Posted on February 23, 2012

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Rutgers Students Detained by University Police for Chalking “Ron Paul” 23:09:58
Ron Paul quietly amassing an army of delegates while GOP frontrunners spar 23:01:09
Ron Paul Drives Through Massive Sign Wave On Way to GOP Debate 21:11:47
Ron Paul in Office (Kanye/Jay-Z Parody) 21:49:01
Daily Paul Radio Interview with Nathan Shaffer 'Come Back America' 21:58:37
Ron Paul in Detroit on Monday for a very different event 15:08:25
Doug Wead on MSNBC Addresses the "Romney Conspiracy" 2/23/12 16:11:42
Video: Ron Paul Joins Viewing Party After Debate - Mesa, AZ 2/22/12 ! 12:53:22
Today's Washington Post: Only Paul's Plan Will Reduce the Deficit 11:01:06
Image: Dr. Paul fills out a prescription for Santorum 10:15:13
John King To Ron Paul: Why'd You Call Santorum Fake; Paul Responds 'Because He's A Fake!' 00:52:19
Liberty Just Got Sweeter... 21:48:50
Ron Paul Highlights in CNN / Arizona Debate 10:37:01
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Alex Jones speaks out against vote Fraud 23:59:47
Cultural Marxist Levin Broadcasts RP on Morton Downey 23:58:24
Delegates no one is talking about 23:48:26
Specter: Santorum Lying (Video) 23:34:07
Guest on o'donnell called Dr Paul a 'romney surrogate' 23:33:06
"An appeal to Conservative Christians" (help me edit!) 23:32:57
This Is HUGE! Ron Paul Endorsed by Payette County Idaho Republican Party Chairman Nate Jones 23:28:19
My (video) response to Gary Bauer regarding Ron Paul, Foreign Policy, and Israel. 23:23:00
Idaho GOP chairman Nate Jones endorses Ron! 23:21:59
Santorum's "Politics Is a Team Sport Mentality" Is Why We Have Big Government 23:20:22
New Video-RevPac: "Get Ready for the Saturday Ron Paul 12 Hour Powercast!" 23:13:46
Participate in the Ron Paul Delegates Presidential Survey, and let your voice be heard! 23:13:04
Santorum's Lies Continue: "Ron Paul has teamed up with Mitt Romney..." 23:09:39
CNN Draws 4.7 Million For Arizona Debate 23:08:33
Will GOP let Paul win any State? 23:05:39
Texas GOP to meet Wed Feb29 about delegate process 23:01:51
New Video-RevPac: "Get Ready for the Saturday Ron Paul 12 Hour Powercast!" 23:01:42
Okay so I want to invest in gold- how the Hell do I actually do it? 22:56:37
What is wrong with Rand Paul being Romney's Vice President if Ron doesn't win? 22:52:08
Greece’s Lenders Have The Right To Seize (Loot) National Gold Reserves 22:50:55
Ron Paul Super PAC to Premiere Social Security Ad During Powercast 22:44:48
Chicago Sun Times, Roger Ebert's Journal: The debate that wasn't held 22:41:05
Romney`s Top Funders Made Billions on Auto Bailout 22:30:38
[VIDEO] An African Man in America Articulates Ron Paul's Message - Freedom 22:21:40
Yahoo Front Page, "During debate, Ron Paul’s quotes percolated most on Twitter" 22:20:39
Romney / Paul "Alliance" is PROPAGANDA with a purpose 22:20:23
The Daytona 500 & Ron Paul 22:15:13
How they rig elections 22:13:27
Audit 22:05:18
Gingrich channels Ron Paul? 22:03:30
Ron Paul facts, Chuck Norris style 21:59:59
Did the former owner of the company I work for violate FEC rules? 21:52:51
If each of us got 3 new voters for Ron Paul and drove them to the polls to vote, this GOP nomination process would now be over! 21:43:37
What Do You Guys Think of 21:42:48
the only acceptable answer to the stupid RP as VP question, in video form 21:42:28
Federal Reserve Act 1913-2013 Party Planning Committee 21:39:20
Post Debate Interview - Ron Paul In Second Place Regarding Delegates 21:39:09
PayPal founder Peter Thiel throws $2.6 million at Ron Paul Super PAC ! 21:26:58
What Ron Paul's Detractors Reveal by Chuck Baldwin 21:21:26
O'reilly disses the Doc 21:19:12
Pennsylvania Hates Santorum *< His Home State >* 21:05:52
Phone Banking 20:58:55
War Nation: Military Keynesianism's Iron Grip on Washington 20:57:08
Rudy Giuliani on CNN Erin OutFront: I Want a President Who Would Bomb Iran. 20:55:37
[Satire] 1st World Problem: I'm getting involved in politics for the first time and the corrupt establishment is cheating...FML 20:51:53
And They Call Ron Paul a "racist"? Ummm don't look in the mirror black voter! lol Hilarious SNL 20:46:11
Another Stolen RP Sign 20:45:52
Crank Up The Smear Machine 20:39:49
GOP, Is This Who You Really Want as POTUS? WashTimes: FEC warns Newt on Enriching Himself w/ $Campaign! 20:24:52
TOP 25 Recipients of U.S. Foreign Aid 20:10:01
Please go thumbs down this video 20:07:34
Please help in another local poll (MI) 20:07:04
The Forbidden Word Impeach 20:06:26
ATTN r3VOLutionaires:Can't we let Ron Paul worry about his relationships with Santorum, Gingrich and Romney? 20:03:32
This CNN poll needs your votes - Ron's in THIRD place! 19:51:59
*update*MISSOURIANS will win after we take responsibility as delegates. 19:51:44
Cops: Dad Hit Son For Not Watching Obama Speech- Whoa! 19:51:08
Cafferty: Who can save the Republican Party from itself? 19:48:48
CRUCIAL! Need your help! 19:48:08
NEW Ron Paul 2012 Rap Song 19:33:51
Look at how Paul compares to Others in Google Searches by Month! 19:32:05
Jon Voight 19:28:38
Washington State Supreme Court Justice Sanders Endorses Ron Paul 19:26:41
Nasdaq: "Texas Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Changing Fed's Mandate" 19:20:56
Ron Paul SWAG! (video) Radio caller talks debate performance and more. 19:18:28
One Man's Terrorist: Episode 2 - An anti-war short-film 19:16:06
Sacramento Bee: "Ron Paul deserves more attention" 21:49:45
Paul Mulshine/The Star-Ledger: "Courage? I'm afraid Rick Santorum is deluded" 19:11:05
Michigan Veterans Needed for CMU/Mt. Pleasant 1200+ Event-On Stage with Dr. Paul 19:10:18
The New American: "Ron Paul: Excessive Defense Spending Endangers US‎" 19:05:40
Washington Post Completely Omits Ron Paul from latest favorability poll 19:03:40
How to Win America: A Positive Effect of Talking to Democratic Voters Today 19:01:18
The Nation: "Ron Paul Wants to Abolish the CIA; His Largest Donor Builds Toys for It" 19:01:08
So my rear window got smashed today, : ( 19:00:55
Join the rEVOLution in Vermont! Signup to be a volunteer! 18:57:00
Poll: "Ron Paul Tied With President Obama in Virginia" 18:51:52
The New Yorker: Party Crasher; Ron Paul’s unique brand of libertarianism: "Paul is unflappable and good-humored" 18:50:42
Arizona Party After Debate-Ron Paul Attends 18:49:55
Utah Caucus in Just Three Weeks - Money Bomb for Mrs. Smith (Jacqueline to all who know her) 18:48:32
Ron Paul: "Birth control pill doesn’t cause immorality" 18:46:37
Ron Paul: "Shaking up Republicans" 18:44:28
I wish he had said principled 18:42:22
N P R: "For Loyalists, Is It Ron Paul Or Nothing?" 18:41:39
Jerry Doyle Interviews Nick Gillespie on the Only True Conservative Alternative to Obama: Ron Paul 18:40:40
Chris Matthews' Hardball show 2/23/12 18:36:54
Lady Liberty needs our help! 18:36:28
# CSM: "Keen on slashing the national debt? Ron Paul is your man" 18:35:12
Video: Great Endorsement from Wardeh Harmon, OR R3VOL, Noted Organic Farmer, Entrepreneur & HomeSchooler! 18:33:08
If you can see this thread, please give it a bump! 18:25:21
Operation Vampire Killer 2000 PDF for Police and Military 18:24:23
The Fall of Communism in Virginia 18:08:50
How to spot a "concern-troll" 17:51:29
Am I the only one who feels Ron Paul's message is getting out one to one? He'll need stadiums as 1,000s now attend his rallies! 17:44:52
FORBES: Gasoline Prices Are Not Rising, the Dollar Is Falling 17:41:15
VIDEO: Santorum Spokesperson Has No Good Response To Ron Paul Calling Rick Santorum "A FAKE" 17:41:08
O'Reilly Lets the cat out of the bag. Against Rising Gas Prices Calls for Socialism & an Oil Export Tax 17:38:10
Media Bias against Ron Paul - Challenge 17:34:00
Ron Paul is on the ballot in Delaware officially 17:30:11
Tactic change in Online Polls? 17:25:07
Even CNN admits Ron Paul is best for the Economy 17:23:41
Conan O'Brien: I'll be taping episodes of ‘Conan’ well into the Ron Paul presidency. 17:09:50
Hot Springs County Straw Poll Tonight! Question for you.. 17:05:27
Santorum 'A record of forcing Catholics to pay for Contraception' 16:51:12
Washington: TODAY is deadline to register to vote/update address 16:50:13
This is what we need to do to get Ron Paul elected (it WILL work) 16:47:45
Rush Limbaugh accuses Ron Paul of SELLING OUT to help his son! [AUDIO] 16:46:18
AIPAC Declares War 16:42:43
"The Ed Show" Blacks Out Paul During 13 Minute Post Debate Coverage 16:41:23
Ron Paul Female Ninjas Needed 16:31:06
Ron Paul Female Ninjas to Stop Female Iranian Ninja Threat 16:29:00
What money will look like if Ron Paul wins; MUST SEE! 16:18:12
STOP: You are falling for the Paul/Romney disinformation campaign hook, line and sinker 16:12:04
Rush Limbaugh compliments the Paul-Romney alliance 16:10:48
New Poll on Drudge 16:01:10
How I got a Ron Paul sign wave in an Alabama newspaper 15:55:25
CNN Distorts Paul's Economy Plan 15:51:17
NYT: Drone's HellFire Missiles in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer than They Are. 15:47:35
2nd Amendment Not in any of the debates? 15:44:45
Ron Paul v.s. Obama explaining gas prices. 15:40:48
CORRECTED-US refined product demand at 15-year low -EIA 15:39:32
Looking for a video clip of Ron Paul 15:35:19
Is Rick Santorum Pro-Choice, or Pro-Life? Grassroots Ad 15:35:00
Obama: vote for me if you are black! 15:34:16
Dr. Paul waves at supporters outside of Arizona GOP Debate (HD video) 15:28:28
Complete History of the Federal Reserve 15:28:15
In the debate Santorum said... 15:04:43
FBI: Watch out what you say on the internet 15:03:20
ATTN Ron Paul Campaign: Please refute the Romney-Paul alliance rumors 14:49:20
Exposing media bias 14:45:57
√ Restoring America Today - Money Bomb Fundraiser March 1 14:41:02
Washington Post Completely Omits Ron Paul from latest favorability poll 14:35:01
Wyoming 14:32:52
Veteran's Marches Happening Everywhere! 14:28:43
RON PAUL CAN WIN! And Republicans Can’t Win Without Him! 14:25:22
HEY! You want to win Virginia? Reach out to rick and newt supporters! 14:22:49
I Want to Turn BitCoins into Gold: A Sound Economy Experiment 14:21:14
Ron Paul loss would resound truth, honor 14:17:20
Pentagon Says U.S. Citizens Accused Of Supporting Terrorism Can Be Assassinated 14:12:35
Ron Paul should NOT be VP! 14:12:06
Warning To Ron Paul : "Do Not Allow Romney Campaign To Co-Opt Campaign 4 Liberty" 14:09:58
Small Government, Big Military Incompatible 14:06:37
Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama Tax Proposal 14:05:25
Update from Virginia 14:00:49
Help Ron in this Post-Debate Poll! 13:52:53
Quote to send to any remaining Santorum supporters: 13:50:17
WOW, Social Media Censorship, and Leaked Homeland Security Doc! Share 13:23:56
Greeks About to Lose All of Their Gold ! 13:23:19
Show the Doc some 3VOL! 13:19:50
Breaking: Rush Limbaugh Gives Birth to Calf On Air! 13:19:50
How to Win America: Please Talk About Freedom With EVERYONE You Know and Please Start Today 13:15:00
Rush (Limbo) Limbaugh is assailing Ron Paul RIGHT NOW 13:14:02
MUST LISTEN: Romney Laughs at RP during interview and the Radio Host Goes Botts! 13:13:11
FLASH! L.A. Times : Los Angeles PD Chief Backs Drivers Licenses For Illegal Immigrants 13:09:10
The Irrationality of Politics 13:08:18
I Will NOT Vote for anyone except Ron Paul...Not Mitt, not anyone even if 13:08:15
Why RoM-Paul Might Happen-Look To Thomas Jefferson 12:59:07
ALERT: Buddy Roemer announces campaign suspension! 12:51:53
US Congressmen & Hillary Clinton Broker Deal to Steal $500 Million Gold & Silver Coins from US Company 12:45:05
Paul Anderson, a Romney supporter ( I think) attacks Ron Paul's economic plan 12:39:15
Need Help Designing a Flyer/Handout for an Event 12:38:11
“We cannot allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.” 12:37:19
Ron Paul ignored LA Times 12:34:52
What word would YOU use to describe Dr. Paul? 12:29:17
Veteran's March Censored? 12:25:56
How to Win America: Approaching Your Democratic Friends - You Can Do Something Ron Paul Himself Can’t Do 12:25:23
Let's Talk Environmental Policy 12:07:36
Fox News star to be Ron Paul’s VP? 12:00:11
Ron Paul Is The Choice Of The Troops. 11:58:45
What happens during the next 4 years if Obama is re-elected? 11:53:05
Best exchange of last night's debate... 11:49:35
Why Did We Go To War With Iraq? 11:48:45
RP - A way to CHANGE his mind on foreign policy! 11:43:44
Mitt Romney refuses to endorse gun rights 11:43:27
Declare it. Win it. Come home. 11:39:11
The facts about war with Iran 11:34:03
This article is very personally insulting to Dr. Paul 11:20:53
Ask Rick Santorum questions - GBTV 11:13:22
Obama and UN Call for Comprehensive Gun Grab 11:05:05
Drudge Report Poll : Romney Overtakes And Passes Ron Paul 11:01:49
I saw Karl Rove this morning asked by Martha on the Romney/ Paul deal and he said No! Because that's how it's played 10:53:31
Polls - from last night's debate 10:47:06
CDC : Pasteurized Milk 150 Times More Contaminated With Blood, Pus and Feces Than Fresh Milk 10:42:58
The Salamander may be back 10:40:57
Peter Thiel at Students for Liberty: We must put our hope in libertarians 10:39:36
What's keeping the dollar from falling? 10:35:03 a good place to post news 10:32:56
Has Ron Paul Formed A Political Alliance With Mitt Romney? 10:30:46
Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Program is Complete! 10:19:36
Do you want $1.50 gasoline? 10:13:49
Washington Post Poll-Please Vote 10:06:11
Two Yahoo! articles about last night's debate 10:03:40
Conan O'Brien; on during President Paul's Presidency 09:52:35
Give me a slogan for a gold Mercedes! 09:48:58
Washington Post: Paul & Romney Tag Team Santorum; Santorum: What's the deal? 09:48:20
Bill Maher asks "What if Jesus ran for the Republican nomination?" 09:34:33
AZ Morning Radio Host Just Got Behind RP 09:33:29
Drudge Report: Romney Closing In- Please Vote Now 09:26:50
Don Imus- "I like me some Ron Paul" 09:17:03
Any Clue who RP is considering for VP? 09:11:19
A Media Blackout We Should Be Proud Of 09:08:23
"Only Paul emerged as a fiscal conservative in the report." 09:07:16
The Weekly Standard Corrects Santorum on His Stretching of the Truth 09:00:57
Amount Of Time CNN Gave Dr. Paul Last Night 08:48:44
New Poll at 08:44:30
*Corrected Audio* Ron Paul after the Debate in HD - Feb 22 08:42:35
Trump on Greta 08:28:14
Ron Paul Only GOP Candidate who has Plan to Cut Debt 07:56:35
PoliceState: Wir verfolgen Ihre jede Bewegung! Feds strand a Couple for Creased Passport: Bad RFID! 07:46:24
Did I misunderstand? I heard someone on CNN say TWICE that THIS was... 07:46:14
Help me win this poll 07:44:10
Only Rep. Ron Paul of Texas would keep the national debt in check 07:24:24
New Vermont 4 Ron Paul Volunteer Signup System For The Grassroots 06:49:01
Ron Paul 15% in Republican National Polls 06:30:15
One Word to Describe Ron Paul: Consistent? 06:01:29
CRUCIAL: Help Win Washington! 06:00:59
Video: Dr. Paul @ Post-CNN Feb. 22 Debate Rally, New Life Bible Church, Mesa, AZ! 05:53:56
Santorum References a "NeoConservative Magazine" - In Defense That He's FAKE 05:45:03
Links to debate and after Interviews 05:18:33
Music for freedom and liberty 05:00:51
2012 Election RIGGED 04:38:05
I went to a Ron Paul caucus stategy meeting tonight 04:26:24
Short Version of Ron Paul saying I am second in delegates and John King acknowloging. 04:22:34
Does Conan support Ron Paul? 03:48:20
The Reality Conversation 03:47:51
CNN Debate: Review and Grades 03:46:02
Paul has ethics - most politicians cunning psychopaths. 03:43:40
"Ron Paul Pummels Santorum" 03:24:58
Santorum's Sour Grapes: Accuses Romney, Paul of Veep Deal 03:22:22
Ron Paul beating Obama in Arizona poll 03:11:42
Roger Ebert on a Ron Paul - Newt debate 03:05:35
Afghan demonstrators burn an effigy representing US President Barack Obama 02:59:37
Reality Check: Was Rick Santorum really a big spender while in Washington? 02:57:52
A question we should ask Rick Santorum 02:54:09
Tom Woods: Leftist Tries to Take Down Ron Paul on Constitution (VIDEO) 02:50:13
HD - CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate - Feb 22. 02:37:00
Ron Paul Beats Obama in Ohio, Arizona, Iowa and Virginia Polls 02:33:48
I saw Ms. Paul nodding to Santorum lol 02:24:46
Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC Launched to WIN Washington! 02:23:13
Tom Woods [Video] Leftist Tries to Take Down Ron Paul on Constitution 02:20:11
The only time I would *not* vote for Ron Paul... 02:10:42
MMORPG players for Ron Paul 02:08:31
Need feedback RE: $5,000 ASAP 01:45:50
Dailycaller: Romney/Rand? Rand Paul: "it would be an honor to be considered" as Romney's veep 01:40:46
Dr. Paul goes to Washington 01:39:20
Santorum's new TV Ad 01:39:17
Border fencing don't work 01:29:48
PROOF: It's RevPac which is behind the attacks on the Super Brochures 01:26:35
Ron Paul's One-liners Tonight! 01:21:31
Ron Paul Post Debate Interview - CNN - AZ February 22, 2012 01:17:21
OMG! Santorum Claims Romney Has Done Deal To Make Ron Paul His VP Running Mate! 01:12:29
Paul in Oklahoma and Virginia 01:06:41
Final GOP Debate Thoughts 01:03:49
Debate Stats: CNN Arizona hosted by John King 01:01:58
"CONSISTENT" 01:01:57
Video: Dr. Paul Q&A @ Hilton, Mesa, AZ Breakfast Fundraiser, Feb 22 - Guess What a Gold Dealer Did! 01:00:25
Would Ron Paul Even Hold A White House Correspondents Dinner? 01:00:11
Crossroads of the West Gun Show-Del Mar Fairgrounds 00:50:54
CNN Front Page Poll: Who's the favorite now in the GOP presidential campaign? 00:48:55
Arizona 'After Party' live report! 00:48:04
Obama or Paul-Your Call! 00:38:01
ALERT! Stop delegate challenge NOW: Big TIP! 00:36:21
FAKE politicians? That is exactly what the song my wife WROTE and played is all about. 00:31:11
Maine to recount/recheck votes, we can win! 00:29:10
Tonight's debate RON PAUL one-liners! 00:27:36
Frothy Santorum 00:16:56
Who will the talk radio pundits prop up now? 00:16:20
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul to hold campaign rally in Okla. City 00:12:04
Is Lou Dobbs coming around to Ron Paul's foreign policy? 00:11:20
Callers into C-Span destroy Underwear Bomber Myth 00:09:53
Ron Paul Polls 00:03:00
Re-Focusing on Getting Ron Paul the Nomination 12:31:55