Posted on February 6, 2012

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Does this look fishy to anyone else? 19:11:39
[VIDEO] Ron Paul: Restoring Honor. Restoring America. 21:06:07
Video Update: Ron Paul Speeches in Minneapolis Feb 6 20:09:49
Did Only 25% of the Campaign's Identified Supporters Show Up? Something's Very Wrong 10:28:39
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/6/12: The CFPB: A Bureaucratic Disaster in the Making 11:40:41
To the People of Texas: Concerning the Republican Presidential Primary 01:26:47
Ron Paul Supporters Dominate Special Late Nevada Caucus - Broadcast Live by CNN 12:39:58
Nevada Caucus Results & Open Thread 13:01:05
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Not a word from campaign headquarters? 23:53:36
Unemployment Rate At Staggering 22.5% 23:50:00
march forward 23:49:13
That FOX interview tonight on Greta could be a GAME-CHANGER - Send it VIRAL! 23:46:49
10 Reasons Why Even Democrats, Liberals And Progressives Are Choosing Ron Paul Over Obama 23:45:30
War on Christianity 23:44:42
RP supporters make the evening news in Harrisonburg, VA [Video] 23:41:02
Virginia Officials Confirm Criminal Election Fraud Investigation Of Gingrich Campaign 23:39:43
Voter fraud is not why we lost in Nevada 23:33:59
Brad Pitt on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart Thurs. 2/9. 23:33:32
That's the Ron Paul I've been waiting for! 23:24:12
Bananas for the Nevada GOP! 23:08:57
Belgian battery can power 1,400 homes 23:07:57
Ron Paul Strategy with RNC. Paul Or Obama 23:06:56
Oy! Ten Million For My Very Own Caucus And What Do I Get? 23:06:31
George Soros Compares Romney to Obama...Why no press coverage? 22:56:23
70 Million Angry Catholic Voters Ready To Go To War w/Obama 22:55:16
Ron Paul proven right on Afghanistan 22:53:05
Mitt Romney responds to the diminishing middle class 22:47:45
God of the Universe Knows Your Votes 22:35:57
Truth, Lies and Afghanistan from Drudge 22:33:01
The Global Elite Are Hiding 18 Trillion Dollars In Offshore Banks 22:31:41
Lesson for ALL OF US From Nevada 22:30:44
Please 22:30:22
I Can’t Take It Anymore! When Will The Government Quit Putting Out Fraudulent Employment Statistics? 22:27:46
The Financial Crisis Of 2008 Was Just A Warm Up Act For The Economic Horror Show That Is Coming 22:19:54
Truth, lies and Afghanistan 21:59:28
Article - Anderson Cooper Propaganda War Against Ron Paul 21:58:50
Oh my gosh! What have you done?! 21:57:35
Nevada SOS: Report Potential Election Law Violation 21:55:37
Fight War Propaganda!; with the "NO MORE WAR!" money "Bomb" March 20th 21:44:24
FBI warns of threat from anti-government 'extremists' 21:43:44
Texas for Ron Paul 2012 - April 2 - Austin, TX 21:33:23
2012 Ron Paul approved candidates? 21:26:11
Muslim business manager arrested for giving pep talk about 'blowing away' the competition 21:23:32
too late to become a PA delegate? 21:13:37
Ron Paul Minneapolis Live Stream HERE! 21:09:20
Mpls Rally Live! 21:06:25
Who is the real enemy? 21:05:22
*VOTE UP* Calling All Oklahomans and Surrounding! Santorum is Coming... Time to Swarm *VOTE UP* 21:01:27
America is WAKING Up! 21:00:45
WSJ: Rep. Paul: ‘Freedom Is a Young Idea’. 20:57:30
Scary Sign that we're winning 20:57:22
THIS WORKS! careful social media WILL get the Pro Life Vote for Paul THIS WORKS! 20:53:53
More evidence that we probably shouldn't bankrupt ourselves in Afghanistan. 20:47:30
Need All RP Supporters Living within 15m of Glenside-PA 20:40:38
Need All RP Supporters Living within 15m of Glenside-PA 20:38:47
Important Request From Nevada HQ 20:29:19
Latest Reuters Trash 20:24:08
Missouri strategy to implement tonight around the web - help Paul take Missouri 20:20:05
gone 20:17:19
What I don't like about a week long Maine Caucus 20:12:34
CIA Targets First Responders and Funerals... 20:07:44
A Report From Nevada Campaign HQ 2/6/12 20:03:07
Official Ron Paul Reporting for Nevada Caucus 20:02:07
Replace Failed Strategy Now! 19:58:16
Republican National Committee: Rule 38: Can A "Bound" Candidate Vote For Someone Other Than The Winner Of Their State Primary? 19:57:36
Truth, lies and Afghanistan How military leaders have let us down By LT. COL. DANIEL L. DAVIS 19:42:42
Fox News poll: which candidate is most loyal to you? 19:39:27
Border Patrol there to...keep us in? 19:37:10
Ron Paul Crushes It in Kennebec, Maine Super Caucus 19:36:30
Memo to Ron Paul: gold is a fiat currency (GLD, SLV) 19:29:26
Was Ron Paul The REAL Winner in Nevada? When You Count All The Votes It Sure Looks That Way! 19:23:52
MUST SEE: Military Donations Growth Chart (per quarter) 19:16:32
Why Ron Paul is still going to win the Presidency! 19:14:42
new blog: a necessary rEVOLution 19:09:23
Help Ron Paul Win Minnesota / Maine! 19:05:26
Question: how specifically did the NV vote fraud likely occur? 18:56:30
"The Disappearing Male" - The Documentary 18:56:03
Virginia House Narrowly Passes Bill to Allow Write-ins in Primaries 18:54:56
It's Good to be King - Assert Your Rights and Throne 18:53:37
Why the Constitution Had to Be Destroyed | Thomas J. DiLorenzo 18:53:16
Restore your Bill of Rights in Full Vote Ron Paul. 18:52:49
Gun Rights 18:50:52
Jim Sinclair on the point of no return: “You can’t do the right thing politically…without creating as much harm as the problem i 18:47:36
step it up because its almost over 18:45:55
Who is Ken Rowley ? 18:42:59
What Would YOUR Party Do? 18:39:36
Cocaine Vaccine and Militarized Vaccine Checkpoints 18:23:10
Sierra Club Admits to Taking $26 Million from Natural Gas Industry to Attack Coal Industry 18:21:50
Hacking Democracy In America 18:20:04
BEN SWANN needs our help! 18:04:02
Vote on Fox Online Poll! 17:58:46
For those who don't think voting matters.. 17:57:42
Article - Something Stinks in Nevada 17:56:57
Ron Paul Minnesota Team Names New ‘Small Businesses for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition Members 17:51:47
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg disses the Constitution while traveling abroad 17:48:33
Slaves vote for the slave master 17:44:54
Bring Us Home. Afghan War report supports Ron Paul 17:44:14
. 17:39:57
NY Times piece on Ron Paul today 17:38:42
LOL: "FBI Enlists Internet Café Owners to Spy on Customers!" 17:38:34
Wake up Ron Paul supporters! This is becoming 08 all over again! 17:18:25
Journalist arrested at public hearing u.s congress 17:14:41
New poll on Ron Paul, thoughtful input needed 17:14:11
Rabbi defends Catholic Church against government mandates 17:12:45
How to sway the older voting block 17:10:39
Rick Santorum still attempting Indiana... 17:01:40
Voter Fraud Discovered in Florida 16:51:53
True Power of Words that Move the Human Soul into Action. You ALL have It withIN You! 16:48:43
I've got some concepts for a killer presentation 16:46:48
Will Ron Paul be last rival standing to Mitt Romney? (CSM) 16:37:43
SIGN Petition: Visible and public recount of Nevada caucus ! 16:37:15
Polls: Americans willing to attack Iran 16:34:41
Romney campaign Focuses on Santorum in upcoming states 16:22:46
Please get to the caucus early and pass these out (self print/copy for cheap! $10 total) 16:22:08
What will happen if Mitt Romney is President? 16:20:46
Obama Reportedly Issues Ron Paul Media 'Kill Order' 16:19:57
Dr Paul - Please run 3rd Party 16:16:37
Facebook Group 16:04:30
walking on dirt roads owned by Kings 15:59:35
If We Survive As a Nation 15:59:14
From the NYT: A short bio of Dr. Ron Paul 15:51:54
Focus on the long term fight, not short term setbacks. 15:51:38
Explanation of How Ron Paul wins regardless of vote 15:49:39
No One But Paul MoneyBomb 15:47:30
Understand the fraud and how to counter it 15:45:00
Bringing Mitt down 15:41:26
Just Say Yes To Ron Paul Foreign Policy, and End Foreign Aid. 15:40:40
$7 trillion whistleblower suit against Federal Reserve 15:39:57
Something I started seeing in blogs and Yahoo. 15:36:26
Ron Paul and The Nevada Caucus Results - The Robert Scott Bell Show 15:31:48
New Viral Ron Paul ads? A new angle on what worked... 15:30:56
So where are all these young people? 15:30:37
Paul SWEEPS Vegas: 153 to 49 15:19:51
More deception uncovered 15:16:37
Ron Paul Republicans or Ron Paul Libertarians, we have the power to change this 15:13:52
10th Amendment Nullification Movement 15:11:05
Millionaire John Brunner is Running for GOP Senate in Missouri - he supports Paul 15:10:24
Could someone help me with my OS ignorance? 15:04:53
CSM: Will Ron Paul be Last Rival Standing to Mitt Romney? 15:04:10
Msnbc At It Again 15:01:51
More Fuel Added to the Fire..MSNBC airs false Nevada caucus results with Ron Paul in last place with 10% of the vote 15:00:43
A Nation of Historic Amnesics, or Pliant Fools? Poll states Almost 50% FOR Iran War! 15:00:16
Ron Paul the ONLY winner in NV! 14:54:01
It's GOOD That These Frauds Happened So Early! 14:43:14
Ron Paul Trounces Everyone! In Only Nevada Caucus Vote Counted On Live TV 14:40:38
Voter Blocking in Missouri: Warning 14:39:40
At least one person in Colorado gets it! 14:39:15
Ron Paul only gets 88 votes?! 14:31:02
Harbingers of More War: Next Iran & Syria 14:23:14
6,175 people in the whole state? 14:12:12
Paul Craig Roberts: The January Jobs Are Statistical Artifacts 14:11:44
MONTANA no longer has a CAUCUS! Update! 14:11:21
Not ENOUGH Discussion of Vote Fraud 14:09:41
Extrapolating Iowa to Nevada 14:05:44
Ron Paul stands with Gandhi as do all of us 14:03:11
Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" Speech 13:34:17
OMG!? Erin Burnett tells Jan Helfeld she's not allowed to talk to the media! Whattttt? 13:30:00
Please bump for campaign exposure: Converted some Cain->Santorum->Romney supporters 13:28:26
Ron Paul Nevada Caucus Results Discussed This Morning on The Robert Scott Bell Show 13:22:08
Nevada Results According to Morning Joe 13:21:41
Congress to Smack Down TSA? 13:20:27
Mardi Gras float on Mississippi Gulf Coast- need supplies or donations 13:14:06
Hello MO, CO, MN Activists-Nevada's #1 Lesson: G.O.T.V.! 13:10:02
*i*i* An Idea to Combat this Voter Fraud Crap Going Around *i*i* 13:09:55
america doesnt deserve Ron Paul 13:01:25
How to Ensure that Iowa & Nevada DOESN'T happen, Again, and Again, and Again! 12:56:21
Our Maine County Caucus is February 11 at 1:30 EST.. 12:54:38
Okay the Daily Paulers, You are going to love this Headline! PAUL FINISHES SECOND in NV 12:52:29
BLOCKBUSTER REVELATION! - MINI Documentary - Illegal Obama "Propped Up" By Congress! 12:51:01
Federal or Feral Government? - My letter to the editor. 12:50:44
Newt Gingrich, The 'Skunk Vomit' NeoCon (video) 12:50:26
I wonder, is this not voter intimidation 12:48:39
It's got to be Liberty 12:42:21
The electability question 12:37:11
Ron Paul Wins Nevada Entrance Polls with 40% of Those Voting for "True Conservative" - WaPo 12:32:05
Does anybody know if the Ron Paul campaign is going to do anything about the voting issues? 12:25:53
And now for the latest from the ivory tower... 12:20:38
Nevada quesrion 12:19:02
New York Times: “Ron Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged in Early Family Life” 12:12:16
RP Delgate Refused Entrance at Adelson Caucus - video 12:11:11
Disconnect 11:55:17
Capitol Hill police arrest journalist at public hearing 11:54:31
Operation Record Your Absentee Ballot 11:51:36
Individuals, Counties, Sheriffs, and States Step Up Against Unconstitutional Acts of the Federal Government 11:49:16
Can everyone here please ask Sarah Palin the following question on her Facebook Page! 11:46:35
ENOUGH w/ the fraud accusations! 11:41:04
More Caucus happening in Maine, results Saturday 11:39:09
More RP Supporters Not Showing Up to Vote Than We Think? 11:36:06
Mitt Romney Questioned on FED 11:34:19
Anyone Out There From Wisconsin? 11:31:36
Happy Frustrating Birthday, Ronald Reagan. 11:21:54
Some Florida Republicans seeking Third-Party option 11:08:11
Ron Paul 2012 Campaign 11:07:19
Nice NY Times Article About Dr. Paul's Early Life 11:05:29
Newt Gingrich WILL GET ZERO votes in Missouri Primary tomorrow, but ... 11:02:40
The way that I see it... Please read 10:44:40
Is Federal Reserve a Front for Exchange Stabilization Fund? 10:43:28
Newt Will Endorse Ron Paul When He Exits Race 10:41:43
Next RNC Scam MN? 10:37:06
RP VP for Romney? 10:35:44
Romney will NOT win Missouri tomorrow - HuffPo Update 10:33:51
Report: North Korea Using US-Made Drones 10:30:54
Santorum is doing a ton of advertising in Missouri - Gingrich not on ballot Open Primary tomorrow 10:21:40
Bloomberg: Paul Capturing Delegates Could Force U.S. Fed Changes on Republican Party 10:19:51
FYI: I will never vote up your topic if you ask me to 10:04:06
Get Re-Inspired! From Robin Koerner and The Liberty Seeds! Music Video 10:03:12
Would Paul receive endorsement from Newt or Santorum? 10:01:28
Biggest Question: How Did Nevada manage to lose over 12,000 caucus goers over 2008 numbers? 10:00:36
Don't dump on Iowa and Nevada! OR Caucuses! *Update* 09:58:51
Nevada GOP Press Release > NVGOP Caucus Results Certified 09:58:41
Can we organize people in each precinct to capture real votes? 09:50:28
TOWNHALL: Six Ways Paul Beats Obama On Foreign Policy 09:44:22
New York Times feature article on Paul 09:34:36
Generational warfare and the Revolution 09:33:08
"We HAVE to beat Obama." 09:22:34
Outrageous! Per MSNBC Paul came last in Nevada! 09:20:34
If the American Republic Is To Be Restored 09:17:17
Suppose 09:14:58
Pledge for America: What is Your Freedom Worth? 08:58:53
Bush Knew Bin Laden Murdered in 2001 08:57:58
The Federal Reserve's Crony Capitalism 08:57:57
Eastwood Chrysler Commercial needs to be replicated immediately! 08:56:18
How many RP donors in Nevada? 08:41:04
NY Times Front Page features Ron Paul Biography 08:17:40
PPP Poll: Santorum Leads Romney in Minnesota 08:07:39
Orwell not just fiction anymore 08:07:20
Obama says Risky to Attack Iran, wants Diplomatic fix 08:04:59
A good omen? 07:55:28
NYT: "Ron Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged in Early Family Life" 07:49:52
Giants & Ron Paul Win Super Bowl XLVI -Best Video 07:41:43
Justice Ginsburg causes storm dissing the Constitution while abroad 07:35:23
Six Ways Ron Paul Beat Obama On Foreign Policy 07:30:48
Federal Reserve Is Officially Running U.S. Voting System In 2012! 07:27:25
Six Ways Paul Beats Obama On Foreign Policy 07:23:32
Newsmax caught printing Romney Nevada win article 2 days early 06:55:59
Ron Paul - Fraud Victim in 2012 06:52:29
Beware The Coming Israeli False Flag In The U.S. 06:22:57
Ron Paul Does Best Against Obama; Romney's Policies Hurt the Poor 06:09:47
Video: The Forgotten Man – Jon McNaughton 06:09:16
Video - Florida REP. Gets PAWNED by The DailyShow! Hilarious! 05:59:25
Romney & Gingrich Supporting Obamacare Mandate - MSNBC, Hardball 05:41:14
An interesting conspiracy theory 05:39:31
Nevada GOP Primary Results - 100% 05:03:48
Obamney: "Looks like a piece of cardboard." - Russia Today 04:39:21
Why Do Dangerous Financial Criminals Roam Free? 04:29:35
Rick Perry, the real brush fire lighter? 04:21:10
Damn! Florida State Rep. Scott Plakon Gets Owned On The 4th Amendment By The Daily Show! 04:18:44
We are one scandal away from the nomination 04:16:24
Another Red State Philosophical Gem 04:15:58
Why Paul is still in it and clarification about how delegates are chosen... 04:10:33
STFU and Support the Republican Candidate Says Redstate 04:07:05
Ron Paul to Media: Since your show doesn't get good ratings, when will you "drop out"? 04:06:33
House Intel Chair: Israel Attack on Iran Would Harm U.S. National Security 04:02:44
response to white supremacist article 04:02:44
How much money would we need to raise for Ron Paul to make him the front runner? 03:32:19
Ron Paul Delegate strategy 03:32:04
Anti-Paul forum oppression! 03:17:41
Ron Paul: Only Patriot to Win Super Bowl XLVI 03:12:09
An app to bring out the votes and R3volutionize "ground game" 03:12:02
What Is The "follow The Money" Reason "they" Are Keeping Us Down? 02:54:00
Nationwide newsmaking protest... 02:52:35
Ron Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged in Early Family Life 02:48:43
Why are delegates so important if we don't win nomination? 02:46:16
Help for discouraged fan 02:43:41
Newsmax declairs Romney a winner on Thursday? 02:36:47
Getting the PEOPLE'S' ATTENTION 02:27:06
Can someone help me with Dr. Paul's views on abortion. 02:17:07
LOOK at these crowds! Are you ready to count the vote in Minnesota? 02:14:03
Newt Gingrich endorses Ron Paul 02:08:29
AMR Corp. BANKRUPT. I'm done. BRAVO to Socialism! 02:07:29
Celebrities for Ron! 01:43:24
DP should win an award for most clever 404 pages! 01:42:58
Maine: Paul supporters dominate Westbrook's GOP caucus 01:41:38
Nice article on Ron's foreign policy by Pat Buchanan 01:36:23
Maine Info? 01:36:15
Video - Ron Paul in Oval Office! 01:27:41
No One But Paul Money Bomb! Keep It Going! 01:23:30
I turned 36 years old on Saturday and the same day I turned 4 years old on Dailypaul 01:21:43
It is official: Elections in America are a complete hoax 01:20:30
Bill Moyers is uncomfortable when Jonathan Haidt explains Ron Paul's position 01:19:24
UPDATE: Ron Paul Places Strong Second by DP data 00:54:11
Video: Ron Paul SC Election FRAUD, Mitt and Newt are unelectable. 00:44:27
Are You Kidding Me? They're STILL Counting? 00:42:11
YES! Mission accomplished 00:40:23
Best RP speech ever? 00:37:42
I will give freedom every opportunity. 00:32:42
"End the Fraud" Money Bomb 00:17:28
Ultimately this is ridiculous, Gingrich is already $600,000 in debt.. 00:08:22
HOW WE WILL WIN! My predictions 00:01:35
The Ron Paul Nevada Supporter Recount! 12:25:28
Buchanan: GOP Risks Third Party Revolt with Romney Candidacy 00:04:57