Posted on February 27, 2012

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/27/12: Economy Squeezed As Debt Accelerates 23:25:54
Ron Paul Breaks His 2012 Rally Attendance Record - 4,000 Supporters at MSU 20:23:23
Detroit Free Press: Paul's anti-war message resonates with East Lansing crowd‎ 19:20:58
Ron Paul: Solving Detroit's Crisis: A Town Hall (Video) 17:01:47
BREAKING - Limbaugh Says Get The Hell Out Of Afghanistan! 16:38:16
Ron Paul: The Mountain Comes to Muhammad 16:31:41
Ron Paul at Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit 14:28:44
Doug Wead: The Cover-Up 13:06:38
Government Cannot Be Run Like a Business 13:25:27
[Drudge] Rasmussen Poll: Ron Paul beats Obama by 2 points for the first time ever! 11:28:34
Ron Paul on the Front Page of The Detroit News; Monday, Feb. 27 08:00:10
Romney FAKE sign wave rally in a CHURCH! (video) 16:18:46
The Delegate Race: Arizona and Michigan, and "Brokered" vs. "Open" Conventions 13:25:09
Illegal Everything- John Stossel (very entertaining piece) 00:55:27
Massive Video Trove: Full RP Speech @ MI, OK, & R3VOL Music Rally, Marietta GA + Doug Wead! - Feb 25 & 26 00:49:37
Ron Paul in Michigan Monday 14:23:46
Thanks to Britney Spears, the in-laws are going to see Ron Paul... 07:47:38
Video Update: SF Bay / North Cali Rally for Ron Paul @ CA GOP Convention 06:00:32
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Ron Paul Rally @ Michigan State University 2012 - 4000+ CROWD! Part 1 23:57:17
Permissable? 23:46:28
Mark Levin Attacks Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, and Thomas DiLorenzo: Tells Listeners to Google their Names! [video] 23:43:34
Ally Bank Commercial: They Give 100,000 Dollars To A Total Stranger On The Street To Hold And Watch What Happens! 23:10:10
North Korea to go to war with South Korea and US 23:08:00
Anatomy of Red Light Cameras in Florida 23:04:33 Flyers Galore 22:47:55
ALERT: Hannity to mention Ron Paul polling over Obama (Fox News 9:40pm ET) 22:42:06
The Opportunity Of A Lifetime 22:38:33
Ron Paul on Local Fox News Detroit TV Video 22:35:53
NDAA VS Sedition Act of 1798? 22:22:06
Will Hunting Had It Right 15 Years Ago 22:20:37
Televised Ron Paul event in St. Charles Missouri at 3pm 22:16:52
Dearborn Introduction 22:13:46
If there remains any doubt that the Department of Education is without merit, let it now be laid to rest. 22:02:02
Funny Jimmy Kimmel Skit Includes Ron Paul: This Week In Unnecessary Censorship 22:00:04
*PLEASE VOTE* online poll 21:57:34
10 minute video: Ron Paul at MSU 21:49:41
We are the media - you won't see this on the CBS nightly news or Sean Hannity on Fox - we have to spread this message 21:47:15
Another gem from Red State 21:42:45
New Issues to Push Ron Over the Tipping Point 21:36:07
Rick Santorum claims to have more donors than Ron Paul 21:31:07
Texas GOP Proposed Rules Change for Convention Process 21:23:20
Clean and open elections. Please sign 21:19:02
Doug Wead is hilarious. (VIDEO) 21:15:15
Feds Key In on $325 Million Wire Transfer Made in Last Hours of MF Global 21:15:00
Dr. Ron Paul MSU 2/27/12 21:14:21
How Ron Paul Won Yucca (Nye) County Nevada in 08 and 12 21:08:09
Ron's Not Going To Win Michigan - Should We Vote For Frothy Instead? 21:04:25
$20.00 Ad Bomb 20:57:59
Hundreds Turned Away in Dearborn 20:49:57
Convicted Lockerbie bomber tells all in book coming out tomorrow! Parliament is FURIOUS! 20:42:26
A Call to Democrats to Support Sanitorium! 20:24:54
IRS Crackdown on Tea Party Groups: Making Compliance Impossible 20:20:28
How many donations does Ron Paul get a month? 20:18:41
Say it aint so Mittens! 20:15:15
My favorite Ron Paul quote. Use it if you like. 20:09:26
Calling All Texas Veterans for RP and RP Supporters 40th Annual Buffalo Bayou Regatta 20:06:12
Secret Service Protection 20:04:06
Catch the Crooks in the Act: Secret Method 20:00:58
Newt agrees with Paul's foreign policy 19:55:06
Let's win this poll 19:33:32
Ron Paul Music DVD Now Available 19:31:16
Very odd looking advertising seems like a tracker 19:30:29
Why hasn't google updated the maine results yet? 19:11:13
I sure miss the Judge. 19:09:11
Journalists and News Anchors needed for Super Tuesday Broadcast 19:07:22
How can Paul win if most of the vote counting is rigged? Is there any way to stop the fraud? 18:47:35
Obama doesn't care about the troops! UPDATE Ron Paul statement! 18:47:19
Federal judge severely limits Second Amendment rights 18:46:51
72% of All Americans and 56% of Democrats Say Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional 18:45:46
CNN: Ron Paul is the JOLT America needs 18:42:30
Final Push for Super Tuesday, Let's go Nuclear! Letter from Rand Paul 18:39:33
Michigan Voters Can Participate in Media Coverage 18:33:54
Ap-Paul the status qou 18:26:12
The Gold Clause Cases are Unconstitutional 18:14:52
Monsanto Pays $93 Million to Victims In Settlement 18:09:57
North Dakota Needs Your Help to Win! 18:03:19
Where's the blimp? 18:00:06
Phone From Home added to the Ron Paul App 17:57:47
Ron Paul turned my Mommy into a republican 17:57:23
What impact new Wikileaks files could have on Ron Paul victory? 17:56:34
Breaking: 3,800 at Michigan State ! 17:56:07
Ron Paul's Generosity 17:51:05
“The United States are not a nation.” 17:48:05
The Master Freedom Narrative: Still Missing All These Years 17:36:08
Santorum: High gas prices caused the recession 17:34:24
MSU Live stream 17:07:09
Alinsky history of the current president 17:05:57
Ron Paul town-hall : "Solving Detroit's economic crisis" (video) 17:00:35
A Letter From Father 16:52:48
Michigan Primary rules suggest Open Primary. Voter only has to ask for correct ballot for their candidate. 16:46:07
Is anyone capable of converting a book to Kindle? 16:41:00
Freep: Republican Ron Paul wins 4 standing ovations at Detroit Baptist church 16:37:39
Campaign Office in Anchorage, Alaska 16:34:24
Message to my Grandparents 16:34:20
Why did WWI happen? 16:31:35
Crybaby Rick Couldn't Handle Iran 16:12:05
House of Representatives set to Approve Bill to Overturn Kelo Eminent Domain Case 16:02:40
On the Front Page of LewRockwell This Weekend 16:02:09
I OPPOSE the Keystone XL Pipeline 15:55:10
Ron Paul: Let's make a Deal 15:48:49
Fact: Chuck Norris will soon span the river dividing Slovakia and Austria 15:36:07
Romney camp, super PAC share high-level aides. A must read article. 15:35:31
VP Rand Paul is the answer to the GOP’s Ron Paul problem 15:35:21
Ben Swann on the Authority to Go to War 15:30:59
Sen. Paul To Delay Action On Army Corps Nominee 15:29:56
Check Out this Article About RP's Super PAC 'Endorse Liberty' on SFGATE! 19:27:13
John Stossel's Illegal Everything 14:59:47
My wife voted in Tennessee today for Ron Paul 14:55:19
Ron Paul has caused me to gain 20 pounds of a Beer Gut and one hell of a smoking habit 14:53:44
Ron Paul beats Obama in Latest Rasmussen Poll 14:49:37
Ron Paul supporter makes the case AGAINST a businessman in the White House 14:47:48
South Dakota Delegate Selection Caucuses this Thursday, March 1st 8pm Local time. 14:42:39
MSNBC Spreading their Lying Rhetoric Again! 14:42:10
Why AIPAC Operatives & Neocons are Working to Destroy Ron Paul 14:38:49
FEMA Puts Out Contract For Emergency Camps To House Displaced Citizens 14:32:15
Roger Stone, a long-time Republican operative, has bolted from the GOP and joined the Libertarian Party 14:32:05
Rasmussen Poll shows Dr. Paul beating Pres. Obama. 14:29:02
Someone is using NRA's name to boost Santorum and hit Romney in MI robocall. 14:22:03
My New Bumper Stickers Arrived 14:19:39
Santorum's Communist Ties 14:10:21
Jeb Bush = Four horsemen of the apocalypse 14:08:58
Wanted: Vintage Paul 14:07:38
Who will run the White House? President MRS. Ann Romney! 14:06:57
The One Thing That Would Improve Every Ron Paul Ad 14:03:07
Marietta, GA rally pics on CNN 14:03:06
50 Year Old Commercial! With Ronald Reagan. WOW! 13:53:55
2012 Election Rigged! 13:29:53
Treatise on Constitution Dedicated to Dr. Ron Paul 13:23:47
Confident He's Got Five More Years in White House 13:21:12
Ron Paul as few have seen him! 13:14:42
TSA Airport 'CHECKPOINT UNATTENDED', Terminal Shutdown in Sacramento 13:11:51
Art Robinson MONEY BOMB TODAY - Over $5K Raised So Far... 13:11:34
Will Africa’s Leaders Call for An End to Our Crippling Foreign Aid? 13:10:44
Former Rand Paul Staffer Running for State Representative 13:09:07
Ron Paul Speech to Small Business Leaders, Hudsonville, MI - Feb 26 2012 13:07:53
Mathematical Case for Brokered Convention 12:59:58
Welcome to the Delegate Wars. 12:52:09
How many use phone from home? 12:46:24
Which state to put ron paul ads 12:33:17
Incredible hip-hop anti-war pro-liberty - Mr J Medeiros Pale Blue Dot 12:31:19
Anyone else get this email? 12:27:59
Teens/Minors For Ron Paul (name subject to change) 12:23:33
Youtube Channels 12:08:36
2nd Ammendment Gone 12:04:24
Santorum's Record Exposed 12:01:13
Alex Jones' NEW Documentary - Watch it Here 11:48:18
"This Ron Paul Must Lose" 11:39:34
The r3VOLution Police 11:38:42
Drudge It All! 11:28:32
5 Reasons Iran is NOT a Threat to the U.S. 11:27:17
Dearborn Rally tonight 11:22:12
Winning - 43% to 41% over Obama 11:13:36
Youtube : CIA Director Admits Manipulating U.S. News, CBS Confirms 11:04:58
The communists have announced "The 99% spring" 11:01:40
Poll: Given Choice Between Romney and Santorum, Most Voters Choose Suicide 10:52:40
Official Campaign Super Tuesday MoneyBomb On Now!: $950,000+ 10:48:10
Ron Paul is dangerous? 10:42:24
VP Rand Paul and The Imaginary Romney / Paul Connection 10:38:54
Obama’s secret drone war explained by Reuters' David Rohde - Fast Forward 10:35:27
Harvard Study : Pasteurized Milk From Industrial Dairies Linked To Cancer 10:31:24
BREAKING NEWS - Israel, Kurdish Fighters Destroyed Iran Nuclear Facility - Email Released by WikiLeaks 10:21:20
Massachusetts Primary - PLEASE HELP 10:11:05
Got Paul (Got Milk) 10:02:50
She Got American Balls! Tells The Senate What Guns Are For 09:59:32
Rasmussen Poll 09:52:04
WikiLeaks began publishing more than five million emails from a security analysis company 09:47:17
fishying for supporters in Idaho - wish me luck! 09:23:57
Breaking: Fed Involved In $15 Trillion Fraud 09:07:05
Ted Video: Philip Howard " How To Fix A Broken Legal System" 09:04:31
Santorum Requests Secret Service Protection 08:56:44
Warren Buffett on CNBC: I'd Buy Up Single-Family Homes If I Could 08:49:27
Is there a Ron Paul supporter who is also a movie script writer ? 08:48:53
Wow Montana! Is this still true that Ron Paul is not on the ballot yet? 08:34:01
VIDEO: Ron Paul Sign Wave #2: Williamsburg, Virginia 08:28:34
My speech for Ron Paul 08:24:56
The Man Who Anticipated Ron Paul 08:23:40
Ron Paul says Rick Santorum Is 'Desperate' 08:21:57
The Ron Paul-Mitt Romney Rumors Are Bunk 08:14:38
New RevolutionPAC ad - Tea for Two 07:12:15
Remaining Republican Primary/Caucus Dates 07:03:45
Referrals for Washington State 06:19:37
Dr. Paul Should Challenge His Opponents To Make This Promise 06:10:17
How to persuade people 06:02:44
MUST SEE! Gun Show Table with "Media Booth" 05:39:41
Alternative Media Channel Nearly Ready to Launch Officially...but 05:38:46
Ron Paul suggests heading to Alaska! (where he performed well in 2008) 04:50:31
Ron Paul - Tea for Two 04:09:02
ALERT: Dem. Party Mischief - DailyKos launch Op. Hilarity, urge Detroit Activists to Vote For RP & Santorum! 04:08:13
Long Live the Ron Paul Revolution- Check out this tribute I pieced together- 04:05:18
"Real" Story of The United States 03:47:13
Ron Paul is Building a New Conservative Brand and Paving Way For Rand Paul Victory in 2016 03:34:32
Ron Paul photo wins "Political Photo of the Year"! 03:28:11
Ron Paul Party in Nashville (heartwarming video) 03:10:59
Rand Paul Blocks Synthetic Drug Bans by Jacob Sullum 03:03:14
Sen. Rand Paul thinks Gingrich will drop out before GOP convention 03:01:40
Rand Paul Speaks at UK 03:00:28
Sen. Paul Files Brief in Supreme Court Against Federal Healthcare Overhaul 02:59:03
Rand Paul offers free cataract surgery for uninsured during break 02:57:52
Sen. Rand Paul proposes bill (S. 2122) to clarify the definition of "navigable waters" 02:56:37
"Ron Paul Sign Waves" Your Ready...Were Ready! Boots On The Ground...Lets Go "Ron Paul 2012"! :) 02:56:32
Great News From Hawaii! 02:40:48
New Revolution PAC Ad: Two for Tea 02:36:24
Romney Paul alliance: Pure establishment theater 02:26:00
Great articles for "Christians" who do not support Ron Paul.. 02:20:05
Relatives in Arizona? Give them a call and ask them to consider Ron Paul 02:15:11
drone flights at home 01:52:15
CNN replays Piers Morgan interviewing Paul 01:50:31
Watch: This Is What Makes Rick Santorum ‘Throw Up’ 01:38:47
We Ask America Poll: Michigan/ Ron Paul surging to 18%! 01:21:21
If you're winning voters with Super Brochures, I have a few more cases plus bumper stickers 00:54:50
Fox News John Stossel snuck one in. 00:45:46
So When Is The Win Going To Happen 00:45:35
BREAKING NEWS: Super Brochure Turns Out the Vote: Proof 06:27:30
Media Lies, Democracy Dies 00:25:51
You know you're a dedicated Paulite if... 00:21:12
We Need to Focus On Washington! 00:21:05
Texas has a challenge with scheduling EVERYTHING... 00:20:15
Ron Paul fine art portraiture auction - Original, 19"x25" - Realism 00:19:34
Ron Paul OKC Rally Report 00:10:05