Posted on February 24, 2012

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Many thanks to my DP family. Susan was diagnosed yesterday as CANCER FREE! 21:34:20
Ron Paul on Kudlow Report (Video, 2-24-12) 22:09:50
ALL POINTS BULLETIN: Massive Money Bomb for Ron Paul "Battle of Thermopylae" 21:05:17
John Bolton Insults Anti-War Iraq Vet 20:10:07
Wow just heard this on local Detroit radio 16:23:21
Video: Fox Focus Group Praise Ron Paul, Criticize Santorum 16:17:30
... 13:18:45
New Video! Veterans for Ron Paul DC March 20:11:10
Kush Magazine: "Ron Paul is Absolutely Unelectable" (or is he...?) 11:50:40
Roger Ebert Wants a Paul-Gingrich Debate: "Poor fuzzy-mouthed Gingrich would be cruelly mismatched." 09:55:10
Will the GOP Ever Understand the Importance of Millennial Voters? 18:01:39
How Germany is Squeezing Greece Using Banking Fraud 08:38:30
Video: Jon Stewart Mocks the GOP Debate 10:59:38
Bomb - New Freeway Billboard Causing a Stir 20:09:28
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Is Corn Gluten Really Safe For Those With Gluten Sensitivity? Corn Maize (Gluten) Found to Cause Harm Again… 23:46:07
PAUL POWER - pass it to everyone, especially NON RON PAUL voters 23:44:26
The "What Ron Paul Supporters Do" meme 23:43:39
How CIA Kills Countries 23:43:17
Poll: How threatened do you feel by terrorism? 23:42:04
FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US 23:41:58
Goldwater, Ron Paul, and the Mushroom Cloud 23:38:14
Reagan speaking for Goldwater 23:30:06
Ben Swann 30 minute special Reality Check 23:14:09
Attempt to scuttle Michigan events. E-Mail from Michigan campaign 22:55:17
What If Slade Were Chickenhawks? 22:53:59
Ron Paul in another life? 22:51:11
Chris Matthews Openly Admits Media Bias Against Ron Paul 22:50:19
Twitter Vote on NOW! 22:46:44
VIDEO Libertarians, Social conservatives & Ron Paul (in Canada) 22:35:10
FLASH Frothy back on Indiana Ballot 22:31:27
Where is Ross Perrot? 22:26:13
New Ben Swann 1/2 hour special tonight at 10:00 p.m. 22:25:58
Video: Meet the Co-Founders of Endorse Liberty SuperPAC - Jeff Harmon & Ricky Ray Butler 22:23:02
I Like Guns! 22:08:19
Study: Ron Paul would be the only candidate to shrink the federal debt 22:03:43
"Only Paul emerged as a fiscal conservative in the report." 21:58:39
Bill Maher gives $1M to Obama's super pac 21:55:15
Video: Drinking With Bob - Bring Our Troops Home, Now! 21:47:02
I think we should all spend the rest of our time defending this country, by questioning Rand Paul's intentions 21:44:24
A message to those who feel powerless 21:42:48
Federal Reserve and JP Morgan Chase Laundered $15 Trillion to UK Banks 21:32:17
Need help from liberal RP supporters 21:28:26
Morning Joe: If there were a Republican whom I was convinced was gonna be disciplined on the Debt I'd already be supporting him 21:21:43
Ron Paul on CNBC: Rick Santorum is a Fake Conservative Fri 24 Feb 12 | 07:00 PM ET 21:03:47
Dr. Paul & R3volution's True Legacy? Our Children. Our Future: An 11yo R3VOL slams the Fed! 20:58:10
Seattle/Bellevue Ron Paul Party/Potluck 20:49:57
Privately Tape Every Media Event 20:39:22
Ron Paul wins New York straw poll 20:35:13
Rally in Springfield, VA (update) 20:34:00
EMP Warning And Preparations 20:33:16
Why do we rely on the oppositions polling numbers? 20:26:45
The Hill: Long, damaging primary has GOP considering changes to its rules 20:09:22
Fox News Admits - Ron Paul is the Only Candidate w/ Real Economic Plan 20:07:49
FBI Informants, Spies, PR Shills & Propagandists - video 20:07:05
Obama Plays race card to gather support for 2012 re-election 20:00:33
How about a RON PAUL montage to "Can You Feel It" by the Jacksons! 19:55:30
Goldline Settles Fraud Case Out Of Court For Millions 19:52:26
Tim Pawlenty: ‘The Last Person to Cut a Back Room Deal in American Politics Would Be Ron Paul’ 19:52:09
A Ron Paul experience in the heart of Romney country 19:50:13
Star Trek's Vreenak - Rick Santorum is a Fake 19:45:34
The Hill - GOP Presidential Primary : Long GOP Primary Process Has Party Considering Changes To Calendar 19:42:45
Ron Paul on The Kudlow Report - CNBC , February 24th at 7:00 pm EST 19:41:39
Jack Hunter, Official RP2012 Blogger: “VP” Rand Paul & the Imaginary Ron-Mitt Connection 19:41:12
Ron Paul Materials available in Murray, KY 19:24:18
Ron Paul on Kudlow 2/24/12 19:19:11
Ben Swann Reality Check- Live Stream Special Tonight! 19:14:59
I need some help 19:14:45
Sen. Rand Paul Explains His Vote In Favor Of Sanctions On Iran 19:04:40
Tucker Carlson " I Think Iran Deserves To Be Annihilated" 19:01:29
Bill Maher Gives $1 Million to Obama Super PAC 19:00:21
FANTASTIC. Iran documentary: Yesterday and Today : Rick Steves 18:57:10
We will be in a "new recession" by mid-2012; Not good for Paul campaign? 18:52:55
Smoking Bans: Banning Freedom 18:51:21
If Weird Al endorsed Ron Paul... 18:17:55
2012 Election RIGGED - This is going Viral 18:14:38
What is the Difference between Ron and Rand Paul? 18:10:58
If you're in NJ/NY/PA, take a look! 18:09:52
Tim Pawlenty: ‘The Last Person To Cut A Back Room Deal In American Politics Would Be Ron Paul’ 18:08:16
Ron Paul praised by Daniel Ellsberg in Santa Barbara, CA speech 2/23/12 18:07:33
A message to Establishment : From the ingenious mind of Doctor Suess ~ 18:04:30
Michael Savage Loses his Mind; Says Our Freedoms are Going to Choke us to Death 18:03:03
John Bolton's One Trick Pony Iran's Imaginary Nuke 17:54:48
Email I sent out to friends and family explaining Ron's strategy (feed back encouraged) 17:45:17
Ron Paul Wins Debate Olympics 17:44:07
Exclusive : State Department Quietly Warning Region On Syrian WMDS 17:41:11
Former Ron Paul staffer Lew Rockwell says that talk of an alliance between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul is an "establishment trick" 17:36:38
I'm SO proud of my nephew! 17:36:00
Ron Paul Peace & Sound Money Blimps Are Here! 17:32:16
Who is Foster Friess? The Pieces all Click Now. 17:32:16
Staten Island, NY Ron Paul Sign Wave/ Meetup Group 17:31:06
"We're done", Chris Whalen talks about MF Global and JP Morgan 17:22:16
What is the best Ron Paul speech? 17:15:51
Ron Paul broke thru MSM at CNN's debate: Ron is starting to win as crowds now fill stadiums with 1000s coming to hear him talk! 17:15:14
Diving for delegates: Ron Paul’s not-so-secret strategy 17:06:50
Simplifying the Fed 16:58:09
Santorum handshake made the Atlantic wire? 16:57:10
Jim Rogers - none of the candidates have clue except Ron Paul 16:57:07
US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Responds Back To Me About Ron Paul's HR 1830 - Raw Milk Freedom 16:55:40
Amending the Constitution 16:40:52
Last Weekend's New Haven Ron Paul Sign Wave 16:40:16
Finally! TYT's Breaks Down Each Of The Candidates Economic Plans 16:38:30
Election Dashboard Accurate? 16:37:07
Evil Warlord's 35 Undeniable Laws of Economics 16:32:27
How to Win America: Ron Paul Supporters and Democrats Agree That the GOP is Full of Toads 16:28:39
It is becoming more apparent that only Ron Paul with the help of Anti-War Independents and Democrats, can beat Barack Obama! 16:24:32
The Campaign Needs To Come Out Hard Against Romney 16:13:58
Oath Keepers: We Can Legally File Charges Against Obama 16:08:35
RP Video about US debt crisis through the years? 15:57:47
. 15:53:39
Ron Paul to Speak at Town Hall in Detroit 15:48:35
Rand Paul: Coments on Mitt Romney VP spot were Overblown 15:41:40
Jeb In Wonderland 15:32:14
Washington Post - No Conspiracy, Ron Paul Just Dislikes Santorum 15:26:55
Need a Ron Paul Book for my daughter 15:25:01
Ron Paul’s son, Ronnie, to campaign for dad in Hawaii 15:22:47
After Bloody Primary, GOP Reconsiders Nomination Rules... 15:22:46
Washintgon Times - Karen Santorum : Husbands Surge Is 'Gods Will' 15:19:41
We're all over the place. 15:16:00
Talking Heads, Mainstream Media Pushing Paul/Romney Alliance Conspiracy 15:13:25
New Jersey - Registered Republican or Unaffiliated? We NEED You Now! 15:12:34
Federal Aid Pushes Up College Tuition Rates (Drudge) - Where Have I Heard That Before? 15:12:22
Establishment trying new tricks for war with Iran, Internet Bill of Rights - Blame Ron Paul? 15:12:10
Zionists Want to Send Your Children to Destroy This City 15:11:31
Country Music Duo Burns and Poe make music for Ron Paul 15:03:15
Ron Paul prayer campaign 14:59:21
Washington Post blog: No conspiracy: Ron Paul just dislikes Santorum 14:59:07
What is your favorite Ron Paul commercial? 14:46:53
Ron Paul Pub Crawl-In a city near you-St. Patrick's Day! 14:27:09
Ron Paul: The only one who cuts the debt. 14:25:06
suggestions needed for a banner. 14:22:48
Ron Paul Chant - March Madness 14:20:38
Father Faces Charges For Striking Son For Not Paying Attention To Obama State Of The Union Speech 14:16:04
Ron Paul Michigan Team Names New Doctors For Ron Paul Nationwide Coalition Members 14:07:38
If you want to laugh your asses off, then check this out! 14:05:04
A Winning Strategy for Washington 14:04:11
Ron Paul's Oldest Son, Ronnie Paul, Hits The Trail For Dad In Hawaii 14:03:10
What's wrong with this picture? 14:00:12
RINOS Sold Out The Second Amendment Again 13:58:35
Got this email from Democratic Congressional campaign commitee 13:57:52
How to Win America: Why We Shouldn’t Go After Cain Voters 13:52:29
Farmer Faces Possible 3 Year Prison Term For Feeding Community 13:48:59
Bill Gates peddles Genetically Modified Seeds 13:47:52
Finally uploaded my video of Ron Paul's post CNN Debate Rally speech... 13:46:46
Today on The 'Alex Jones' Show - Infowars (GCN) 11am - 2pm CT 13:45:35
Fallacious liberal stimulus chart being used to justify Obama's robbery. 13:44:16
Remaining Delegates (the real math) 13:43:20
Insider Says Talk Of Paul / Romney Alliance Is "Establishment Trick" 13:40:19
Who Is Biggest ‘Fake’ in Republican Primary?: The Ticker - Bloomberg 13:39:27
Each of us create unforseen ripples into the future - Keep spreading Your message! 13:37:10
16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies in agreement with Paul... 13:36:48
$15 trillion in fraud - Lord James of Blackheath reports evidence of three transactions of 5 Trillion each 13:32:12
Iran a threat? 13:31:37
[Pt.2] Oh My Gosh - Micheal Steele is a complete idiot. Jan has entirely exposed this hypocrite. 13:29:15
Breaking News! Documents Reveal US Fed Reserve & Timothy Geithner Engaging in Criminal Activities 13:26:07
False Divisions 13:10:07
Spiritual Peace 13:05:04
Federal Judge Rules Pharmacists Can’t Be Forced to Dispense Contraceptives That Violate Beliefs 12:46:17
FRC Straw poll right now Santorum is ahead. 12:41:00
Oh Dopey Me! 12:38:30
Sacha Baron Cohen Responding To Movie Academy “Of Arts & Zionists”: Is Academy Blinking On Oscars Ban? – EXCLUSIVE 12:35:47
Mother Jones: Why Does the Military Love Ron Paul? 12:33:17
Romney’s Strategy – Tactical Victory, but Strategic Defeat 12:33:02
Poll: Gingrich and Paul Won Arizona Debate 12:29:27
NYT: Romney is a Keynesian 12:27:22
Satire Alert: Ron Paul’s aides worried his ideas aren’t crazy enough to win GOP primary 12:26:50
Replacing the American Dream: Russian Authoritarians Teaming Up With US Progressives, Liberal Media 12:25:56
Another Ron Paul prediction made in the house itself coming true 12:24:16
Comedian Bill Maher puts one-million dollars behind pro-Obama Super PAC 12:21:42
THE ECONOMIST: Bombing Iran Nobody should welcome the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran. But bombing the place is not the answer 12:19:42
Silencing The Critics 12:17:49
A sweet vid someone made, that I watched a few times back in 07. Check it. Good stuff! 12:12:39
35,000 USPS "jobs" to be ended? 12:10:00
Mitt Romney: "I Love Lamp" ..Huh? LOL 12:04:23
Positive Vision of President Ron Paul 11:59:38
An uneasing thought... 11:44:47
Dedicated to Our Troops 11:44:03
Mickey McCarter Gets His *SS Handed to Him on CSPAN 11:39:40
“Ron Paul Powercast” 12-hour webcast noon to midnight February 25 11:38:50
The most important thing I learned this week 11:29:19
Letter To Obama 11:24:56
1940's German Public vs. 2010's American Public 11:13:16
Ron Paul Tonite- Kudlow 7pm ET 11:11:37
WSJ: 'Stupid' and Oil Prices 10:59:25
No conspiracy: Ron Paul just dislikes Santorum 10:58:08
Young Ron Paul Supporter Rocks on NPR's Morning Edition! 11:57:21
Um, What's a Brokered Convention? 10:47:39
Lawrence O'Donnell calls RON PAUL "Fake" Libertarian... 10:44:36
Three GOP candidates would increase the national debt...guess who wouldn't? 10:21:17
Santorum vs. Paul re Morality & Government 10:01:20
SC Lawmaker Wants Alternative Currency 09:55:56
Is America's Economy Really Improving? Wealthy Losing Homes at Faster Rate Than Avg Population 09:48:50
Democrat Wants to Outlaw Vasectomies 09:46:28
Joe Scarborough says his son is a Ron Paul Republican 09:27:54
Mainstream Media Won't Discuss - PLEASE Forward! 09:24:15
One "theory" laid to rest for me. 09:03:04
Ron Paul *DESTROYS* Latest Google Poll (2.74 million searches/month) 08:58:17 CEO: Ron Paul ‘would be a better president’ than Romney 08:45:37
Rick Santorum (The Fake Conservative!) answers about Planned Parenthood! 08:22:24 President: "Ron Paul Better President Than Romney" 08:00:44
Both parties will ask, "Your Papers please" 07:39:10
Frustrated Republican 06:58:14
Polldaddy Poll ... 06:10:53
Video - 1st. in Canadian History regarding charge 05:51:48
Ron Paul supporters are almost non existent in the poll 05:40:58
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell calls Ron Paul a "fake" libertarian 05:12:13
Jim Rogers: "The Only One That Understands What's Going On Is Ron Paul" 04:43:34
CNN: 3 of 4 GOP candidates would add to deficits (Dr.Paul would reduce deficit) 04:38:00
Ron Paul Powercast Saturday Feb 25th 10am Est 04:25:17
Thus unto Tyrants - Veterans for Ron Paul DC March Video 04:16:06
Ron Paul Is: The Only Serious Adult Running For President. The Others Are 03:43:10
Poll: Ron Paul stacks up better against Obama than Romney in Washington state 03:30:46
Oregon GOP party 'opens' primary to 'unaffiliated voters'. (small print: but you can't vote for Ron Paul) 03:27:02
The Ron/Rom Myth. What this means for us. 03:10:24
Simple quote to defend Paul's positions 03:08:34
The 9/11 Hijackers Are Alive 03:01:17
Only Paul can fix the economy... 02:43:55
Ron Paul of England. 02:36:48
Is Paul using Romney? 02:15:19
Getting off Google: ixquick, GMX, Vimeo and OpenStreetMap 02:08:06
Ron Paul Discuss on No Agenda 02:07:23
Ron Paul address 1200+ supporters 02:05:19
Sinclair Lewis quote: 01:59:49
Lew Rockwell: MSM's Latest Smear Against Dr. Paul! Ron-Mitt NON-Alliance = a Trick! 01:56:55
CNN: For Santorum, debate could have been even worse 01:53:19
Al Gore to the Rescue! (With help from Goldman Sachs) 01:44:41
Detroit Local 4 interviews Ron Paul 01:40:33
Chipin, great bang for buck win Idaho flier project 01:31:35 president: Ron Paul ‘would be a better president’ than Romney 01:26:43
Candidate Comparison Chart - You'll Want to See This! 01:21:45
South Park Explains Santorum vs Romney 01:21:39
We Are Change Super Bowl Challenge Fail 01:15:41
Ed Rollins on Hannity 01:11:02
Hot Springs County Wyoming Caucus Results 00:58:19
Paul as a neocon's VP? Yikes that makes me feel like this 00:55:02
Tapper to Carney: Admin is “aggressively trying to stop aggressive journalism” 00:48:55
Paul as a neocon's VP? Xerxes too offered Leonidas a "generous" position 00:41:04
Romney / Paul. Is silence bliss? 00:39:00
NE delegate meeting 00:30:27
RT interviews Gary Johnson. Talk about the debate -and Ron Paul 00:27:53
Why We Fight 00:26:13
Army Colonel says Ron Paul is right. 00:25:10
"Fake Libertarian" Ron Paul... 00:18:34
The Answer to 1984 is 1776 00:15:36
Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System 00:07:03
Rick Santorum Will Be Our Next President 00:02:18
Ron Paul - Friend of Israel 13:19:05