Posted on February 7, 2012

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The Revolution Continues...In Vermont! 19:43:30
Mitt Romney: The Ultimate Naked Emperor 19:57:09
Ron Paul In 2nd PLACE in NATIONAL Poll! - 2/7/12 16:19:57
ALERT! NEW Internet Censorship Bill in Senate 12:21:21
Most special phone call of my life 10:11:05
[VIDEO] I made a video highlighting media trickery vs. Dr. Paul 02:15:42
Our Problem is Not Insolvency: It’s Infinite Solvency 10:41:55
Colorado, Minnesota Caucus, Missouri Primary - Results Open Thread 20:24:52
Is This REALLY Our Last Chance? 07:00:19
Video: Ron Paul "On The Record" w/ Greta Van Susteren, takes the gloves off! 10:32:03
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I'm a delegate! 23:58:51
Michigan Primary - Open Thread 23:54:52
Daily Paul Userstyle 23:47:45
Tonite Compared to 2008 23:43:21
Ron Paul Delegates Confusion 23:41:44
USA Today / Gallup Poll: Ron Paul more electable than Santorum & Gingrich, slightly behind Romney 23:36:42
Ahead of caucuses, major Colorado tea party group promotes Ron Paul 23:33:49
All i am saying is after minnesota i am wretching in the waste bin as i respect 2nd but we needed a win 23:29:15
Something smells fishy in COLORADO! 23:21:27
Are you from Colorado? Please get out and vote for Paul 23:19:19
Regarding NV caucus, voter turnout and the mystery of the Gingrich gain? 23:17:57
We should get Ron on the daily show the night before super tuesday. 23:13:29
I do not understand the results from Minnesota as I thought Ron Paul would get his first win there. 23:06:06
It was Congress that cut the troops pay, not Obama 22:54:05
Drinking Game: The New LSM False Meme is: "Santorum is the Conservative Anti-Romney" 22:49:17
Ron Paul Interview with Dave Lee on WCCO Minneapolis Radio 22:46:02
Did you guys know this? 22:45:49
We need a thirty minute special 22:44:53
THIS Is Why The GOP Is So Afraid of Ron Paul! 22:38:00
How Is Santorum Beating Us? It's Rigged, It's Rigged, It's Rigged! 22:32:36
is it possible to do an online protest of NDAA similar to the SOPA protest? 22:31:43
CNN Shows Strange Romney Vote 22:25:41
Do You Know A Country That Restored Liberty By Voting? 22:25:21
I'm Realizing Now Just How Superior I am to the rest of this Country! 22:16:12
High-school Shocker: Lesson Sheet Elevates Communism over “Capitalism” 22:12:59
Ron Paul Admits: Cannot Get Enough Delegates if We Don't Start Winning Some States 22:05:29
Eyewitness samples 22:03:09
History repeats, especially with absolute power, Cuban perspective 21:53:10
in HD - Ron Paul @ Maple Grove, MN Caucus - CNN - 8:30p EST - Feb 7, 2012 21:51:54
CNN breaks away from live coverage when Dr. Paul talks about NDAA 21:39:12
Romney’s minimum wage proposal sparks conservative backlash — Steve Forbes: ‘He’s still very defensive about his own wealth 21:37:55
Great Site for Missouri Results - looks like Santorum leading 21:32:46
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 21:28:24
[VIDEO] RON PAUL Billboard on I-40 in Northern Arizona! 21:27:42
Democratic Underground has Paul in first in MINN entrance Polls 21:23:15
Ron Paul's Third Party Bid - Would He Even Have to Run? 21:20:21
Question about delegate strategy 21:17:53
“Project Megiddo” Or “Why James Bowery Should Run the FBI” 21:12:52
Wolf on CNN just said Ron is going to speak at a caucus 21:09:36
Funny but sadly truthful video 21:05:54
CNN caucus 21:05:50
Ron Paul Interview W / Wolf Blitzer After Caucus Party - CNN 10pm ET 21:04:40
Live Minnesota Caucus Cams 21:01:06
The TSA Wants YOU! Funny Video 20:54:08
Just started! My petition to Congress to Stop regulating the Internet 20:49:50
Oklahoma Connections 20:48:11
TSA Help Wanted-hilarious satire about TSA perverts and the Bill of Rights 20:35:58
Where can I watch fox msnbc or CNN live over the internet for free? 20:32:07
On Drudge...what we always knew was coming! 20:31:33
OFFICIAL petition to re-count Nevada. 20:29:49
Sen. Jim DeMint Interview and Book 20:27:57
Ron Paul jokes Chuck Norris style 20:27:18
Lupe Fiasco 20:24:33
Going to vote in MN! 20:18:39
LIBEL! Rebuke Andrew Sullivan now! 20:17:26
How to get celebrities for Ron Paul 20:06:45
Ron Paul for President 2012 20:06:19
BREAKING: Political Swinging. Hannity Reports President Obama and President Elect Romney Agree To Swap Parties 20:03:30
Politcal Philosophy And The United States 19:44:59
*Synced Audio* in HD - Ron Paul /w John King on Situation Room 19:43:35
dailylaugh for dailypaul - please bump 19:35:24
Just realized 19:32:07
Need a good laugh? Romney FUBAR on The Chive! 19:29:53
Cpac 2012 19:28:19
CBS News excludes Ron Paul from coverage yet again 2/6/2012 19:17:19
Voting in Arizona has started 19:16:45
Ron Paul "glitter bombed" today! 19:15:04
Uh oh... Yahoo is catching on 19:11:18
List your best lines! 19:04:31
Online Voting 19:03:14
The Original "Deal Changer" is back! "You Like Ron Paul, Except on Foreign Policy " 18:47:45
Lt. Colonel Tells the Truth About Unwinnable Afghan War 18:43:46
Look what Ben Swann just tweeted me! (Updated) 18:34:17
RevPac to amass exit polling army after Nevada circus 18:32:43
Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 18:27:07
PHOTO: Ron Paul Really Did Get Glitter Bombed! 18:26:30
Help me register Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the California Primary on Jun 5th 18:24:50
FBI Warns Of Threat From Anti-government Extremists: #1 Ron Paul! 18:22:31
Mathematicians for Ron Paul. 18:21:07
U.S Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Egyptians: Look To The Constitution Of South Africa Or Canada, Not The U.S 18:15:29
Santorum Surge Brings Ethics Violation Questions 18:04:44
Media pumps Santorum right now 18:00:54
Drudge It! Help us let the nation know about the RON PAUL IS THE CHOICE OF THE TROOPS! March on the White House! 18:00:33
Great Article - "The Screwed Generation: Libertarian, Not Liberal" 17:59:30
"I'm a Mormon, and I support Ron Paul" 17:52:14
TSA Help Wanted - hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts and the Bill of Rights 17:49:31
Number of Donations by State Showing Where We Should Be Competitive 17:46:55
The new Van Halen album a different kind of truth is out! 17:46:37
How Ron Paul Stays Calm When He's Attacked 17:45:48
A Message to Blue Republicans 17:42:51
Songs for Ron Paul 17:41:56
Ron Paul recently on Abortion: OK for "very early pregnancy" in case of rape? 17:40:41
MarketWatch: Ron Paul SURGING in Latest National Poll 17:31:24
Shocking poll: Ron Paul just eight percent behind Romney nationally 17:31:21
Just A Friendly Reminder. Empower Yourself 17:17:24
Near the End of My Ron Paul Bumper Stickers! 17:12:19
Getting Grandma to try pot 17:07:45
RP just got glitterbombed! WTF! 17:06:20
Breaking: Ron Paul SECOND in New National Poll! 2/7/12 16:59:38
I love Clint but... 16:56:44
TSA being grilled on C-SPAN 16:53:37
Reuter Ipsos - Ron Paul second! 16:44:57
Post Nevada turmoil Ron Paul SuperPac RevPac to amass exit polling army 16:28:31
Reuters : Ron Paul in Second in New National Poll ! 16:27:28
21% Paul national poll! 16:23:22
I Called And You Should Too! 16:21:22
I Called And You Should Too! 16:19:27
Give it to Obama? 16:19:10
How to Caucus for Ron Paul in Minnesota – SHARE THIS! 16:04:55
GOP Platform suggestions 16:00:02
Is Gingrich and Santorum remaining in the race good or bad for Ron Paul ? 15:48:50
Grassroots Idea- Gamechanger!- "Read The Votes!" 15:44:16
What I wish Dr. Paul would say if he gets asked if he will run as a 3rd party Candidate again. 15:36:36
OK, let's lighten up! Time for a laugh! 15:33:16
[VIDEO] Romney Questioned on Nevada Election Fraud 15:31:08
ATTN Veterans and Active duty soldiers. Desperately need Advice. 15:24:37
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 15:15:48
Ron Paul Third Party Out If Fraud 15:15:14
"Lesser of Two Evils? Hell I'll Take the Most Evil!" 15:14:25
'If Obama wins Nobel prize, why shouldn't Manning?' 15:10:48
Warning, We would have won in Nevada! Colorado, Missouri, Maine, and more... 14:44:00
Analysis of Madonna's Super Bowl Performance 14:39:15
VIDEO : Former Russian General Joint Chief Says Russia WILL NOT Allow Israel and U.S. Attack on Iran and Syria 14:36:49
Financial Crisis Of 2008 Was Just A Warm Up Act 14:36:08
"Ahead of caucuses, major Colorado tea party group promotes Ron Paul" 14:35:12
Should Ron Paul drop out of the Race, right now? 14:35:07
Ron Paul Interview with Bob Davis on News Talk AM 1130 14:31:09
Look Here! Great new RP song "Freedom's Coming Home" by Liberty Seeds, lyrics by Blue Rep's Robin Koerner! 14:25:46
Free Cell Phones To Welfare Recipients 14:23:07
Need advice... Silver and Gold I have none 14:15:04
Proof That America is a Republic NOT a Democracy - video 14:13:38
Ron Paul & the Power of Ideas 14:09:54
U.S. Planning to Slash Iraq Embassy Staff by Up to Half 14:09:45
Why Ron Paul is Right: The Income Tax Must Go 14:08:39
Campaign Spam and Robo Calls are turning off voters 14:05:18
The Judge: In Case You Are Wavering. Now Is Your Time! [Video] 13:56:16
FLASH! Infowars Issues Emergency Terror Alert 13:51:41
The Consumer "Protection" Racket 13:49:37
Video of Ron Paul in Chanhassen and Arden Hills, MN on 2/04/12 13:42:27
Avatars for No One But Paul Moneybomb - feel free to use! 13:32:12
European Vacation 13:28:37
CIA death squads behind Syria bloodbath - video 13:27:19
Campaign slogan 13:26:07
Light up WGN-TV Chicago RIGHT NOW! 13:24:03
Reason Video: Jim DeMint: Why Republicans Must Become More Libertarian 13:12:42
Nevada vote fraud official 13:10:07
Maine 13:09:26
I have a good Ideal Paul supporters, we should pick a day and poll bomb OBAMA and show the GOP a Shocking truth 13:07:09
Missouri GOP are open about rigging election against Ron Paul 13:01:52
Very clever! Who is this guy? 13:00:22
GOP's sudden interest in the Ron Paul Movement 12:57:45
Missouri Information Analysis Center lists Ron Paul supporters, people who display bumper stickers as potential terrorists 12:52:23
Ron Paul to Speak to Supporters in Minnesota on Caucus Night 12:48:36
debate thread for everyone, especially those who think RP supporters are brainwashed. 12:47:14
Obama sending staff to super-PAC fundraisers (isn't this illegal?) 12:44:05
Standing at my Polling Place in Missouri. FINAL PRECINCT UPDATE and Numbers 12:42:36
(VIDEO) My wifes first song and video for Ron Paul 2012! 12:41:23
*How To Become A Delegate Today!* 12:40:21
Standing at my Polling Place in Missouri 12:39:41
New Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs 12:32:37
Wheres Granny! 12:30:56
Two Wings of the Same Bird of Prey 12:17:21
Romney's 59 Policy Proposals: The R3VOLution responds... 12:16:58
Strategize Now 12:13:40
Ron Paul leads new Minnestoa Caucus poll 12:10:20
Paper Promises: Debt, Money & the New World Order 11:55:15
Ron Paul Supporters and sign at rally in Moscow 11:54:52
Changing Positions, Obama Campaign Will Push Support for Democratic Super PAC 11:29:49
Obamneyich 11:25:11
TODAY Ron Paul Interview with John King on CNN 6pm ET 11:23:25
Beware of the "gluten free" food products 11:18:32
UNUM to drop new sales of group LTCi 11:18:31
Is this the real motivation behind war with Iran? 11:14:58
A better understanding of The Fed 11:08:59
NY Times says the US Constitution is obsolete. 11:07:44
[Video] Alternative Media Discuss Mainstream Media and why they Ignore Ron Paul 10:56:52
Super Brochure Mailing and Nevada Caucus Goer 10:45:49
Delegates needed from Lincoln, County Missouri. 10:36:55
The Populace has Caught Up with Ron Paul: It's 1980 Again 10:34:53
I believe pushing for a "Broker Convention" is the way so 10:07:17
"How Many More Men Must Die?" Army Lt. Col. Sounding Like Ron Paul 10:04:53
local food pantry aid? 09:55:10
Ron Paul. Romney & Gingrich Just Woudn't Get This. Gold, Silver & Free Market Capitalism 09:50:50
Crazy Uncle Obama 09:49:58
ONION: Romneymania Sweeps America 09:36:10
The Campaign never stops 09:36:05
How can we stop the secret GOP recount! 09:28:22
Romney Machine Begins Taking Santorum Apart 09:23:49
Campaign Donations in Nevada 09:14:05
Everytime I tell RP to step it up,he does! 09:13:02
German High Court outlawed electronic voting in 2009, why can't we do the same in US ? 09:11:26
The "Old Energy" is Alive but not Well... 09:00:46
CRITICAL: Washington State has changed from a Primary to a Caucus 08:57:54
Under vote: The canary in the coal mine, Is there vote fraud in America? 08:52:02
Best chance against Obama? Obama leads Mitt by 9. 08:35:44
The Battle of Athens 2 AUGUST 1946 08:32:36
Strengthening U.S.-Canada Security Interests in North America and Around the Globe 08:27:39
If the 7th Century wants to fight with the 7th Century...Have at it. 08:25:40
Ron Paul: "The next five weeks will determine whether our strategy will pay off." 18:19:01
US Drug Enforcement Administration raiding Afghan homes for a decade 08:06:57
Empty Cities 08:01:59
Interesting NPR Article - Amid Debt Crisis, A Trail Of Broken 'Promises' 07:56:23
Tuesdays caucus speech for Dr Paul 07:49:45
Rockin' for Ron Paul in Cleveland, Ohio 07:44:09
Minn. Public Radio: Ron Paul emphasizes Limited Govt., Individual Values 07:41:12
Ron Paul Invests in Minnesota in Search of 1st GOP Win 07:28:05
Sobering Stats on How Obama Wins 07:19:11
What could we offer to would be "defectors" of the establishment media? 07:14:22
Bad tacticians running campaign 07:01:03
MAD MAX KEISER Love this guy. 06:52:18
Bachmann: 'I was the perfect candidate' - LOL 06:32:08
The Energy Subsidy Straw That Breaks Mittens' Back 05:47:58
Support for Ron Paul from outside the US 05:32:09
INDIA supports Ron Paul , and how? 05:17:27
NDAA - Black steel in the hour of chaos 04:45:13
Is A Third Party is Going to Have to Happen? Get Ready for it. 04:43:47
FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists... 04:39:55
*Tennessee Police Targeting Ron Paul Supporters* 04:25:11
Video:CNN reporter admits Ron Paul is right on economic policy! 03:55:49
The Reality of Voter Fraud, documented proof (Video) 03:53:38
What to watch for in Missouri. 03:48:03
Wow! .. Umm, I just took a moment to step back, and I realized. (Romney) 03:46:06
Ron Paul videos to like , all in one playlist 03:43:19
UN Document talks about need to change from the US Dollar as Reserve Currency 03:43:09
Listen up! Do you all want to stop the Vote Fraud? 03:37:34
I'm taking a foreign policy class at SAIS, Ron Paul was mentioned in our discussion of Jeffersonian traditions 03:35:47
Why Gold? 03:20:49
How to fight voter Fraud: Some thoughts. 03:18:59
Anyone can vote in MN! Carpool to the polls! 10:16:44
Hmmmmm 03:13:15
Your last 26 days of life 03:09:33
[VIDEO] Nevada Late Night Vote Count, RP Overwhelms Opponents and Blasts Rumor He Dislikes Jews & their Supporters and They Him 03:05:41
Nevada Fraud Much? 03:05:40
Proof Ron Paul Has Support In Minnesota 02:56:40
Did anyone Else Notice that each candidate's ballot was placed in a separate folder? 02:48:58
The hunt for 35 dollar gold... 02:42:56
Policy of "Non-Interventionist" 02:35:26
University OWS abandons camp, leaves Ron Paul 2012 sign 02:34:01
Attention Paul Supporters! Critical! Watch The Votes And Post Here 02:33:52
You Have to be Plucking Kidding Me 02:32:02
Help END VOTE FRAUD - make this go viral 02:25:09
I will be there 02:15:29
I have a question... Should Ron Paul stop Campaigning after Elections? 02:03:11
Free Publicity, Epic Rap Battles of History 01:57:23
What to put on the white blank part of the Super Brochure for maximum impact 01:56:09
Ron Paul Leads New Minnesota Caucus Poll 01:44:55
NYT: Ron Paul’s Flinty Worldview Was Forged in Early Family Life - Feb. 6, 2012 01:42:07
Look at California GOP website Looks like Ron Paul message 01:41:34
Is the Republican Party Committing Political Suicide? 01:39:12
PLEASE. Go talk to your local police. 01:36:17
CSM: Down to a TWO Man Race - Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney! - Feb 6, 2012 01:35:18
Things I learned at my Nevada Caucus 01:34:32
My endorsement for Ron Paul. In the form of song 01:34:09
No ride to caucus 01:33:22
Jack Welch attacks Ron Paul again! 01:24:10
FBI Warning? 01:23:58
Thank You For The Super Brochures 01:23:26
Is there a way to get a take action link on Dailypaul 01:14:55
Ammo for us to give to pro-lifers who think Santorum is so pro-life 01:11:30
Newsmax provides Nevada Caucus Fraud Smoking Gun 00:57:05
An Absence of Success: Army Colonel Calls Out US Leaders Waging a War Of Incompetence 00:53:38
Video: Racism, Liberals and "Thought Crime" in America 00:37:13
ViDEO: Hannah to All MN R3VOL, How to Caucus for Ron Paul in Minnesota! 00:29:52
Ron Paul out Fundraised Romney in 10 States 00:26:06
Need help for Ron Paul view on environment for Ron Paul radio segment. 00:21:12
HD & CC - Ron Paul "On The Record" /w Greta Van Susteren - February 6, 2012 00:19:19
Lew Rockwell: Third Party Needed 00:16:59
This ad says it all 00:16:27
Ron Paul - The first 3rd Party President? 00:09:29
MOXnews: Next Round of Smears: 'He double billed for Flights!' 00:06:29