Posted on March 1, 2012

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I'm Calling The Sheriff and 911 If I Am Not Allowed To Witness The Vote Count 22:00:45
Jay Leno - Ron Paul does not need Secret Service 21:49:50
Ron Paul Revolution: THE GREAT AWAKENING 18:59:12
Ron Paul Was Holding a 'Silver Circle' Preaching Sound Money! 16:35:51
Debunking the Washington DC Voodoo of Anti-Iran Propaganda 17:10:00
Corporate Media Officially Stops Covering Paul Campaign 14:03:21
BREAKING: $10,000 Anti-Fraud Reward Bomb to Prove the Vote 12:44:08
Video Update: Ron Paul on Piers Morgan 3/1/12 11:58:21
Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43 10:35:06
NYT Article: US Agencies See No Nuke Threat From Iran 00:09:21
Ron Paul Campaign Announces First Leg of ‘Super Tuesday’ and pre-‘Super Tuesday’ Ad Buys 05:05:58
Carol Paul reminds interviewer of thrown away ballots 01:56:17
Ron Paul Campaign Demands Transparency in Washington Caucus 06:03:24
Washington State GOP Attempt to Steal Election from Ron Paul? 07:48:20
Liberty is for Kids, Horse Racing is for Horses 02:00:09
Video: Ron Paul Wins CLEAN Elections; How To Have a Transparent Vote Count 09:50:26
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Everyone Go Donate Some Friggin Money! 23:57:42
Need inspiration? Read this :) You won't regret it 23:55:08
Rick Santorum Shoves Ron Paul - Jay Leno 23:53:12
Real Delegate Numbers? 23:51:58
The Radical & Subversive NATIONAL PEOPLE'S ACTION (NPA) 23:47:56
Last chance to get the Millennial's 23:40:44
How To Identify a Meth Lab.. 23:35:14
The War on Tricare Panetta defends Tricare cuts as House leaders call them ‘another hit on the military’ 23:25:16
Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight - CNN - March 1, 2012 23:20:31
Gotta Love College Students! 23:16:52
Can my daughter attend the caucus with me? 23:08:07
Urgent: Sign Petition HR 347 Save Our 1st Amendment 23:07:48
How Bush and Cheney Revived The CIA's 'MURDER INC..' Was Andrew Breitbart The Latest Victim? 23:01:48
Everybody Go Donate Some Friggin Money! 22:59:44
in HD - Ron Paul on Piers Morgan - March 1, 2012 22:54:46
Remembering The Alamo? When MEN were MEN! 22:15:33
*NEW* Ron Paul r3VOLution Artwork: Liberty for California 22:02:21
Ron Paul rEVOLution Returns to the Cardboard Classic! 21:52:47
Want to see the DHS "suspicious words" list? 21:42:40
URGENT! If you are a Registered Republican in South Dakota, and have No central committee - You can still be an atlarge delegate 21:20:57
Jordan Page LIVE on the Ron Paul Powercast 21:10:15
Corporate Media Officially Stops Covering Paul Campaign 20:58:06
None Dare Call It ... 20:46:35
Meet Newt Gingrich's newest endorser...the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan! 20:44:21
Ayn Rand & Propaganda 20:32:13
Donors to GOP's Nondisclosing Nonprofits Travel in Familiar Networks 20:29:19
California's "Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act" needs 505,000 signatures by March 20 - This will help Ron Paul 20:22:27
Help Dr. Paul win California, "If you want your legalization initiative to hold true, elect me to the White House!" 20:19:19
A Few Words on Freedom 20:15:20
The Plan is to Allow The GOP to Conduct a Fraudulent Election? 20:11:52
Our Friend Tony Bellanti Is Very Ill 19:55:48
Which GOP candidate scores 'A' on fiscal matters according to National Taxpayers Union? 19:41:21
Sheriff Joe Arpaio confirms that Obama's BC is a forgery 19:40:21
New Navy Railgun Tests Leading to Ship Superweapon by 2020 (with video) 19:39:46
Jon Stewart Brings Up Paul Last Night 19:31:37
Santorum hires delegate counter, campaign admits to 'still learning the rules' 19:23:41
Rand Paul on Iran Sanctions 19:23:16
Are there any polls for Virginia? 19:14:20
Liberals, Consider Ron Paul 19:08:37
Tom Woods - Inside the Minds of Anti-Ron Paul Voters 19:08:23
Is anyone here driving from Portland to the RP Ridgefield WA town hall event 3/1? 19:04:49
Belligerent Act Launches Online NDAA Protest Campaign 19:01:25
Anyone have a few minutes to help save a Desert and all it's Wildlife? 18:55:43
Daily Show - Opinion of GOP Candidates (3:30) 18:50:07
Michigan GOP Changes Delegate Award After Vote to Favor Santorum 18:50:00
Santorum finally getting a taste of the GOP medicine 18:38:27
Let's get Ron Paul TRENDING ON TWITTER the Night before WA STATE CAUCUS 18:36:15
Ron Paul: Everything Republicans Say They Want 18:08:29
Not sure how to reply to his (relating to inflation) 17:48:54
People did not fight & die for this: We've invested too much not to have the GOP election/voter fraud against Ron Paul exposed. 17:39:32
The Real Reasons Why Judge Anthony Napolitano was Fired By FOX-VIDEO 17:33:43
The Left-Right Prison 17:31:56
Newt Grinch will be in Savannah tomorrow 17:25:04
Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate forged, ‘perpetrators’ must be ‘brought to justice’ 17:24:46
Wisconsin: Farm Freedom Rally & Court Appearance 03/02/12 17:17:29
(video) Iran in 3rd for persian jewish population 17:11:08
Reality Check: The Fiat Dollar is the real reason for high gas prices 17:10:03
Grand Strategy: How Ron Paul Can (Still) Win the Nomination 17:06:03
... 17:05:39
Frustrated? Feel like your hands are tied? Send Letters to the Editor for Super Tuesday NOW! 17:00:20
Revealing report by Sheriff Joe Arpaio exposing Obama's birth Certificate is a fraud and forgery 16:42:40
Sheriff Joe's posse: 'Probable cause' Obama certificate a fraud 16:36:25
People not “smart enough for democracy to flourish,” study shows 16:34:53
Sue Thyself? Faketarians CatFight! Koch Bros sue Ed Crane of CATO! 16:34:50
Ron Paul on Piers Morgan tonight! 16:22:47
FBI WARNING! People Paying With Cash Are Potential Terrorists 16:21:56
Jack Hunter: How Rick Santorum hurts social conservatism! 16:16:17
Texas Redistricting and Convention/Delegate Update 16:13:27
New Car Engine Sends Shock Waves Through Auto Industry 16:11:18
Tarrant County, Texas Precinct Conventions Tuesday, April 3rd! (Important County!) 16:03:10
Wall Street Journal : U.S. Threatens Pakistan - Drop Iran Pipeline 15:58:00
Stop Ruining Our Money: Ron Paul Talks to Ben Bernanke 15:57:58
Texas Redistricting and Convention/Delegate Update 15:54:00
Sheikh Fidel: Cuba drills for oil – U.S. complaining about potential spills 15:47:33
Vets feel abandoned after secret drug experiments 15:46:38
Ron Paul launches ad critical of Mitt Romney in Washington state 15:36:09
Read This If You Want To Prevail! (advice For Caucus) 15:35:28
Could Super Tuesday Surprises Included a Ron Paul Win? 15:31:57
Look at this VIDEO and see why ,many in USA cries out for President Paul 15:28:19
★ FREEDOM BROADCASTING NETWORK ★ Alternative to Mainstream Media Now LIVE! 15:25:06
Honest Ron Paul pic 15:22:43
Can we hit 1 MILLION by Friday!? 15:21:09
Why Ron Paul Can’t Win (A thought on a nation's self reflection) 15:16:10
A Tale of Two Cities (actually small towns) 15:08:24
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Denarius 15:05:49
Ron Paul Campaign Announces New Ad Buys, Attacks Romney (video) 15:03:15
US Debt a Threat to National Security? 14:56:09
The Intelligence Scale 14:49:15
"Tom Woods Show" Update 14:36:38
Operation "Secret Squirrel" 14:36:16
New York Tea Party Caucus: Newt Gingrich chosen for them? 14:28:51
JEC Republicans Issue Brief on Central Banking History 14:24:42
How to "Vanish" Before You Have To 14:23:50
Things that make you go "hmmm"... 13:51:11
Romney sets new record for flip-flopping on contraception mandate. 13:49:20
Ron Paul Wins at Least Six Delegates in Wyoming Caucus 13:47:55
VA Legislature votes against indefinite detention of American Citizens 13:43:16
Ron Paul is Coming to Idaho Falls! 13:43:08
Question about RP's views on constitutional amendments 13:37:59
The Death of Dietitians...The Resurrection of a French Chef! 13:35:55
17 States Considering State Banks 13:24:34
Lima Santorum Dinner Sign Wave this Saturday: Help Serve a Ron Paul Appetizer 13:22:26
Violence for Nothing 13:20:58
Ron Paul at MSU 13:20:25
Today on The Alex Jones Show - 3-01-12, 11am - 2pm CT 13:17:33
Andrew Breitbart Drops BOMB on Team Obama: “I Got Video of Obama From College” - Then Dies of Natural Causes? 13:08:07
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference 3:00pm EST link 13:06:56
Have a great Song for Ron Paul and Video 13:05:05
[Picture] Panorama Mitt v Ron Crowd Comparison 12:58:46
Romney gets huge bounce 12:57:29
Homeland Security FAIL! People are Waking up to their LIES! 12:53:51
1 12:43:34
Your Rotten Monetary Policy Is Destroying This Country by Ron Paul 12:38:23
Tell the GOP-Stop the Voter Fraud 12:33:34
BREAKING: Andrew Brietbart Conservative blogger dies suddenly at age 43 12:18:07
Guess Which GOP candidate scores 'A' on fiscal issues? 12:14:46
Fed gov't prepares to kill unfavored owls 12:13:49
Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke: “Do You Buy Your Own Groceries?” 11:56:44
Peter Schiff Slams the Fed: “They're Doing QE3 Whether They State It Or Not;” 3/1/12 11:50:14
Attention Pennsylvania Ron Paul Activists! Deadline 3/26/2012 11:45:13
The Shadow Gallery 15:35:01
BEN SWANN - Thank You! Fox Reality Check Covering the Ron Paul Troop March 11:34:31
Great, fun song for Ron Paul 11:28:59
Carol Paul: Election fraud confirmed! Carol Paul breaks her silence 11:14:07
Conservative publisher Breitbart dies in LA at 43 11:10:51
Jack Hunter : How Santorum Rejects The Constitution 11:04:21
S1 11:01:18
If You Slap Ron Paul You Get More Web Traffic: DUH?! 11:00:47
Anyone Keeping Track Of Youtube Results? 10:53:20
The Hill Via Drudge - Ron Paul : 'The FED Will Self Distruct" 10:46:39
Just WTF is Cain up to here? 10:44:56
Why So Few Lawyers Know Much of Anything About the Constitution 10:41:10
What is Dr. Paul's net worth? 10:35:52
Petition of Nomination for NJ Primary 10:35:19
My Journey with Ron Paul (Video) 10:33:07
My Potrayal of Dr. Paul. 10:18:17
Gotta Love Louisiana Politics 10:09:32
FROM THE HILL : Congress Criminalizes The Right To Free Assembly, Strips Basic Protections of First Amendment 10:05:57
Petition - Primary Ballot NJ 10:02:47
Ro 09:48:48
Ron Paul : A 2012 Revolution (George Carlin Visits Thugz Mansion) 09:43:38
Government Employees: The True 1% 09:43:32
Ron Paul To Ben Bernanke: "People Lose Trust In The Government Because You Lie To Them About Inflation" 09:35:47
Ron Paul campaign reaches out to Hawaii, may snag first win in the islands 09:09:29
Quits all - Now lives in an RV 09:00:41
Ron Paul: Santorum an ‘addict of conspiracies,’ alliance with Romney pure fiction 07:48:34
Fiat dollar REAL reason for oil woes 07:37:55
16 Trillion divided by 200 million (# of Adults in USA) = $80,000? 07:31:25
If the GOP won't let Dr. Paul win 06:47:21
ECB pumps another .5 trillion 06:41:13
"Is Talk Radio Perpetuating Our Economic Slavery?" developing... 06:15:48
Satire: TheCrocNews,YT - Are Americans Too Stupid to Vote for Ron Paul? 06:13:46
Ron Paul threatens to disrupt Wash. GOP caucus 06:04:00
Powerful & From the Heart: GoldenState's 'Bombs' sung by GS, Kokesh, Page & Moroz @ Vets4RP March AfterParty! 05:58:37
March is a BIG month for VOTES! See states Primary and Caucus Schedule AND SUPPORT PAUL! 05:22:47
Video Evidence: AZ Primary Shenanigans - How many #HonestMistakes does It take to qualify as Fraud? 04:36:07
Can you debunk this? Some people with statistical backgrounds think they have uncovered UNDENIABLE evidence of voter fraud. 04:18:20
9/11 whistleblowers thread. 03:25:44
Reality Check, but not Ben Swans 03:02:10
Lame Stream Media is Attempting to get us DEPRESSED and not VOTE. 03:00:00
BREAKING: Dr. Paul wins a Strong 3rd in Wyoming Caucuses at 21% + SIX Delegates! 02:54:43
Is Paul's Backup Plan 02:52:10
Attention! READ suggestion! ALL Ron Paul's supporters! 02:33:04
Seattle Times: Ron Paul campaign claims 'irregularities' with delegate appointments 02:30:31
Ron Paul 3rd, 21%, 439 Total votes, 6 delegates (so far) in Wyoming 02:12:04
Ron Paul Campaign Claims 'Irregularities' with Delegate Appointments 02:10:06
The Mainstream media 02:07:48
Is Gold/Silver in a Bubble soon to burst? 01:43:12
Our Promise (poem) 01:42:33
"Mr.Bernanke,Would you tell me whether or not you do your own shopping at the grocery store? " 01:42:30
Irony in the Media - Rock Center's Russian Spring 01:23:58
Stop! Do This If You Want To Win WA! (MUST READ) - Priority! 01:19:30
If Politics and Media Were Real 01:16:11
Ron Paul Returns to Washington and Idaho for Campaign Swing 01:09:41
Documentary: The Fog of War 01:09:36
AMAZING! Jon Stewart calls out MM and mentions Ron Paul polling better than Obama! 01:06:40
My Open Letter to XYZ... 01:05:30
Jon Stewart caught being positive about our main man Ron again! 00:59:01
Ron Paul takes 3rd in Wyoming 00:56:48
More Dirt on Santorum 00:53:32
Jon Stewart mentions Ron Paul Again 09:38:14
Ron Paul campaign reaches out to Hawaii, may snag first win in the islands 00:25:39
First time silver/gold investor. Where do I start? 00:15:16
MASSIVE Phone from Home joint-operation between RonPaulForums and the Ron Paul subreddit. 00:14:56
Video: Amanda, an Oregon R3VOL addresses Supposed Portland 'Anti-Capitalists' who smashed Windows 00:08:26
*FINISHED! THANK YOU! Anonymous Buyers Pledge $8,000 in Matching for Missouri Super Brochure Mailing *THANK YOU* 09:41:31