Posted on February 4, 2012

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Video Update: Ron Paul Interview & Minnesota Speech from CNN 20:34:29
My Experience Caucusing in Nevada 16:59:06
Precinct 1677 Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada 16:38:12
Video: Dr. Paul Speaks @ WWII Filipino-Am. Veterans Recognition Act Rally - LV, NV - Feb. 3 11:12:44
Ron Paul's Nevada Economic Press Conference - VIDEO 04:36:10
CBS vs. PBS Ron Paul coverage on eve of 2012 Nevada Primary 01:02:44
Ron Paul's Final Appeal to Nevada Before the Caucuses 00:00:54
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Nevada stinks! 23:57:57
Sad sad day 23:48:05
CNN refuses to list Ron Paul as 1st in Nye County even though he won 23:42:05
OK. Fess Up. Who's not voting? 23:41:24
Paul loses Idaho Straw Poll online 23:33:59
Are we watching voter fraud in Nevada? 23:33:52
2008 Past County By County Stats for ALL states 23:32:30
You have to be asleep to believe it! 23:29:39
Using Facebook to beat vote fraud 23:28:04
This country is blowing its chance 23:26:15
27 of 35 Bush Articles of Impeachment Apply to Obama 23:26:04
Ponder This... 23:07:02
Riddle Me This...CNN vs MSNBC & Fox 23:02:36
Barry Goldwater, Jr. Supporting Ron Paul, 22:40:00
Ron Paul takes Esmeralda County, Nevada! 22:27:03
Video: Ron and Carol Paul visit American Shooter gun club in Las Vegas, NV 22:21:03
Ron Battling Gingrich for 2nd! 22:20:27
A little 2nd amendment assistance please...? 22:14:27
Ronslide! Ron Paul takes Nye County, Nevada! 22:02:14
NYMag: Who In God's Name is Mitt Romney? 21:55:40
Help Me...I've been out a few hours 21:51:07
Ron Paul should challenge his supporters 21:31:47
Rand Paul introduces new amendment against Elected Officials becoming Lobbyists 21:31:23
Proof of Serious Vote fraud across the country? 21:29:23
There should be placed for all the fraud documentation to go 21:15:34
Ron Paul on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 02/04/12 21:15:11
Anybody Have Video Of Tonight's Rally 21:12:03
Ron Paul with Wolf Blitzer right Before Nevada Caucuses close 21:06:59
Nevada Urgent! Fraud in Clark County. Do the Math. Adelson Educational Center.. 21:03:02
Delegates Delegates Delegates 20:58:08
Paul on CNN w/ Blitzer? 20:55:38
someone got caught at voter fraud! 20:48:55
Ron Paul Delegates In Nevada (I am betting on you) 20:43:38
Getting votes for Ron Paul from the masses 20:34:52
Newt Gingrich Supporter: Everyone Is Voting For Ron Paul! 20:32:32
Thank you! You're saving me and the world. 20:30:37
Just got a contract to be tech support for voting kiosks in OK 20:28:43
Aaron Bylund: "I'm a Mormon, and I support Ron Paul" 20:28:02
Why I'm Voting For Mitt! [hilarious pro-Ron Paul satire] 20:22:31
Exciting Times! What's Next For Ron Paul After Nevada? 20:22:11
Desperate/pious Gingrich: "I need your prayers" 20:19:49
Ron's speech now after Nevada is the beginning of winning: It will be slow & steady from here as he is breaking thru MSM on CNN! 20:08:33
Some Caucus Speech Talking Points 20:02:53
OMG! 20:02:24
MSM Blackout hypocrisy. 19:59:40
Major air time 19:57:07
“Boycott the Blackout” this Saturday, February 4, at 6:00 p.m. CST Watch Caucus coverage by Revolution Pac! 19:56:39
Drudge: "Entrance Polls: Mitt Takes NV; Ron, Newt Fight For Distant Second" 19:47:17
Live Now In Minnesota 19:46:47
Bit Links, Tiny Urls 19:41:58
Belief Bomb ! (it is free) 19:32:02
Ron Paul Rally Live from Minnesota 6:30 pm est 19:29:04
REV-PAC: Nevada Caucus Live Broadcast 19:21:46
CNN Delegate Totals? 19:12:01
Not Another One 19:00:41
Having fun in Minnesota 18:55:53
Tops Donors for Each Candidate Released 2/2/12: Revealing! 18:54:36
Phone From Home! 18:42:41
Ron Paul Road Warrior: Florida 18:40:37
Photos from Minnesota TODAY.. (and Great Ron Paul Sign on a COW) 18:38:05
Bangor Maine / Penobscot Caucus update 18:36:35
20 Precincts totals at my caucus location 18:31:28
RP in Chanhassen, MN 2-4-12 18:27:08
Cool pics THUMBS UP before SOPA takes this down 18:22:15
Dr. Ron Paul Rochester MN 2/4/12 18:17:51
Throw them all out 18:15:25
Doug Wead: Don't Want My Nephew Dying over Bush Family Feud! & Why MSM Stopped Rabidly Smearing RP! 18:02:49
Analogy for non-RP supporters. 17:59:28
Prediction: Ron Paul Second Place Finish in Nevada 17:57:49
Congress Calls for Accelerated Use of Drones in U.S. 17:52:45
End of The Road For Newt? Gingrich To Hold Post Caucus Press Conference 17:52:41
Analogy for non-RP supporters. 17:49:37
Long Island NY Ron Paul Revolution 17:45:38
Foxnews archive found - Bin Laden Died in 2001 17:31:33
Is Rick Santorum a threat to Ron Paul? 17:28:03
How would you describe neo-conservatism to a person unfamiliar to politics in general? 17:26:15
Christians Should Not Be Warmongers! Or Why I (as a Christian) am Voting For Ron Paul 17:23:56
Ladies Love Ron Paul ~ LLRonP ! 17:18:13
Ron Paul Interview with Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun on FACE TO FACE in Nevada Feb. 1st, 2012 17:17:50
Paper or Plastic? 17:16:16
Ron Paul Draws 700 voters for First MN Stop 16:56:27
A GREAT Liberty Song! 16:51:44
Become a Delegate in Nevada and Maine Today! 16:47:13
Ron Paul: ‘I'd Really Like to Repeal 1913′ 16:46:57
New webpage dedicated to helping Dr. Paul get elected. Request feedback, please. 16:45:38
Become a Delegate TODAY in the Caucus States 16:42:40
Good News From Nevada! 16:42:13
(Video) Ron Paul is the Only Candidate Who Challenged the Staus Quo 16:38:09
Stick a fork in me; I'm done. 16:36:49
States seek currencies made of silver and gold 16:36:20
Santorum's Compassion for a Sick Child, Other Than His Own 16:34:29
Suggestion to MODS 16:31:07
Songs of Ron Paul 16:25:05
Growing Consensus that Ron Paul Finishes Second in Nevada 16:22:18
12-year-old girl, her hair streaked with green: "I'm never going to wash this hand again," 16:20:45
Barry Goldwater Jr.: No GOP Candidate Has 'Sealed the Deal' 16:08:07
"YOUNG MARINES" helping local law enforcement at a Checkpoint! 16:01:03
Want a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 15:54:57
Congressman Ron Paul Rockstar in areas of Nevada 15:54:34
Follow The Money 15:52:08
I know it shouldn't bother me but: Toronto Star article today 15:48:28
Military Checkpoints on the Streets of America 15:42:14
Ron Paul Draws More Than 700 Voters at First Minnesota Event 15:41:44
Could Dr. Paul make a good Veep? 15:31:58
Just became a delegate - questions 15:25:20
Is it too early for RP to start campaigning for Governor of Texas 2014? 15:09:38
Bachmann: GOP Primary Race May End Soon 15:03:38
Gingrich to Hold Post-Caucus Press Conference 15:02:09
I pray Yahuwah Alohim let RON PAUL WIN, Nevada and Maine Praise yahuwah 14:40:44
Newt Gingrich SUED For Assault And Battery on RP supporter! 14:39:14
Protest Vote - New Strategy 14:37:45
Victims of ACTA, Unite 14:37:01
Fort Collins CO or Austin TX? 14:24:52
"Ron Paul Can Surprise in Nevada" - Int. Business Times 14:21:27
FLASH! Newt Gingrich Sued By Ron Paul Supporter For Assault and Battery 14:15:02
The 2 Most Dangerous Things Ron Paul Gets Wrong About "Honest" Rape (As in "Real" Rape?) 14:13:08
The Media is Officially James Jonah Jameson 14:13:04
Is today's caucus goal to win in Maine and come in a strong second in Nevada? 14:12:55
Seattle paper: Paul skipping Nevada? 14:05:54
Does this ABC VIDEO help prove Ron Paul's point about charity vs welfare? 14:05:35
Campaign thoughts, please read, important 14:05:11
★ Ron ★ Paul ★ Military ★ Donations ★ Soar ★ Again ★ 14:04:21
Results for my Las Vegas Precinct 14:02:39
RP winning more caucuses in Maine! Today! 00:58:50
Instant Belief - Powerful quote! 13:39:43
Nevadans Know How To Fix America 13:36:00
Becoming a delegate in connecticut? 13:35:25
How to watch the vote 13:27:54
Ron Paul Hand Sign? 13:24:21
Why Hasn't This Video Gone Viral? 13:20:50
Paul Only Has 3 Delegates? 13:17:37
Has Anyone Suggested a Ron Paul Hand Sign? 13:16:42
How Delegates Vote 13:11:31
RP does It Again: Military Donations Nearly Twice Those of His GOP Rivals AND Obama, COMBINED! 12:59:43
"Hey, Newt, RP understands Obama's Unemployment deception!" + 12:57:08
ViDEO: Dr. Paul profiled by Fox 'News' Shep Smith - Jan 31, 2012 [Kinda Fair-ish] 12:56:54
SuperBrochure + Slimjim = Great Door Hanger! 12:51:51
Google Trends 12:51:20
[Video] Paul Advisor Doug Wead interview On MSNBC Prior To Nevada Caucus 02/04/12 12:38:49
True to image, Ron Paul is no big spender 12:24:49
Where is Rand? 12:22:29
Petition Signing Event - District 13 -Glenside, PA 12:17:37
ReasonTV: Mormons for Ron Paul in BYU-Idaho! 12:08:09
AWESOME PAINTING - The Forgotten Man 11:56:46
Snowmen in Iowa and Las Vegas! 11:55:42
Israel and the American Elections 11:49:37
The not so talked about family of the Military Industrial Complex, The DuPonts 11:42:33
Where are %1 of American adults? 11:42:05
Romney may be ahead in the polls but Ron Paul could surprise in Nevada! 11:37:25
ViDEO: Dr. Paul explains economic Liberty - KLAS, LV, NV Feb. 3, 2012 [15min] 11:28:10
Chuck Norris' endorsement: Not Ron.. 11:21:28
PayPaul Founder donates Money to PAC 11:18:45
Continuati​on of the National Emergency - Côte d'Ivoire 11:16:31
Buchanan: Ron Paul “winning the argument” on foreign and defense policy 11:15:21
Ron Paul Ad I created 11:14:31
Facebook Advertising. 11:14:09
Preschooler for Paul 11:10:49
I do not argue politics with Ron Paul people often (funny) 11:05:23
Valentines Day...Ron Paul Chocolate Bars! 10:57:41
ECON MYTH: Krugman's "Liquidity Trap" and Academic Integrity Exposed For the Nonsense that it is under OBJECTIVE PROOF 10:53:20
Romney "cruising toward a win" 10:42:17
Doug Wead to be on MSNBC with Alex Witt 2/4/12 11:10am. 10:40:00
The Most Important Endorsement Goes to Ron Paul 09:49:20
40,000 Years Of Debt? 09:49:16
Gingrich hopes to beat Paul in Nevada (Fox News Admits Ron Paul is in Second) 09:48:14
YouTube experiment did a search 09:43:39
Dr. Paul has caused me to understand my Christianity in a better way. 09:12:45
Ron Paul Ringtone 08:09:25
Please make this video go viral. Ron Paul NAILING Piers-Morgan and only 5 Meg. 07:47:50
Nobodys talking about it! 07:40:52
COMBATING Vote Fraud 07:10:46
Info Needed, A list of States Frothy and Newt are not on the Ballot. 06:37:31
My understanding... 06:20:07
When Newt and Rick drop out. 05:26:44
Endorse Liberty: Thank You, But Listen 04:43:47
Ron Paul vs. Piers Morgan on Warren Buffet & taxes. Proof Piers Morgan is wrong, wrong, wrong 04:26:54
Marc Faber: "Ron Paul Would Be A Very Good President" 04:05:19
Obama's Phony Unemployment Numbers - Video 04:00:51
"The Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Factor" 03:32:25
THIS 03:22:41
U.N. leaders consider world tax to fund social protection, services 03:22:10
The Sacrificial Lamb 03:18:53
Share A Testimony! 02:49:59
Philadelphia Fundraiser Monday Feb 6 02:41:12
Wow. Understanding the Ron Paul Phenomenon - Best article I've ever read from FOX 02:40:46
The polling picture ahead of the Nevada caucus 02:31:54
Old one, But a good one... We are the ron paul revolution! 02:30:58
End Of The Petrodollar 02:30:37
Long time Neocon friend converted to Paul Supporter. Great story, 02:29:44
Guy credited for Romney's debate turnaround let go by Romney: Ron Paul staff - get him! Politico link. 01:58:54
In The Last Days 01:57:29
Top 10 Ron Paul Photos of the Week! 00:01:13
President Obama free to run for president in Georgia 01:22:52
I Am A Paullite (Please share what brings you here) 01:20:56
I'm Boycotting the Super Bowl 01:07:54
HD & CC - Piers Morgan /w Ron Paul on February 3, 2012 01:04:17
I just made my biggest donation yet, anyone care to match me? 00:52:45
Is Ron Paul Recieving campaign matching funds? 00:46:01
(Flashback) Judge Napolitano takes apart Obamacare and the Patriot Act 00:19:34