An appeal for a REALITY CHECK. 16:39:38
Fox talking about Romney and Paul in Nevada... Video. 16:35:21
Sh*t Obama Says 16:33:37
Liberal publication in buffalo smears Ron Paul 16:18:39
Two-faced in Florida; why not MITTENS? 16:13:21
How We Get Our Country Back (besides Presidency) 16:02:03
Anonymous: RP has ties to A3P White Supremacist Group 15:51:31
Send the message..."No Compromise...No One But Paul" 15:37:54
2 Friends, FB Fight on Abortion, My Response 15:31:20
Nuke IRAN! 15:20:03
Chicken Hawk Mitt Criticizes Afghanistan Withdrawal 15:18:07
Iran Attack - Reality Check 15:16:09
Jon Stewart Praises Soledad O'Brien for questioning Mitt's 'Very Poor' comment 15:10:32
Florida's big winners: Mitt Romney and...Ron Paul? 15:01:24
Ron Paul to Visit Minnesota Twice in Run-Up to Caucus 15:01:21
"Idaho" Paulatarians, Paulbots, Paulestas, Paulians and other Paulists Vote Here 14:55:09
NH to Cage Peaceful Nurse (VIDEO) 14:49:56
DHS and the No Fly Silent Threat ! 14:45:01
They don't want Freedom 14:44:47
Veterans for Ron Paul- Help Share this EVENT and video :) 14:34:14
Anonymous hacks Neo-Nazi website. Claims to find emails and calls directly to Ron Paul 14:32:33
Florida Primary Delegates: Winner Take All-RNC Memo Says Not 14:28:08
We need to send a CLEAR and STRONG message! 13:57:49
Clint Eastwood: Ron Paul is ‘as good as anybody else’ 13:50:25
Ron Paul to Visit Minnesota. Please call on all your friends to come hear him speak. 13:42:18
The "Phenom" Ron Paul 13:34:07
Jim Grant Flattered by Ron Paul's offer to be Fed. Chairman 13:25:48
How to BUY fair results in Nevada before it's too late! 13:24:37
I like Ron PAUL but not his supporters. 13:13:29
Awaiting the Trump Speech 13:12:25
Pennsylvania Petitioning Parties 13:12:22
becoming a connecticut delegate 13:10:20
The Louisiana Paulbot who didn't turn around- Must Read! 13:04:34
Open Nevada Forum. (How Can We Help You Nevada ?) 13:04:26
Cry For Peace 13:03:12
SANTORUM's Gotta Be Squirming: Right-to-Work in the Spotlight 12:44:44
Endorse Liberty PAC? 12:36:08
Ron Paul Reno Rally for Freedom! TONIGHT! 12:34:03
Sen. Rand Paul Rips Obama Over Recess Appointments 01-31-12 12:28:51
*RECENT CONVERT STORIES-Of the OLDER Conservative/R Variety Thread* 12:24:38
Fact check: Does Romney "believe in the Constitution"? 12:23:26
Can WE end the Fed? 12:22:59
SMART! Ron Paul to Skip CPAC to Continue Campaigning 12:20:32
Remember about Nevada polls 12:20:19
ARTICLE - Ron Paul's Big Caucus Gamble Begins in Nevada 11:56:38
Romney: middle income Americans are focus, not very poor 11:49:31
huckabee wrote me, tryin to sell his book, here's my reply i sent to him 11:39:12
Seeing how the GOP wants to play these games, Its RON PAUL or OBAMA and they will not be able to pull this kind of Crap 11:36:09
Mittens agrees with Obama: No Religious liberty for you! 11:35:53
VIDEO - Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul from Las Vegas, Nevada CBS Affiliate 11:30:54
We need academics for Ron Paul 11:30:37
States that have already voted- Super Brochures 11:21:23
NEW NEVADA GOP POLL: Paul in 4th with single digits! I call BS on this! 11:19:02
They're Still Afraid Of Ron Paul 2012 11:16:39
Rasmussen: Santorum Does Better Ron Paul Against Obama 11:15:38
What is the result from the Super Brochure in FL? 11:14:10
Bumper stickers 11:03:34
ViDEO: Dr. Paul addresses Latino Forum at E. LasVegas Community Sr. Ctr.- Feb. 1,2012 10:52:48
US adds $120,000,000,000 since Friday - Must Read at Zero Hedge 10:51:35
(Video) CNN Interview - Ron Paul : "People are frightened..They've lost faith in government... They're sick and tired of wars." 10:42:56
Reality Check: Is Iran Planning An Attack On U.S. Soil? 10:41:49
Clint Eastwood: Ron Paul is ‘as good as anybody else’ [VIDEO] 10:40:59
Denver, CO - Paul stump, one of his best. 10:38:48
New LV Poll. We Are in Last. 10:31:17
Paul Craig Roberts: The Real Economic Picture 10:23:06
Money Bombs / Donations? 10:17:33
MAKE VIRAL*USS Enterprise False Flag! 10:11:12
Idle Speculation: Newt Romney as VP? 10:00:14
Bob Chapman: Diminishment of Sovereignty and More Fed Manipulations 09:55:57
MSM BS-Meme No.2572: WaPo: RP friends Mitt = Buffer for Anti-Romneys, NYT: R3VOL = Infiltrators! 09:49:45
Gingrich Ballot Fraud: Virginia Election Officials Confirm Criminal Investigation 09:47:49
Trouble brewing in Idaho? 09:42:52
A Tax Strikie! 09:42:37
US Adds $120 Billion In Debt Since Debt Ceiling Hike On Friday, $310 Billion More On Deck In Next Two Months 09:40:49
Ron Paul Interview - Face To Face With Jon Ralston in Nevada [Feb 01, 2012] 09:37:19
CSM: Is Paul's Gold Standard Dangerous? 09:36:48
America's Three-headed Monster 09:31:17
Chuck Baldwin: Christians Feed Their Own To The Lions 09:25:57
Sen.Rand Paul proposes amendment 1490 to the Stock Act which would force former elected officials to forfeit their benefits 09:15:52
Is Ron Paul's gold standard idea dangerous? NOPE! 09:13:39
* Democrat Trump Endorses Gingrich 08:37:29
Before We Can Begin To Change Minds 08:23:59
media tries to down play ron paul 08:16:24
Ron Paul has pushed the ideal of liberty past the tipping point. 08:10:37
Seniors and Ron Paul 07:57:10
'Young People Cheering About Economic Reform' Judge Nap. and Cavuto talk about Ron Paul and this Phenomenon - FOXB-News 2/1/2012 07:21:21
"I think they realize I'm not a threat to what they [elderly] need and depend on" - Ron Paul on CNN with Joe Johns 2/1/2012 07:04:53
A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors 06:30:31
Pro-Ron Paul Super PAC misses FEC deadline, blames credit-card company 09:53:46
What is the deadline to register to vote in the Nevada Caucus? (If its not too late... MOVE THERE AND REGISTER!) 05:39:56
Looking for clarification regarding Dr. Paul's drug policies 05:30:22
Donald Trump to endorse Newt Gingrich Thursday 04:59:43
Serial Hypocrisy Part 2? 04:56:02
Did Florida GOP Results Break Delegate Allocation Rules? Proportional Penalty Could Strip Romney 04:40:17
Paul campaign: Newt must pay medical bills for broken foot 04:38:30
"Sugar should be regulated like alcohol, tobacco" - Nature Magazine 04:33:06
How I came to love liberty and Dr. Paul 04:24:54
Michigan Democrats urge a vote for Paul! 04:17:45
Local News Story - Too Much Government Devastating Local Business 04:06:28
These Are The Times That Try Mens' Souls 03:29:26
It's a PROCESS and we are WINNING 03:15:37
Daily Kos: Anonymous uncovers more racist ties 02:52:12
Leave Your Children Alone, or Don't Have Children 02:35:01
BEST way to handle Foreign Policy objection? 02:29:01
BEST way to get Women to support RP? (If they currently support a different candidate) 02:19:14
Mormons Believe The Constitution is a Divine Document - Romney - Ask Ron Paul about the Constitution 02:17:38
FBI Uses Chainsaw In Raid On Wrong Fitchburg Apartment 02:16:08
James Cameron Knows Something We Already Know? 02:13:03
Ron Paul excluded from 2012 CPAC - the same one he was won the past two years 02:08:39
Santorum tries to fire up a blunt, Bic fails. 02:03:25
17th Amendment 01:55:25
Important NEVADA Ron Paul Supporters! 01:48:33
ViDEO: OMG! Awesome! Gutsy! Disturbing? Passionate! Hilarious? You Be the Judge! 01:47:39
Congratulations Indiana: Liberty from Unions! 01:47:33
CNN Delegate Calculator Prediction Map 01:33:12
Despite win, Mitt Romney has a leadership problem 01:32:48
THE REAL TEA PARTY...Obama's Recess Appointments. PLEASE WATCH. 01:28:27
Where Ron Paul's messaging falls short 01:26:31
Adam Carolla on Douchery - Hillarious ! And he supports Ron Paul too 01:24:38
Hannity Vegas Forum 01:22:54
NV poll (1/31 - 2/1): Paul in 2nd @ 24% ! 01:20:13
Ron Paul's foreign policy a bust? 01:03:23
S​*​*​* Ron Paul supporters say 00:50:25
Jim Rogers says "Conceivably Ron Paul Could Do Something About It ... 00:38:34
Anonymous trying to tie Dr.Paul to white supremacists 00:37:47
Brad Pitt on the Daily Show 00:30:35
Gingrich Campaign In Debt To Super PAC Head, Paid Newt $47K For Email List 00:28:49
"Official" No One But Paul - Tshirts & Accessories 00:26:51
Washington State lawmakers in Congress support Ron Paul 00:17:38
The only Paul money Bomb Has gotta be huuuuuuuuge! 00:11:24
A Positive Story from Gallup! 00:06:57
Benefit - United Stage of America 00:02:28