Posted on February 26, 2012

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How does it feel being at the back of the line? Ron Paul Rally, Hudsonville Michigan 22:58:34
Wead: Paul & Romney, No Deal. 22:49:25
Wyoming House advances doomsday bill 20:45:12
Paul in Hudsonville, MI (TV news story - video) 22:39:54
Viral Video Campaign: Why My Vote is for Crazy Uncle Ron 22:32:05
Yes The Daily Paul Is Back Up! 22:27:59
Video: Ron Paul hopes Internet is “…bigger than any government around!” 2,000 Attend CMU Rally. 22:51:48
Ron Paul is coming to MSU! (TODAY) Let's make this the biggest showing yet! 22:24:22
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Mitt Romney Is The Enemy 23:54:36
Good special by Stossel 23:50:19
New York Sign Wave 23:49:11
Rick Santorum Continues Lie/Propaganda - Corrected by Ron Paul's Own Words 23:47:13
NOT SO FAST! As Arizona, Michigan Primaries Approach, Don't Count Ron Paul Out 23:37:58
Ron Paul's playbook for restoring Sound Money written in 1982 23:37:37
Question about Civil War 23:37:31
CNN: Ron Paul is what America Needs 23:35:53
Youth for Ron Paul @ Indiana University Sign Wave 2/26 23:32:57
'US to announce aerial blockade on Syria' 23:32:40
I hope they can count votes better than they counted the crowds in OKC 23:29:54
Nashville, TN's Ron PaulaPalusa Behind the Scenes Video 23:27:17
Incredible new GET OUT THE VOTE tool could swing losses into wins - 23:26:54
End Caucuses: Ron Paul is winning too much. 23:22:18
WOAH. Watching hudsonville Michigan on C-SPAN. Ron's killing it. 23:20:20
What can I, someone under voting age, do to help Dr. Paul win? 23:16:23
Final Push For Super Tuesday! 23:11:38
Ron Paul in Hudsonville Michigan Feb 26 23:07:30
Rick Santorum: The Gift That Keeps On Giving 22:59:47
Final Push For Super Tuesday! 22:59:30
Santorum just committed political suicide! 22:57:22
Ron Paul: Modern Day Prophet 22:55:06
Five part video: Ron Paul In Hudsonville Michigan TODAY! 22:53:04
War with Iran? You Decide 22:50:32
The Silent Time Bomb on Your Plate - When Will Your Moment of Truth Arrive? 22:41:16
Music Video; Message: RP, Tune: Johnny Cash, Art David Dees, etc. 22:38:37
Arab-American newspaper endorses Paul 22:34:12
Jennifer Rubin - Ron Paul just dislikes Santorum 22:27:31
Profile of Paul-supporting billionaire Peter Theil 22:24:04
Ron Paul: Building the brand 22:20:51